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"Park of the Day" Finding Favor with Residents

Rose Garden.As noted in the last issue of @Action News, Skyler, local bunny slippers (usually, but often another sort of bunny related form although sometimes not,) encouraged the use of the "Park" command. This sends you, rather than to the Rose Garden, to another place on SpinDizzy which is comfortable for visiting and doing things.

With some urging, folks have been going to the Park rather than the Rose Garden and discovering and exploring some very fun places. A Gingerbread house made of chocolate was one, where a certain raccoon who shall remain nameless enjoyed just a bit too much blackberry brandy. Others feasted on chocolate and cookies and all sorts of sugary treats.

An otter pond was another "park" that was enjoyed with folks enjoying the quiet flow of water or splashing about and swimming in the water. It was an interesting discovery by some to find that coatis are actually excellant swimmers!

One day, the picnic ground where many a raccoon has found a picnic basket full of goodies left for them, intentionally or not, was the park. There have been several others, but this reporter has not been able to visit every one.

So, for the month of June, rather than just typing in "Rose" to go to the Rose Garden, try typing in "Park". Who knows who'll be or where you'll find yourself?

Catastrophe Looms as Bat gets Crumby, Park Pulled out from Underneath

Raccoon cookie.Raccoon Day was Celebrated this weekend with a Sunday gathering and raccoon feeding, and making lemonade out of Skyler's ears down along Main Street (N3 E2) in front of the future site of the SpinDizzy General Hospital. The feeding of fish and doughnuts to Royce, a local raccoon, was going along well until some donut crumbs got into Jimun's fur. Jimun, local Cookie Bat, upset at being turned tasty, threatened not to feed chocolate chip cookies to messy raccoons. Disaster was averted when Royce decided to get crumbs onto DTF instead, and thus was allowed to have cookies. Fortunately Jimun was saved by Natasha, who was never instructed not to get crumbs into his fur, and therefore was able to turn him tasty again.

Festivities were short-lived however, when Skyler, spiteful over his lemonearade incident and his desire for the room's botspot, decided to pull the Park of the Day out from underneath those already gathered there. Eventually though after much poking and prodding, everyone drifted off to the Foothills Lakes (S5 W1), the new Park of the Day, where the Raccoon Day revelry continued without any more problems.

Says Mavra of the celebrations, "My rump is a lot bigger than any raccoon."

Review: SpinDizzy - The Movie

SpinDizzy - The Movie.As editor of @Action News, I was offered an advance copy of SpinDizzy - The movie. Often, members of the media are sent copies of films before their release to write reviews and help promote new movies. As @Action News is considered by many to be the "paper of record" of SpinDizzy, and the movie is about SpinDizzy, I suppose the filmakers thought the paper ought to see and review this upcoming release.

First the format. Rather than using CGI or actual members of SpinDizzy, the movie is made using old school cell and paint animation. The art is excellent and the photography is well done using subtle shading, a wide range of color and the multiplane camera technique. This is one of the first feature length cell and paint full length features to be made in years.

The film was made through a cooperative agreement between Warner Brothers and Walt Disney studios. The styles of both studios are reflected however the art, jokes and excellent background art are taken from they heyday of both studios in the 1930's and 40's.

Now, on to the movie itself.

The film opens with a shot of a floating island in space. The camera zooms in passing Spengo and zooms over the landscape of SpinDizzy. The various areas of the island are shown from the deserts and lush forests, to the ruins and futuristic buildings all of which seem to be realalistic portrayals of places on SpinDizzy.

The long, uncut zoom shot ends with a wide view of The Rose Garden. Here can be seen animated versions of a number of SpinDizzy regulars. All seem quite upset as they discuss what turns out to be the plot of the film; Where is Austin Dern?

Through a bit convoluted yet essentionally direct bit of exposition, convoluted due to the facts, theories and opinions being expessed by a number of SpinDizzians, it is explained that Austin Dern, local coati and pretty much the "leader" of SpinDizzy, hasn't been seen in nearly a week. Although usually visiting daily, his absence has been noted by many.

This causes a search party to be formed. Although most of the "party" are recognizable by this reviewer, some are not. I am unsure whether these are SpinDizzians I don't know, or "redshirt characters who are simply going along as filler characters.

As the search progresses, the abilities of the familiar characters are used to their fullest. Centaurs use their strength and speed, squirrels use their ability to climb trees and observe far objects, fursnakes use their tunneling ability and in one memberable scene a raccoon eats through a trap made of tons of foods to free the rest of the party from the trap.

The story has a number of M. Night Shyamalan twists, the characters are portrayed faithfully and the story seems true to the spirit and character of SpinDizzy and its residents. I'm not going to spoil the story with further details, but I believe not only will everyone from SpinZizzy want to see this film, but the general public will also. I highly reccomend this movie and give it 9 stars out of 10, only because of the poor surround sound mix and the random voice shouting "Hold the pickle hold the lettuce," and "Come on down," that seemed to have no relation to what was happeneing on the screen.

Sorry to say, no release date was announced for SpinDizzy - The Movie, however it is rumored to be scheduled soon.

Classic Gaming Article

Atari 2300.Hello once again:

This is your lil gaming raccoon, Zoie, to give you another slice of the gaming heaven we all know, love and sometimes lothe.

I know my little article may be somewhat "shallow" today because I sorta fell in love with Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii. It reminded me of the older days of from the Sega and SNES where you took turns on a battlefield level. The one that come to mind right away is....

sf title.
The Shining Force

You (Max) start off training with your master and before long, he is called for an issue with the king. You follow him and you find out monsters are digging up in an abandoned castle for a key that could lead to the world's destruction

sf 1.

You are commanded by the king to lead a small "task force" of your close friends who aid you in this. You take your small team to the battlefield only to find out they already found what they were looking for.

sf 2.

Throughout the game you make chase so that the great evil is not released. You meet many characters along the way, a great many Centaur knights (which I can imagine Argon and Mavra playing as), an elderly yet powerful monk, gentle healers, theSF Zylo. werewolf Zylo (swoons), elven archers, human and dwarven fighers and knights, a flying hawkman and woman *hinthint - she becomes stronger as the game goes on ^.^*, an armadillo in a steam powered suit, an old fart that's a Flying knight, a robot "Adam", a cute lil dragon you can raise into a powerhouse, the Ninja Hanzo, the extremely powerful Musashi the samurai, and let alone their mascot, Jougurt (which looks strangely like an otter or a wallaby in a pilot's helmet).Gilead?.

The game touches on various parts of the world from a wagon train to a desolate empire, a powerful kingdom rocked by the death of its lord and strongest knight, to a shining hope in a young group of fighters ready to save the world.

This is a highly recommended game if you like the the Fire Emblem series. The advantage is that you can actually walk around town and get a few great scenes... though Fire Emblem does this for you without the "wandering about".

Anyways, this is it for today so as always, dust of your old systems and keep playing and remember... those classic games are starting to become worth something now. When you see Suikoden 2 unwrapped selling for $300 and Super Mario RPG sell for $70-$120 on eBay, it means something!!


Paper.Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper this week!

Special thanks go to:

Argon for the report on the "Park of the Day",
Royce, for his report of the upset on Raccoon Day,
Argon, for the review of "SpinDizzy - The Movie",
Zoie, for her Classic Gaming article,
Royce, for the caption picture,
Patch O'Black, for his "Four Kolor Kitty" article,
Gilead, for his funny bunny puns,
Ba'ar, for his survey and
Argon, for this week's cartoon.

(Editor's Note: I'd like to thank Findra and the other contributors to last week's edition of @Action News. As was noted, I had an accident and totaled my truck. No injuries, thankfully, but it has absorbed quite a bit of my time. I'm very happy and pleased to see the paper can get along just as well, and in fact, in some ways better without me. Again, thanks to everyone who helped out with the paper last week!


Four-Kolor Kitty: Abort, Retry, or Fight Crime?

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Greetings, high-tech comic lovers, and welcome back. The ol' Four-Kolor Kitty has gotten himself a new computer, so this time we will be looking at the systems that help our favorite cape-wearers bust the bad guys. So, let's log in and see what is needed when a superhero needs to surf the Web!

fkk01.jpgThe most well-known superhero's computer is the ever-popular Batcomputer. Originally, the Batcomputer was an old magnetic tape, vacuum tube machine. Over the years, it had been upgraded to the incredible system it is today. Multi-monitors, holographic displays, and the ability to tap into just about any other computer system, this set up has it all!

However, lesser known is the computer used by the Justice League of America. This isn't the old Trouble-Alert of the Super-Friends. Built from both Earth components and alien technology (including Kryptonian, Thanagarian, and several others), this major piece of hardware is what Batman uses when even his rig is underpowered. Currently, in fact, the system is hosting the conciseness of the android hero known as the Red Tornado, which was a major upgrade from his previous mechanical form and he has even been warned that the new body being built for him will not have the same level of sophistication, processor-wise, than his current "home".

fkk02.jpgOf course, not all of the super-hero's computers work out so well. In the far-flung future of the Legion of Super-Heroes, that super-genius Brainiac 5 tried building a better computer which he named Computo (or C.O.M.P.U.T.O., depending on which revision of the team you are reading). Needless to say, while it is an incredible feat of computer science, something went awry and it turned on its creator. And his friends. And anyone who happened to be in the area. Whoops! fkk03.jpgOf course, Marvel's own big brains have their own special computers for crunching those numbers. Resident smart guy of the Fantastic Four, Dr. Reed Richards, has built a few over the years. Of course, he has had his share of problems, as when he had a mathematical representation of all the data he stored in one come to life and try and subtract everyone else from his creator's life. However, he has had better success with his robots, including their mechanical secrertay, Roberta, and of course the ever-popular H.E.R.B.I.E.

Not the only technical wizard around, Tony "Iron Man" Stark is known to build more than just red and gold suits of armor. He also invented himself a computer with a holographic avatar. In keeping with Tony's well-known playboy image, it had a female personality and was named "Friday", as in "His Girl..." This silicon lady would playfully change her 3-D form to match the task she was doing, appear as an old-fashion telephone operator if she was handling a communication task, or becoming dressed as the "new year" baby (or babe, in this case) when doing time-travel computations.

And we have reached the END command for this column. Remember, is you would like us to GOTO a topic or want us to PEEK in on a question, just page #mail PatchO'Black. Until next time, see you in the funny pages.

Come up with a caption!

Royce, Senior Raccoon, found this image and as it's raccoony he thought @Action News readers might be able to come up with a caption for it.

So give it a try! Describe what's going on, or who the folks are, or what's being said. It can be funny, or not, just give it a try.

Send your ideas to newspaper@spindizzy.org or just page #mail your's to Royce!

Gilead's punnies

Q: What do you call a group of rabbits getting together?
A1: A bunnchy.
A2: A coneyvention.

Q: How did the sight of a large warren make the dyslexic coyote feel?
A: Bungry, as if be badn't eaten in bours.

Q: Why were most bunnies early adopters of HDTV?
A: Their ears were getting tired from trying to get a decent picture.

Q: What do you call a bunny who likes to rub up against strangers on the bus?
A: Peter Frottagetail.

Q: Where are bulk loads of bunnies stored?
A: In a large hopper.

Q: Why did the rabbit lose both his feet?
A: He was just unlucky I guess...

Q: How did the rabbit escape the leghold fur trap?
A: He just lucked out.

Q: What has long, flaming ears and soft, burning fur and a little ember-like puff of a tail?
A: A burny.

Q: What has long ears and hops around Scotland?
A: A wee bonnie.

Q: What's small and grey and is usually found pounding away behind Bambi?
A: His friend Humper.

Q: How does a coyote most like his veggieburgers served?
A: Between a couple of buns.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.

Hi there! Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action news survey for this week. What summer blockbuster movie are you NOT (I repeat NOT) looking forward to?

  • Kit_Skyfire says, "Wot? There's a summer blockbuster other than Ironman?"
  • Royce churrs, "The only one I can think of that I really don't want to see is that stupid one with the annoying guy. 'Don't mess with the Unfunny Hack' or whatever it's called."
  • Findra chirrrs softly, "I really don't know what movies are coming out this summer. Sorry."
  • GrumpyBear grumbles, "I haven't paid much mind to the cinema since my relocation."
  • Shoe barks, "I guess...maybe...I don't have one."
  • Portobello is not looking foward to that Panda-Fu Movie.
  • Jaxen hmms.. "I don't know what movies will be out, but if someone has made 'Get Smart', I'll say I will not watch that."
  • phuh softly whispers, "ah, okay... I do not know what is playing or going to play so I can't answer that one, sorry."
  • Mavra says, "Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth....Uhm... I mean Indiana Jones and the Skull.. uh... 'things'."
  • BunnyHugger says, "I think I will go with Get Smart."
  • Chitter says, "I'm not looking forward to 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.'
  • Nyni says, "I don't know anything coming out, so I can't answer. Sorry."
  • Ba'ar hopes that The Maxwell Smart movie is a (Nude) bomb.
  • Gilead couldn't give two shakes of a rat's butt about the new Hulk movie.
  • Kefan says, "All of them, Ba'ar. All of them."
  • Argon says, "Oh, that one with the otters mating. I mean, who wants to pay $10.00 for a ticket and $7.00 for a popcorn and a soda to watch 30 seconds of action?"
Doze Garden Cartoon

The Wallaby Highway Patrol meets the EMTs from the Ambunnylance!

Click on cartoon for a larger version! The Doze Garden Cartoon.
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