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A Review of a Night of Slumber - June 2005 by Nysa

(A report of the "Girls Only" Slumber party hosted by Portia.)

I arrived rather late to Portia's house, no one was there to greet me, and Patch could not follow me in, some magical ward or something. I entered the home warily and wandered around trying to hear for sounds. To my surprise it was silent, I could not hear voices from other rooms, the walls must have been thick. I wandered about and then entered an odd room with strange non moving creatures and than someone showed up. It was Sanaogan, now Sanogan was a boy so I knew I was at the wrong place Now I was really concerned, but with a call Sanogan was able to get me to the right place.

I sadly arrived after introductions had already been done and everyone was relaxing in the hot tub. Being I am so small I decided I would avoid going in as it was an Olympic size pool to wade and would of ruined my fur, plus I forgot my swimsuit. The girls I was familiar with that were there was little Elissa, Gina Doberman, and Beltrami. Of course there was Skyler there but I don't consider Skyler really much of a girl. Our host was Portia the red panda which I had briefly met before and the other two were Tanna and Orchid. To my disappointment, they had just begun to start Truth or Dare when I entered. Fortunately I was first to get picked and the game went off without a hitch. During the game Alyal, Roofee, Aushae, Nikon, Larana, and Findra came by at different times.

Later on Elissa and I got hungry and went to get some snacks for everyone. With Elissa really only a couple feet taller than me, it made things actually rather tricky for us. I had to climb the shelves and push things down. Elissa was a good catch though and nothing broke or spilled, Somehow we managed though, and when we were missed Portia arrived to check in on us.

Lots of good questions were asked and some really scary dares, I am glad I got mine over with first. We continued play the silly game for some bit afterward but it was getting late, by the time we finished some folks already went to sleep. Wulphe arrived shortly after the game ended and got maybe the first degree from the other girls but it was no big deal. We then went to cook smor's and I started growing real tired along with others. But the first to fall asleep was Elissa but since others had fallen asleep beforehand nothing happened to the first one which commonly happens at slumber portion. I shortly fell asleep after Elissa in fact after nibbling a bit at one of Portia's smor's.

When we woke up the next morning both Elissa and I were the first to rise, we went a little exploring and to kitchen afterwards. Elissa and I had a lot of fun together, I decided to grow in height so we could more easily get stuff down this time. After making some noise though I think we woke Portia up and joined us for breakfast. We had a good time with each other and shortly afterwards we disappeared off to where we needed to be.

Anyway for you boys reading this, no I am not going to say some of things we talked about and if you were one of them. Everyone knows it is part of the rules to keep what happened at the Slumber Party at the Slumber or only between each other, sorry! Overall the party was fun I met lots of folks there and I think I made a friendship with Elissa. Everyone was generally nice and kind and I think just about everyone was happy. I was happy to to go to the slumber party and hope more things like this happen, nice change of pace from always hanging at the Rose Garden.

Slug Rescued

Shady_Raccoony, local human (You figure it out,) told the following this week in the Rose Garden.

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Adara took the skunk and her kit, and ran off."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "SED stepped aside to regroup and make plans, and I joined in. It turned out that Slug had some magic jewel that belonged to Alicia. Morticon wanted it."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Sanogan warned me, and suggested that I reconsider. But I needed the money, did not get along with the skunk, and the fact that the jewel was a powerful magic item that belonged to Alicia sealed the deal. We set up an ambush."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "When Adara and her companions passed with the skunk kit... that's when it gets hazy. I can only tell you what happened to me."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Sanogan saw through my hiding spot, and gave me another warning. I came out in the open and tried to shoot him with a crossbow. No good."

Zach chitterly comments, "I really hate crossbows, this isn't sounding good for you."
Sanogan chuckles and shrugs,"Had I not changed into a rhino, you might have stuck me actually."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "He used his magic to roast me. I thought I was gone right there."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Oh? What's wrong with crossbows?"
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Slow loading time, yes, but even a monkey can shoot accurately with them."
Zach chitterly comments, "Anyway finish your story"
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "And they are powerful."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Anyway, he actually revived me. He used his magic to heal me."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "I did not expect that."

Sanogan shrugs,"I cannot allow life to be taken, even if by my own hand, it goes against the code of the spellweavers."
Shady_Raccoony nods.

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "He gave me another warning, and another chance... and I decided to do the right thing, for a change. I chose to oppose SED."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Somebody knocked some sort of electronic device out of Morticon's paws... and I went for it."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "But so did Tami... and she got to it first."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "It gets a little grim here. She got the device and asked Morticon, "Which button do I push?" I pointed my knife to her throat and replied, "None of them." But she was bold, and pushed the button anyway."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Meanwhile, Borris threw some sort of net over the bush. Tami rolled away.

Shady_Raccoony wonders how many people were involved in this RP. There was a lot going on at once.
Sanogan dunno, still confused but saw Borris needed help, was all he needed to know.
Shady_Raccoony can only tell his portion of it accurately. He can't even tell Slug's accurately.

Borris says, "Borris Malleted a Kitsuneneko into the ground, then Freight Trained Morticon!"
Andrew says, "Andrew kicked ninjas!"
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "I did not even see what happened to the kits..."
Shady_Raccoony glances at Slug.
Borris says, "Was fun running over Morti."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "But I see that they made it out of that mess fine."
Borris says, "Slug was riding on Borris for much of the battle."
Sanogan, bashed the hell out of ninjas, and tapped into magic to prevent the heat beam from frying things and killing everyone Slug nods.
Slug chirps, "But Mosi's daddy has my shiny!"
Borris says, "He'll give it back Slug, once its safe for you to have it back."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Well... I do not want to be an ogre here, but that thing originally belonged to Alicia. It should be returned."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Ok. One line recap for Argon. I joined SED, Sanogan helped me change my mind by setting me on fire, then I helped stop SED from catching Morticon and stealing his shiny."
Sanogan chuckles,"Pain Is the best teacher."
Scandal says, "Errrr catching Morticon?"
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "I mean, Slug."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Hey, you remain coherent after escaping death three times in one night."
Scandal dances around. "Freudian slip! Somebody's mad at Morticon!"
Sanogan chuckles and nods a bit,"true,:

Scandal laughs. "Build a better Morticon-trap and the world will beat a path to your door. (With rope and torches hoping that you've caught him and are ready for a lynching.)"

Borris says, "Hm, a Sticky carpet with Wallaby bait?"

Sanogan chuckles,"A bear trap with a baby in it."

Zach chitterly comments, "So San reformed you Shady?"
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "While Morticon netted me... the device Tami activated turned on. A red light appeared in the sky, and it got real hot real fast... but the battle continued."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Borris did not know that I had... switched sides. He charged at me, and I just barely managed to roll away... but I was then tangled in the net."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "I was on the ground helpless, when Borris charged at me again."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "He crushed me, but I still had enough reflexes to avoid the worst of his paws, and Sanogan drew his attention away for... something."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "So, I escaped death for the second time that night."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "There still was the matter of Morticon's weapon. I scrambled out of the net, and got up. I could barely stand, but I managed."
Sanogan nods,"I told him and Andrew to protect the kits and Adara while I called forth the power of a Shield to protect them, channeling energy upwards trying to reach a balance with the heat weapon to prevent the damage

Shady_Raccoony gives super-brief-recap for Tzolkin. It's all you need to know! Shady joined SED, SED tried to catch Slug because Slug had a powerful magic jewel that originally belonged to Alicia. Sanogan persuaded Shady to join the good guys... by setting him on fire. Shady helped stop SED and save Slug.

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Somebody had already taken the kits elsewhere, to be safe. All that remained was that odd heat-weapon."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Sanogan tried to use his magic to help it, and asked me to help. I used a scroll to add my power to his... but it probably did not help much."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "You see, I am an adventurer and not a spellslinger."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "I know only a little magic, which I use to supplement the things I am good at."
Borris says, "Red Beam was from old Russian Laser satellite."
Sanogan nods a bit,"Some.. strange manner of magic it was, like somone had taken a mirror and was holding it to the sun and pointed it at the area." He chuckles a little,"The smallest magic can do the greatest good Shady, your spell was the only thing at the end that was working, I had focused my talents towards aiding Alicia.

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "Wait, what? I couldn't have been the one holding back that beam weapon."

Sanogan looks at Borris,"What.. is a satellite?" He chuckles and grins,"I was lending the power, but it was your spell at the end."
Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "... well whatever the case, we could only hold it back just long enough for everybody to get out of there."

Shady_Raccoony gruffs, "... and that's it. The good guys and the bad guys were all out in full force... all because of a skunk and a rock. And the good guys one. Happy endings for everybody!"

Weird bird wants decibels

Kern the mechanical tern said Friday morning that it and its imaginary friend Ing were getting a bunch of "decibels" together that it said were needed for the falling. Particularly Kern said Ing was in the highest up above everything, and that there was a chord getting ready where "getting the humming up to the right tone only just started." Kern said it and Ing needed any decibels anyone found because not having them was putting off the falling, and it was "more problems after another."

Decibels are measures of how loud sounds are, not real things, like measures of how bright light is, but Kern said that didn't matter. "And we stored enough light, that's why you don't get really dark nights anymore." Tanuki the tanuki mentioned you measure how bright something is in candles, and I joked you could store candles only if they weren't burning. Still it poked around Darius the ferret and Trukkle the rat looking for decibels, and Trukkle really liked having the shiny bird on his head.

Tanuki helped out Kern and Ing (Ing wasn't there) by making a large brass bowl that he said was a bell, and put it where Kern said in a secret cache that Kern said Ing would get it from later. Kern wing-hugged Tanuki for that and said, "That's very commendable help of you, I'm sure the Firebird appreciates you importantly." I don't know what the Firebird is.

Kern also said there was a really big bell, big enough the whole spindizzy city would fit inside, and it wanted to hear that ring sometime, but this wasn't the time. That bell's at the "important north." I asked what made it important and Kern said it was "The way honest compasses like it!", so Kern must mean the magnetic north on the planet. When there's no planet we're on the magnetic north is made by "magnet farms".

This is where it got really weird because Kern said it was 'continuing hard work" at the magnet farms that made magnetic north away from the planet, and "Bird's work doesn't ever get done, we get to the magnet farms when we're ready." It's where birds go when they're done, but "it's never all done!"

Also when Trukkle said it was nice meeting a slinky (he meant Darius the ferret--Trukkle said sorry because his nose was sniffing so much and Kern said it was a runaway nose), and Findra the bunny said it was neat hearing a ferret called a slinky, Kern said something weird about, "So very much would be easier if we put in the slinkie that would go from the east near edge to here, but that takes so long fixing up it has to wait for later." A ferret so big it reaches from Centaur Square to the Rose Garden would be really big.

In step with: Tarka


Greetings folks, Ba'ar here. For this week we sit down to talk with Tarka, local DOOM otter.

Tarka has arrived.

Tarka ooohhss... a bedroom!

Ba'ar growls, "Thanks for consenting to the interview Tarka"

Tarka hops up into the bed and sprawls out all sexy like.

Ba'ar smiles "Welcome to my sanctum sanctorum.

Ba'ar grins

Tarka digs under the sheets and disapears... only her nose showing.

Ba'ar smiles "Ready for the interview?"

Tarka says, "Sure... Interview away!"

Ba'ar growls, "Okay let's start. Our readers know about you and some have even met you 'in the pelt' as it were. For one thing, how long have you been here in Spindizzy?"

Tarka says, "Oh... since the day it was founded... I was here when there was little but the start of the grid... and I watched it being created. Hummm... So.. I would say I have been here longer but the oldest wizards."

Ba'ar nods "What brought you to Spindizzy?"

Tarka says, "Hummmm... I was once part of Toons Fur and Fluff... and at the time I was really big time into doing Fuzzy Yarns. That is the live inprove story cricle that I have done in the past. I plan on restarting it soon. Maybe even this Tusday. So I came here cause I could 'do' things with almost no interferance from upper managment."

Tarka says, "Fuzzy Yarns. The SED, and the original paper... the ferret."

Ba'ar growls, "What is this DOOM you keep on wanting to spread? How does it help Spindizzy?"

Tarka says, "Misery Loves Company. ":)"

Ba'ar growls, "So you want to make everyone as miserable as yourself?"

Tarka says, "that and Cheer is dull and boring... as all good stories require bad events."

Tarka says, "Oh no... you misunderstand. I am a very happy otter. I just like bringing others doom." Ba'ar nods "How does a DOOM otter like yourself differ from a normal otter?"

Tarka says, "Doom otters bring bad luck. If something can go wrong. It will. Just Ask Findra about her recent adventure."

Ba'ar nods "Have you ever been tempted by...'the light side' as it were?"

Tarka makes a face... "Eewww... never. My early memmories are of watching Star Wars. I so wanted to be Darth Vader.

Ba'ar growls, "Does being a DOOM otter come naturally to you or do you have to learn how to be one? "

Tarka says, "Nope. I was born that way. Morbid sense of humor and all."

Ba'ar growls, "I understand you work for the SED. What's it like working for Morticon?"

Tarka murrsss and just grins.... "Well... I don't do much for the SED anymore... as for working for Morticon... we have... an understanding."

Ba'ar growls, "Understanding?"

Tarka says, "Its best that you don't ask."

Ba'ar nods "Who do you admire the most? "

Tarka thinks about this... Tesla.... He is a most wonderful engineer.

Ba'ar growls, "What about Tesla that you admire? That he was a brilliant man?"

Tarka says, "That he was brillant... that he created so much... that the basics of everything you hold dear in this day and age came from that one man. From the power distrabution system... to death rays. He died before he even know what an electron was too."

Ba'ar nods "Do you have any plans for the future?"

Tarka says, "That would be privlaged information... but I plan on getting fuzzy yarns going again. Cause now I have a copy of DreamWeaver so I can maintain the web page for it far more easly now."

Tarka says, "For RP..."

Tarka says, "I plan... and you should keep this secret... on kidnapping Austin and holding him for ransom. To get a W bit for myself."

Ba'ar nods "What secret fact or desire about you would surprise our readers?"

Tarka says, "Secret desire and surprize.... Yes... Sense the last time I did fuzzy yarns big time I have published twice. So the surprize should be in the quality of the writing. That and I plan on doing an art ambush at the same time. Listen to the story... and draw your idea of it... from small doodles... to title covers. So that both writers and artists can take part."

Tarka says, "I was also thinking of expanding it a little... For other kinds of creativity using the live inprove format."

Ba'ar nods.

Ba'ar grins "In closing, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?"

Tarka says, "Words of Wisdom."

Tarka thinks about that....

Tarka says, "Wotever happens in life... never let fear rule your reaction sense we are all doomed in the end... you might as well go out in style and with honor."

Ba'ar nods "That concludes our interview. Thanks for consenting to it."

Tarka says, "Your welcome! You should join me in bed."

Zach's Quoted Quote Question

Can you guess where the quote was said and who said it. See the bottom of the paper for the answer...

You can't go.. you need a carrot s'more.

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Water from the faucet is good enough for me.

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My telephone bill is too high but only a few of those I call are telepaths. How can I lower my phone Bill?
- A. G. Bell

Dear A. G. Bell:
Simple. Telepaths use their powers to force the phone companies to run up your bill.

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Should I use cable TV or satellite?
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TV's WAY overrated. Watch a good DVD.

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Zach's Quoted Quote Answer

New candy coated Veg O'Crisps. For young growing herbivores vitamin packed and nutritious in the shapes of nuts, carrots, beats and apples. A very balanced part of a complete breakfast.

Today's quote comes from... yes the living room of someones home who will remain anonymous. However the speaker will not and happens to be s female skunk by the name of Alyal.

Congratulation to all of you that guessed right!

The Doze Garden

And who better to judge a "best polishing job" at the car show?

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

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