Those who were present last Thursday evening had an opportunity to witness a rather strange event: Local Jedi cougar, Brenda Derlin, trusting her body to the labs of former SED owner and part-time mad scientist Morticon. Oh, they may have caught sight of Brenda's body transforming, but that was just a residual result. And true, she had local bat-bat-batty Carlos and local mechanical peacock Gem there with her to do most of the work, but that just showed that she hasn't lost ALL common sense. Fact still remained that she trusted her body to Morticon's equipment.

This was the result of Brenda putting up an ad on the Bulletin Board a couple weeks ago, searching for anyone with the ability to change her. Several applicants applied, but due to a typo and an offer Brenda couldn't refuse, Morticon was chosen. Not losing TOTAL sanity, though, Brenda also chose Carlos and Gem to help keep Morticon in check.

Things started out typically at first: Waking nurse Kira up and shooing her off the surgery table. Carlos setting up equipment on a floating carpet. Morticon grinning very widely at the TV cameras. Brenda falling unconscious upon getting pricked by the IV line by nurse Lilahfae, the cougar uttering the last words, "I feel SOO" Then things started going downhill from there, once Morticon told everyone to take out Brenda's brain. Yes, apparently, to preserve her personality (as she explicitly instructed the wall-bee), Brenda's brain should be taken out then put back in once the body finishes transforming. Nonetheless, Gem and Kira did as told, cutting open Brenda's head using Gem's artificially precise laser surgery and Kira's natural cutting skills, and placing the brain in a glass-domed machine, allowing her to be 'awake' during the process, and even watch it using a couple cameras rigged to the machine.

Without wasting any time, Morty had Lilah inject the needed serums into Brenda's body through the IV line. Immediately the changes became apparent, as Brenda's tail became longer and thicker while her ears grew long and slender.

"Yes! Soon I'll have my bride!" cackled the mad Morticon as Brenda became more wallaby-like. Wait a minute. Wallaby? Did Brenda actually WANT to become a wallaby? Not according to Carlos, who immediately went over to pull out the IV line. Nor Brenda's brain, who expressed its disapproval through telepathy. Yes, while the machine hooked to the brain didn't have speakers of any kind, Brenda's brain still had some control with the Force.

Not admitting defeat just yet, Lilah, who was 'biggerized' for this operation, tackled the bat, sending the IV needle flying into him. Within moments, the remaining serum pumped into Carlos, turning him into a wallabat (as there wasn't enough left to turn him COMPLETELY into a wallaby), and a female one at that. This distracted Morty, who became rather infaturated by the new "beauty", long enough for Brenda's brain to grab (using the Force, of course) some nearby test tubes and threaten to ruin Morty's so-called "good looks". Morticon, horrified and realizing that Brenda became the "brains of the operation", quickly relented, allowing Carlos, now Carlita, to take over the rest of the transformation process.

The rest of the procedure went on mostly without incident. Carlita used her 'wild magic' that she infused in Brenda's body to mold it with her wings like sculpting clay: Making her body more muscular and angular while keeping her sleek feline frame, keeping the tail length and thickness (but making sure the last half retained its cougar-ness, save for a black-furred tailspade instead of a regular black tip), reshaping the muzzle, eyes, ears, paws, forming horns on her head, implanting a seed in her back to make two large, leathery wings grow out, and even implanting a bit of muscle in her chest to work the wings properly, the effect making Brenda a bit more...voluptous. In the meantime, Morty passed the time by doing a bit of Brain-teasing, much to Brenda's chargin. This was responded by Brenda's brain tossing various objects at the wallaby.

Then came time to reinsert the brain back into the body. Morticon insisted on doing that part himself, but at Brenda's insistance and her brain brandishing a pair of forceps, the wallaby relented again and let Gem do the re-insertion and resealing. This, fortunately, was completed without incident, allowing Brenda to sleep in the recovery area.

Later that night, Brenda stumbled into the Rose Garden, soreness, head bandaged and all (despite Gem's professional work hardly leaving any scar tissue), just to show everyone there that she's still alive. Since then, and with the help of local demoness Nevernever, she has managed to learn how to fly and glide with her new wings (though her landing skills may need a bit of practice).

When asked to comment on the operation, Brenda said, "While I thought the operation went well for the people involved and am rather pleased with the results, I'm never gonna let that wall-bee mess with my body ever again."

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