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SpinDizzy celebrates 6th Anniversary

This week marks the 6th year of the existence of SpinDizzy. Everyone has memories of the place, or reason why they enjoy being here. Below I have listed the things folks have sent or told me about their memories and feelings about SpinDizzy:

  • Aushae sultrily sibilates, "I came, to merge the two things Austin says he loves most... me, and Spindizzy..."


  • Adara - In honor of Spindizzy's anniversary, I'd like to present everyone with my top ten Spindizzy Moments! (keep in mind that I've only been here since 2002, so my memories don't go back very far).
  1. Court Case of Morticon vs. Cye: This happened in August of 2002. Morticon accused Cye of being a witch (a la Monty Python), and I stepped up to be the judge in the trial. This will always stand out as one of my favorite memories because it was one of my first times participating in a real RP on Spindizzy, and because this case started my career as a judge.
  2. The first Spindizzy Oscars: This happened in April of 2003. What makes this event special for me is that it was fun enough to hold a Second Annual Spindizzy Oscars in April of 2004.
  3. "Young At Heart" weekend: For one weekend in August 2003, everyone was encouraged to come to the Rose Garden as a kit. It was fun to see everyone as they were when they were a kit, and is an event I wish we could do again.
  4. My marriage to KevMan, when Morticon disguised himself as me and tried to get married instead!
  5. Mosi's adoption in early 2003.
  6. Leian's birth earlier this month.
  7. When Mole-Asses saved the day (see issue 181 of @Action News): I'm not sure why this sticks out in my mind, but it does. It was fun to RP, at least.
  8. This year's SED dinner party.
  9. Austin's April Fool's prank- Austin told everyone he was resigning as Head Wiz and leaving Spindizzy for good.
  10. My final memory is not one, but many memories. It includes little snippets of conversations and RPs that make up the friendship and silliness that makes Spindizzy what it is.


  • Argon - My memories of SpinDizzy are varied. I remember when I first came here, we had a few different wizzes. Some have left and some have been added. All have been good choices.

    Role-play and events have increased enormously in the last year or so. As have contributions to the paper. The population has increased, and we seem to have a pretty steady number of active players. They come and go, but SpinDizzy seems to attract and retain a certain type of player. One who is open minded and here for fun. And willing to let others do the same. Sometimes this "mix" of interests can lead to things no one expects.

    And that's something I think makes SpinDizzy special. Unlike some other mucks, SpinDizzy doesn't have politics, or back room plots. We don't have OOC "factions" of folks who want to do things differently. All the players and characters get along well. And their different interests seem to mix well.

    And all this, and more has led to a freedom of expression. Folks are usually at ease, and everyone enjoys the events and activities we have here. And hey, SpinDizzy gave me the opportunity to be editor of a weekly on-line publication!


  • Austin - Now, for particular memories of mine ... there was the long stretch when the Rose Garden was closed for renovations (it took longer than we figure), and the nifty surprise opening when it was finally unwrapped ..."

    That nice long rainstorm in 1999, ending with the Rose Garden given a rock candy coating ...

    The weeks when the Rose Garden was a huge snack cake ... or the long time Flutterz put into deciphering the pylons, and my embarrassment at finding out that we programmed them wrong so they didn't work ..."

    And the morning of February 28, last year; when Mr Rogers had died and Skyler set the Rose Garden to match.


  • Darius - I originaly came here looking for an old friend of mine, and stayed because I enjoyed the atomosphere, and generally pleasant attitudes of the people here, furry or not. I also needed a new "base" Muck.

    "I've had a lot of things happen to Darius, such as him dying and being resurrected, which was sort of a big thing for me, and a few others. Ghosts are a bit rare here. That was importent to me. and joining SED.

    The comings and goings of different people. then there was that whole Xvirus scandal, which sticks out in my mind.

    There was the whole tom and jerry routine with Bartergarter and Sunshine. A lot of people Got married.

    Hmm....Speaking with several of the people here off-muck was an interesting thing.

    Then there was my short lived excitement at the new section of the paper.


  • Logan - My memories of SpinDizzy. My being here in the first place is really thanks to Spin and Dizzy. I was getting tired of MUDs very quickly and decided to check this place out. I've met some great friends here, Nev, Sunshine, Darius, Wulphe, Selethrial, to name just a very few. It's kind of hard to believe I've only been here since January.

    And some very interesting twists of character. Losing my paw when I tried to shake hands with a being made of liquid gold and having it replaced by a bunny paw by leslie. Becoming a taur. And now changing into a robot. The lack of knowledge is very interesting to play.


  • Aleu - Young at Heart weekend.


  • KevMan - One thing that rings deep in my mind is the first time I really noticed Adara while another is the few raids I've been in, The infultration of the SED and more resently theunderground lab that took Slug.


  • Slug's Fuzzy Memories

    Slug's - Special 6th Anniversary Story: How Slugette, Slug's Nemesis, was Born

    Morticon is my best friend on this Muck. I frequently page him with funny stories regarding the other characters on this Muck and occasionally even talk with him about events going on in my daily life. One such exchange resulted in the creation of Slugette, the female slug that pursues my character like a slimy Pepe LePew.

    Before creating my current character, Slug, I thought that I would give a female character a shot. Within my first night of trying her out, a male character (who still resides on this Muck) met with my character in private and flirted with her. I was amused and I later paged the whole story to Morticon (minus the flirter's name). I am a heterosexual male in the real world, so I was not particularly interested in playing along.

    Later I decide to create a new character. I told Morticon that since I do not enjoy being flirted at I will avoid female characters in the future. I paged to Morticon, "How about a slug? Nobody would ever flirt with a slug!"

    Well, not long after my slug character found a shell and got promoted to 'snail,' Morticon introduced Slugette... a female slug that was madly in love with my snail character. Even to this day, after both transformed into skunks, Slugette continues to pursue Slug.

Wedding results in record connection count

Argon carries Mavra over the threshold.Saturday, September 25th, 2004 marked an event that had been anticipated for nearly five years. The marriage of Argon and Mavra, local centaurs.

Held at the Chapel in the Glade, off Centaur Square, the wedding started promptly about half an hour late. Although Argon and Mavra had worked up a complete script planned to the smallest detail, getting everyone together for a rehearsal was, as is usual for mucks, nearly impossible. None the less, once started, the ceremony went very well.

Led by Austin, local coati, who was kind and gracious enough to conduct the ceremony, Groom's men, Royce, and Ba'ar marched up the aisle, along with maids of honor Terra and Findra. Ringbearer Bigears came forward too. Argon and his best man, Rown then entered.

Argon was dressed in his best formal wear,

You see a large male Centaur with long blond hair flowing across his broad shoulders,like a waterfall over the back of his black coat. He is dressed in his finest evening wear. A black tuxedo with tails that split and lay on his broad equine back, a white formal shirt with pearl buttons and black tie. A black cumberbund ends where his torso pours into his equine aspect like a smooth marble sculpture. His white Clydesdale like lower body radiates an aura of power and grace that is not to be denied. Nearly ten inches across, his four shiny black hooves gleam from being buffed and polished. Standing just over 8'6" tall and weighing over a ton, he smiles as he meets your gaze with his green eyes.

All turned and watched as Leslie, local bunny-fae hopped down the asile spreading rose petals. After reaching the front, Leslie turned, as did everyone else to see the entrance of the beautiful bride, Mavra. She was escorted by an old friend of both Mavra and Argon, Loqu. Loqu was one of the first centaurs Mavra met when she found mucks, and has been a good friend to both the newlyweds since.

Needless to say, Mavra looked beautiful.

What stands before you is a lovely femtaur bride. She is dressed up in her finest white blouse with creamy highlights. Her equine hair is a rich, dark brown, the equine portions showing off highlights of the ripples and bumps of her muscles, where it then blends smoothly to a glossy black down along her legs and tail. Her black hair flows back around the temples behind her, with a couple of ebony cinch pins, having a wreath of miniature roses and baby's breath, and a single large white rose upon her center brow.

Her face shows off ancestral lines reminiscent of an Amerind with strong cheekbones, lightly brushed with rouge, and a proud, petite hawk nose. A pair of deep, brown eyes that sparkle and shine with happiness on her wedding day, lay under eyelids that are touched with dark eyeshadow, tinted slightly green.

Loqu "gave away the bride", placing her hand in Argon's. All turned to face Austin, who climbed on top of the podium and swept his bunny ears back, "Dearly beloved, we gather today to witness the marriage of Argon and of Mavra.

"We celebrate their union, we honour their committment to one another, and we rejoice in their declaration of love to the world."

"As Argon and Mavra are perfect blend of the human and equine, so are they to share and blend their lives together." "I was asked to prepare a homily on marriage, although I find as I grow up that I don't know enough to sound wise. I'd like then to offer something appropriate from one of my favourite writers."

"'Around in the hoop with the loop of my love"
"'Lies lounging my heart sinking low ,thinking of"
"'Wonders and magic and worries of woe"
"'With windows all waddled in yesterday's snow."
"'The sun in its tower tolls out the noon"
"'While here in the sphere of the moth-eaten moon"
"'All huddled befuddled with night in the eyes"
"'The whoop of my heart in its wilderness lies.'"
"Walt Kelly."

Austin then asked Mavra and Argon if they took each other for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse, to which both said, "I do."

Argon then vowed, "Ahem... with this ring, I thee wed. I'll be by your side, protect you from harm, and be loyal and true to you until the day I die. I am yours forever."

Mavra then vowed, "With this ring, I thee wed. To be with you... to love you.. to honor and treasure you and your love forever. I am yours."

There were few dry eyes in the chapel.

The centaurs then exchanged rings.

Austin then pronounced the couple, Man and wife, and intruduced the couple say8ing, "All, may I present to you Argon and Mavra Hamilton." He then told Argon that he may kiss the bride. Which he did.

The happy couple then followed Austin, the groom's men, maid of honor, flower bunny and ring bearer out of the chapel.

A fine reception was held at Patch O'Black's Snack Shack in the Jellicle Fields. A large crowd of friends attended. In fact, during the wedding, 80 characters were connected to SpinDizzy, a new record! Argon and Mavra are suprised and thankful for some many good friends.

The couple then left for their honeymoon. Details of which will not be made public. A partial log of the ceremony and reception is available.

And as noted in the next story, Mavra and Argon were lucky enough, and honored to have many of their friends show up for the wedding. In fact, a new connection record of 80 characters was set.

Austin told you all about this

An all-time record 80 people connected simultaneously to Spindizzy to celebrate the wedding of Argon and Mavra, an event which Austin, coati-bunny, specifically told Findra, bunny, and Skyler, bunny, would lead to the crash of the muck. The fellow wizards chuckled at Austin's presumed paranoid insistence that population highs lead to server crashes.

They're not laughing now, however, as some unexplained event caused Spindizzy to crash early Saturday. This wrecks an uptime of approximately three months, and of course causes the `WHO' screen and the `whengraph' command -- both of which report highest population since the last restart -- to snap back again.

Previous population crashes came in early June 2004, less than a week after Spindizzy hit an all-time high of 64 people; and in April this year, less than a week after the memorial service to Butterfluff drew nearly that many people on again.

Austin had this to say: "I told you! I told you, I told you, and you never believe me. You just watch, if we ever hit 81 people, we'll crash within the week. I told you!" As of Saturday morning while the muck ran again the secure shell connections to the muck were not.

Royce becomes crab-eating raccoon

Predatory natures came to the fore in the Rose Garden Beach Friday morning when Royce, raccoon, and Austin, coati-bunny, teamed up. Royce, dean of raccoons on Spindizzy, expressed hunger, which came fortuitously close to a crab scattering on the beach and pinching the toes of Tottle, two-headed hare.

Austin followed the crab to the spot where it dug into the sand. As he stood at the ready, Royce stood behind him and prepared to catch a quick, scurrying, breakfast. On cue, Austin began digging -- a furious, frantic, rapid process quickly emptying a huge quantity of sand which the crab had been using for protection, though it all ended up on Royce. The sand-covered raccoon was thus poorly poised to catch the fleeing and quite angry crab.

All ended well for the player-characters at least when the crab returned with its four big brothers, none of whom were that big. The non-player characters, helpless before the action of those with control over the pose command, were soon divided among procyonids. Alderem, ringtail, joined the crowd after the digging, but declined to eat any. He had consulted the Magic Eight-Ball with the question of whether he should eat them; his answer was "Not in a million years."

Barbershop quartet irritates Morticon

On Saturday, a barbershop quartet visited the Rose Garden to wish Vixie, local vixen, a happy birthday. Argon, local centaur, paid the group $20 to sing for Morticon, local inept wallaby and head of the SED, telling them that it was the wallaby's birthday.

The group waited by the Ancient Oak, smoking cigarettes, until one of them found Morticon's number in the phone book and called him, saying that there were sexy stripper vixens in the garden. As soon as Morticon entered the garden, the group surrounded him, singing "Happy Birthday", "Goodbye My Coney Island Baby", and tap-dancing.

Darius, local kitsune/ferret, carried Morticon out of the circle of "swirling, singing men". The quartet followed, brandishing their tap-dancing canes angrily.

When Morticon began to sing, proving once and for all that he is completely tone deaf, the quartet began beating him "severely about the head and shoulders" as one of the men aimed for the groin. Morticon ran away, and the group soon grabbed their cigarettes and left.

New and improved @Shout

@shout, used to make announcents that can be heard by everyone has been set so that everyone can hear it. Morticon, in Wiz capacity, explains:

I have turned public @shout listening on for everyone, and it now defaults to on for new players. Before you type '@shout #puboff' to turn it off again, let me tell you why I did this.

Quite simply, we've had a number of people request wizzes to @wall an event advertisement to EVERYONE logged in. Obviously, that's not a really good idea these days, as many people here have many different interests. Not everyone is going to be interested in going to every event. Complicating this, a lot of people don't even know @shout exists, much less know how to turn it on. I figure by turning it on by default, more people can be made aware of spontaneous events and the general sillyness that can happen on @shout. It's not really that spammy, usually, so I'd give it a chance before immediately turning it off again.

In case you were one of the people who turned @shout off on purpose and got a little annoyed that I turned it on for you, fear not: This was a one time thing and won't happen again. I didn't do it to annoy you, but rather to help things as a whole.

Other commands related to @shout:
swho - Shows you who heard your shout.
swhen - Tells you when you can shout again.

Some folks turned off @shout because they thought it was spammy, particularly before the delay was built in.It's been suggested that @shout *only be used* for announcements one thinks would be of interest to everyone on the muck. Please think of what one is @shouting and make sure it really is something everyone needs to hear before using it.

This is a good thing, especially if you're hosting an event. And hopefully, everyone will leave it on and be able to know when interesting things happen. Please, give it a chance before arbitrarily shutting it off.

Tottle reveals possesion of Red Lantern ring

Tottle, local two-headed hare, was asked by Argon, local centaur, "What's this about a red lantern ring?"

Tottle shruged. "I've had it since I came here." ... "Don't really remember how I got it."

Argon asked, "So does it have 'powers' like Green Lantern's ring does? Is it like red kryptonite, and does it work on yellow stuff?"

Tottle shook his heads and said, "It's not like red kryptonite, it didn't cause... well I can't say that for sure. But yeah, it works against all colors. And against wood. I think it's ineffective against magic, though."

Argon then asked,"So what have you tried doing with it? It's wise to be careful with something that is potentially very powerful. But it must be hard to resist fooling around with it."

Tottle again shook his heads. "Not really. I just put it in my pocket and forget about it. It's not like this place needs a superhero."

Tottle noted that with as many dragons as are on SpinDizzy, there isn't much need for superheroes.

Argon noted that Patch has a Chester 'Little Cheese' costume, "So you see, Tottle, we do have at least one superhero."

Austin noted, "His power is he becomes a mouse the size of Nikon."

There was a rumor of Austin and Tottle's ring being used to give Roofus Roo, local Kangaroo, a Harpo Marx wig and a raincoat. When asked, Roofus commented, "Honk!"

Bunny scritches result in life-like diorama

Argon, local centaur gave Findra, local bunny some ears scritches. This caused her to relax and fall over, limp.

So Argon took Findra and the idle Tanooki, local shiny raccoon and placed them in little chairs at a table. He put playing cards in their paws and put all the poker chips in front of Tanooki.

Mouser, local furpent, started nosing around, so Argon added him to the dsiplay by putting an apron on him. He balanced a tray with some frosty mugs of rootbeer on the ferpent's head.

Finding the scene needed a "shady chorus girl", Gilead, local otter, eeped! Argon thanked the otter for volunteering and put a corset, lipstick and a wig on him. The centaur then posed the otter and furpent in the scene with Findra and Tanooki in front of a backdrop with a painting of dogs playing poker.

Gem,local cybernetic peacock took a digital picture, which he handed over to Argon for blackmail purposes.

Dragon revisited by old enemy

TNighteyes, local Grand Dragon, newly hatched, was wounded this week.

While taking a nap in The Rose Garden, a portal of some sort opened beneath him. Nighteyes said that he had been having a bad dream about the loss of his family and how he'd had to open a portal from his world to SpinDizzy to escape. Apparently as he dreramed, his magic powers awoke and he again opened the portal, only from this side.

Argon, local centaur, nudged the small dragon away from the portal as Nighteyes began to awaken. As he did so, the ccentaur looked into the portal and saw thr portal clarifies, the place it is to seems to be in ruins, dark clouds swirling around, and a very ominous presence in the sky in the distance.

The "presence" turned out to be a Turmavore which was able to poke through the portal just enough to wound Nighteyes before the dragon closed it. Nighteyes was wounded, but refused a bandage from Argon. The shapeshifting dragon just reduced himself to a puddle of dragon goo, and then reformed good as new.

Nighteyes explained, "It devoured my entire family.. and from what I saw through the portal before it closed... I think it has destroyed everything there.."

"That creature.. was the shadow geist.. It is a very powerful thurmavore. It feeds on magic.. And I almost unleashed it on this world.. I'm sorry.. I unintentionally opened a portal to the world I came from.. There is a creature there that feeds on all magic it encounters.."

There was then talk then among the magic users about blocking portals and other means of keeping the bad things out of SpinDizzy.

Stick Figure Man makes appearance

Sunday night in the Rose Garden, the usual chit-chat and fooling around was interupted by the appearance of Stick Figure Man, or SFM.

SFM was just what his name suggests, a figure made of straight lines, topped by a big round head with eyes mouth and nose. He, his gender only apparent by his name, seemed quite innocent and looked around curiously. He was interested in the different folks and things in the Rose Garden. But things took a turn for the worse when Stick Figure Man announced he was hungry and swallowed Mouser, local furpent!

The figure then looked at Argon, local centaur, and swallowed him! The figure's mouth and head just stretched over the suprised centaur, and swallowed him whole. Interesting enough, once inside, the stick figure's figure was remained just a straight line. No bumps or swellings, SFM's head just stretched over him, and he disappeared.

Brendra, local 51 foot cougar, then demanded that SFM release Argon and Mouser, threatning him with (gasp!) an erasor! SFM seemed quite confused, and had no ide that swallowing folks whole wasn't considered polite behavior. He repsonded to Brenda by strtching his head and mouth over the macro cougar and swallowing her too!

Once inside SFM, Argon and Mouser quit their "Go Fish" card game as Brenda started erasing parts of the figure. Other folks explained to SFM the problems swallowing folks caused so he released them at once.

Stick Figure Man then wandered off, and no one was the worse for the experience. As SFM was a pencil sketch, tests for lead poisoning were taken, but came back negative.

Rescue made in Rose Garden

The Rose Garden was the site of rescue efforts late Thursday morning as Austin, beloved local coati, somehow fell into the trunk of the Ancient Oak. Rescue efforts were begun by Cleo and Pete, who happened to be on the scene. Pete's rope didn't seem to do the trick, and as more SD residents appeared, it became apparent that the inside of the Ancient Oak was much, much larger than anyone had guessed.

After some suggestions that ran the gamut from Superstring theory to explosives, Nighteyes the dragon and Pete the rocket-knight armor leapt into the oak and intercepted Austin on his prolonged descent. With the aid of some magic, Nighteyes brought Austin back directly while Pete made his way back under his own power.

Everyone involved seems alright. The Ancient Oak had no comment.


  • After Aushae, local silver dragon, mentioned missing wearing the "Skylers", Skyler, local bunny and sometimes bunny slippers, split into his bunnysuit, and slippers. Aushae was happy to be able to enjoy wearing the Skylers, and Skyler was glad to be able to move around on his own.
  • Logan, local tauric cougar-mouse, now dolphin-snow leopard robot has changed form. Rumored to have been transformed by Selethrial, Logan is now a robot dolphin. He is equally mobile both on land and in the water. Unfortunately, the alteration erased his memory. He is also carefully adjusting to the strength and abilities of his new form.
  • Tristan swallowed Darius earlier this week. Rumour has it that it involved Tristan opening up a window Apparently, Tristan was playing around with Nighteyes, and was trying to make some sort of egg thing. Tristan ended swallowing Darius because the ferret teased him. No additional details seem to be available.

News from Duma Mountain, or, Spotty Journalism

Ray's filk.Spindizzy's weekly Bardic Circle (Poetry/Filk gather) met Friday, October 1, at 7:00pm Spindizzy time, moderated by Ray. In attendance at varying times were: Logan, Slug, K'purra, Elizabeth, Firewind, Aushae, Gilead, Darius, and Findra.

Ray began the session by reading "Movie Limerick," followed by "Nonsense Haiku." Ray then read a Star Trek filk titled, "Security" ( Words: Bonnie Hilton, Music: "Yesterday" ). Logan responded with some lyrics from the ubiquitous filk, "Star Trekkin.'" Ray then read, "George, What Have You Done?" a commentary on the Star Wars prequels.

After, Logan recited a couple of brief, untitled (and more than a little disturbing) quatrains to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean," on certain bodily malfunctions and their over-the-top consequences. K'purra ventured a new limerick on the dangers of swimming too far from home, followed by Longfellow's "The Arrow and the Song."

Ray then read a free-verse poem titled, "Dance of Dreams." Logan followed, reading a prophetic verse from Robert Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series. Ray then read a seasonal poem titled, "Autumnal." Logan read "Absent Friends," and those present pawsed to reminisce about Butterfluff, who remains in the mindsand hearts of those whose life it touched.

Ray continued by reprising "The Fur Beneath the Skin," a sonnet he had read at a previous circle, so thatFirewind could hear it, at Findra's request. K'purra then read "When I Heard the Learned Astronomer," by Whitman. Ray handed out skewers, and marshmallows to roast on the fire, before following with another free-verse poem, titled, "Dancing Among the Stars." Then, Logan and K'purra did a duet of J.R.R. Tolkien's"The Road Goes Ever On and On." Ray followed with a poem titled, "Wanderlust." Elizabeth rounded out the topic by reading "The Road Not Taken," by RobertFrost.

Logan then read Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven," during which, Gilead assumed that black-feathered bird's form. Firewind then picked up the mood, singing a song off the CD, "Celtic Circle," titled, "The Mystic's Dream." Ray followed with "Across The Universe" (Lennon/McCartney ). Firewind sang another song off "Celtic Circle," titled, "Our Farewell." Ray followed that with "Deliver Me, (Performed by Sarah Brightman, on the CD "Eden").

Findra read a lovely, pastoral poem titled, "To Autumn," by Keats. Forewind then sang a more darksome, even spooky song, by Julia Ecklar, titled, "Crimson & Crystal." Ray lightened the mood again with his slightly ribald "A Bald-Headed Limerick."

Findra attempted to share a personal rendition of Connie Dover's "Going To The West," supplying a URL which, unfortunately, seemed broadly inaccessible (interested furs should ask Findra for it if interested). After that interlude, Ray read another poem, titled, "Autumn Harp." Firewind then sang another spooky song by Leslie Fish about "The Ferryman."

By that point the gather had gone on for /four/ hours, twice the basic scheduled length. Ray surrendered his Moderator's post, citing late-night exhaustion, but promised to return the following Friday, October 8, for another session, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm Spindizzy time (luge N5 W4, [B]asalt [P]illars, [E]nter [P]ortal).

Check the eventlist for more details.

Bearing Up


Welcome to the latest edition of Bearing up, the advice column where Ba'ar (That'ss me!) has answers to your most challenging questions. Dear Bearing Up: Why the heck are Argon and Mavra getting married?
- Mort Dear Mort:
Because they truly love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Why else?

Dear Bearing up::
Why are you bears so annoying?
- Morticon

Dear Morticon:
We bears aren't annoying, you wallabies just bother us and drive us crazy.

Dear Bearing Up,
Will Florida get any more hurricanes this year?
- Windy

Dear Windy.
You'll be getting one more. Hurricane Chad arrives in your state November second.

Dear Bearing Up,
Who won the debate?
- R. Nader

Dear R. Nadar:
The ones who didn't watch.

Dear Bearing Up,
I want a snack that's tasty but won't make me gain weight. What do you suggest?
- L. Pavorati

Dear L. Pavorati:

Dear Bearing Up,
Where's a good place for a honeymoon?
- Argon

Dear Argon:
Las Vegas: It has everything a centaur couple could need...cheap buffets, lots of entertainment and centaur friendly hotel rooms.

Remember possums (to steal a term from Dame Edna, if you have any questions,please page mail me (Ba'ar) online or send mail to big_bear@operamail.com. Thanks.

Newspaper Circulation Report

@Action News, SpinDizzy's weekly paper, apparently has a fairly healthy circulation, swe figured we'd show just how healthy it is.

Each week, as long as there's room. I'll show the 'hit graph' for the @Action News website.

Graphic of @Action News website hits.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey.This week, Ba'ar did the survey asking, "You've all heard those pithy sayings that the wise sage Confucious was supposed to have said, now it's yourturn to put words in Confucious' mouth (like Confucious say Man who board plane, is soon high)."

  • Hi Ba'ar - in response to your survey, one I always like to say is: 'Confucious say, man with two watches not know what time it is. Sheila Squirrel, who's collection of clocks never seem to agree on the time.
  • Nimble says I have an old Maori proverb: "The art of walking on water is knowing where the rocks are."
  • It was said of K'ung-fu-tzu (Confucious), "The Master learns by being gentle, kind, courteous, modest, and deferential." ("Lun Yu" Chapter 1, Verse 10). Words to live by. -Ray
  • MadCat mrowls, "Hey, Ba'ar - How about "He who fart in church must sit in own pew?"
  • Borris says, "Dog in Pot, is quiet dog."
  • Brenda says, "Wise man once say, he who smokes pot chokes on handle.
  • Baradhuli thinks, then settles for "Confucious says : Don't drink and park - accidents cause people.
  • Gilead chirps, "Confusion say, "Horse who can't talk maybe just can't spell."
  • Adara picks "Confucius Say...Never argue with a fool...he may be doing the same thing.
  • Gilead chirps, "Wise man say, "Huge land mammal who doesn't matter is irrelephant."
  • MadCat mrowls, "Confusion say: "'Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
  • Ba'ar grins "Pregnant mare often guilty of horsing around."
  • Gilead chirps, "Wise man say, "Anyone who actually wants to be President is mentally unfit to hold the office."
  • Brenda says, "Wise man once say...he who lives in stone house should not throw glasses."
  • Brenda says, "Wise man once say...he who sneeze without tissue, take matter into own hands."

The Doze Garden

Time really flies when you're having fun!

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

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