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Morticon becomes red panda

Morticon, local wallaby most times, and alledged leader of the Society of Evil Doers (SED), was seen briefly by this reporter in the form of a red panda.

Rumors were rampant as to how this had happened. It was suggested that perhaps Portia, local red panda and SED member, had had some influence, but this was later proved to be incorrect. The most common story was that Azrael, local batgryph, had become upset with Morticon for some reason and transformed him. In addition, she had cursed him by forcing him to do good deeds to return to normal.

As of press time, it appeared that Morticon had met the terms of the curse as he was back to wallaby form.

Dolly has a new body

Dolly the genie toy got a brand-new body for Christmas! She's still a genie only now she's got this neat new shape where she isn't a balloon exactly. She's striped pretty red and green, and she's kind of a big hyperflex shaped person.

Dolly says, "It's a strange, squooshy kind of ball that you can turn inside-out." She can stretch in and out easily and she has these little rubber spikes poking out that tickle a little. But you can push her in or out and it doesn't do more than tickle.

Than, the lion kitten wondered if she can turn inside-out, and Dolly isn't sure if she can but doesn't mind trying. And she has this little belly button hole that can stretch out as big as you like, so big that Than or I could climb inside! Inside she's dark inside, and the inner surface seems to be covered in soft rubbery spikes or tendrils like she said.

Than said, "It look like her skin, but all over!" Dolly's so big and empty that even I could fit inside! Only I was so heavy compared to her she couldn't move, but that was OK because we had people to talk to there anyway. It's kind of like being in a kangaroo pouch, but stretchy.

DTF the wolf noticed Dolly was feeling better too-she got a couple poked holes in her before, but that was all fixed up and better now and she's good.

Dolly also has a little ball on the end of a long stringy tail now. Since she's usually a human-shape genie this was pretty weird, and she said she didn't know why she had it. "I think Austin wanted it there." (Austin the coati gave her the new body.) So we agreed he probably had a silly reason for it.

Morticon unable to defend himself?

Morticon, local wallaby along with Portia, local red panda, and #25, SED ninja, arrived in the Rose Garden this week with #25 offering the other SED members lemonade. None was offered other folks in the Rose Garden, and wisely, no one asked for a serving.

#25 poured a glass and offered it to Morticon, who drank it right down. Portia, apparently not having Morticon's alleged resistance to poison, was hesitant to drink any of the ninja's beverage, and asked that the glasses first be switched, and then he drink from them both. It was not apparent whether Portia actually drank the lemonade or not.

Later, Europa, local winged fox, stopped by. For some reason, Morticon had climbed into a tree, and Europa climbed up after him playfully. Portia noted that being chased made Morticon nervous and asked Europa not to do so. Europa smiled as her attention was taken by other things to which Portia commented, "Thank you. I didn't want to do anything to hurt you."

Argon, local centaur, thought this seemed a bit harsh, and asked if Morticon was incapable of defending himself against a playful fox. Portia then rushed off saying something about leaving before being misquoted.

Gilead trying to bring home otters

Gilead the otter has some toy otter friends, Shelly and Lisa and Scamp and Oscar, that he wanted to take home from his parents. Only they have pretty worn-out and he was scared if they might break while travelling. Already he has to put them in pillowcases so their eyes don't get scratched up for instance.

Christie the bunny said she once got some plushies squeezed down by her parents by using a "space bag," that puts them in a plastic bag and hooks it up to a vacuum that sucks out all the air, and that squeezes them way down. Gilead was scared what that would do for them and if it'd hurt or scare them!

But even though Gilead was scared by that Dolly the genie thought that'd be pretty neat to get squeezed down and wrapped up. That way she could be wrapped up and given back to Nimble the squirrel (she's Nimble's genie but anyone who does something nice for her, like this) and get unwrapped and blown up again, and she thought that was fun. Than, the lion kitty and Christie were thinking of if they knew where to get any space bags and a vacuum cleaner.

Local centaur visits west coast

Argon, local centaur, had the pleasure of spending a few days out west visiting with the lovely Mavra, also a local centaur and his wife. She had been asking him to come see her for a while and so the easy going centaur made arrangements to have with 2 ton + bulk taken out to Oregon.

Meeting him at the airport, Mavra first took him out to dinner and then to the hotel where she had made reservations. It was a very nice place, and of course, centaur friendly.

The next morning, Mavra took Argon on a tour of the area. Argon's first point of interest was, of course, Mt. Staint Helens. The weather was rainy and (for a Florida centaur,) far too cool for comfort, but Mavra got as close as was possible. Reports that the volcano had been oozing lava went unsubstantiated, but Argon was sure he felt at least one earth tremor. Mavra noted those happen all the time and usually pass without notice.

A ride through the Columbia River Gorge highlighted the next day. Argon was facinated by the cutting power of water over years and years and was going, "Oooo!" and, "Ahhh!" and, "Wow, look at that!" most of the trip. Mavra knew of this little hole in the wall resturant that served really great Mexican food. Argon regretted this choice later as it was too cold for him to roll the windows down.

Rain and mud slides kept the centaurs in Portland the next day, so Argon and Mavra toured the museums and, being a fan of trains and railroads, the local rail yards and a nice steam locomotive museum.

In addition, the centaurs enjoyed some great meals, and got to see Narnia together. But far too soon it was time for Argon to return to his home in Florida. Although sorely tempted, Mavra's career was at a turning point and she couldn't leave just yet. Argon hopes she will change her mind soon. Or that circumstances allow him to move to Oregon.

Persephone gets a earring

Persephone the mink kitten got a piercing in her right ear! Portia Lee the red panda did it for her and Lou the palm civet checked to make sure the earring isn't some SED device!

Persephone says she found the ring the same time she found a big weird book she's trying to read. She took it out of her pocket, and it's this small, tattered leather-bound book with an Alchemy circle stamped on the cover. "It has all sorts of weird writing in it. Miss Portia asked me to make something for Mister Morticon, though."

Persephone said, "Miss Portia said Mister Morticon is having trouble sleeping, so I should help put him to sleep." And she's trying to help that (I said maybe he needs a new pouch that's more comfy to sleep in).

Then Argon the centaur went and said, "The secret is to keep him from waking up again," and told me and Persephone it was "Because he's bad, and mean," when Morticon the wallaby isn't either that I've seen.

Vegitable monster discussed

Kri, local cybernetic peacock mentioned the idea of a "monster" with the body of a lion, some wings, and a head made of lettuce. This started a discussion of a vegitable form of life. Starting with its head of lettuce, the conversation soon turned to baby carrot fingers, a radish nose, and other farm grown body parts.

Argon, local centaur, trying to make a pun of the word vegitable, came up with "vegitaur" but that didn't really make any sense.

Still, all agreed that the creature having a head of lettuce would make it prey to rabbits and Vegitarians.

Rawr the balloon and Marina the mermaid

Rawr's a new blue balloon toy in town. He's friendly and likes to play and be hugged particularly, but you have to be careful. He says, "anything that haves fangs nails or hooves are dangerous," particularly because he's made of all different parts kind of melted together. He doesn't like sharpened pencils neither. So you have to be careful. But he hopes he's going to learn how to morph into different shapes soon an when he does he says, "once I know how to morph, I'll be able to shape myself as a proper pooltoy, with the handles and stuff."

Meanwhile he got to meet Marina, she's a new mermaid in town though she's grownup back home. She likes to live in the ocean, where she doesn't see a lot of snow--usually it only snows near the land, and the Rose Garden all covered with snow like it was was different. She would lift her head up and try catching flakes on her tongue, though, just like we do on the ground. They don't have balloon people down under water, except for jellyfish, but Rawr said he could fill up with water and go diving like that.

Sanogan a tiger again

Sanogan who use to be a tiger but got hurt in another dimension and had to turn into a robot to heal is back to being a tiger again! After he put himself in a robot body to try healing he met up with DTF the wolf and they were able to work together to grow a brand-new body for him.

Sanogan said they had to use "Magic and some.. technology mix toogether, he provided the resources and I provided the energy and well, the magery." It's a lot like his old body, but not exactly. He said it's "a replica though I have some limitations now that i did not before. I.. have lost my other forms I was able to shift into, aside from this one and a few others."

He used to be able to turn into all kinds of different shapes, but now he says all he can do is his normal body, and a smaller one, and a female tigress body, and a little kitty cat body that's just rifhgt for picking up and hugging.

Note of thanks

Just wanted to say, "Thank you," to @Action News Asscoiate Editor, Ba'ar for getting the paper out last week. Working on short notice and under tough circumstances, he did a great job!

I'm happy and proud that the paper can get along well under the freindly bear's leadership. I really appreciate his work, and that of all the contributors who got the paper out while I was travelling. It was a real treat to open the new issue and read news I hadn't seen before!

Nice work everyone!

In Step With: Bedtimebear

Bedtime Bear

This week, we chat with Bedtime Bear, local Carebear .

BedtimeBear has arrived.

BedtimeBear waves!

Ba'ar smiles and hugs, "Hello Bedtime Bear and thank you for helping me to do this interview."

BedtimeBear hugs back! "Oh, it's a pleasure, for sure."

Ba'ar smiles, "Okay let's start. Our readers know about you and some have even met you 'in the pelt' as it were. For one thing, how long have you been here in Spindizzy?"

BedtimeBear yawns slightly and thinks to himself. "Well, I came to be in Care-a-lot, in Spindizzy, some number of years ago. It's sadly been a sporadic existence though because of RL events taking over in the past. It looks like I'll be back in full force for a very long time now! Lots of insomniacs need my attention."

Ba'ar growls, "So did you choose Spindizzy by choice or were you sent here by the Care-a-lot higher ups?"

BedtimeBear smiles. "By higher forces up in the stars, for sure! I was brought to Spindizzy on a full time Caring Mission. Spindizzians seem to welcome that there are a bunch of bears up above wanting to care for them. I am always busy at night making sure everyone gets a good night's sleep. I'm sorry to those who see me during the day and always wonder why I am so sleepy!"

Ba'ar nods, "So do you work with other carebears or do you work alone?"

BedtimeBear says, "There is a good community in Care-a-lot, above the Rose Garden. Sadly, I'm mostly alone as a Care Bear in Spindizzy, as the other bears are usually busy elsewhere. On a thankful note, Roofus_roo and Nimble are fellow Care Bear cousins who also help to shine a caring light down on this world!"

Ba'ar nods, "I see. So what's a typical day (or night) like for you?"

BedtimeBear gently yawns and smiles. "It can be pretty busy. Lots of sprinkling of star dust to make people sleepy, and my tummy symbol always comes in useful as a night-light for the young ones. That star dust doesn't collect by itself, and that takes up a lot of the night!"

Ba'ar smiles, "I see. I can remember when you carebears were popular but then you dropped out of sight. Now you're popular again. What did you do during those 'dark years'? Did you stay together and do your jobs as you always did or did you pursue new careers?"

BedtimeBear laughs. "Well, Care Bears are pretty adaptable. For example, maybe you worked once at a large national mattress manufacturer and saw they had a bluish, furrier-than-usual figure carrying out softness and sleepability tests? We still had plenty to do in those dark years!"

Ba'ar smiles, "And, if I may ask, what's your opinion of how the Care Bears are treated today?"

BedtimeBear says, "We all seem to be so loved now and we're really happy that the work we do is appreciated!"

Ba'ar growls, "So who do you admire the most?"

BedtimeBear stops for a moment to think and says, "It's very hard to say. I really look up to and admire everyone on Spindizzy, because they're the most friendliest and caring bunch of furry people that this Care Bear has ever come across!"

Ba'ar smiles and nods. "Who do you admire the least?"

Ba'ar smiles, "Other than Noheart of course."

BedtimeBear laughs and hmms. "That's a hard question! I think I manage to find some good in virtually everyone. Even No Heart and Dark Heart were *NOT* completely 'heartless'."

Ba'ar growls, "How about here on Spindizzy?"

BedtimeBear says, "I can't really think much further other than that I'm always a little suspicious of the SED, and try not to take everything they say at face value."

Ba'ar nods, "You are wise. Now then, what are your plans for the future?"

BedtimeBear rubs his tummy. "I love candy canes, sweets, cakes and any other sugary thing I can lay my paws on! So I'll be looking around for those soon. For the future future, Care-a-lot needs a lot of work and I will be getting into that - and also becoming more involved in Spindizzy."

Ba'ar smiles, "So what secret desire or fact about you would surprise our readers?"

BedtimeBear chuckles. "It wouldn't be a secret that I love sleeping. Oh, when I first came about in the 1980s, my creators made me aqua (of Wish Bear) instead of blue. I was the subject of quite an elaborate tale to children about my sudden colour changes. Beltrami would probably be surprised that my tummy symbol can produce crescent shaped moon balloons on which I can hang on and float."

Ba'ar smiles, "For our readers would you briefly describe the reason why and how your fur color has changed?"

BedtimeBear scratches his head with a paw. "Oh, I have no idea why. Maybe a colouring artist who had too much coffee? One of those things that happen up above and there isn't a reason for it. Thankfully, I did become the blue I was meant to be eventually!"

Ba'ar smiles, "So in closing, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?"

BedtimeBear nodnods and smiles back. "Not a great deal, except to say - make sure you have the bed that's right for you so you sleep well! Nothing too hard or too soft. That also goes for your pillow! A night light also helps if you have trouble sleeping, or otherwise just call on me anytime. Keep caring for each other as well!"

Ba'ar nods, "Good advice that. With that in mind, this concludes our interview. Again Bedtime bear, thanks alot!" BedtimeBear yawns, nods and waves a paw! "Thank you, Ba'ar and everyone! Sleep well!"

Ba'ar hugs Bedtimebear "Thanks, you too."

The "Eventlist" Crystal Ball

Each week @Action News will print the "Eventlist" notices here. This list will be accurate as of press time, but be sure and check it during the week. Activities and events can be proposed, rescheduled or event cancelled for all sorts of reasons. So stay "in the know" by checking Eventlist often.

To get a list with details as shown here, enter eventlist #week #long.

SpinDizzy Event List

The following events are scheduled within the next 7 days: +Number: 3
+Title: Whose Line SD Edition Ep. 7!
+From: Fri 01/13/06 07:30 PM +To: Fri 01/13/06 09:00 PM
+Location: 'luge s2 w2', 's1', then pick 'au' or 'st'
+Age: All
+Event Owner: Morticon
+RSVPs (1): Portia

Whose Line is it Anyway?, SpinDizzy edition, is back for episode 7! Yes, the Neilson ratings were that good! :) If you've never seen the RL show, then you'll still do just fine. Basically, it's improv comedy. Directions will be provided as each game is played, so familiarity is not required. More information can be found at http://www.whoseline.net .

As before, we need both participants and audience members. You may participate in one or more games, or just watch the whole thing and make comments MST-style in the audience area. All that matters is that you have fun! :) Audience members even get to pick topics for the games listed below!

** Please note this is a fast paced event. Do not be idle! **

Games to be played:

TBD (check back soon!)

Bearing Up

Bearing Up logo.

Welcome to the latest edition of Bearing up, the advice column where Ba'ar (That's me!) has answers to your most challenging questions.

Dear Bearing Up:
What's better Narnia or King Kong?
- Argon

Dear Argon:

Dear Bearing Up:
After doing holiday shopping, my Visa's maxed out. What should I do?
- Shopper

Dear Shopper:
Get a Mastercard!

Dear Bearing Up:
I have a friend who BUGS me constantly. How can I get him off my back?
- Insect

Dear Insect:
A generous helping of BUGSPRAY will chase him away.

Dear Bearing Up:
I have a friend who BUGS me constantly. How can I get him off my back?
- Insect

Dear Insect:
A generous helping of BUGSPRAY will chase him away.

Dear Bearing Up:
- Swiss

Dear Swiss:
Cheese is already GREAT just the way it is.

Dear Bearing Up:
Why does Gilead pace around the Rose Garden?
- Tarka

Dear Tarka:
He's just clearing the snow away with his hind feet.

Remember possums (to steal a term from Dame Edna ;-D), if you have any questions,please page mail me (Ba'ar) online or send mail to baar.bear@gmail.com. Thanks.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey

Hi gang! Ba'ar here with the Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. This week's is..What's your favorite web comic?

  • Portia says, "My favourite web comic is The Class Menagerie. Mikey is such an extraordinary fellow."
  • Argon says, "Why, The Doze Garden, of course!" (Survey giver's note - BIAS ALERT! He draws the thing! *grins*)
  • Terry yips, "DMFA, for sure."
  • Tzolkin softly squeaks, "Ozy and Millie."
  • Kri chirps, "Ozy and Millie."
  • DTF smiles "Dork Tower"
  • Morticon says, "None other than the one (ExpoSED) starring me, of course, at http://www.tastyfish.net/expoSED/exposed1.htm :) And I didn't even draw it..."
  • Nesta ahems. "Zarla!, Catena, Nip & Tuck, Better Days, Goblin Hollow, Sabrina Online, Tales of the Questor, Las Lindas, Peter Is the Wolf, and Apollo 9."
  • Shadowcatcher says "Jack."
  • Rawr says, "VGCats (vgcats.com) and Ctrl-Alt-Del (cad-comic.com)"
  • Suri says, "Spicey Lemur Stories!"
  • Chalice-Flame says, "Ozzie and Millie."

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