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Horror And Fear Ooze Across SpinDizzy

Idle time.The Isle of Boki was the scene of fright and horror Saturday night when SpinDizzy's ghosts, ghouls and other frightning creatures gathered for the Annual Halloween Party.

The journey began in a leaky, eerie boat that silently carried its victims to an uncharted island. From there, they followed the advice of a ghostly guide named Glass to an old chapel. Some got lost and fell prey to things in the woods and never made it (okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating… just a little) and the rest…

The rest enjoyed blood punch, spider cookies, taffy wormy apples at the SpinDizzy Halloween costume party. The costumes ranged from witches and vampires to Harry P. Otter and high-jumping Mario. Carlos made an eerie attempt at doing some spooky Michael Jackson dance moves, but he slipped and fell (but in a really scary way). Mostly, the monsters, humans, and spooky freeloaders engaged in their typical, eerie chatter with the subject matter from the frighteningly expendable minor Star Trek characters to the ghoulishly healthy improvements derived from a fiendishly proper posture.

Surprisingly, everything went smoothly; and without the predictable “surprise” attack from SED, local Society of Evildoers. Clearly, Halloween is a holiday that brings people together.

Loud organ music, lots of snacks, and scary and mysterious costumes filled the building as the partiers enjoyed the festivities, which were still going on as this paper went to press.

Fursnake Smells

Phew!Mouser, local Fursnake has been raising eyebrows, and causing folks to pinch their noses due to a recent encounter with Adara, local Cat, or Skunk.

Although details are scarce, the results are blatant. Mousers usual unremarkable scent has been replaced by that of an irritated Skunk. Although nothing special compaired to the smell of other Skunks, the smell of any Skunk is noticable, and repugnant even to other Skunks. Mouser is aware of the effect his presence has on folks, and has keep out of site. Even so, it has been no problem for anyone with operating nasal equipment to determine his whereabouts.

Inquiries by @Action News to find why Adara, who is usually a Cat was a Skunk, what caused her to douse Mouser, and what, if any, involvment the Watch For command had in this event have not been answwered.

Requests to SpinDizzy's leaders to provide all citizens with gasmasks are being considered. In the meantime, gas masks can be purchased online through www.buyfrommouser.com

Leslie Grows Up! (And up and up and up!)

Big Bunny Fae!Leslie the bunny, like all children do, grew up Friday night.. But in this case was a 'little' special as she grew to 50ft in height!!

She was a very happy not so little girl now, playing with all the small people (to her anyway) and enjoying the view. She gave everyone lots of rides and hugged Cye a few times as they were the same size. At one point she coralled a few smaller furs between her arms.

"I'm having a wonderful time!", she said to our brave reporter, her big steps shaking up the landscape. Leslie was very careful not to step on anyone or damage any property. She knew she could get into a a lot of trouble if she did that.

Leslie was back to normal size after a few hours.

Coatis Popular On TV Shows

ROFL!?Over the past few months, the number of Coatis appearing on popular TV shows has increased quite a bit. Although their expected appearences on Zoboomafoo, the popular PBS kids television series have continued, they have been making more and more appearances on mainstream TV programs. The Coatis' manual dexterity, and his inherent acting ability, have made him a 'must have' in modern entertainment. With the advent of HDTV's need for specialised signal processing and tranmission equipment, including by not limited to Coati Cable, the verstitile Coati is nearly required to show HDTV's amazing resolution. Although rugular TV can show off it's capabilities just fine on a standard TV set, only a Coati can demonstrate the unique features and incredible resolution that HDTV can provide.

In light of this, many programs have begun featuring the Coati, in fact, resulting in a shortage of Coati talent. Some programs even have Coatis in starring roles. Just a few of these programs are, The Odd Coati, Scooby Coati, Coati News Network, Coati TV with Judge Wigglenose, Law and Order; Coati Intent, He-Coati, Coati-Ra, The Justice Coati, Coati Bravo, The Ed Coati Show, David Coatiman, Coati O'Brian, and Coati 54 Where are You? Coatitoon Network has a Coati as host. The friendly, amiable actors and actresses are being seen on every TV set in the nation.

Is this increase in the number of Coatis on TV a much delayed recognition of their formidable talents, or another 'Fad' that will soon pass away? Although many so called 'Animal Actors' have come and gone, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Mr. Ed, and Adam Sandler, only time, the viewing public and Neilson will tell.

Weekly Survey

Argon doing the survey.Instead of a survey this week, I thought I'd just list the costumes folks wore to the Halloween party.

  • Shoe metal Doggy
  • Kaya female Cetan
  • Lamar Male Rabbit
  • Malkernen Male Freakishly tall "dwarf"
  • Slug Vampire Snail
  • Taur1000 Doom! Taur1000
  • Clarisa female Cetan goddess of Justice
  • Carlos male baby Chimaera
  • QueenAlicia female 9 tailed kitsune
  • Blither female Witchyfae
  • Darwin male Cheetah
  • Jaurti Male Frost Shade
  • Austin male Coati Fursuit
  • Cye Female 50ft 3 tailed Vixen Witch
  • Skyler female ballerina bunny
  • Flutterz female Witchyfae
  • GrumpyBear Fluff Care Bear
  • Gino male Deafie vampire rabbit
  • Seth Male Human in a Bunny Suit
  • Ceralor Male Pirate
  • Furi Female Rooyena
  • Hare Male Bat/Rabbit hybrid
  • Becky female skunk
  • Hefon Mario the Plumber
  • Lady_Ravenwolfe female Medieval wolfe
  • Boki Male Seawolf
  • Steve male Spaced-out squirrel redshirt
  • Gilead male Harry P. Otter
  • Butterfluff dunno Darth fluff
  • Terry male marshmallow ferret
  • PatchO'Black Male Gummi Bear
  • Rose Female Ren Faire Raccoon
  • Tarka male Jester otter
  • Dellway I hope I never see that face outside a dream
  • Sashi female platy-wah
  • Effsey[8m idle] Male Fox
  • Sumanitu Male Vampire Wolf
  • Rowan none broomstick
  • Tarka male kitten

Letters To The Editor

Writing a Letter.Dear @Action News,

What is up with the new AOL 8.0? I have been one to long avoid using the AOL because everyone that is my friend says it is so bad. But the advertisment on the television says that is to be all new and improved so to give it a try I thought I would do.

I have found now that with it's many features to which I do not need, and information it asks of me which it has made public it is to slow my computer down far too much. I too now am getting the spam e-mails from many persons of whom I do not know.

I have given to them the telephone calls and the e-mails, but help me they have not. Can to me you offer a suggestion to the problems with AOL that I am having?

To you I give many of the thanks.

P. B. Ess

Dear P. B,

You have learned a valuble lesson. Things are not always as they seem! Why for years, I thought that Big Bird on Sesame Street was a guy in a bird suit!


Editor, @Action News

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