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Election proceeding smoothly

Vote.The election for the office of SpinDizzy's Mayor has been going smoothy up to press time. Voter turnout has been somewhat light, although as voting will continue through Wednesday as absentee ballots are collected, it is predicted voting will pick up.

Interest in the election has been varied. Some residents are suspicious of politicians and others have been unable to select from the varied skills of the candidates, however it is thought that by the end of voting the majority of SpinDizzians will have made a choice.

@Action News had considered taking exit polls and making predictions on the election's outcome. We have decided not to so the paper is not accused of effecting the votes.

As voting ends Wednesday, read the next issue of @Action News for the election's results and hopefully and interview with SpinDizzy's new Mayor.

Why 2,038 shinies?

Oooo... shinies!As reported in last week's edition of @Action News, certain new residents arriving between September 27, 2004 and November 13, 2007 were owed 2,038 "shinies" or units of the currency of the day.

When asked why 2,038 was the number chosen, Austin Dern, local coati and head wizard answered, "There's a very good reason for it, but I'm not going to say. Various people know parts of the tale, how it came about ... and some of the fun of it is learning who they are, and what they know."

Argon, Editor of @Action News did some research into the matter. As is often the case, names, devices, and other aspects of SpinDizzy's culture, including this one, are based on obscure references to the culture of Earth, particularly the United States and Canada. The name of the currency which changes nearly daily, is one example of this.

Although the answer to why 2.038 units was chosen is now known to @Action News, we have decided to keep the answer confidential for now. However ask around. Turns out the answer isn't all that hard to find.

Spindizzy Space Program Has Another Successful Mission

Space Cat.Recently, Than, local kitten, expressed a wish to go into space, singing "Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars." Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat, and his friend Borris, well-known polar bear, granted Than her wish by placing booster rockets on Patchy's Jellicle cat basket.

As Borris acted as mission control, the two felines were launched into space, where they extended their cheese shielding (in this case, Cheddar Deflectors) and docked with Neko One, a satellite in orbit.

While Patchy downloaded data from Neko One, Than suited up to go for a space walk. While outside, Than observed Cheeser 12, a satellite put up by mice. She then repaired the pepper jack cheese shielding on Cheeser 12, reinforcing it with sliced almonds.

After uploading updated software to Neko One, the two cats returned to Spindizzy, where they went through decontamination and were given a clean bill of health. There have been no word of future space missions at this time.

Suri Discusses Lemur Holidays

Plush Suri.Suri, local lemur and zinc enthusiast, recently talked about well known, (to lemurs) holidays.

According to the Lemurs FAQ on the SpinDizzy web site, there are a number of holidays and celebrations lemurs have spread throughout the universe. Argon, local centaur, told of telling friends about the painyata game lemurs play. After several drinks, lemurs will give everyone a bag of candy and a stick and then blindfold them... anyway the story got a good laugh.

Suri suggested painyata could be played at the SpinDizzy holiday party. Argon asked where the sticks would come from. Suri said she could use her leftover sticks from Army Stick Day. The conversation went like this:

Suri says, "I could use my leftover sticks from Army Stick Day."
Argon says, "What's Army Stick Day?"
Suri says, "It's every November 11th. You buy these green sticks."
Argon says, "I've not heard of it, Suri."
Suri trots away, and returns with a large, olive-drab painted stick. "That's my Army Stick."
Argon says, "So what do you do with it?"
Suri says, "You have it."
Argon says, "Does it blow up or anything?"
Suri says, "Nope!"
Argon says, "So what's the point?"
Suri says, "You have an Army Stick. It's one of the calmer holidays."
Argon says, "Do lemurs have an army?"
Suri nods. "The Lemur Army"
Argon says, "Did The Lemur Army fight any wars?"
Suri says, "Nope."
Argon says, "Not even on painyata day?"
Suri says, "That's a celebration."
Argon says, "Well, thank goodness The Lemur Army didn't have to make an atomic bomb."
Suri nods. "That was a drawback on the Big Grenade project."
Argon says, "Were you in The Lemur Army, Suri?"
Suri says, "Nope!"
Argon says, "How come?"
Suri says, "Army Lemurs are green."

This year's celebration of Thankstaking Day, usually the last Wednesday in November, is coming up November 28th. On Thankstaking Day, lemurs are allowed to keep anything that they can pick up and thank the owner for before they object. The lemurs have to give it all back on the following Monday, though, so be forewarned.

Midwest FurFest 2007

Ba'ar.Editor's Note: Ba'ar sent @Action News a full report on his experiences at the event, but for purposes of space and relevance the article has been condensed and information added from other sources.

Ba'ar, local bear, went to the Midwest FurFest 2007in Schaumburg, Illinois, about 30 miles from Chicago. Once there, he was met by a friend and off they went to the Con. Ba'ar, as you might expect, was well received being a big friendly bear. He got hugs and snugs everywhere he went. After the opening ceremonies, the bruin went to the "Dealer's Den" after attending a "character development" SIG (Special Interest Group). The point of this was how to make good stories by making your characters interesting and fully dimensioned by (among other things) good and bad traits.

At the "Dealers' Den" Ba'ar wasted no time, picking up a CD of bear artwork, (Of course,) some other items and also picked up a Midwest Fur Fest themed T-shirt. Ba'ar then went to Uncle Kage's Story Hour. Uncle Kage told of his recent adventures (like his change of jobs due to political differences' with his previous jobs) but did it with such flare and panache that he kept the crowd in stitches.

Ba'ar then went to an "Iron Artist" contest. This is a competition where artists make art using a random, "secret" ingredient (like chalk or pens or whatever). The artists were all given a topic ("Zombie Muffins") and pens to work. But the host introduced some interesting twists, such as, at one point, having the artists hold the pens in their teeth and try to draw. It was quite amusing and while the artists didn't produce great art, a good time was had by all.

Ba'ar then went to a feline SIG. Ba'ar is a bear but admires feline traits such as being independent and the love of luxury. This proved to be a lively round table discussion as stories of experiences with the feline kind were aired. For example, someone told of how his cat had learned how to turn on the lights in his house so that whenever he'd come home, every light in the place was on.

Raccoon Drew, an artist, depicted Ba'ar as a pirate (The image with this article). He's normally a contemporary bear but since this convention has a "pirate/south seas" theme, he thought it would be fun to have him drawn in the spirit of the convention. And would be another neat souvenir of Ba'ar's visit to the Midwest Fur Fest!

Caption Contest

Caption image.Here's a very large bear that seems to be trying to avoid the water. Quite a jump, eh?

Not a huge number of answers for this one. In fact, the caption mail bag was "bear". I'll find another picture for the next issue of @Action News and we'll give your imaginations another work-out! Or if you have a picture that needs captioning, send it to me at argon1@mindspring.com or page #mail the URL to me.

  • Ba'ar whispers, "My answer for the caption contest..."C'mon mom! I already had a bath-last month!"
  • Raphael giggles at the caption picture. "Cannonball!"
  • Kamida lilts, "I would have said Borris, moments before getting a wet pelt and before starting to experiment with catapults? something like that? but, wrong color bear."
  • DTF smiles "The Mountain Bear Bidet"
  • Leslie pips, "Oh gosh...you shouldn't jump into a river like that 'cause you don't know how deep it is and you might get hurt on a rock you didn't see."
  • Darius says, "Invisible ATV!"
  • Gilead whispers, "During the tribute show he put on in honor of his namesake, Marcel Bearceau demonstrated "climbing an invisible staircase," to the amazement of the delighted forest animals gathered in the audience." to you.
Four-Kolor Kitty: A Hard To Shop For Group!

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Seasons Greetings, folks, and time for a warm, fuzzy edition of the Four-Kolor Kitty. This week, we will be looking at one of the Christmas-themed issues of Superman. Issue #165, titled "What do you give the JLA for Christmas?". It follows Big Blue as he visits his fellow heroes of the Justice League for Christmas one year. Lets have some fun!

116.jpgThe issue starts with Superman visiting with J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter. At the time, Lex Luthor had been elect President of the United States, so you can imagine that the Man of Steel was pretty irked. His fellow alien tries to help him relax, but it doesn't help much. Of course, it could be because Plastic Man is also there. However, the elastic hero does manage to get a smile out of Superman. Kal-El then gives them their presents, obviously with tongue in cheek. Plastic Man gets a box of rubber bands. The Martian Man hunter gets Choco cookies, his favorite.

225.jpgSuperman next visits Aquaman. Aquaman tells him the Luthor is the first head of state to publicly support Atlantis and, as it's king, he feels this is a good thing. When Superman indicates that his overtures were merely to help him get elected, the monarch of the seven seas states "They better not be". Superman then give his underseas friend a snowglobe of Metropolis. The joke is that Atlantis has domed cities.

323.jpgNext, Superman helps out Kyle Rayner, the Green Lantern at the time, clean up some falling satellites. The Emerald Guardian has a philosophical look at Lex Luthor being president. Sure, he's a crook, but maybe the guy before him was one as well, and perhaps if Lex were removed, the next person would be a crook too. However, when Superman asks if Kyle voted, Kyle admits he did. Kyle explains he still has hope that he can make a difference with his vote. Superman gives him some ring polish.

Superman then goes for a run with the Flash. The Fastest Man on Earth is off to San Francisco to get a last minute gift of chocolates for his wife. Again, they talk politics. The Flash also voted, as he believes in the American system. However, he is 419.jpgwilling to help remove Luthor if he needs to be taken out. Superman assures him he's not going to be going above the law. The Flash gets his gift of tube socks.

514.jpgNext, Wonder Woman spends some time wrestling with Kal-El. She doesn't care about Luthor being the president. She is more concerned with how this is affecting Superman, as both a hero and as a friend. She suggests he take some time and spend it with his wife, Lois Lane. Superman gives her a small model of Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. This has special meaning for them, as they were recently caught up in a war in Asgard, were they spent years there fighting along side each other in what was hours on Earth. Superman and Wonder Woman got close, and though they never crossed the line...well, heck, he's the Man of Steel, not ice.

610.jpgSuperman rounds out his Christmas tour with Batman. They don't say much, but they don't need to. Batman reminds Clark that he is the one that has been the one who supports the American Way.79.jpg Superman give Batman a gift "from Lois", and Batman says to tell Lois thank you. A simple magnifying glass for the World's Greatest Detective is really a gift from the heart to a man who often must hide his.

Finally, Superman returns home. There, he gives his lovely wife a gift she can really appreciate, and one only the wife of the Last Son of Krypton can give. A two day trip to the beach in the bottle city of Kandor. With no interruptions. Get the feeling they aren't going to spend too much time swimming?

Well, that is it for this week's Four-Kolor Kitty! Remember, send your ideas, suggestions, and questions for future columns via page-mail to PatchO'Black. Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Unbearable Puns

Q: What do bears like to drink after a hard day at work?
A: They go down to the local baar and toss back a can of domestic bruinski.

Q: Why do bears live in the wild?
A: Their ancient civilizations fell long ago, and now lie in bruin.

Q: How do ursines reduce friction in their machines?
A: Ball bearings.

Q: What has no fur and lives in the frozen north hunting seals?
A: A polar bare.

Q: What's huge, eats salmon, hibernates, and causes everyone around to hibernate too?
A: A Grizzly Bore.

Q: Who asks white ursines their political beliefs?
A: A bear poller.

Q: Why do ursines cut crime?
A: It's hard to break into a place where every window is baared.

Q: What kind of ursine hunts ships?
A: A hidden sand baar.

Q: What kind of ursine hunts airplanes?
A: A flak bear.

Q: What lives in the Andes and hunts hot stock tips?
A: A speculator bear.

Q: What kind of ursine lives in Asia and loves to flash its backside?
A: A moon bear.

Q: What do you do with a deceased ursine?
A: Beary it.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.Hi all Ba'ar here back from doing his 'bear things' with this week's Spindizzy @Action News survey. We've all seen the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and their famous floats. If you were asked to create a float for said parade, what would it be like?"
  • Borris Gruffs, "We could inflate Toledo!"
  • Gilead chirps, "It'd be a huge turkey whose head falls off and sprays blood while the body whirls around."
  • Patch O'Black mews, "I would have a float for Jellicle cats!"
  • DTF says, "'Average Kid' a balloon.... a pudgy ball of lard wedged into an easy chair, with huge beverage in a cupholder, bags of munchees wedged around him and a videogame controller in his hands. That's not a knock against your right to be overweight, like munchees or videogames... just that there's more to childhood than electronic hypnosis."
  • Dingo says, "A giant bone!!"
  • Andros yips, "I've never seen the parade."
  • Ba'ar says, "It would be a bear themed float showing the great bears of history and what they have done to mankind."
  • Cora says, "I'd have a float celebrating the plus sized furs of the world."
  • Than says, "I think my float for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade would be a pink float with me dressed up as Pretty Sammy with a wand an' everything, fighting Pixy Misa, an' it'd be the cutest float ever!"
  • Argon answers the survey, "A balloon shaped like SpinDizzy."
Doze Garden Cartoon

Why the votes had to be re-counted.

The Doze Garden Cartoon.
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