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Election Date Set

Vote.Gilead, local otter and Elections Supervisor for the election for Mayor, has announced when it will be held.

Gilead said that the voting will take place over several days, so that everyone has a chance to cast their ballot, "We'll vote all weekend from Thursday to Sunday and count votes Sunday night." He then added, "(We may need to) leave a week or so for the paw recounts and court challenges, and me biting anyone who asks for a paw recount or files a court challenge."

Voting will take place November 22 through November 25. No exact start or ending time was mentioned. Any character can vote from any place on SpinDizzy by entering "Vote" (without the " marks, of course). The voting machine is set so that each character can only vote once. So "Vote early, vote often," will not apply to this election.

Interviews with each of the candidates can be found in recent issues Of @Action News, along with a log of the debate

Class Action Settlement: Newcomers of SpinDizzy vs. Morticon Wallaby

Rebates.If you are a newcomer who arrived between September 27, 2004 and November 13, 2007, you are due a refund.

The class action settlement between The Newcomers to SpinDizzy and Morticon Wallaby, (In his position as a SpinDizzy Admin. This is not associated with the SED,) claims the wallaby wrote a defective version of @pcreate which started all newcomers out with 0 pennies, instead of the usual 2038.

The wallaby has admitted fault and corrected the problem, and has agreed to pay damages to the amount of 2038 of the currency to any newcomer who arrived between the mentioned dates who files for the claim.

To file for the claim and get your refund, simply talk to Morticon or any other wizard, and they will be happy to assist.

The Five Signs of the SpinDizzy Apocalypse

Apocalypse.Kamida, local skunk, was considering what signs might indicate the apocalypse of SpinDizzy. Although very little of apocalyptic proportions occurs here, certainly some signals of the "Days of Doom" would would proceed their arrival.

Crashing into the sun, or invasion by aliens were dismissed outright as we already have aliens here and the SpinDizzy guidance system seems to be operating properly.

So, after discussing different ideas and thoughts, she came up with the following list.

  • Raccoons do not tell anyone that it's raccoon day and don't demand food and shinies.
  • Gulls actually share fish without expecting anything in return.
  • Centaurs do not make puns.
  • Folks don't idle in the Rose Garden.
  • Everyone loves Care Bears and My Little Ponies.

As none of these events seem to have a chance of happening, it's safe to say that the apocalypse is not imminent.

Casual discussion reveals information about mice.

Seasonal mice.

Rin, local Winter mouse was chatting this week in the Rose Garden with Argon, local centaur. The centaur asked Rin if she were working hard on preparing to being Winter to SpinDizzy.

Rin giggled and said, "Oh, we Winter Mice aren't anything mythological! We're just... cryokinetic. We don't bring winter! We just inadvertently enhance it some in the immediate vicinity."

Argon asked, "Ah, so if I'm hoping for a white Christmas, you aren't the mouse to ask?"

Rin replied, "Well, I COULD certainly make it snow... I'm just not a magical force that makes it snow every time it snows!" When asked why all mice couldn't do that, she answered, "I'm really not sure! It's just something that happens to certain mice, I think. It's a matrilineal thing for me..."

When Argon asked if Rin's daddy had any seasonal attributes, she answered "As far as I knew for the longest time, the only derivation were us Winter Mice, and we're all girls. Met Kazan, (local Summer mouse,) not all TOO long ago, and found out there are Summer Mice. Which, apparently, are guys!"

Argon then wondered, "Gee, if you and Kazan got married and had kids, wonder if they'd be Spring or Fall mice?

Rin laughed some. "I'd wondered about that, myself! Realistically, though, we may end up with Summer or Winter Mice, depending on their genders.

Ark-on Centaur

Ark-on centaur.Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat asked if anyone needed anything done this week in the Rose Garden. Argon, local centaur, asked if Patch would take on "house cat" form and lay on his equine back and purr, as it was to be cold that night.

Patch happily jumped up and relaxed and purred. He invited Miss, local snowmeow to join him, so Argon was nice and warm with a cat blanket. He noted it was better than a horse blanket, thank you.

Suri, local lemur then arrived and joined Patch and Miss on Argon's back. Borris, local polar bear, noted that the centaur was begining to look like an ark. Suri perked up her ears and began preparing Argon for an ocean voyage. She started a list of required items which included, more lemurs, flares, gunpowder, depth charges, radar, zinc hats, "...a sacrificial anode, so our Horse doesn't corrode." As Suri noted this anode needed to be below the water line, the centaur wasn't all that enthusiastic about having one implanted in his "hull".

By this time, Borris was leaning against Argon as he was preparing a tri-hulled "support craft, Mouser, local furpent and Jaxen, local fox, had joined the crowd on the centaur's back. Suri began adding to her list, "...and a sword. And some pretzels. And some spurs." Argon took exception to the idea of spurs and vetoed that idea straight off.

Argon did note that if attacked by nazis, an ark could melt their eyes. Darius, local mink, put on a nazi hat, and Borris chased him around for a bit, but the mink didn't really make a very convincing nazi.

Even with all the preparations and the extensive passenger list, no flood came. It didn't even rain. Although on the way home, Argon did hit an iceburg.

Annual Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving.Join us for the annual SpinDizzy Thanksgiving dinner. The times given are a suggestion... you are welcome to come before or after and stay as long as you like.

As in years past, everyone is welcome to bring food or assist in cooking it. Please leave your prejudices or dislikes at home; all are welcome to attend. And don't forget to be thankful for something!

  • From: Thu 11/22/07 07:00 PM +To: Thu 11/22/07 09:00 PM
  • Location: luge N3 E6, p, j, le. OR 't #16341'
  • Age: All
  • Event Owner: Morticon

Note that this picture must have been taken at the last Thanksgiving meal. I didn't take it, but someone put it on the Internet. Not sure who these folks are, but they sure look like they're having a good time!

Caption Contest

Caption image.Here's a very large bear that seems to be trying to avoid the water. Quite a jump, eh?

So what caption do you think would go with this picture? Keep in mind, please, that there are no right or wrong answers. The captions don't have to be serious or funny or... well, they can be anything. Just keep them somewhat Family Friendly please.

So have some fun thinking up a caption, or just send the first thing that comes to mind. Usually I find the first thought usually is the best. Put it in an e-mail and send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org or to argon1@mindspring.com or simply page mail it to me.


Argon Editor, @Action News

Four-Kolor Kitty: White Or Dark Meat, Superman?

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Four-Kolor Kitty: White Or Dark Meat, Superman?

Greetings, and welcome to our Thanksgiving column! In honor of ye olden "Turkey Day", we will be looking at a special issue of JSA (the Justice Society of America). JSA #54, which featured a unique crossover with the JLA (Justice League of America). Hey, even superheroes gather around the dinner table when that special day in November rolls around!

Ever since the Crisis on Infinite Earths revised DC Comics history so that both the JSA and the JLA existed in the same timeline (see our previous articles regarding this), it was established that the long-standing JSA and the newer JLA have come together on numerous occasions. Fortunately, it isn't always to save the world. The two teams annually get together for dinner, switching off which team is hosting the meal. Back in 2003, it was the JSA's turn. P>What with the turkey this image really needs a breast joke.So the two teams gathered at the JSA's headquarters, known as the Brownstone, where they have been meeting since W.W.II. Mr. Terrific is trying to assure Batman that things will be fine for just one night, and that there is no reason to believe that supervillians are suddenly going to start popping out of the woodwork just because the two teams are getting together. Of course, Batman remains a wet blanket.

Wonder Woman discusses with some of the other heroes about how Native Americans kind of got a really raw deal after the colonies started showing up. While a few of the ladies see the Amazon's point, champion scrapper and old-fashion all-american Wildcat takes issue, in his own way. See, he knew Diana's mother back in the early days of the JSA, and lets her daughter know that she would be just shocked at her behavior. Well, he does it in his own way.

224.Powergirl rebuts his argument effectively by grabbing the boxing champ by the scruff of the neck and throwing him our a window. Fortunately, he is caught by Superman, who comments how he is always rescuing cats. The Man of Steel lets Wildcat down on one of the balconies of the Brownstone, where they are joined by Captain Marvel. P>322.Batman continues to look for problems. He visits Doctor Midnight who is on monitor duty to make sure that there have been no breakouts at local prisons, no alien invasions, no signs of intrusion for the antimatter universe. Nope, all is quiet. Batman pouts and goes elsewhere. Namely, the kitchen.

In the kitchen is the latest Hourman, making his father's recipe for mashed potatoes in front of the wives of the original Flash as well as the original Green Lantern. In comes the original Liberty Belle with her daughter, the then Jessie Quick, bearing a large pan of late JSA member Johnny Quick's special cornbread. When Liberty Belle sees Hourman doing some cooking, she immediately swings into matchmaking mode. Under cover of this distraction, Hawkman, with the Atom on his shoulder, sneaks a drumstick. However, Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, pins the ill-gotten snack to the wall. The two then greet each other as they have in the past: loudly. Batman comes in, and asks if Hourman, who can have "fast-forward" visions of an hour into the future, if he has seen anything. Being told that he hasn't seen anything, Batman sulks to the dinner table as dinner is served.

418.513.Teenaged Star-Spangled Girl complains that she is being stuck at the "kiddy table" with young speedster Impulse and J.J. Thunder (who can summon a mystical lightning-bolt like genie). She comments to Captain Marvel that, if the others knew that he was actually Billy Batson, he would be at their as well, but the Big Red Cheese shushes her. Everyone sits down, Jay Garrick (the original Flash)69.jpg offers a toast, and Mr. Terrific once again tells Batman to relax.

It is just then that D-grade villains, Kulak the Sorcerer and the Warlock of Ys teleport in right on top of the table, scattering the feast everywhere. They start to boast of their great plan to destroy the JSA, but then start to notice there are quite a few more heroes than they were expecting. And that they aren't happy about being covered in the food they were about to eat.

78.jpgSoon afterwards, twenty large meatlovers pizzas, and one vegetarian pizza, are delivered to the address of 700 Broadway. The two delivery men, who probably were before grumbling about having to work on a holiday, now have the best story to tell their friends: "DUDE! We just delivered pizzas to BATMAN! And he tipped well!" However, apparently, superiors don't like breadsticks.

As Mr. Terrific and Batman take the substitute feast back to their friends and family, Mr. Terrific concedes Batman's victory. He tells the Dark Knight to go ahead and say it. As the comic closes, the World's Greatest Detective gets the last line with, "Told you so."

Thus ends this special Four-Kolor Kitty! Hope you and yours have a great Thanksgiving! Remember to send in your superhero questions and suggestions! Page #mail PatchO'Black and let us know! Till next time, see you in the funny pages.

Weekly Survey
Argon doing the survey.As Ba'ar is off doing bear things, I'm doing the survey this week. So here's the question: "The recent Mayorial Debate was held in an auditorium decorated in the "colors of SpinDizzy". The U. S.'s colors are red white and blue, Canada's are red and white, Scotland's are blue and white. What do you think SpinDizzy's colors should be?"
  • Ba'ar pages, "I'd say.. Brown and white...representing all the centaurs we have here."
  • Eliahn, "Red, green, and blue: ultra-saturated."
  • Hitaka, "Spindizzy's colors should be crimson, golden and black. Those are my favorite colors."
  • DTF ponders, "Black and blue."
  • Jaxen smiles and says, "Light green on slate grey."
  • Leowulf says, "I propose blue and gold."
  • Shine woofs, "Yellow! Everyone likes yellow."
  • Premchaia says, "Perhaps nectarine-colored?"
  • Borris Gruffs, "Orange is good to start with. With a Purple border, and a Lime green SD in the middle."
  • Royce churrs, "Shiny and stripey!"
  • Arne says, "Brown, White, and Green."
  • Tami says, "Black, blue and green. Like a thing going through space. Because...like...y'know."
  • Ping squeaks, "I think it'd be more appropriate to have a pattern than particular colors. So that any time someone makes a Spindizzy flag or something, they'd choose whatever garishly clashing colors they like, so long as they keep the odd, abstract, unrecognizable pattern that is the Spindizzy flag. That's my suggestion."
  • Tanuki barks, "How about tie-die? No, that's too much like hippies."
  • Pa'hti says, "Goss infrared an' radio?"
  • Austin says, "I think they should be hyperdimensional, Argon, and possibly form part of a topology in which no analogue to the four-colour map theorem can be satisfied."
  • Toledo says, "Actually if anything they should be black, white, brown and yellow."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "I think Spindizzy's colors should be like grue and bleen. What color it is depends on when you observe it."
  • Chanspot says, "Oh. Hrm. Well, I support chocolate."
  • Kamida lilts, "Well, the most predominate colors of spindizzy are.... Black for the space that surrounds us and all those empty areas, green since most of spindizzy is forest, and red for the roses of the rose guarden since most people only seem to come here. So Black, green and red."
  • Jake says, "I think we should get a transparent flag with yellow cyan and magenta. Then everybody could have their favourite colours by folding the flag."
Doze Garden Cartoon

Here's a classic Doze Garden from Thanksgiving 2004.

The Doze Garden Cartoon.
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