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Local Lioness Kitten Revealed To Be A Vampire!

Spindizzyians everywhere were shocked recently when Than, local lioness kitten, was revealed to be a vampire! Apparently she'd been a vampire since she was six (she refused to reveal the details on how or why) and, unlike some vampires was rather shy about what she was, saying "I was 'fraid noone would think I was cute if they found out, so I kept it a secret... Daddy an' Mommy an' Christie an' Trancie were the only ones that knew."

Thanny said that she drinks blood as vampires usually do but she's descrete about it. saying that "I only drink enough so that the person not hurt from it, but they get kinda tired sometimes... But they better real soon, like if they gave blood, which they kinda doin'. Also when I bite, it not hurt that much 'cause I got somethin' in my bite that make it feel nice so noone mad at me. Also I never ever feed when someone don' wan' me to. I always ask first."

Vampirism has given our beloved Thanny the benefit of being able to heal very rapidly, especially if she's fed recently. Being a relatively new vampire, though, she doesn't know what other powers she has. She did indicate that she wants to talk to other vampires so she can learn about those powers.

Vampirism hasn't changed Thanny all that much. " Other than needing blood an' stuff I don' feel much different." she is quoted as saying, adding that it was fun to be a vampire. "Some people actually like lettin' me feed from 'em 'cause it make 'em feel nice an' I like makin' people happy, while feeding at the same time... Also it nice that my owwies heal up real quick. Oh! Also I like that I gonna be cute forever an' ever 'cause I not gonna get any older"

Thanny advised her fellow Spindizzians that vampires need no special treatment, saying that ""You s'posed to treat a vampy jus' like anyone else, you not s'posed to be meanies to them. That might be the only reason they meanies to other people."

Local Rabbit Has Spell Of Hiccups

A good deed turned sour recently in the Rose Garden when Borris, local bear, gave Billybob, local rabbit, a flask of lemonade to drink. Billybob enjoyed this, reportedly saying that it was "better 'n mah Granny's m'nshine!" and drank the entire flask in one gulp.

Suddenly the rather large rabbit started hiccuping, but fortunately he knew exactly what to do. He ran over to the fountain and drank deeply, thus banishing the hiccups. "Geez!" he was quoted as saying later. "Didn't thunk Ah'd ev'r git over them hickey-ups!"

SpinDizzian Pasttimes - What's Yours?

What is it you like to do? Please let me know! I'm collecting ideas for articles over the next couple of days.

I'm looking for ideas you had about events. About a game you'd coded, or liked to play inMU. Or something you'd like to see (think "wishlist")! Came up with a way of playing "tag" online?

Did you know there's a game of 10,000 coded in at the Fen Inn? Or that we used to have a Monopoly Board? Or maybe you were looking for an idea for an event? Someone could share ideas for what they've done, or what they'd like to see. What would you like to see? What have you enjoyed? Everything is topical. So, I'd like to hear from you. Qmail me won't you?

Mavra Has Birthday

Argon's wife, the lovely Mavra, both local centaurs, celebrated her birthday this week. Although a gentleman never reveals a lady's age, Argon noted that Mavra has now had centaur form longer than she posessed human form before her transformation.

When asked how Mavra had changed over the years, Argon noted that she had become even more beautiful. And more used to being a centaur. "Mavra claims that I was the one who helped her find the "centaur state of mind" and accept her transformation, but I don't think anyone can be forced to be become a centaur. Every transformee I know of had at least given passing thought to the pleasure of being one".

Argon refused to even hint at what gift he presented his wife with for her birthday but did note that she was quite pleased with the present. Mavra suggested that the day be celebrated again next year.

RS Feed Moved To New Locale

Scribbles has asked me to tell Spindizzy folk that the RS Feed, an alternative to the Spindizzy @Action News has a new home. It can be now accessed at this address . Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

In Step With: Westly

WestlyThis week, we chat with Westly, local human.

Westly has arrived.

Ba'ar smiles, "Hello Westly and thank you for helping me out with my column."

Westly grins his funny little smile and nods. "Hey there..."

Ba'ar growls, "Okay let's start. Our readers know about you and some have even met you 'in the pelt' as it were. For one thing, how long have you been here in Spindizzy?"

Westly tilts his head to the side, thinking. "Um...'Bout a month now? I think..."

Ba'ar nods. "What brought you here?"

Westly grins a little. "Uh..running?" he said, reaching up to rub the back of his neck. "Needed a place to go...somewhere where people didn't really...want to get to deep into the past." He shrugs. "So, I found my way here over time."

Ba'ar cocks his head. "Oh? Can you tell us ANYTHING about your background?"

Westly smiles his quirky little grin, tucking his hands into his back pockets. "Sure. I'm a Virgo and I grew up in Illinois."

Ba'ar growls, "What made you choose Spindizzy as your home above all else?"

Westly shrugs. "The folks seem really friendly. I was given a really...warm welcome when I first showed up...and now I've got a house." he grinned. "I...wasn't welcome in some other places I passed through..."

Ba'ar cocks his head, "May I ask why folks didn't welcome you in some places? You seem to be a very nice type."

Westly smiles a little, turning his head to the side. "I've found that more of the ... populated places don't like more, humanoid types."

Ba'ar growls, "So they were furry communities that didn't accept humans?"

Westly nods, before pointing his finger. "Humanoids...yeah. Well, they liked Elves, but..." he brushed his hair from his ears, he's got a small gold hoop in the left one, but they're rounded. "I don't pass."

Ba'ar growls, "What's a typical day like for you - or is there one?"

Westly grins. "Well, there is. I wake up, shower, dress...wander down to the office and do a little bit of research. I'm really interested in Cryptozoology...I study those things that don't exist... And do that till I get hungry, then I'll either find something in the fridge, or go out to eat...Then, come home, take care of the fish...and hit the hay."

Ba'ar grins, "Cryptozoology? Like non existant centaurs?"

Westly giggles. "Exactly...So, it makes my studies *much* more interesting."

Ba'ar growls, "How can you say centaurs don't exist when there's Argon, Mavra and company?"

Westly grins. "Where I come from, they don't exist. Suddunly being throwin into an environment where they *do* exist lets me get my hands on them...or, lets them anwser questions for me. I still concider it Crypto because...there's a bunch of folks back home who wouldn't believe me at all that I've seen, and talked to a Centaur."

Ba'ar nods, "That brings me to my next question. Assuming you're able to get back 'home', how are you going to prove to your superiors that things like centaurs exist?"

Westly grins a little more. "I don't have any superiors...and...I can't go home." He shrugs again.

Ba'ar growls, "May I ask why?"

Westly looks a little pained. "Um...I'm...'wanted for questioning' And...there's a few folks who'd love to get their hands on me again..." he shook his head. "I'm not going back to that."

Ba'ar nods, "So it's here you stay. If there was one thing you could change about Spindizzy, what would it be?"

Westly smiles. "Ah...I don't know. I think it's really, really nice here. I'd like to see a few more folks, but...it's cozy, and I'm getting to know so many now." he smiles again, closing his eyes.

Ba'ar growls, "Who do you admire the most?"

Westly tilts his head a little. "I don't know...Probably everyone who puts a lot of work into this place...Who have in the past."

Ba'ar nods, "So who do you admire the least?"

Westly trails one pale finger along his equally pale lower lip. "Admire least?" Hmms. "Probably those who don't do anything, and complain about it." he grinned that strange little smile. "I've not seen too many of those, but...they're there."

Ba'ar nods. "Do you have any plans for the future?"

Westly nods. "Yeah...Finish building my place." Smiles. "Maybe get a regular spot in the paper, and be a little more...'known' around here...I like it when folks say "Hey, Wes." Because they know me."

Ba'ar growls, "Is there a secret fact or desire about you that would surprise our readers?"

Westly grins. "Yes."

Ba'ar cocks his head, "Oh?"

Westly smiles again, nodding. "Yep."

Ba'ar growls, "What is it?"

Westly says, "Wouldn't quite be a secret if I told everyone...We'll just sum it up as 'my past' and leave it there."

Ba'ar nods, "One more question before we go. Do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?"

Westly nods. "Don't just go off what you hear, talk to someone, then decide if they're really what you've heard... You might be suprised that someone you've heard is 'evil' is just...a nice guy in a bad circumstance."

Westly smiles and nods. "Thank you."Ba'ar nods, "With that in mind, that ocncludes our interview. Again Westly, thanks."

Gilead's Puns On The Run

Q: What do hamsters do for their bachelor parties?
A: Go out on the town for a night of wild hoarding and de-pouchery.

Q: Where do sick centaurs go?
A: Somewhere that's like a hospital, but not hospital-like.

Q: If a honey bee makes honey, and a paper wasp makes paper, what kind of bug makes cute?
A: A walla bee.

Q: Why was the Grizzly so shy?
A: She always had a bear rump.

Q: Why was the Garter always so shy?
A: She was always snaked.

Q: What treat do weasels give their sweethearts on Valentine's Day?
A: Little candy hearts that say "E R MINE"

Q: What do you call a procyonid with a solid-colored caudal appendage?
A: A wrongtail.

Q: How do you start a rodent symphony?
A: Introduce the conductor and say, "Mouse-tro, if you please."

Q: What's a rodent's favorite vegetable?
A: A rat-ish.

Q: What's a firefox's favorite guitar trick?
A: Stepping on the wah-wah pedal.

Q: What Pokemon refuses to battle on the Sabbath?
A: A Pikajew.

Q: How did the fire lizard Pokemon get a girlfriend?
A: He took her out to dinner and really turned on the charm-ander.

Q: What's the ugliest but funniest Digimon?
A: Renandstimpymon.

Q: What eats bamboo and believes whatever you tell it?
A: A pan-duh.

Q: What should you do when waterfowl comes in low?
A: Duck.

Bearing Up

Bearing Up logo.

Welcome to the latest edition of Bearing up, the advice column where Ba'ar (That's me!) has answers to your most challenging questions.

Dear Bearing Up:
Where is Argon?
- Mavra

Dear Mavra:
He had some "VR ISSUES" and won't be publishing the paper for a few weeks.

Dear Bearing Up:
Why didn't Vixie win first prize at the 'cuteness contest'?
- Sasha

Dear Sasha:
The judges were biased against her!

Dear Bearing Up:
What's a Toga Party?
- Bluto

Dear Bluto:
A party given in the days when the Roman Empire reigned!

Dear Bearing Up:
What's the move 'Ant Bully' all about?
- Author

Dear Author:
It's a story about a LITTLE ANT that was a BIG BULLY!

Weekly Survey

Ba'arGreetings all, Ba'ar here with the Spindizzy @Action news survey for this week. Why do some male kangaroos and wallabies (like Roofus Roo and Morticon) have pouches?

  • Dolly says, "Because they're the new black?"
  • PatchO'Black mews, "Because they are so useful!"
  • Lupinetiger wurfs, "probably they are false pouches?"
  • Logan squeaks, "Hmm. Dunno about Roofus, but I hear Mort's pouch holds some of his experiments."
  • Emmy says, "To create sympathetic responses in the ladies, o' course!"
  • Tanuki barks, "Cosmetic surgery?"

Caption Photo


Caption Photo
  • You've really got problems when not only are there wild rabbits in your lawn, but they're also using your furniture as well - Ba'ar.
  • "Stupid 'brella! Curses!" - Emmy
  • "We're not SUN BUMS, we're SUN BUNS!" - Cora

This week in History

Back issues from a year and more ago. Remember when...?


Caption Photo

Chanspot, local fossa, has graciously provided us with his picture of a Lynxpine relaxing in the Garden. Desert, local donkey, provided the poem.

The Doze Garden

Wallaby Heck!

Doze Garden Cartoon

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