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Town Hall Meeting held

Last Thirsday, Austin and the rest of the Wiz stall, called a town hall meeting. As Austin had said at the last town meeting that he'd like to see more "get together" to exchange ideas, he called another only weeks after the last.

Austin's purpose, in general, for this meeting was to discuss just what SpinDizzy is. To get ideas and thoughts from all of us as to what the theme and "purpose" of the place is, bot individually and as a whole. In general it was agreed that as is stated on the web site, "SpinDizzy is a place where users of the muck do what they enjoy, and share what they enjoy with others."

This led to more of a discussion of what different folks enjoy and seeming less of, "what SpinDizzy is". But it did lead to folks talking about what it is that they, as individuals and groups like, and how these different interests interact. It seems, then, that we do what we enjoy, and share what we enjoy with each other.

Another subject Austin brought up, was welcoming guests to SpinDizzy. Folks sometimes discover us and stop by to visit. As we all know, the first time one connects, (connect Guest Guest) you get a random Guest character. SpinDizzy seldom has more than two guests at a time so Austin suggested that everyone put Guest, Guest1 and Guest2 on their "Watch For" lists.

"What's a Watch For list," you may ask? It is a way to let you know when folks on your list connect to SpinDizzy. How, you may ask, does it work? Lets take the Guests as an example. If you have the Guests' names on your list each time one of them connects you'll get a message saying, "Guest1 has connected." or, "Guest2 has connected," etc. You'll get a similar message for anyone on your Watch For or "WF" list.

So, how do you set this up? Like so. Type "WF Guest1" (Minus the " marks, of course,). You can do the same with anyone you want to watch for. If you want to watch for Tarka, just enter "WF Tarka". There's a 30 second or so delay between the time someone connects and the message pops up on your screen.

The idea of knowing when Guests come to SpinDizzy is so that we can page them a hello and welcome them, offer them assistance, and tell them how to get to the Rose Garden or the Park of the Day, or where ever folks are gathered, or the guest would like to go. As much as SpinDizzy is a community of friends, it makes sense that we'd want to make new ones and make them comfortable.

Plus a Guest's idea of doing what they enjoy, and sharing what they enjoy with others may match yours!

Alchemy vs. Magic!

Portia, red panda, and Persephone, mink, were recently involved in a minor scuffle after Morticon, wallaby, was forced to wear Persephone's bra in the Rose Garden. Portia came to teach Persephone a lesson or two about embarrassing the leader of the SED. All three went to the beach east of the garden to begin the spectacle. Neither wanted to actually hurt the other, though midway in the battle Persephone used her alchemy to launch glass shards at Portia in an unsuccessful attempt to maim her. Portia first used her component spells to create a dome of fire around Persephone, and after Persephone got out of that the battle really began.

Besides the glass shards, Persephone fashioned weapons out of the beach itself, including a wall of sand. Portia used magic missiles, among other spells, to keep Persephone at bay and even give her a few surprises.

The battle turned to Persephone's favor when her athletic prowess allowed her to catch up to a fleeing Morticon with a pole vault. She landed right beside him, allowing her to grab him and threaten a kid-napping. The battle then ended when everyone agreed to be friends again, and the Rose Garden embarrassment was soon forgotten.

Boggle Battle between Portia and Ray

Join us for a Boggle Battle between Portia and Ray, casino style!

Five intense rounds shall decide the winner as determined by Chanspot, who will check word legality. Morticon will handle the betting... wait, betting? Yes! This is a different sort of IC event, one that requires an admission fee of sorts.

Besides playing for a bit of cash, everyone in the audience must bet on either Portia or Ray, with an amount starting at 100 shinies and going upward. If the person you bet on wins, you get twice the amount you put in. If the person loses, well, you lose too. If you cannot attend the event, just see Morticon ahead of time or pmail him with your amount and person chosen. No need to pay (or in some cases, get your reward) until after the event, but as it is IC you will be found and the money extracted if you do not pay on time. :) Such is the way of the casino.

Questions? Contact Morticon for details! Hope to see you there!

PS: In the event one of our participants cannot make it, the rain date is the following Wednesday.

Gilead's Tiny Little Puns

Q: What do cats love to eat on a hot summer day?
A: Mice Cream.

Q: What do mice who are down on their luck ask?
A: Buddy, can you spare a buck tooth?

Q: What do you call a carbonaceous molecule shaped like a mouse?
A: A Bucktoothfullerene.

Q: Why did the hungry cat go around baiting traps?
A: You know what they say, "The squeaky meal gets the cheese."

Q: What's a rodent's favorite wine?
A: Mouse-catel.

Q: What's next?
A: Port wine cheese log.

Q: What do conservative mice listen to?
A: Squeak radio.

Q: What do mice wear to play tennis?
A: Tennis squeakers.

Q: What do you call a rodent's facial vibrissae?
A: A Mouse-tache.

Q: How do cats gamble in back alleys?
A: Games of mice.

Q: Who was rodent President Ronald Ratgan's attorney general?
A: Edwin Mice.

Q: Who are the greatest female British rodent musical stars before their ascerbic break-up?
A: The Mice Girls.

Q: What does a rodent spray in your face if you try to mug it?
A: Pepper MICE.

Q: How does a damp rodent smell?
A: Mousty.

SpinDizzy Mix-up!

How'd you do on the last mixup? The answers are below.

1. IIxve
2. smerou
3. ychtap
4. rzoor
5. gpin
6. ansuti
7. kryels
8. aaekkmai
9. bbbaaarlel
10. aadboreamngni


1. Vixie
2. Mouser
3. Patchy
4. Zorro
5. Ping
6. Austin
7. Skyler
8. Akeakami
9. Barbarabelle
10. Gina doberman

Here's a third batch of mixed up Spindizzian names. Good luck! (Answers will, of course, appear in next week's newspaper).

1. rrisbo
2. braa
3. evest
4. sdku
5. niuats
6. gdleai
7. ikbo
8. aeashu
9. enmibl
10. sinkor

Weekly Survey


Greetings all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News Survey. This time around I'm asking you....what's on your Ipod (or Zune or Diamond Rio or whatever) these days?

  • Abbie ums, "I've been listening to a lot of AFI and Dir En Grey lately."
  • Hazel enunciates, "Oh I see. I have been listening to Korn and Nightwish and all that, lately."
  • Natasha says, "I've been listening to music linked from WFMU-FM's weblog ( http://blog.wfmu.org ), plug plug."
  • Ping squeaks, "I mostly listen to NPR, these days. But if I'm listening to music, it's usually something like Dave Brubeck or Miles Davis."
  • Argon says, "I don't own a portable pocket sized music player but the CD player in my truck has "Bass Mechanics" in it right now. Yeah buddy! It rattles the panels!"
  • Borris Gruffs, "Anime Music -and it's on a Creative Labs Zen Micro Photo MP3 player."
  • Gilead chirps, "Oh. That's easy. Move Your Dead Bones, Shvayne, Ding, Run With Us, The Raccoon Song, Flashbic, and a few other things of interest."
The Doze Garden

A classic cartoon from the October 27, 2002 issue of @Action News by Mouser

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