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SpinDizzy rings in 2005

The year 2005 (2000 on the lemur calender) was brought in with style and gusto by SpinDizzy residents.

The party started early with characters who had players in Europe celebrating as their clocks struck midnight. The celebration continued as midnight found the United States. As the clock struck twelve in each time-zone, as folks who had "connections" in each noted the change, all the way to the west coast.

Most reported hearing fireworks and gunshots as the new year began. No injuries were reported, but there was discussion of whether a bullet shot up into the air could fall and kill or injure someone. Inconclusive research by @Action News is unable to confirm reports of any such occurance. Gilead, local otter, reported that his uncle has a friend who's second cousin had a college room mate who had heard a story of that happening to someone.

Alicia Vulpnine, local vulpnine, appeared briefly in the Rose Garden, saying something about the "end of the Vulpnine family rule," and taking a crown from her head and breaking it. She then left providing no further information. No one present had any information as to what that was about. Rumor has it she had had a glass or two more champagne than she should have.

As the celebration moved to the west and passed the west coast of the U. S. it was time for this reporter, and his wife, the lovely Mavra, who's marriage to him was the best thing he experienced this year, to head home to sleep. All agreed that with few exceptions, the year 2004 was a great one for one and all, and for SpinDizzy. All agreed that 2005 would be an even better year for our community and its residents!

New Year's Eve Party Poorly Received on December 30

Lhayn, local centaur, found his plans for a New Year's Eve party foiled Thursday evening when Austin, elastic coati-rabbit, pointed out Thursday was the 30th of December, or, as Austin put it, "New Year's Eve Eve."

Battle of "wits" results in suprize

Morticon, local wallaby and alleged leader of the SED (Society of Evil Doers,) along with Tamil local jilted coyote, Zach, local water otter, and Argon, local centaur, retreated to the beach east of the Rose Garden when computer tech chat went beyondf the centaur's knowlege of Windows.

Once there, Morticon questioned the integrity of @Action News, asking on what basis the story, "Morticon proposes to Tami," was published in last week's issue. Argon explained that he himself had witnessed the wallaby bending down on one knee and offered to repay the quarter he owed Tami and then saying, "And by the way, will you marry me?'" Morticon noted that he almost imediately "took it back."

Tami said, "You did act like you were going to do it. I was all flustered, right in the garden there." Argon noted that, "Poor Tami was devastated. After giving you her virtue, to have you dump her that was was horrible."

Morticon said, "What are you saying? That I should have proposed for real?" to which Argon replied, "Or not at all. She can certianly do better."

Morticon says, Morticon earperks, as if.... jealous, ""Oh??" Argon nodded, "I hear Mozdoc is looking for a mate." To which Morticon hmmphed!

Tami ducked her head down a little and kicked some sand saying to Argon, "You don't have to berate him like that. I'm sure he only meant to joke. Besides, berating like that is my job." To which the centaur replied, "Oh, no trouble Tami. Berating Morti is like breathing. Most everyone does it. Anyway, better enjoy him while you can. Once the plan goes into effect....er, nevermind."

Morticon grins. "oh ho, Argon,"Plan?" Argon replied, "Nothing. Never mind." then whistled and looks innocent.

Morticon grinned... "Argon... would you carry out that plan if I had a family?" Argon noted that the wallaby already had a family, "Terra is getting ready to sue for kit support. Of course, rumor is that Terra's kits were adopted."

Tami furrowed her brow and asked, "You're going to plot against him offensively? Isn't that just as evil as he is?" Tami cleared her throat and looks away at that comment.

Morticon said, "Then whose? Zachs?" Argon replied, "Uhm... I'm not at liberty to say." Morticon looked at Tami, then nodded as he approached Argon. "Talk, 'taurboy."

Tami puts a paw on Morticon, "He might not even know. We've got better ways to find out."

Morticon then challenged the centaur to a battle of wits. Argon was hesitant as he usually resists battling an unarmed opponent, but with Morticon continuing to challange him, the centaur finally relented.

After some discussion as to what defined a battle of wits, Morticom pulled out a couple of test tubes. He gave one to Argon and kept one. Argon, sensing a trick, decided to demand that Morticon have Tami, who he has shown some affection for, drink the fluid. Argon noted, "And I am supposed to assume that you would be give me the one that is unsafe, so I would make you switch them, so you would make sure to take the one that is unsafe, but you may assume I'd see that so you'd give me the safe on and hope I'd switch them, etc."

Morticon nonchalantly handed his test tube to Tami and then demanded Argon drink. But when Argon demanded Tami drink first, Morticon refused to allow her to do so. Again unsure of whether his tube was "safe" (as safe as anything from Morticon could be considered to be,) asked Zach and dumped his test tube into the raginf water of the water otter, his water diluting the fluid.

Morticon said this wasn't fair, so Argon filled the tube with some of Zach's water and drank it.

Morticon looked victorious and laughed, "Ha ha, it's truth serum! Now tell me about the plot against me!" The serum was diluted, but it had some effect on the centaur who answered, "You say, "You want them listed numerically or alphabetically?"

Morticon grrred, "Argon has too much truth!"

Argon mumbled, "I don't know anyone that doesn't have some plan to get you, Morti."

Morticon said, "What about the one you mentioned earlier"

Argon shook his head, "Plan... yeah, there was something... a big hole with spikes in the bottom covered by....Er, no, that wasn't it... Uh, it was a big net, from a tree...No wait...Poison, flouride in your bath water. But even I know that wouldn't work."

Tami noted, "Bah. It's just a bunch of malcontents with dopey plans. You'll be fine." Morticon grrred. "I can't believe I wasted my time."

Argon continued, "And there's the one about..." at which Morticon perked his ears, but it was not to be, at that the centaur blinked and shook his head as it cleared, ""Oh, wow, do I have a headache." Argon rubs his temples.

At this, Morticon took Tami's paw to leave, "Come, Tami... this is rediculous. He is clearly insane!"

Zach bubbly commented, "Yeah lovebirds, off to the tunnel of love for you both." You say, "Hee hee!" to which Morticon growled. "What did you say, Zach?!?!?!"

Zach bubbly comments, "Well that's why you're going with her, you reconsidered your proposal I assume. Since you saved her from drinking the obviously both serumed drinks."

Morticon says, "I was just putting on an act! Just so Argon would think he had

Tami asked, "So you didn't care?!" to which the wallaby answered, "uhh.. err.. of course I do!" Argon said, "Tami, I hope you aren't giving Morti snuggles with him treating you this way."

At this point, Tami asked Morticon wy he couldn't just honestly say how he feels. Morticon looked away from Tami slightly. Morticon sighs.... He.. dips a paw into his pouch...Morticon said, "You've caught my eye... I.... you have for a while.. your defense of me never went unnoticed." Morticon opens his paw. The gleam is brilliant, Tami blinks and looks down. Morticon couldn't get the words out. "Here, take this.." He chokes. "made in the SED mines."

It's a crystaline ring with a metal core. The shine is incredible, though and would be coveted by many a coon. Very simple design... plain otherwise. Tami reached out, slowly. She pulls her paw back at the last second, just a bit, before reaching back out to touch the ring. She looked up to Morticon's face, her expression searching. "Are you...serious?" she asks.

MOrticon said "it's a symbol." Of.....l...l.....ll----" Morticon can't say it! It's even rarer than 'please'! Morticon blurts out. "love!" Morticon then said, "Proposal! ::cough::"

Tami looked like a tear was about to escape her eye, but between her laughing and smiling, it is lost. "That is the sweetest, most clumsy thing I think I've ever heard!" With that she pulls Morticon into a tight embrace. Morticon mrrmms... hugging her back, on his tiptoes/ Tami leans up and whispers into Morticon's ear, holding him against her.

Argon then asked, "So, when's the wedding?"

Tami laughed. "You expect us to set a date already?!"

Morticon smirks. "It may be soon. It'll be announced."

Tami pulls out of the embrace and gives Morticon a kiss before he leaves. Morticon, with that, practically floated off!

News of the ceremony will be published as it is revealed.

Beltrami hypnotizes innocent with bells, lights

Beltrami's Christmas outfit, consisting of a miniskirt, gloves, stockings and cap with blinking colored lights mixed inside, and bells hung from her wrists, ankles, and tail, left dragon-wolf Nocte and Omega Wulfen Tristan mesmerized with her power.

Nocte was left stunned and able simply to wander toward the half-dragon balloon by the effect of her blinking lights, a Christmas tree-like display across the whole spectrum which suppressed his conscious mind and left him, it appears, strongly susceptible to suggestion. The mute Beltrami issued him no posthypnotic commands of which reporters are aware, and instead simply fell over, jingling, when Nocte sleep-walked and bumped into her.

Tristan similarly was dazed by the bells, which Beltrami rang and rang and rang and rang and rang and rang. The ringing left him frozen in place, rather than sleepwalking, and the dazed but contented look on his face prompted Beltrami to continue ringing for him and at one point to put a bell around his neck, so that on any movement he was paralyzed again. This odd state lasted until Beltrami stepped out of Nocte's sight long enough to let Nocte take the collar off of Tristan.

Despite the opportunity to plant instructions directly in the minds of the wolf-like pair none apparently took advantage. How the pair will in future avoid the risk of becoming the helpless servants of any with sparkling lights and ringing bells has not been disclosed.

Raeth has heard about picture of him

Raeth, local fennec, has been told about the picture of himself as a pouncing semi-anthro fennec fox which renowned furry artist Micah Fennec recently drew and uploaded to VCL. Notice about the picture has come to him from sufficiently many sources that Thursday morning he was left with no option but to scream in frustration at having heard so much about it from well-meaning friends.

We advise anyone who has seen the picture to let Raeth know they are aware that he has seen it, too.

Raeth offers pouncing services at rates competitive to those of other fennecs.

Editor's Note: The picture of Raeth can be seen at, http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/MicahFennec/RaethPounce.jpg

Laura leaves impression

Laura has recently been adopted by Knighteyes as his daughter and tends to be a rather young cooness around him and her brother, Nocte. So the other day in the garden, they were playing tag (Laura was in dragon form) high in the air. Laura attempted to use some of her dragon-magic to speed herself up to catch her brother, but instead trapped herself in time for twenty seconds, though when released, she was launched extremely fast through the air. She pulled up vertical to try to shed speed. In the mean time, Nocte was being cocky and dove for the ground, using his own magic, successfully, to speed himself up. He got himself moving too fast to control himself easily, and crashed directly into the ground. Despite breaking his forelegs and sustaining other injuries, he wasn't that bad off. Laura, though, couldn't manage to slow herself well enough and was getting desperate to relieve the incredible strain the speed was putting on her wings. She knew she would fall, but was also sure that her robotic body as a coon would save her, so she morphed back. As physics dictate, generally, she was soon falling to earth..er..falling to SpinDizzy. She rolled into a ball to protect her biological components and turned so she would fall onto her back.

She fell with much force and left a crater in the garden, five feet deep and six feet wide as I recall. As I said before, even with his injuries, Nocte wasn't that bad off. He was able to use his own morphing abilities to repair his body good as new. Laura, meanwhile, suffered major, though reparable, damage to her robotic components. Her own self-repair functions let her fix some small-yet-major things, but her arms and legs couldn't be repaired on her own. Luckily, Casandro and Aina came in at about that time and were able to repair her to at least basic operating condition and she was later able to fix everything else to peak condition.

Nocte given new body after "binding" NeverNever

Nocte, silver dragon-wolf, received a new body as a fennec-raptor chimera Friday as a gift from NeverNever, demon, for his own protection. NeverNever, an accomplished body-sculptor, inducted Nocte into the club of people with multiple heads with the gift of a serpentine tail featuring its own eyes which, Nocte reports, he is not yet used to seeing through.

Nocte had picked up a spell from a book given by Darius, ferret/kitsune, allowing him to bind NeverNever for protection. Nocte picked NeverNever as she appeared to be a good protector, and he reported she was delighted to take on the new responsibility. They quickly agreed to Nocte providing various odd services in exchange for the protection.

Quickly he asked NeverNever for a transformation which would help him better serve the demonness, though he said "I don't know yet what she wants me to do," and found himself a fox-and-feline being with a serpentine tail (with its own head), and a collar fitted to his fox head. He has reported no trouble settling into his new form, apart from adjusting to a new center of gravity and the eyes in the back of his tail, and says "I am happy with the form my mistress has given me."

Lemur trivia

During the New Years' celebration in the Rose Garden, Zach, local giant water otter, asked, "Are there any other wordsmyths here?" The following conversation took place.

Suri said, "I once considered changing my last name to Prunkling-Smythe..."
Argon remarked, "You do prunkle a lot."
Suri nodded.
Zach bubbly comments, "I am not even sure what it means, but I have to agree."
Mavra asked, "So what's the difference between zoof and prunkle?"
Suri explained, "Zoofing is a sort of 'zoof' sound, and prunkling sounds kinda like a music box when you hold your finger on the comb and damp it out."
Laura churrred, "What about whirring?"
Suri said, "Your standard 'whirrr'."
Royce chirrred too. Argon asked, "What's different between whirr and churr?"
Royce churred, "Churr is raccoony, whirr is lemury."
Suri nodded, "Churr's got more of a trill to it."
Argon replied, "Ah." And why zinc?"
Suri explained, "'cause zinc is the best of the elements."
Royce oohs. "Shiny?"
Argon said, "It's not shiny."
Royce was dissapointed, "Awww."
Suri continued, "It just is. It's associated with Lemur Essence."
Argon asked, "Oh, and what is 'Lemur Essence'?"
Suri said, "It's what makes us Lemurs. Without Lemur Essence, we'd go back to being Dinosaurs."
Argon nodded, "I see."

Laura, local raccoon smelled Suri, perhaps looking for the scent of "Lemur Essence"!

Suri acked! "No smelling the Lemur!"
Laura smelled Suri s'more!
Suri ACKED again and scrambled up a tree!
Laura churrred, "Has a lemur ever vanished from oversmelling?"
Suri crindled. "If you get smelled too much, it uses up all of your molecules."
Laura churrred, "I've got that part, but has anyone actually had all their molecules used up before?"
Suri nodded. "It's happened lots of times. You can tell because there's no-one around to talk about it."
Laura churrred, "Well.......can't really argue with that logic."

And no one did.

Beach puns

After the Canadian jokes of several weeks ago, it seemed it was the seashore's turn this time. Leslie, locak bunny fae, was talking with Zach, local water otter and asked, "Do you know any beaches? Do they ever talk?"
Zach looked at Leslie, "Surf's up"
Leslie pipped, "'Call me Sandy!'"
Zach bubbly commented, "Stop being Shellfish"
Argon said, "That shore is funny."
Leslie laughs!
PatchO'Black mewed, "I'm not going to make a sea pun. I won't give in to this pier pressure."
Argon replied, "If you do, they'll dock your pay."
Zach bubbly commented, "Can I get surf and board here?" He then continued, "Tidings to you all?"
Zach concluded with, "And of course the always popular Life's a beach."

Zach then grumbled some and joined with a strait, "Farewell all..."
Leslie giggled..."The tide's going out!"

At that the group went to the Sand Bar for shrimp cocktails.

News from Duma Mountain, or, Spotty Journalism

Ray's filk.

The Bardic Circle has taken a break for the Holidays. Watch the Bulletin Board and "events" for information on the next one.

Zach's Quoted Quote Question

Can you guess where the quote was said, who said it and as a bonus this week fill in the missing word. See the bottom of the paper for the answer...

This week's Quote...

Can you guess where the quote was said, who said it and as a bonus this week fill in the missing word. See the bottom of the paper for the answer...

"That is the ________, most clumsy thing I think I've ever heard!"

This week in history

Back issues from a year and more ago. Remember when...?

Spindizzy WorldJournal: A livejournal experience

Notes from the SpinDizzy Live Journal Community

Remember, user names on the Live Journal forum may be different than those of characters here.

  • (Austin) So: what should we strive for Spindizzy to achieve in the new year?

    Obviously I want the city to take off from the mysterious planet, which will require some further exploring and defining of just what's being done on the planet. There've been some interesting bits dropped by Kern and Ing and such about the structure of the city, although their recent absence, my computer woes, and the holiday breaks sort of sapped the momentum out of the exploration and landing storyline.

    More generally I'd like to encourage people to talk more not just about what's going on -- and we need that; I never hear what's going on, and asking for updates on the community journal here has been almost as challenging as getting updates from people in casual conversation (here's a general hint: everyone who sticks around here sticks around because they are interested in what's going on, even if you think it's trivial; let them decide if it's not worth hearing about instead of cutting the conversation off yourself). Getting useful feedback about things we might do, things we might do better, or ways in which we're doing things wrong is next to impossible. I get very few comments suggesting anything, one way or another, and I know people aren't that passive.

    I suppose my usual resolution is to try to pay more conscious attention to everybody; it's challenging, considering everyone does like to talk to me and it's very easy to lose track of all these conversations. I want to finish writing the various projects I've had sitting half-finished for months or, in the case of the styrofoam project, years. I want each day to include something that people, when they hear about it, are sorry they missed. I want to add interesting but not obnoxious ambient noises to all the popular rooms. I want to be invited out of the Rose Garden to see the rest of the community. I want to see someone set their wi and rpp flags without being nagged.

    Anyone out there want something too? Place your orders before the year's out.

Newspaper Circulation Report

@Action News, SpinDizzy's weekly paper, apparently has a fairly healthy circulation, so we figured we'd show just how healthy it is.

Each week, as long as there's room. I'll show the 'hit graph' for the @Action News website.

Graphic of @Action News website hits.

Bearing Up


Welcome to the latest edition of Bearing up, the advice column where Ba'ar (That's me!) has answers to your most challenging questions.

Dear Bearing Up:
Tami says an ugly is opposite of a pretty and a pretty is opposite of an ugly. What the heck are either?
- Beholder

Dear Beholder:
Both are relative terms based on your point of view.

Dear Bearing Up,
How come today's cartoons suck?
- C. Jones

Dear C. Jones:
Because the people who made the quality cartoons of yesterday are dead.

Dear Bearing Up,
Yo habla espanol?
- S. Gonzalas

Dear S. Gonzales:
Yes, I speak English

Dear Bearing Up,
How long after Christmas should my decorations stay up?
- Argon

Dear Argon:
Take 'em down December 26th. Christmas is over.

Dire Barein Ehp,
mi chpill cheque esn't woircking rite. Hou kin eye fex et?
- A. Spelling

Dear A. Spelling:
bi a nue spehl checkur.

Dear Bearing Up,
How come in the movies whenever somone has to break into some high security top secrete building, they can always find an open door or window no one is watchind and get in? Are the bad good stupid or the writers?
- T. Hero

Dear T. Hero:
It's the stupid writers sacrificing realism for the sake of a good script.

Weekly Survey

Argon doing the survey.This week Argon asked, "I'm doing a survey for @Action News. The question this week is, "What's your New Years resolution?"

  • Tarka - To become a truely great corporate otter, and become even more evil then microsoft is in the business world.
  • Zach bubbly comments, "My resolution is to avoid anymore accidents this year"
  • Kefan says, "I resolve not to make a New Year's resolution ... oh, damn. Broke it already."
  • Nikon says, "To Out Cute Vixie!"
  • Tarka says, "To bring doom to the world... for everyone."
  • Lhayn plans on trying to cut down on his alcohol intake.
  • Georgia speaks softly, "To creat an inpenetrable security wall between my PC and all the spyware, worms, and viruses the net can throw. I know, that's a tall order."
  • Aleu - My New Year's Resolution is to be the best batty that I could ever be.
  • Ba'ar - I've always made a resolution to make no New Years' Resolutions. (no joke).
  • Warusa - My resolution is to liven up things even more in 2005 via mischief.
  • Kern - Ing and my New Year's Resolution is the same as every years, one every twenty-four hours.
  • Alfie - My resolution this year is to finally finish a pet project.
  • Leslie - Oh uh my resolution this year is I want to help more people out and learn everything I can.
  • Brenda resolves to be her at-least-part-feline self most of the year, and to be not so quiet, shy, and/or reserved. An easy resolution and a hard one for her, just in case.

Zach's Quoted Quote Answer

Zach's Quoted Quote Answer

Looking for being suave and cool under pressure. Afraid you might crush things precariously set. Purchase "The Klutz's Guide to Squishy Things" This Toolkit along with instructional guidebook is designed for anyone and has everything you may need to clean up before you make a big mess of something. Includes sponge, shiny finder, and legal documents to insure responsibility will be held appropriately.

Ah ha maybe I got you this time for the the quote location which was at the Beach. The quote was said by Tami, local Coyote cutie and the missing word was sweetest.

Congratulation to all of you that guessed right!

QIWOL2UBWNA2 - Quotes I Would of Liked to Use But Was Not Able to.

Here are the quotes from various Spindizzians from the yesteryear that I would of like to written something about but didn't. Some were too silly, some just didn't pass the muster of an advertiser, and some had too much stiff competition that week but all of them had some value to me.

Unlike my usual column I will not tell you who said them, but if you're curious tell me the number and I'll tell you who it was. I can not tell you where but you can pretty much guess it was at the Rose Garden. Anyway starting from most ludicrous to perhaps most important (really depends on who you are) here we go!

10. Horse-like but not like a horse.
9. You know, a workable alternative would be a Wallaby Creche...
8. Well... we did it together... but sense he is dead I claim all of the glory now.
7. City Stomping Mega-Roo
6. Well Mister Austin, I was tryin' to think what a balloon wants for Christmas and I dunno. Are they hard to shop for?
5. Actually, while an evil person will likely betray you, the question is when and how.
4. Muth have been a bad dream. I mean... Morticon thaving the world and being a big hero...
3. Instead of fighting against each other, why not use your powers for the better go--evil.
2. Part of me is curious, another part of me is disturbed, the final part says well you can't eat it anyway.
1. I'm building an ark! And I need to put two animals in it for some reason.
0. Such power, in such a little word.

The Doze Garden

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles

Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy! Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org or qmail or page Argon, Carl or SDN about it.
@Action News is published weekly on or after 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Sunday. Most any type of story or article will be accepted. Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (any more than anything that happens here does) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have. These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.

Thanks! Argon, Editor @Action News