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Anniversary of SpinDizzy Celebrated

Party.A gathering of folks at Charter Park was held to celebrate another year's success of SpinDizzy and to recall our past. It was a memerable event with lots of old stories and memories told. Following are the thoughts of a few:

Austin says, "Oh yes, it was an old database when Skyler and I started rebuilding it. We started in earnest in September-October '97, and had a grand public opening January of 1998."

BunnyHugger says, "SpinDizzy's 'birthday' was the 27th, so Skyler and Austin and I were actually going to ask the Mayor if she chose the 28th for the official MUCK holiday for a reason."

Austin says, "One of the things which makes our world special, one of the things I keep looking forward to, is the fine chance that on this next visit here something wonderful will happen. It might be one of those incidents that I remember for months and years to come; it might be something that I just wake up the next morning thinking was fun; it might be something that just livens up the rest of the hour."

Austin says, "And yet, for all the many times I've logged in here, and as well as I know so many of the people and interactions and habits, it never feels to me that it's a long shot that there'll be something wonderful and imagination-grabbing this next time. There's always a new special something coming, and it comes with a wonderful yet surprising regularity."

Austin says, "That's not created exactly by any one of us, as the changing flow of the population shows; but somehow, we've learned to encourage in each other that pulling out of delightful times."

Austin says, "Thank you, each of you, for what you do to make each night robust with the opportunity to delight. I don't say that enough; but, then, to say it enough would weigh down all conversations."

Austin says, "Happy Founders' Day, all of us, and I hope for a grand year to come."

BunnyHugger sits up on her haunches. "Although I have ties to this place since the beginning and before, in this form I only joined here in March 2008."

BunnyHugger says, "Although my reason for reappearing around that time was due to personal suffering and the desire to alleviate it by finding friendships, something good came from it. That began a period of renewed interest and excitement in SpinDizzy for me."

BunnyHugger says, "This was the kind of welcoming and accepting environment I so desperately needed during my crisis, and I am very grateful to its residents for its existence. I try to give back as much as I can out of that gratitude. Thank you."

Beltrami bows her head. She turns to face the charter plaque, bows down, and then stands up spreading her arms apart wide.

Beltrami folds her hands together putting her palms against each other and looking to the poem.

Beltrami bows her head and her tail together, then rises, and turns back to the crowd.

Beltrami walks over to Cadge-Tuesday to hug them.

Beltrami touches her chin and bows.

Beltrami folds her hands behind her back, and steps backward, leaning down some.

PatchO'Black steps up. "I may not be a founder, but I am grateful for those who did found this place. Like other have said, it is a friendly place. It is also inspirational. It first inspired me to create my home, the Crystal Beacon Tower. Then it inspired me to create the various areas of Jellicle Fields. After that, it inspired me to write my Four-Kolor Kitty columns.

PatchO'Black mews, "For those reasons, I thank you, founders of SpinDizzy, and those who have gathered here after them. Thank you."

Argon says, "Ahem.... I remember when Austin tried to get folks on Furry Muck to come to Toons Furs and Fluffs. I gave it a shot. I'd already liked Austin and I figured he'd run a good muck. I was right. I'd no idea the amazing opportunities joing TF&F and SpinDizzy would give me. I am a sort of "community leader" here. I run a newspaper, I manage a web site. SpinDizzy has offered me so may chances and I really appreciate it. Thank you! And thank you to our founders. Thanks to their hard work, we now have a place to call home. Home for 12 years!" Argon smiles and steps down.

PatchO'Black mews, "You forgot something else SpinDizzy gave you!" PatchO'Black points to Mavra! =^_^=

Mavra coughs...

BunnyHugger smiles at Mavra.

You say, "Heh, that's true."

Clay says, "I remember, years ago, being invited to the then-new TF&F. I was Zanahn there, most of the time, and then when it became SpinDizzy, I've been B.J. for years and now I'm trying something different out, both with myself and Zafiro - add all my puppets in on top of that, and it becomes clear pretty quickly that I don't know who I really am, or how I really want to express myself. But, no matter what I've come up with, this place has been here for me - no one has ever said 'I don't think you fit here', or 'try something else'..."

Clay says, "And I've met so many new friends here over the years - it's easier here than in reality, at least. I can't imagine this place not being here; it's like the friendly neighborhood pub where you can hang out and discuss anything you want to. There are regulars, and there are people who only drop in every so often, but everyone brings something to the place."

Clay says, "So you can expect me to stay here as long as there's a here to stay in. Me, and Fala, and all of us, no matter who or what we end up being." Clay says, "And... thanks for keeping this place going for so long. It's encouraging to see that it hasn't faded."

GrumpyBear grumbles, "Everyone here is so smart. Sometimes I am humbled by the creativity and the energy that goes into the things people say and do. Often I choose not to be involved because I would rather watch. I feel somehow like, by putting in my own contribution, I'd be clumsily smearing mustard onto a classical painting. Mostly I'm a quiet observer, although at times I interject with silly puns, because I'm pretty good at those. I make the mistake of comparing *here* to other places like FurryMUCK and Tapestries -- in my own mind-- even though they have different purposes. They're places that are transient, people ever growing bored with their fantasies and abandoning their characters, some of them people you've grown fond of and come to depend on as friends. Here, people re-invent themselves rather than abandoning themselves in new and creative ways. I've always remained the same because I like how everything and everyone changes around me and I like to think that with all the change some people think of me as so"

GrumpyBear grumbles, "...meaning (?) they can count on to always be familiar and consistent. Even if I am rather grumpy at times. I've seen the Spindizzy server a couple of times, and sort of stared, because it's difficult to imagine all of us and all of the wonder captured in a little black whirring box."

Kefan's brain is melting, so he's going to go nap now. "The only thing I have to say is I'm glad I'm here!"

Dragoncat says, "Here's to a bunch more years?"

Skyler says, "I only have to say that I'm glad everyone who came, and those who said something and those who didn't, came. Thank you, everyone."

Clay nods. "Here's to eleven years, and lots more."

You say, "Hear hear."

Austin says, "To eleven years, and many more!"

And with that, the celebration broke up.

Squirrel City Reopens

A squirrel.

On September 25th, the anniversary of an event that destroyed a world, local squirrel Cadge-Tuesday presided over the reopening of Squirrel City to the public. Squirrel City has a history that goes back even further than the creation of Spindizzy itself, but most of it had been lost to us, except as an archeological dig and historical reminder, up until just a little over a year ago. That was when two survivors from before the destruction were discovered and the facts began to come out.

In an event that still is not completely understood, eleven years ago the world of Toons, Fur, and Fluff was destroyed in a cataclysm that spun off fragments of itself including the shattered Squirrel City and scattered them across what became Spindizzy during it's creation. Various other pieces are still visible across the landscape as reminders of our heritage, but to most are probably only seen as curiosities.

Tuesday became known to us as a ghost shortly before archeological explorations broke thru into the main part of the city, at which time Cadge was discovered, who had survived there ever since the event. They were reunited and undertook to restore and/or preserve the city shortly thereafter. Articles on their recollections of the city can be found here and their reunion here. Tuesday, being a disembodied spirit, joined with Cadge, and they now live in one body.

The ceremony was attended by about 25 people, many of whom, if capable, such as Patch O'Black and Mayor Beltrami, came in squirrel form in honor of the occasion. Cadge-Tuesday, being two persons in one body, became primarily Tuesday for the duration of the ceremony, and opened the ceremonies with a speech about how difficult the decisions were as regards how to go about restoration and whether or not to restore or memorialize. She expressed that it was decided to strive for primarily safety cleanup and memorialization rather than a restoration except for some select areas. She then turned speeches over to guests of honor, beginning with Austin.

Austin spoke of the Squirrel City as 'one of the jewels of that lost world' and began what was pretty much a consistent tone through out all the speeches of memorial, museum, and a new phase and a new chance for life in the rediscovered city, as well as an expression of thanks to Cadge-Tuesday and the Squirrel City Historical Society for what they've given back to us. The following speakers were a wave of public sentiment in the same tone from many in attendance, with further speeches by Morticon, Skyler, Borris, Leowulf, Natasha, Fuzzy, Zeta, and Chitter. Patch O'Black then gave Tuesday a gift consisting of three acorns, gold, silver, and bronze, to be planted in the park, 'where they can grow into mighty oaks'.

The last speech was given by Mayor Beltrami, who, if this was understood properly, gave thanks to Tuesday on behalf of everyone gathered there. Then the cutting of the ribbon across the doors was performed by Tuesday and Beltrami in concert, one on each handle of the scissors. The doors sighed open to Squirrel City for the first time in recorded history. After that was the reception, where most split into two groups, eat, and greet. The exception was Morticon who immediately disappeared thru the now open doors, to what end we can only guess, followed close behind by Zeta.

Tuesday then conducted a tour through the highlights of the newly reopened City, by the end of which had gathered a majority of those whom were at the ceremony. Starting at the Transport Center at the base of the elevator, visited points consisted of 'Parque de Libredad', which has been cleaned up but not restored, paid our respects at the Ossuary, and ended at the restored Burrows Apartments, where Cadge and Tuesday both had lived. Their two apartments have been preserved just as they were found, but the building has been reopened for occupancy otherwise. The tour and the evening concluded with those two preserved apartments.

Spindizzy has been given back a piece of it's heritage, both as a memorial, and a new beginning for a piece that was lost. Spindizzy owes a debt of gratitude to Cadge-Tuesday and the Historical Society for the work they've done here and the new lease on life for Squirrel City. Zeta's speech sums things up very well, first quoting from The Arabian Nights: "Here was a people whom after their works, thou shalt see wept over for their lost dominion, and in this palace is the last information, respecting lords collected in the dust." She concluded her speech, 'And I think we owe thanks to your collecting.'

National Pickle Attack Month


This being the beginning of October, it's time again for National Pickle Attack Month. Although usually led by Suri, local lemur, so far she hasn't been around to enjoy the party.

So this job has been taken up by Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat, although for this events he's taken on lemur form as a nod to the origionator of National Pickel Attack Month, Suri.

Patch has been quite busy trying to stick pickles in folk's ears, particullarly that of Argon, local centaur. Although he has tried sticking some pickles in the ears of other folks, like Suri, Patch has been aiming for Argon's ears.

The centaur has found a defense though. When Patch tries to sneak up on Argon with a pickle, the wily centaur puts on a pair of earmuffs. For some reason neither Patch nor Suri are aware that earmuffs can be lifted or slid off, and I'm not going to tell them.

It was noted that on October first, the local currency was in fact, "national attack pickles". This seemed quite appropriote. So far the number of victims of pickle attacks have been low. Hopefully, this will remain so through the month of October.

Spin Dizzy Medical Treatment Centre Now Open

.Today, a newly built hospital in SpinDizzy opened. Dubbed the General Hospital of SD, it's doors opened for the first time following it's short but trying construction period over the past several months. Happily cutting the ribbon stood toon bunny, Findra, smiling as Chip Caramel, a field mouse, held the furthest end of it. He had been hired as general contractor on the facility's construction, over-looking all coding, programming, as well as on-going facility maintenance, under the supervision of his employer.

Chip."Today marks a happy day"the mouse squeaked in a interview. "Working hard like this has forcefully reminded me how much I really do enjoy building things!" He gave little comment to the suggestion that his experience with the building has been difficult, but instead smiled, winking at our reporter. "It's been a fun ride." This is Chip's first major construction project, and he happily squeaks that he hopes to build more with his newfound knowledge.

"I really like it!" said Findra, in another interview. "It's as if I wound up a key in his back and he happily started and finished this place!" she added, crediting the building's speed of completion to him. "We really hope that this place will benefit the citizens of SpinDizzy" the rabbit added, she herself being a resident doctor. During our interview she was seen holding a large turn-key shaped piece of stainless steel, but stated it was a piece of medical equipment.

Neither Chip nor Findra were available to comment on the H1N1 Crisis. You can visit the SpinDizzy Medical Treatment Centre at ( LUGE N3 E2 [NW] ) at any time.

Food, Fun to be had at Local Bear's House

Cora.Cora, local she-bear and social maven, opened her house for a bit of a shindig Labor Day evening. There was plenty of drinks, hot dogs and hamburgers (even vegetarian hot dogs and hamburgers for those that didn't eat meat) and fun for all. The celebration was capped off when Patch o' Black, local jellicle cat, thoughfully brought in some of his luscious marshmellons for dessert.

Everyone had a great time but Cora vowed to have an even bigger and better party next month just in time for Halloween!

Now It Can Be Told: Why Morticon Hates Centaurs

Wallaby and centaur.

It's well known that Morticon, local wallaby and SED leader hates centaurs and even went to war against themat one point. Since Spindizzy sports a rather large centaur community, I approached Morticon recently to ask him why this was so.

"Well, that's easy. Centaurs have foiled my plots. That's the sort of thing Centaurs do." he was quoted as saying, adding that he'd never found a centaur willing to help him with his various schemes. I tried to salvage the nobility of the centaurs community of SD by pointing that centaurs weren't the only ones to foil his plans (Indeed, sometimes his own ineptness has led to his downfall. See here under "Morticon uses Rose Garden as focus group for Suzina 2000 " for details). but he either would not or could not comment on this.

Moreover, the local wallaby noted that centaurs and wallabies have been fighting for centuries, saying that "Perhaps they were always in a race to see who was faster. Or maybe wallabies were always trying to claim land. We'll never know!"

No member of the SD centaur community was available for comment on this.


Paper.Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper this week!

Special thanks go to:

Argon, Austin, BunnyHugger, Beltrami, Patch O'Black, Argon, Clay, Grumpybear and others for the tributes to SpinDizzy,
Leowulf, for his report on the re-opening of Squirrel City,
Argon for the report on pickle attacks,
Chip Caramel, for rhw report on the Medical Center,
Ba'ar, for the report on Cora's party,
Ba'ar, for the story on why Morticon hates centaurs,
Patch O'Black for article Ambush Bug,
And Gilead, for the Doze Garden cartoon.

Four-Kolor Kitty: That Bug That's Going Around! Pt. 1

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Hey, folks! Been a little while, but we're back. This time, our topic is suggested by my fennec friend, Bigears. He asks that we take a look at one of DC comics silliest and arguably nuttiest characters. He's green, he's got a few screws loose, he's... the Ambush Bug!

Ambush Bug first appeared in December of 1982 in DC Comic Presents #52. In that issue, Superman met up with the New Doom Patrol. The Doom Patrol is sort of the "X-Men" of the DC Universe. They are a team of super-heroes, but typical not the well-known "A-List" ones and are usually viewed by suspicion by both the general public and other super-heroes. However, that's another article.

Now, for what would become what would be considered a major source of comic relief, he starts out with a distinctly serious bit of villainy. He murders a District Attorney. True, he starts by doing the old "cover his eyes" bit, but then he simply pushes the old fellow to his death! He then vanishes, leaving the on-lookers stunned.

Later, at a parade, he reappears to let everyone know just who he is and what his plan is: To be a super-villain. Why? Because he wants to. No other reason.

He is off to a good start, and to be honest, he uses his power of teleportation quite well, confusing and confounding the heroes. That is, until Superman figures out a secret behind how Ambush Bug teleports: He uses little robotic bugs as target points, switching places with them when he teleports. So, the Man of Steel rounds all his robo-bugs up, and smashes them, leaving A.B. with no place to go. Of course, he does this just when the Bug could use an escape route. He ends up in jail, and it shows what one of the few images of A.B. without his costume on!

. His next appearance was about seven month later in DC Comic Presents #59. This is quite possible one of my favorite fun comics, and what I would consider the really defining the Ambush Bug's loony personality. It starts with our little lunatic spotting his favorite playmate, Superman, flying off. So, what does he do? Teleport onto his back for a round of "Guess Who?", of course!

. Unfortunately, he chose to do so just as Superman was breaking the time barrier to go to the 30th Century. And when I say "unfortunately", I mean for Superman and the 30th Century. Now, to be fair, normally this would not be that much of a problem, as if you recall, the 30th Century is the home to the Legion of Super-Heroes. They would be able to hold Ambush Bug for Superman. However, they apparently aren't available, so he has to turn to...the Legion of Substitute-Heroes. Again, they are a whole other article, but to sum it up, these are folks that didn't make the cut for the Legion of Super-Heroes. Of course, the Ambush Bug gets away and starts causing chaos and basically running amok. As the Substitute Heroes try to reign in the Bug, they also have one additional problem. You see, Superman's secret identity isn't so secret in the 30th century, where they have a nice big museum in tribute to the Last Son of Krypton. So, not only do they have to try and get a handle on the Bug, they have to do it before he catches on that Superman is also Clark Kent.

. In addition to the general wackiness of the issue, it also lets us know where all the bugs A.B. is using to teleport to got to the 30th Century: He stores extras in his antennae.

The green goofball pops up next in Supergirl #16. There, he uses his teleporting powers to escape during a prison transfer. He finds himself in Chicago, where he decides to start a new career as... a super-hero! I suppose he decided that would be more fun. He decides, in a move that is incredibly sensible for him, to start with small criminals. Really small. His first is a litterbug, which he promptly decks.

. This is followed by him tying up someone smoking in a non-smoking elevator. Well, not exactly a great start, but not the worst I've seen, ether. It goes downhill, though, when he spots Supergirl. However, the teleporting twit thinks it is Superman who has been transformed and had his memory altered by something.

To his credit, Ambush Bug vows to return his "buddy" to normal. After trying to help Supergirl in his own flawed way, Supergirl stops the Bug with, of all things, a pair of boxing gloves. She also stops a real villain, and we find out that the Ambush Bug can be more perceptive than most folks, as he figures out Supergirl's secret identity when he sees her in her civilian attire.

In Action Comic #560, we find that Ambush Bug, somehow, as been released from Arkham Asylum and set up shop as an "Enterprising Super-Hero". This has Superman distracted, concerned about what the Ambush Bug is going to do next, while the Ambush Bug arrests a car and then dubs himself The Amazing Ginzu and claims he will kill himself in his sixth episode. Clark Kent suggests he does so in his first episode..

Three issues later, when Ambush Bug reappears and attempts to repair one of his mini-bugs, it explodes and turns his suit black. After a quick shout-out to a Marvel mini-series, A.B. "cleverly" disguises himself in a horse costume to go seek help. Superman finds him and...then has to listen to the Bug give what he says his is origin story. A very familiar origin story. The accident also changes the way his powers work. No longer does he need the robot bugs, he can just teleport. Then, in issue 565, as a marketing agent shows various ways to "re-image" Ambush Bug for better sales, the Bug himself pops around the DC universe trying to convince various heroes to guest-star in his mini-series. As you can expect, he isn't getting many takers...

In Ambush Bug's final appearance before his first mini-series, we find him back in DC Comic Presents. There, during a game of golf only a nutcase could play, he finds...get ready for this...a hunk of red kryptonite. For those who don't know what that is, unlike green kryptonite, which weakens and can kill Superman, red kryptonite as a new and different odd effect on Kal-El each time he encounters a piece. Of course, A.B. thinks he just as a nice shiny gem, which he has set into a pendent. He then goes to the Fortress of Solitude do give it as gift. Ah, yes, it doesn't take a genius to figure that this is going to be the start of wacky hi-jinx! Oh, and what wackiness ensues when the kryptonite causes Superman and Ambush Bug to swap bodies!

A.B. in Supes' body decides he has to fill in as Superman and races off. Superman as Ambush Bug gets captured by the Superman robots in the Fortress, since he is no longer can be identified as authorized to be there. We get to see A.B. as Superman trying to capture a criminal called Kobra (who he first mistakes for Lex Luthor) while Superman as A.B. tries to figure out...how the heck does he use his teleportation powers anyway?

Well, this seems a good stopping point for this first part of our look at Ambush Bug. Next time, we will be looking at his first miniseries and his post-Crisis on Infinite Earths appearances. Until then, I'll see you in the funny pages!

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey.

Hi folks, Ba'ar here with YOUR latest Spindizzy @Action survey. This one comes to us courtesy of Aleph. "What celebrity do you wish had gotten a guest spot on an episode of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?

  • Fuzzy says, "Timothy Leary"
  • Chitter says, "Punxsutawney Phil."
  • Suri says, "I think there should have been an episode where they come across a group of escaped Nazi war criminals in an old abandoned fortress, and they have Hitler's brain alive in a jar, and they've kidnapped a descendant of Viktor Frankenstein to make a giant undead body for it, so they can conquer the world."
  • Leowulf waves a paw towards Ba'ar, "Danny Kaye."
  • Sayhono tikks, "The Doctor."
  • Suri says, "Ho Chi Minh would have been sort of interesting."
  • Gilead chirps, "Casey Kasem."
  • Mouser hmms. "Thinking back to when the cartoon was made, I'd say Richard Nixon..."
  • Dragoncat says, "Well, mabye Beetlejuice?"
  • Garrison says, "Tony Randall and Jack Klugman"
  • Vixie says, "Me."
  • Garrison says, "Steven Wright would have been an excellent Guest Star."
  • Mavra says, "Carrol Burnett."
  • Borris Hmssssss "Steven Hawkings!"
  • Argon says, "Oh, Suri the lemur would have been a great guest star."
  • Bunnyhugger says, "My answer for the survey is: Ray Davies. Ideally, he would punch Fred at some point."
Doze Garden Cartoon

Doze Garden cartoon.

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