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Rose Garden becomes Slippery Slope

Skaters."Skating" of a sort took place this week in the Rose Garden after a substance dropped out of the sky. Although falling from near Chitter in a local tree, the local squirrel has been unavailable for comment on his involvement with the incident.

The object fell near Tzolkin, local chaocat, who began sliding around the now frictionless surface of the Rose Garden. The material spread and soon both Whyte Shadow, local Andurusian, and Argon, local centaur, found themselves slipping and sliding.

Luckily, Kamida, local skunk arrived with her "my scary pony" phuh, and was able to save the day! She called one of her spiders, Susie, who used her silk to pull Tzolklin, WhyteShadow, Argon and others to safety.

Thankfully, the slippery stuff has been moved. When asked about it, Austin, local coati said, "Oh, yes, now, BunnyHugger and I did some tunnelling to make it easier to dig up the puddle, you see, and WhyteShadow did the bulk of moving it, since she's got the 480 pairs of legs."

No one seems to remember where exactly the puddle was moved, so if you start slipping and sliding you've probably found it!

Glitter Day Confused with Raccoon Day

Glitter.Folks visiting the Rose Garden one day this week were greeted with the following, "A rosy-colored banner is hung above the garden, bearing the words "Glitter Day" written in glitter. Sparkly drawings of clouds, flowers, and unicorns decorate the banner and make it shine."

Everything was covered in glitter and sparkled and glittered in the evening lights. As this reporter arrived, Nyni, local My Little Pony and the hostess of the event, was ending a wonderful glitter show. Similar to a fireworks show, the explosions spread glitter all over everything and everyone there.

Royce, local raccoon, was quite pleased to see a shiny salute to Raccoon Day. Nyni wasn't sure what Raccoon Day was, so folks quickly filled her in. Royce suggested that there ought to be food rather than glitter, although he admitted the shinies were nice, "Well, sure, but I think a Raccoon Day feast would be more appropriate."

Argon, local centaur made a suggestion, "I agree! Will you bring the food, Royce?" Royce noted that, "..."I don't bring foods. It should be already be there when I arrive!"

The centaur couldn't argue with Royce's logic. He did compliment Nyni on her glitter show. All in all it was a fun time, in spite of not having any foods!

Kung Fu Panda Plush Found

Po.Local SpinDizzy bears have been talking about the new movie, Kung Fu Panda.

Po, the panda, according to reports, is a large lazy bear and has no interest in fighting whatever bad guys are the enemy. Apparently he is somehow convinced to take up Kung Fu and fight.

This isn't a review of the movie, however, but a review of a Po plush I found at Wal Mart. He stands about two feet tall and is only somewhat snuggly. But as you can see from the picture, he is pretty cute and for only $14.99 how can you resist?

Hopefully one of the local bears will review the movie. Seems this issue of @Action News has a lot of Prince Caspian articles and hopefully Kung Fu Panda will elicit the same response.

No Local Centaurs in Prince Caspian

Centaurs and others from Prince Caspian.Spindizzy residents going to this weekend's premier of Prince Caspian were shocked to learn that none of the local centaur community had a role in it. "I don't know what happened to them." Cora, local bear, is quoted as saying. "Surely the centaurs of our local community have enough star power and money making potential to be approached for the movie." Others were just as disappointed. "Centaurs are very rare creatures." Kanganstein, local monster kangaroo said. "I believe it would compel the production crew to approach every centaur they could find for the various roles the film required."

Surprisingly the local centaur community took their absence in stride. " I can understand though why CGI was chosen over using us real live centaurs. We are expensive to feed and house." Argon, local centaur, said, adding that. "Using Computer Generated Images was the obvious choice for uniformity of appearance, movement, and interaction with other CGI characters in this film." Still the local centaur had his regrets, "I'd much prefer the centaurs looked more like real centaurs than something from the imagination of a human who's never laid eyes on one of us." he said.

Others were just as understanding. Anjil, another member of the local centaur community is quoted as saying that "It would have been nice to be asked, but I am happy to watch the famous centaurs on screen." adding that "I personally think that Argon would be awesome in that film, but I'm sure his time will come."

Executives of The Disney Company and Walden Media, the companies responsible for the film, were not able to be reached for comment.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Caspian.Things are not well in Narnia. While only a year has passed for the foursome in our world, over a millennium has passed in Narnia. Humans, otherwise known as ‘Tellamarines’ have run roughshod over the natives, nigh but all eliminating them. The centaurs are still around, thank goodness, no doubt due to their size, strength, speed and intelligence. The centaurs in the film are shown to be somewhat disheveled, like all the rest of the natives are, but at least their abs are more prominently displayed as well as the females are more active rather than just standing around; they even show a centaur child taking part in a ceremony! That made this reviewer smile. Oh, there are others there, too. Fauns, satyrs, bears, mice… oh, the mice!

The mice are a very outspoken and capable group with whom one should never underestimate! Just quietly acknowledge that they are mice and move on. The title character, however, lends himself to this reviewer as someone who should instead be looking for a six-fingered man rather than trying to regain his kingdom and bring peace to Narnia. Instead, he repeatedly locks horns with the eldest of the foursome, Peter, over how to get things done, culminating in a failed attack that sent them all back to lick their wounds and to rethink their strategy.

The film continues along this line, with the words of Aslan, ‘Things don’t happen the same way twice’ being the motif. It culminates in a final battle, not quite as epic as the first film, but with some ingenious strategy that is carried out by an excellently-chosen task force of centaurs, minotaurs and giants and finished off by beings that would’ve been equally at home in a Tolkien story. The humans remain true to their archetype, namely an untrustworthy, treaty-breaking, backstabbing lot. Darn humans.

In the end, those humans that can’t play nice with others are offered a chance to be sent away from Narnia, not a moment too soon, with the foursome also sent back to their own home once more.

Mavra also wrote a spoof review of this film relating its story with political events on her home planet of Earth and realm of The United States. I've included it seperately at, Prince Caspian Politcal Spoof. It's pretty funny, but then, I'm biased towards Mavra's many talents!

@Action News' Publication Schedule

@.As you may have noticed if you read @Action News regularly, its usual Sunday night publication is generally occuring later in the week.

There are several reasons for this, the editor's work schedule, the ability of contributors to get articles in, in spite of other obligations of their own, and when those contribution arrive and I have time to do the HTML and get everything together and ready to be presented to you, the reader.

@Action News is a somewhat casual work, and the work of its contributors and writers is well worth the slight delays of some issues. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated!

Classic Gaming Article

Atari 2600.Editor's Note: Zoie, local raccoon and gaming enthusiast won't have an article on video games this week.

Zoie tells me she is in intense rehab and hasn't had time to do much gaming much less write about it.

Hopefully, the little raccoon will be back in front of the screen and have another article for us next week. Be sure and let her know what games or gaming aspects you'd like her to write about.



Stop the presses!Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper!

Special thanks go to:

Argon for the report on the slippery Rose Garden,
the Glitter Day event,
and the finding of the Kung Fu Panda plush,
Ba'ar for the reaction of local centaurs to Prince Caspian,
Mavra for her review of the film, Prince Caspian,
Argon, for the update on @Action News' publication schedule,
Patch O'Black, for his "Four Kolor Kitty" article,
Ba'ar, for his survey and
Argon, for this week's cartoon.

Four-Kolor Kitty: Boggies, Bamfs, and Cowboy Dinosaurs!

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).fkk001.jpgGreetings, fans, and welcome to another edition of Four-Kolor Kitty. If you saw the @Action News last week, Argon posted a rather odd panel from a comic in place of the usual Doze Garden cartoon. That unique coati, Austin, also passed along this panel to me. As you can see, it features a dinosaur threatening a blue-hued individual with a spike-end tail. What could this all mean? Well, I recognized it at once. It comes from a limited series back in November of 1985, and it featured the X-Men’s “fuzzy blue elf” and swash-buckling teleporter, Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler.

So, how did Nightcrawler come to be facing this Texas tyrano? Well, issue one opens with Nightcrawler working out in the “Danger Room”, honing his acrobatic skills. From an observation area, Kitty “Shadowcat” Pryde and her friend Illyana “Magik” Rasputin are watching. When Kurt takes a break, he tells the young ladies of a time where a teleporting foe and he were dragged through a dimensional wormhole known as “the Well at the Center of Time”. Kitty, being the inquisitive young genius she is, attempts to creat a simulation of the Well, but somehow manages to actually fkk002.jpgsummon the real thing! Before you know it, Kurt and Kitty’s little pet alien dragon called “Lockheed” get dragged in and both them disappear! The two find themselves on a floating pirate galleon, where Kurt is identified as a “boggie”, which he doesn’t much care for. Lockheed is no more pleased to be called a “Frumious Bandersnitch”. However, Kurt decides to live out some childhood fantasies and joins the crew. However, when the reality that these pirates aren’t like the ones in the movies and innocent lives were at stake, he changes sides and rescues, of course, a beautiful princess. After the royal barge docks, Kurt and his dragon friend decide to explore the city. Unfortunately, the pirates find him and he is captured and sold to a shark-like sorcerer named Shagree.

In the second issue, Nightcrawler and Lockheed are brought to Shagreen’s floating citadel called “L’un Dun-T’wn”. The sharky magic-user slaps a device on Kurt to both analyze and neutralize his power of teleportation. He also kidnaps the princess for good measure. However, while imprisoned, Kurt meets the real Boggies, who are bat-winged fkk003.jpgimps that have a passing resemblance to Nightcrawler. The Boggies help Kurt escape, and he fights Shagreen. As he is fighting, the pirates also attack, but this time they are attacking the sorcerer, accusing him of short-changing him. In the end, Kurt smashes Shagreen’s magic staff, and as the evil wizard attempts to escape in his own sky-galleon, Lockheed blasts him in the back with his flame-breath, making him fall to his apparent doom. Back on Earth, Kitty and Illyana are trying to retrieve Kurt. They’re first try just grabs Kurt’s uniform, leaving him naked until Kitty quickly returns it. Their next attempt moves Kurt back into the Well at the Center of Time. This time, he lands in a nice grassy field. Suddenly, a small blue creature looking like a cartoon version of Kurt appears and addresses him as Daddy!

fkk004.jpgIssues three and four take place on a world that is a match for one described in an X-Men story called “Kitty’s Fairy Tale”, where Kitty attempted to tell a fantasy story using her fellow X-Men as characters. The little blue fellow is a creature known as a “Bamf”, which is the sound Kurt makes when he teleports. He discovers that that an evil wizard captured a number of Bamfs, and the remaining ones beg Kurt to save them. They call him Daddy Bamf, since he is taller than any of them. He gains the help of this world's versions of Wolverine (a ill-tempered dwarf named Mean), Kitty (an older version named Pirate Kitty), Colossus (simply called Peter), and Lockheed’s larger counterpart, for the rescue attempt. They discover that their enemy is that same shark-faced fellow, Shagreen. Apparently, fkk005.jpghe survived the fall by traveling to this world, where he has been examining the Bamfs, and in fact has merged several of them into one giant evil Bamf called Dark Bamfs. Back on Earth, Kitty tries to teleport Kurt home again, but grabs a Bamf instead. Seems the Bamfs have a similar bio reading to Kurt. So, she decides to lock onto the largest signal. This time, she gets Dark Bamf, who she quickly sends back. She is having a bad day…

Of course, our heroes eventually rescue the Bamfs (including some shapely female Bamfs who seem very interested in Kurt, who makes him a bit uncomfortable. He thinks they look like they are his little sisters, they are sure love will find a way), break the evil villains new magic staff, and everything goes back to normal for the inhabitants for this world. So…what has this got to do with the original panel? Well, after Nightcrawler is done, Kitty tries to teleport him home again. He lands instead on yet another world with the six-gun-totting dino. Kurt first tries to talk his way through it, but when all he can come up with his calling himself a boggie, he decides to just deck the reptile. He then gets teleport to yet another world. I won’t go into what happens there, but suffice it to say, Kurt finally gets help to go home.

And it’s time for us to teleport on out. If you have a topic to suggest, a question to be answered, or just want to send us an odd comic panel, page #mail PatchO’Black. Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.

Hi there everyone. Here's your Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. What's the shortest book ever written?

  • Tzolkin [OOC] The shortest book would probably contain this: Once upon a time, some stuff happened. And then everyone lived happily ever after. The end.
  • Trance mrps, "'My Deep Thoughts', by George W. Bush."
  • Nyni says, "French Victories"
  • Shoe barks, "Probaly one for really young children."
  • Trance says, ""The Complete Guide to Gnomes, 3.5 edition, 'My Deep Thoughts', by George W. Bush, or Or The Canonical List Of Rap Songs With Positive Messages."
  • Ba'ar says, "Morticon's guide to world dominiation. By Morticon Wallaby."
  • Argon says, "What's Right About Vista, by Eches P. Proah."
  • Cora says, "1000 ways to prepare meat by Ingrid Newkirk (President of PETA)."
  • Jaxen says foxily, "My Journal."
  • Borris Gruffs, "The Wisdom of George Bush!"
  • Kamida [OOC] Shortest book? well, I know the shortest poem? Nu U, now you translated in English.
Doze Garden Cartoon

Po the Kung Fu Panda meets Borris and his mallet!

The Doze Garden Cartoon.
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