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National Pickle Attack month starts Monday

National Pickle Attack month.Suri, local lemur, has been doing her civic duty by reminding everyone that October is National Pickle Attack Month.

Although apparently a national holiday among lemurs in Madagascar, the holiday is rarely celebrated elsewhere. Its long history going back through the ages into nearly its third year on SpinDizzy, it is unknown how long it has been celebrated on Madagascar as the number of centaurs living there is unknown.

The main celebratory action during National Pickle Attack month seems to be lemurs hopping on the backs of centaurs and stuffing pickles in their ears. Argon, local centaur, has been the target of the holiday festivities several times during each year that the observance has taken place on SpinDizzy. Suri has usually been the proud presenter of these gifts.

Strangely, the Ancient Oak in the Rose Garden, has been honoring the observance of National Pickle Attack Month by offering pickle snacks this month.

Hopefully local lemurs will present their pickles to folks other than centaurs. Argon did note that he has his earmuffs ready. Suri was heard to say, "National Pickle Attack Month begins Monday! Don't forget to buy pickles this weekend!" So be forewarned!

The physics of SpinDizzy?

SpinDizzy map.A casual inquiry by Andros, local fox, about the depth of SpinDizzy led to a discussion of the dimensions of our island in space.

Andros recalled hearing that the surface was 20 Kilometers squared based on the map. Some mathmatics concerning the radius of the surface of SpinDizzy and its relation to the planet it was "pulled out of". These calculations were inconclusive however. due to the fact that the actual dimensions of SpinDizzy were found impossible to calculate.

As Argon, local centaur noted, measuring by "squares" would give you an area based on the number of squares, however each square isn't the same size. One square might be a small pond with some trees with the one next to it being an airport. With on area being perhaps 100 square meters in size and the other being 20 kilometers square. Yet the borders of each square seem to line up perfectly.

Leowulf, local wolf lion hybrid, and Andros developed the idea that the squares of SpinDizzy is based on what they called, "Cat Basket Theory". As described in the August 12, 2007, Patch O'Black. local Jellicle cat, has a special cat basket that is much larger on its inside than it is externally. It was suggested that the grid spaces of SpinDizzy, athough externally 1K by 1K, could vary widely internally, much like Patchy's cat basket.

Borris, local polar bear, noted that the spaces between the squares needed to be included as well noting that although only a line, it does have a physical dimension. Leowulf summed the theory up by saying, "But (the grid has) to be internally consistent, regardless of how whacky it sounds externally, we have a definition of grids which is the framework we have to stay in. regardless of what happens IN the squares."

Borris summed it up even more succinctly, "Or just look at it this way, its Cartoon Physics."

Secret doings at the SED?

A non-anthro mink.A local mink, who asked to remain nameless, let slip that he was working on a special project for the Society of Evil Doers (SED) by changing his form.

The mink, after assuring that the SED was still active and "up to no good," suggested that his position with the society had to do with "interrogations". When asked who had been "interrogated", the mink refused to answer. He did assure this reporter that although cash salary had been slim, he recieved compensation in other ways. His enjoyment of his work, having an office, and having the finest equipment with which to work.

He nipped the reported when it was suggested that part of his pay was a promise by the SED not to make a coat of him.

Centaur makes like raccoon

Raccoon in bed.Argon, local centaur was complimented by Royce, senior raccoon, after saying he was thinking about taking a nap.

"Naps are raccoony," Royce said, "That sounds like a good plan! It is kinda early to be up..."

The centaur then made an admission that he did something un-raccoony earlier that day, " I did... I hate to admit it, but... I did some work." Royce said he would never admit to doing such a thing and Argon hung his head in shame saying, "Well, I always try to be honest."

Royce churred, "Well, you wouldn't lie. You'd just not mention it." Argon nodnoded saying, "I'll remember that then. Er... Perhaps I was mistaken!"

Royce replied, "Could be! I mean, sometimes I do stuff that might seem like work, but isn't."

Argon noted, "I mean, climbing into bed could be work. And getting out of bed sure seems like it."

Royce nodnoded churring, "But you gotta get out of bed to find foods." To which the centaur replied, "Good point."

Argon then went home and took a nap!

Relationships: MUCKS or Otherwise

Argon and Mavra.

Recently, Argon and I had celebrated out third anniversary to one another (that’s the leather or crystal gift) and it got me to thinking about relationships, like how folks can ‘find’ one another and then hold onto them.

The basic rules I follow are:
1) Find something in common so there can be a relationship.
2) Be different enough to keep things interesting.
3) Never say goodnight while angry with one another.
4) Always say ‘I love you’… and hold yourself accordingly.

These four rules are what kept me with Argon for all of these years, even before that fateful day three years ago and they’ll see me through to what lays ahead.


Caption Contest

Raccoon and skunk.

Raccoons are friendly folks and enjoy entertaining guests of all stripes. So here's the picture for this week's caption. What do you think would make a good one for this picture?

Send your idea via page #mail to Argon and we'll see the results in next week's edition of @Action News.

Four-Kolor Kitty: With An Iron Fist!

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).

Howdy, friends and neighbors! I thought we would take a break from our worlds tour of DC/Marvel crossovers. This week, we will be looking at the Armored Avenger, Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man! Known sometimes to his friends as “Ol’ Shellhead”, this hero has had a long and interesting career that has been tinged with tragedy ever since his beginnings. Then again, this IS a Marvel character, so expecting a problem-free back-story is a bit like expecting an opera to have a happy ending. im01.

Anthony Stark is, first and foremost, a brilliant engineer and inventor. When he is 21, his parents die in a car accident, and he inherits the family business, Stark Industries. His first act? Buy out the company that made his parents’ car and fix the faulty break design. From the get-go, Tony is a man who wants to make things right.

Later, he visits a recent sight of battle (originally Vietnam, but later it is suggested it is the Gulf War), and is caught by a trap. He is captured, dying of some shrapnel in his chest, and forced to work for the villainous warlord Wong Chu. Wong Chu pair Stark with a physicist called Yin Sen, later renamed Ho Yinsen. Wong Chu orders them to make weapons for him. Now, as you might expect, letting two top-notch geniuses work in a fairly well stocked lab to build weapons is a plan that is just waiting to bite Mr. Chu in the fleshy parts. Sure enough, they manage to build a suit of powered armor that acts as both a super pacemaker for Tony’s failing heart but also allows him to take on Chu’s guards and make his escape. Ho Yinsen sacrifices himself to let Tony get away.

Once he returned to the states, he decides to keep the secrets of the armor to himself.im03. He establishes the identity of Iron Man, pretending that the man under the iron mask is actually a secret bodyguard. At first, Iron Man battled communist enemies, such as the Black Widow (a sexy female super-spy), the Crimson Dynamo (a Russian version of Iron Man) and the Titanium Man (another Red Bloc knockoff). This fit well at the time, Tony Stark being a major capitalist and all, but it the anti-commie stand was soften as the view of the Vietnam war changed. Tony Stark’s personality has remained much the same, though. A conservative, he tends to back the government and the status quo. However, he is also very sure of himself to the point of being somewhat arrogant, and this can lead to him feeling that extreme actions are justified.

im04.He has had his failing heart replaced in a heart transplant. However, soon afterwards, he became an alcoholic and began a downward spiral. This caused him to lose his company to one Obadiah Stane. Stark passed his armored alter ego to his friend, James Rhodes

Later, Stark would take control of his life again. He would start a new company called Circuits Maximus, retake the Iron Man identity when Rhodes suffers mental instability,im05. and finally fight Stane in an armor versus armor battle, ending with Stane committing suicide, rather than be taking to justice. The fact that Stane uses the technology in Stark’s own suit to create the “Iron Monger” armor to battle him leads to the next major event: The Armor Wars.

Stark decides that only he can be trusted with the secrets to the Iron Man armor and its unique technology. He therefore goes on a one-man war against all the other folks who use powered armor, both hero and villain alike. After Stark attacks the U.S. Government’s own high-tech prison guards known as the Guardsmen, he is declared a danger and is hunted down. Tony then fakes the death of Iron Man, and claims that a new person will be chosen to pilot a new Iron Man suit.

Over the years, Stark would continue to battle villains, aliens, and the occasional super-robot on a rampage. He would eventually reveal that he is actually the man in the red and gold suit. However, when the death of hundreds of innocents happen when a fight between novice superheroes and a team of super-villains goes horribly wrong, Tony Stark finds himself supporting an act that forces all super-heroes to register with the government and puts him at odds with several of his friends, including Captain America. Upon the death of Captain America, he realizes that what he has done was not worth the death of his friend. He then, in an attempt to try and make things right, accepts the position as the new director of super-intelligence organization, S.H.I.E.L.D.im05.im07.

However, his past actions are still coming back to haunt him. Recently, with the aid of some other heroes such as Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, and Professor X, he launched the Hulk into space in hopes to leave him on an uninhabited world, sparing ours. However, instead, the Hulk went off course, landed on an inhabited planet, became a warlord and, then, had millions of his followers killed when the shuttle he had been launched in exploded. Blaming Stark and his co-conspirators, he has returned to Earth, taken New York, and is demanding that his former captors be turned over to him. Iron Man is captured fighting the Hulk’s forces, and at this time, his future looks grim. However, even if Mr. Stark passes on, I think it is a safe bet to say that, sooner or later, someone will don the armor and once again, Iron Man will fight the good fight!

That’s it for this week’s Four-Kolor Kitty. Remember to send in ideas and questions for future column to Patch O’Black. Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Pun-das

Gilead's momentary puns of silence for Marcel Marceau, March 22, 1924-September 22, 2007, so talented he made being a mime cool.

Q: How did Marcel Marceau go to heaven?
A: As a MIME encoded attachment to a prayer.

Q: What did the French Resistance scatter around the countryside to vex the Nazis?
A: Land mimes.

Q: What has a white face and a ringed tail, and is silent?
A: A mimer's cat.

Q: What goes through the motions of making copies but never actually makes one you can see?
A: A mime-eograph.

Q: What does an executive mime do to motivate the staff?
A: He pretends that deadlines are closing in all around him.

Q: How do mimes demonstrate their displeasure with a colleage's betrayal?
A: They give him the noisy treatment.

Q: What do fraternity brother mimes do on weekends in mime school?
A: They get drunk and go on pantomime raids at the nearby sorority.

Q: What do you call a show of fantastic computer animation set to silence?
A: The Mime's Eye.

Q: Why did the Marcel Marceau fan keep a white-makeup-stained handkerchief?
A: As a mime-ento of meeting his idol.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.

Greetings all! Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News survey for this week. What was the make and model of your first computer?

  • Borris Gruffs, "An IBM PS 2, ran at 9mhz"
  • Darius says, "I had an old Compaq desktop. 230mhz P2 MMX, with 64MB of ram and a 2.25GB hard drive."
  • Leowulf says, "My first computer was a Commodore 64."
  • Niran hmms a bit,"A Commodore 64!
  • DTF ponders "First I operated on a regular basis, Apple II. First my family owned, Mattel Aquarius. First I owned individually, Com64.
  • Findra says, "My first computer was a Sinclair ZX80. It had a whole 1KB of memory!"
  • Jaxen says foxily, "Apple II+"
  • Natasha says, "Commie 64, hooked up to a glorious (if cantankerous) cabinet-size Philco television set."
  • Dingo says, "One of those Tandy things???"
  • Ba'ar says, "I started out my computing career on a 64k Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 2."
  • Gatsby says, "Commodore PET."
  • Toledo says, "Apple IIe."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "Commodore PET."
  • Fala grins. "Commodore 64."
  • Polonium-210 says, "I mean, the first computer I actually owned apart from myself was a pacemaker."
  • Andros yips, "Touch, Pentium 1 200Mhz."
  • Argon says, "Oh gee, a Gateway 33mhz."
Verde Computational.

Verde Computational Wants to Know...

What you would do with Terabit(s) of FREE bandwidth...?

To a diverse portfolio of networks, Including:

  • Teranet *(1)
  • Taurnet *(2)
  • Galacticom
  • Tauran Research Network
  • SpinDizzy Research Network *(3)
  • And many others...Just Ask!

Contact Andros Verde for details

*(1) Earth's Internet
*(2) Tauran Empire Civilian Network
*(3) Free time on publicly available HPC machines

(Please note that connections that are 1 terabit or greater may require addional install time)

Doze Garden Cartoon

A Classic Doze Garden (Because I ran out of drawing paper.)

The Doze Garden Cartoon.
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