Gilead's Giggly Answers to the Mean April Fools Day Puns.

Gilead's Giggly Answers to the Mean April Fools Day Puns. :-) Also useful if you ever wind up playing Gilead Edition Trivial Pursuit.

Q: What are the main postprandial lipid transporters in an armored dinosaur's blood?
A: Ankylomicrons.

(Clue: Chylomicrons are big lipoproteins that carry fats you've eaten from your intestines to your blood. Ankylosaurs are armored dinosaurs.)

Q: What are the postprandial lipid transporters in Nikon's blood? A: Chylopicons.

(Clue: Micro is the metric system prefix for 1/1,000,000. Nikon's a micro raccoon, and so a micro (1/1,000,000) chylo-micro (1/1,000,000)-n is a chylo-(1/1,000,000,000,000)-n, or chylo(pico)n, because pico is the metric system prefix for 1/1,000,000,000,000.)

Q: Why is Superman faster than a speeding bullet?
A: His cells have mightychondria.

(Clue: Mitochondria are the organelle of a cell that makes energy for the cell to run on. Superman's are presumably mighty.)

Q: What do you call it when a group of white blood cells turn Red?
A: C-X-C-CP.

(Clue: The C-X-C chemokines are proteins made by white blood cells to cause inflammation. They get their name because they have a Cystine amino acid, any other amino acid, then another Cystine amino acid, in a certain part of their sequence. CCCP is the Russian initials for "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.")

Q: What's a Red blood cell's favorite C-X-C chemokine?
A: Mig.

(Clue: Mig is one of the C-X-C chemokines. It's short for "Mitogen induced by gamma-interferon." A MiG is a Russian airplane. It's short for "Mikoyan and Gurevich," the names of the founders of the MiG aviation design bureau.)

Q: Why is aluminum used so much in airplanes?
A: Because of it's Reynolds Number.

(Clue: Reynolds is a company that makes aluminum. The Reynolds Number is a special measure of how fast something moves in a fluid, such as air, but that scales with the size of the object moving.)

Q: When can RNA vote?
A: When it's 18S.

(Clue: 18S RNA is a part of the ribosomes, special RNA/protein organelles in a cell that make protein in response to a messenger RNA. In the US, people can vote when they turn 18 years old.)

Q: Why can't 9 move by itself, while 11 can?
A: 11 is 9+2.

(Clue: Lots of cells have cilia, or tiny hair-like projections on the surface. Cilia made of a ring of 9 double microtubules (like the hair cells in your ear that pick up sounds) can't move on their own, but respond to movements that hit them. Cilia that have the ring of 9 double microtubules, with 2 more in the middle (like the tail of a sperm), wiggle under their own power.)

Q: How do you make a cow aorta pie?
A: BAEC it.

(Clue: BAEC stands for Bovine Aortic Endothelial Cell, which are the cells that line a cow's aorta and keep the blood flowing smoothly. Biologists who grow them in petri dishes tend to pronounce it like "bake" as in "bake a cake.")

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