Argon and Mavra's Wedding log

WhenGraph by Riss. * = 1 connections. Low and High counts by hour.
Time Low ---graph--- High
T00 16 *********************************** 35
T01 8 **************** 16
T02 4 ********** 10
T03 2 ******* 7
T04 2 ***** 5
T05 5 ********* 9
T06> 8 ********* 9
T07 3 ******* 7
T08 5 ********** 10
T09 9 ***************** 17
T10 14 ********************** 22
T11 9 *************** 15
T12 10 ***************** 17
T13 10 *************** 15
T14 10 ****************** 18
T15 11 *************** 15
T16 14 ************************** 26
T17 24 ****************************** 30
T18 19 ******************************** 32
T19 23 *********************************** 35
T20 35 ************************************************** 50
T21 47 ************************************************************* 63
T22 62 ************************************************************* 80
T23 34 ************************************************************* 68
High since last restart (08:06:21 07/01/04): 80 at 22:24:04 09/25/04.

Darius hmmmms.
Darius hugs Carl, PatchO'Black, Borris, Neowolf, Ray, Rown, Ba'ar, Suri, Lamar, Royce, Ping, Logreth, ~flink, Kinsor, ShishiOsa, Tottle, Aleu, Annon, Beltrami, Argon, Relish, Alicia, Bigears, Charner, Carlos, Drake, Austin, Ronnie, Guest2, Phoex, ShadowWalker, Amanda_Rivers, Maria_Doberman, Dripdry, Kern, Ing, Garrison, Roofus_roo, Findra, and Terra!
Terra takes her place.
ShadowWalker Q, "Is logging this, every who can should do the same."
Royce stands quietly to the side of the alter.
Findra walks up to the front with her flowers, standing next to Terra.
ShadowWalker finds a space, capiable of taking one of his side, and lays down.
( Your attention please. Kindly turn off all mobile phones, SMS devices, poses and says for the duration of the ceremony for the comfort of all guests. Thank you. )
( What of random spoofs? )
( They're SMS's. )
Aleu has left.
Ing has left.
Austin says, "Thank you."
K'supyo arrives from Entryway.
K'supyo has arrived.
Carlos always cries at weddings. *Skree!!* *Skree!*
Kinsor hands Carlos a banana.
Carlos bananamunches.
Carlos says, "Thanks, Kinsor."
Aushae arrives from Entryway.
Aushae has arrived.
Aleu arrives from Entryway.
Aleu has arrived.
Deuce arrives from Entryway.
Deuce has arrived.
Deuce sneaks in quietly =^.^=
The time is 22:22:16 Pacific. It is 09/25/04.
Borris says, "Should play March now?"
Ba'ar cleans his nails and waits for the ceremony to begin
Leslie arrives from Entryway.
Leslie has arrived.
Leslie bunnyhops slowly in, tossing up an spreading flowers all around so rose petals flutter around...some of them even land on the aisle and stay there!
The time is: 10:23pm
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Loqu arrives from Entryway.
Loqu has arrived.
Mavra has arrived.
Loqu enters, with Mavra walking along next to him. 
Borris plays Wedding March
Loqu moves with slow dignity, the most precious treasure in the room on a gray-clad arm...
Leslie finishes up to the front of the aisle and then goes to the side.
Argon smiles.
Ba'ar getsin line and begins to march
What stands before you is a lovely femtaur bride. She is dressed up in her finest white blouse with creamy highlights. Her equine hair is a rich, dark brown, the equine portions showing off highlights of the ripples and bumps of her muscles, where it then blends smoothly to a glossy black down along her legs and tail. Her black hair flows back around the temples behind her, with a couple of ebony cinch pins, having a wreath of miniature roses and baby's breath, and a single large white rose upon her center brow.
Her face shows off ancestral lines reminiscent of an Amerind with strong cheekbones, lightly brushed with rouge, and a proud, petite hawk nose. A pair of deep, brown eyes that sparkle and shine with happiness on her wedding day, lay under eyelids that are touched with dark eyeshadow, tinted slightly green.
Carrying: Mavra's Engagement Ring
Ba'ar bids Royce to march alongside him
Mavra walks slowly and serenly with Loqu towards the front.
Rown smiles and watches.
Mavra smiles at Argon underneath her veil.
Royce marches alongside Ba'ar.
Argon smiles at his beautiful bride.
Findra grins at Leslie, then turns to watch Mavra.
Loqu carefully avoids stepping on anyone's feelings, toes, tails, or trains, and takes the beautiful, blushing, bay bride to the Altar... and gently puts her hand in Argon's.
Guest3 arrives from Entryway.
Guest3 has arrived.
Argon takes Mavra's hand.
( No poses... )
Loqu slips over to the side and sits next to Aushae.
Borris finishes playing
Rown turns o face the couple.
Mavra smiles and sighs, taking Argon's hand in hers.
Aleu perches on Aushae's wing...
Argon stands before Austin, with the most valuble thing in the world at his side.
Rown turns to face Austin but stands next to Argon.
Mavra stands next to Argon, speechless.
Amanda_Rivers apologizes. Must run. "Night all!"
Amanda_Rivers goes home.
Amanda_Rivers has left.
Austin climbs on top of the podium and sweeps his ears back. "Dearly beloved, we gather today to witness the marriage of Argon and of Mavra.
Ba'ar turns and 'stands guard' over Mavra and Argon
Austin says, "We celebrate their union, we honour their committment to one another, and we rejoice in their declaration of love to the world."
Argon smiles.
Ba'ar smiles
Austin says, "As Argon and Mavra are perfect blend of the human and equine, so are they to share and blend their lives together."
Mavra smiles.
Argon waves his well groomed tail.
Austin says, "I was asked to prepare a homily on marriage, although I find as I grow up that I don't know enough to sound wise. I'd like then to offer something appropriate from one of my favourite writers."
Austin says, "'Around in the hoop with the loop of my love"
Austin says, "'Lies lounging my heart sinking low ,thinking of"
Austin says, "'Wonders and magic and worries of woe"
Austin says, "'With windows all waddled in yesterday's snow."
Austin says, "'The sun in its tower tolls out the noon"
Austin says, "'While here in the sphere of the moth-eaten moon"
Austin says, "'All huddled befuddled with night in the eyes"
Austin says, "'The whoop of my heart in its wilderness lies.'"
Austin nods. "Walt Kelly."
Terry has arrived.
Argon smiles.
ShadowWalker smiles
Mavra beams.
Aleu sniffles a bit... Mavra looks so pretty... *sniff*
Terry slinks in late and tries not to be noticed. o.o;
Ba'ar can barely hold back his tears...he's quite the sentimental type.
You sense you have new mail from Argon.
Darius has connected.
Austin looks to Argon.
Austin says, "Do you, Argon, take Mavra, to be your wife, "
Austin says, "To have and to hold from this day forward, "
Austin says, "For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, "
Ba'ar licks his lips....the moment of truth has arrived.
Austin says, "In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, "
Austin says, "For long as you both shall live?"
Argon smiles, and happily says...
Argon says, "I do."
The time is 22:42:16 Pacific. It is 09/25/04.
Aleu whimpers...
Maria_Doberman sniffles.
Garrison sniffs
Rown breaths a quiet sigh.
Ba'ar breathes a sigh of relief...but tenses up's not over yet.
Austin says, "Do you, Mavra, take Argon, to be your husband, "
ShadowWalker smiles, nickering softly. He's quite moved by this. 
The time is: 10:43pm
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Mavra smiles, squeezing Argon's hand.
Austin says, "To have and to hold from this day forward, "
Ba'ar licks his it comes.
Austin says, "For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, "
Austin says, "In sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, "
Austin says, "For so long as you both shall live?"
Mavra swallows and says, "I do."
Darius has connected.
Austin nods. "The rings, please?"
Argon has disconnected.
Argon pokes Rown.
Ba'ar sighs....."It is done"
Rown waits for Argon to reconnect so he can hand him the ring.
Bigears hands Argon's wedding band to Mavra.
Rown Oh!
Rown hands Argon the ring.
Darius has disconnected.
Argon takes Mavra's hand and places her wedding band on the finger with her engangement ring.
Ba'ar can'thelp but mist up 
Mavra smiles.
ShadowWalker smiles, softly swishing his tail. This has been very sweet. He's pleased and happy that he got to witness this, after so long.
Logreth starts crooning in the way of Pern dragons.
Aleu meeps. Here it comes after the next ring... the tear-river starter...
Austin says, "All, if you could please wait patiently. We're all eager to participate, but this is their moment."
Terra begins to sniffle, but holds back the tears.
Ba'ar smiles "Mavra, Argon...You were made for each other.."
Ba'ar can start breathing easily again.
ShadowWalker stays laying, keeping quiet for the couple.
Argon says, "Ahem... with this ring, I thee wed."
Argon says, "I'll be by your side, protect you from harm, and be loyal and true to you until the day I die. I am yours forever."
Argon smiles.
Mavra smiles, casting her eyes downward for a moment, tearing..
Mavra holds Argon's hand and slips her ring onto his finger.
Ba'ar pulls out a handkerchief from his pocket and offers it to Mavra
Mavra says, "With this ring, I thee wed. To be with you.. to love you.. to honor and treasure you and your love forever. I am yours."
Darius has disconnected.
Rown sighs
Maria_Doberman goes home.
Maria_Doberman has left.
Austin says, "I pronounce you now, husband and wife. You may kiss one another."
Ba'ar smiles
Argon smiles and lifts Mavra's veil.
Ronnie applauds!
Carlos grins.
Argon kisses Mavra!
Mavra kisses Argon! Argon get kissed by his fiance, he snugs her and returns her kiss!
Ping clapclaps. She beams at the couple and reaches in a pocket for a handkerchief.
Argon will have to change that!
Suri bounces up and down, waving her wedding pennant. "Yay!!!"
Mavra smiles.
Aleu cheers and claps!... then buries her face in Aushae's wing, sobbing!
Loqu quietly pays Austin $50 and a collection of Uncle Scrooge comics.
Rown says, "Gusee you'll have to change that now Argon. :-)"
Bigears gets confused and kisses Austin!
ShadowWalker lifts his head, as a tear trickles down his long cheek. He smiles, recalling the gifted songbird, Loreena McKennitt's song 'Skellig' which seems appropriate for this.
Royce yays!
Austin says, "All, may I present to you Argon and Mavra Hamilton."
Mavra laughs and nods!
Ray smiles for the happy couple.
Mavra smiles and stands with Argon.
Suri prunkles.
Dripdry waves his hat in the air. "Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaa!"
Terry chitters, "Hamilton?!"
~flink takes pictures
Neowolf yays!
Ronnie whistles!
ShishiOsa applauds and cheers
Aleu mrrs, "Argon had a last name? o.o"
Borris playes End of Wedding March!
Bigears didn't know Argon had surname.
Kern clak-claks!
Charner grins, and raises his heads. He nods to the couple.
Tottle applauds, his left head sniffling. ^.^ ^.^
Ping cheers!
Leslie laughs!
Guest3 says, "Mavra is now also the noblest of gasses."
Loqu notes, "He's got a Burr under his saddle."
PatchO'Black claps politely.
Chanspot grins, "About time!"
Bigears hugs Mavra!
Terry claps anyway, though.
Drake whickers and huzzah's. :)
Bigears hugs Argon! Argon returns the hug with a smile!
Lamar sighs, and smiles at the bride and groom.
Terra applauds!
Aushae puts the safety on her shotgun, and carefully takes out the shells...
Ronnie hugs Mavra!
Beltrami claps, without noise.
ShadowWalker chuckles at Guest3
Ronnie hugs Argon! Argon returns the hug with a smile!
Mavra grins.
Ronnie purr-growls, "congrats you 2"
Aleu mrrs, "I've been making that joke for ages, G3, and no one's noticed... :P"
Chanspot chuckles at Aushae.
ShishiOsa offers congratulations and suggests Mavra change that kiss global now and quietly departs, bye all
ShishiOsa has left.
Neowolf says, "Mavra, Princess of Helium?"
Ba'ar goes to the exit
Logreth bugles triumphantly! <Congratulations!>
Argon smiles with pride.
Aleu goes back to sobbing in Aushae's wing.
Deuce congratulates Mavra and Argon =^.^=
Terra heads towards the exit.
Ba'ar congradulates Mavra and Argon as well.
( G3 = Guest3 )
Chanspot says, "Good eve, ShiShiOsa. Good meeting you. :)"
Royce starts to head to the back, torward the exit.
ShadowWalker stands, then walks up to the couple. Wrapping his long neck around each, and squeezing them to his large chest, "Thank you, for allowing me to come to this. I wished to see this for a long time" he says, as he looks at each, with a smile. He pats Argon's back with a wing too, "Cherish, love, protect, and " he chuckles "keep her in your band."
Alicia walks up to Argon and Marva and bows to the both of them.
Relish turns to face thin air. "Janet, you've beat the other girls..."
Terra is horridly lagging.
Relish says, "Oh, and congrats you two! ;D"
Rown shakes Argon's and then hipbumps him!
Borris playes music
Leslie stands up and starts hopping slowly out and tossing out more flowers that swirl around and land on the aisle.
Darius claps.
Mavra hipbumps Argon!
Dripdry would hipbump the couple in congratulations, but as he's only half their height, settles for hugs and handshakes.
Bigears gives into the fennec side. He swings from Argon's tail and Tarzan yells. "AAAAAAEEEEEEEIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOUUUUandsometimesyyyyy!"
Argon hipbumps Mavra!
PatchO'Black head out to be ready for the reception...
Leslie has left.
Bigears hugs PatchO'Black!
Aleu giggles at Bigears. :D
Loqu gently throws Rice. Condy's a good sport about it
Neowolf says, "Wait! They're not officially married until they do the Chicken Dance!"
Darius gives each of the two newleyweds a soft, gentle hug.
PatchO'Black has left.
Ba'ar hugs Argon and Mavra "Congradulations. It couldn't have happened to a nicer couple."
Guest2 says, "Ack! Don't throw rice!"
Mavra says, "Ooo! That's right! Reception at Patchy's place!"
Aleu gets out a rice grenade. >:D
Aushae sets her clawhands on Argon and Mavra's shoulders, and caresses them with her bluefire, blessing them before returning to Loqu's side...
Ronnie tosses rice at the newly weds :)
Relish gives Mavra a thumb's up!
Alicia reaches for her chaos stone and moves her hands in a prayer in front of Argon and Marva.
Drake nuzzles G2/Blackbird and says "For the sake of any birdie's present. :)"
Guest2 faints at the thought of all the birdies eating that rice.
Suri oooos! "Rice Grenade!"
ShadowWalker blows bubbles himself!
Ray blows soap bubbles.
Bigears is very, very happy for Mavra and Argon and looks at the calendar and taps his foot.
Guest3 says, "Toss the bouquet, so we can see who will be wedded next."
Tottle hands around a few small bags of birdseed to shower the newlyweds with. :):)
Loqu hugs Drake!
Drake hugs Loqu!
Leslie arrives from Entryway.
Leslie has arrived.
Aleu pulls the pin and takes cover!
Royce waits near the exit.
Argon says, "Yes, from the Glade, enter Snack Shack to be taken to Patch's place for the reception."
Terra has left.
Borris plays Music!
Leslie ohs.
Dripdry says, "Seeing that they're Centaurs, would you throw hay instead?"
Ba'ar has left.
Relish says, "Somebody had a shotgun? o.o"
Carlos throws dry figs at the couple.
Mavra says, "We'll toss the items there!"
~flink waves
Bigears gives Royce the shiney cloth the ring was carried in.
Neowolf waves and scoots. "It's past my bedtime. Have a wonderful life together, you two."
Loqu notes, "John Hay died in 1905."
~flink teleports away.
~flink has left.
Rown says, "Do we go now?"
Mavra hugs Neowolf!
Ronnie has left.
Mavra says, "Thank you, Neon!"
Argon says, "Everyone to the Glade."
Bigears hugs Neowolf!
Darius Begins playing ace of base from the sound system.
Royce oooohs and slips it into his pocket. "Thanks." :)
Leslie has left.
Mavra nods to Rown!
Suri has to go. "G'night all! Congratulations! It was a great wedding!"
Neowolf is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Neowolf has left.
Argon says, "Yes, now we all go."
Dripdry has left.
Chanspot leaves for Side Yard (Sideyard).
Chanspot has left.
ShadowWalker has left.
Lamar has left.
Tottle says, "I can't throw hay. The bales are heavy and would hurt people."
Borris has to idle a bit...
Rown leaves for Glade (Glade).
Rown has left.
Drake offers to carry Guest2 with Drake. 
Ray leaves for Side Yard (Sideyard).
Ray has left.
Charner leaves for Glade (Glade).
Charner has left.
Bigears leaves for Side Yard (Sideyard).
Bigears has left.
Roofus_roo has left.
Argon offers to take Mavra by the hand with him. 
Mavra takes Argon by the hand. 
Relish leaves for Glade (Glade).
Relish has left.
Guest2 scrambles up on Drake. 
Aleu laughs.
Aushae offers to carry Austin with her. 
Chamas leaves for Glade (Glade).
Chamas has left.
Guest3 has disconnected.
Guest3 is surrounded by Pac-Monsters and chomped!
Guest3 has left.
Aushae offers to carry Aleu with her. 
Suri goes home.
Suri has left.
Aushae offers to carry Loqu with her. 
Drake leaves for Glade (Glade).
Drake has left.
Guest2 has left.
Drake takes Guest2 with Drake. 
Terry leaves for Side Yard (Entryway).
Terry has left.
Aleu scrambles up on Aushae. 
Aleu mrrs, "Spaaam. o.o"
Beltrami leaves for Glade (Glade).
Beltrami has left.
Darius has disconnected.
Loqu scrambles up on Aushae. 
The time is 23:02:16 Pacific. It is 09/25/04.
Ping has left.
Darius has connected.
Aushae collects family...?
Mavra hands Argon's wedding band to Argon.
Aleu mrrs, "I'm gonna go back to my place. I don't think a party would help me and my pregnancy..."
Austin says, "I'm ready."
Kern leaves for Glade (Glade).
Kern has left.
Alicia leaves for Glade (Glade).
Alicia has left.
Darius waves to everyone as they leave.
Royce will catch up shortly.
Argon says, "Well, I guess we're off then."
Aleu snugs Argon! Argon gets snugged by Aleu and then gently snugs Her back!
Mavra says, "Shall we join them, hubby?"
Alicia arrives from Entryway.
Alicia has arrived.
Aleu snugs Mavra!
Carlos flutters off.
Deuce pawwaves to the newlyweds! =^.^=
Carlos is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Carlos has left.
Mavra hugs Aleu!
The time is: 11:03pm
You have 3 mail messages waiting. Use 'page #mail' to read.
Mavra hugs Deuce!
Argon and Mavra march out.
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "Aleu...?"
Aleu mrrs, "Hope life is like the most productive blood drive for you two!"
Argon leaves for Side Yard (Entryway).
Argon has left.
Mavra has left.
Argon leaves, taking Mavra with him by the hand. 
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "Austin...?"
Austin says, "Yes, dear?"
Alicia has left.
Annon climbs down from the rafters and starts collecting the rice.
Loqu gives Annon a little wok and some chopsticks.
Aushae offers to ferry family, as she is the big quad here... she already has Loqu over her wingshoulders... ;}
Findra heads out towards Centaur Square.
Findra has left.
Aleu mrrs, "I'm going home, mom. I don't think I should go. You know. Being pregnant and all..."
Aleu waves and goes.
Aleu goes home.
Aleu has left.
Findra has teleported in.
Findra has arrived.
Tottle waves and heads back home. "g'night, all."
Darius says, "Good night."
Darius is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.
Darius has left.
Royce snugs Findra!
Austin says, "Take care, Tottle. Tottle."
Tottle double-facepaws. "G'night, Austin."
Tottle is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Tottle has left.
Lamar shouts "Will the Wedding Guest please make their way to the reception, <glade> <snack> <ss>" (Public-shout)
Lamar shouts "Will the Wedding Guest please make their way to the reception, <glade> <snack> <ss>" (Public-shout)
You head out to Patch O'Black's Snack Shack.
Jellicle Fields - Winter Wonderland (Activities Area)(#8569RLJ)
This section is a bit more hilly than the rest of Jellicle Fields. Looking around, you can see that this area is devoted to all sorts of snowy fun! There seems to be a place for every sort of chilly recreation.
Taking up a good deal of the flat space is a large pond, frozen completely over! It is divided into separate areas with barriers made of thick ice. One section is set up for ice skating, so you can practice your leaps and figure eights. Another section is set up for hockey, with some bleachers for viewing the action. Lastly, off away from the rest of the action, are places for ice fishing. You note one large shed is set up with a sign that reads "Reserved for Borris".
The pond isn't the only body of water here. A short trek away is a series of hot springs. These small round pockets of water bubble and steam, giving off the smell of peppermint. In the center of the various little springs is a large bonfire, perfect for drying off, toasting marshmellow (which are provided fresh each day from the mellow marsh), and singing carols around. Growing around the fire are a series of what look like apple trees. Once again, these are not ordinary apple trees, but are pies! Under the apple pie trees are bushes growing little chewy fruit-flavored candies in the shape of fish.
Past the hot springs is are some snowy hills, just perfect for sledding! Several sledding paths have been marked out, some slow and easy, others fast and exciting. One large hill has a long, winding track with several turns and twists. Signs leading to the entrance of the track read "Bobsledding / Otter Slide" What fun!
Atop one large, flat-topped hill is an area devoted to snow-play! One area seems to be set up for making winter art, from simple snowmen (or cats or foxes or raccoons...) to elaborate ice sculptures. Another area is designated as the snow wars battlefield! Plenty of raw material for making snowballs and snow forts, with plenty of rocks and trees for taking cover behind! A large ice barrier encloses this area, so stray snowballs down hit non-combatants. Lastly, there is the start of a cross-country ski trail for those who wish to get some exercise and view the lovely winter sights.
There is also a small restaurant here. A sign on the building proclams it as 'The Snack Shack!'
Obvious Exits:
<S>nack <S>hack
<Tr>ail leading to Reindeer Crossing
<B>ack to the Winter Wonderland fields
Contents: Rown, and Drake
You found a odd and distracting performance!
Guest2 has arrived.
You decide to enter the Snack Shack.
Inside the Snack Shack
The inside of the Snack Shack is has been redecorated to celebrate the union of Argon and Mavra. All the tables are covered with crisp white tablecloths and set with fine china plates, pure silver tableware, and clear crystal glasses. Special tables have been set up for 'taurs, quadrupeds, monopods, micro, and macros. Silver and white balloons hang from the ceiling between long snow-white streamers. A section of the floor remains cleared for dancing, with a small D.J.'s station set up to provide music. A huge banner is set up over a long table at one end of the hall that reads "Congratulations, Argon and Mavra!" On the table is a feast, with food, treats, and drinks gathered from all the various sections of the Jellicle Fields. Standing tall at the end of the food table is a huge wedding cake!
Obvious Exits:
Contents: ~flink, Terry, Bigears, Ray, Relish, Lamar, Ronnie, Terra, Ba'ar, PatchO'Black, and Wedding Cake
[Winter Wonderland] Carl enters the Snack Shack
[Winter Wonderland] Charner has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Beltrami has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Chanspot has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Charner carries Beltrami and Chanspot with Charner. 
Drake has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Logreth has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Chamas has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Findra has arrived.
Beltrami has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Beltrami enters the Snack Shack
Findra has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Findra enters the Snack Shack
[Winter Wonderland] Royce has arrived.
Royce has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Royce enters the Snack Shack
[Winter Wonderland] Alicia has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Argon has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Mavra has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Argon brings Mavra with him, holding hands. 
Charner has arrived.
Chanspot has arrived.
Charner carries Chanspot with Charner. 
[Winter Wonderland] Charner enters the Snack Shack
[Winter Wonderland] Charner takes Chanspot with Charner. 
Terry is sucked into a swirling vortex, and disappears.
Terry has left.
[Winter Wonderland] Ping has arrived.
Alicia has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Alicia enters the Snack Shack
[Winter Wonderland] Kern has arrived.
Guest2 has arrived.
Royce eek.
Chamas has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Chamas enters the Snack Shack
Logreth has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Logreth enters the Snack Shack
Bigears huzzahs to Mavra and Argon!
Findra chirrrs softly, "Oooh! Food!"
Rown has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Rown enters the Snack Shack
Royce yay!
Guest2 says, "Who gave these directions, anyway?"
Ping has arrived.
Ping bounces in.
[Winter Wonderland] Ping enters the Snack Shack
Drake snuggles G2/Blackbird *again*. :)
Argon has arrived.
Mavra has arrived.
Argon brings Mavra with him, holding hands. 
[Winter Wonderland] Argon enters the Snack Shack
[Winter Wonderland] Argon leaves, taking Mavra with him by the hand. 
[Winter Wonderland] Darius has arrived.
Kern has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Kern enters the Snack Shack
[Winter Wonderland] Roofus_roo has arrived.
Roofus_roo has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Roofus_roo enters the Snack Shack
Darius has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Darius enters the Snack Shack
Ronnie fuzzles Darius
Mavra waves again!
[Winter Wonderland] Leslie has arrived.
Kinsor has arrived.
Findra yays and applauds Argon.
Darius pets Ronnie.
Leslie has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Leslie enters the Snack Shack
Leslie pips, "Hi?"
Terra waves!
Guest2 holds tight to Drake. 
Terra myrrs, "Hiya!@"
PatchO'Black mews, "Hi, Leslie."
Kern says, "Hi!"
Mavra says, "Patchy has some of the *BEST* ice-cream!"
Argon says, "Well, not many people get married during a hurricane."
Argon grins.
Mavra hmmfs!
Ronnie purr-growls, "true"
Ronnie chuckles.
Lamar hugs Mavra, and shakes Argon's hand. "On behalf of all those who's time zone, prior comitment, or other circumstances would not permit them to be present, may I congratulate you two on your Wedding Day."
Drake nuzzles G2/Blackbird and wanders over to offer his best to the newlyweds. :)
Charner rumbles, "You could say, it's a hurricane of an event."
Mavra says, " 'Twas a dark and stormy night..!"
Lamar yaps, "May this be the first of many happy days the two of you will share."
Ping squeaks, "Egad. I think I've just seen a compelling reason to not have relays set up between rooms. O.o"
Ba'ar grins at argon "Getting married during a hurricane...wouldn't that be a WHIRLWIND courtship?"
~flink says, "Glad for both of you."
Darius murrs. he heads for the bar.
Terra hugs Argon and Mavra and congrats!
Bigears nose smoochs Mavra twice! Once from himself and once from Piccillo!
Beltrami smiles.
Leslie laughs!
Logreth wingsnugs Leslie, Kinsor, Darius, Roofus_roo, Kern, Mavra, Argon, Ping, Rown, Chamas, Guest2, Alicia, Chanspot, Charner, Royce, Findra, Beltrami, Drake, Carl, ~flink, Bigears, Ray, Relish, Lamar, Ronnie, Terra, Ba'ar and PatchO'Black!
Rown groans
Charner grins at Ping.
Argon says, "Thanks, Lamar. It was a larger crowd than I expected. It's wonderful knowing Mavra and I have so many friends."
Drake shakes Argon's hand and hugs Mavra. "Best of best wishes to you two, and for all the years ahead. :)"
Mavra smiles. "Thank you, Lamar. I really know how difficult it is for you to stay up this late."
Lamar yaps, "And now my dear Taur and Tauress, if you will excuse me, I am going to fall asleep head first into the punch bowl."
Mavra hugs Drake. "Thank you for coming."
~flink says, "it's 2:11 here."
Guest2 snugs Mavra!
Mavra says, "Drown in a pillow of sleep, Lamar!"
Kinsor thinks that punchbowl needs a safety net!
Argon says, "You should wait until Rown spikes it with some of his famous Centaur Wine."
Relish double fists a glass of champagne and a plastic cup filled with beer.
Darius hides the punchbowl from Lamar.
Bigears preens his Sister and fluffs L3 Drake.
Lamar yaps, "But first. Raise your glasses, in a Toast..."
Charner grins at the dripping bat, "What, fell in it again? ;)"
Darius murrs softly. Open bar = ver sloshed ferret.
Lamar yaps, "THE BRIDE AND GROOM!"
Drake smiles to Mavra.... "I wouldn't have missed it for the world, Mavra. It's a day that'll well be remembered."
Mavra runs off, not with the Sabine women, or men... but with Argon!
Relish raises both of his.
Rown clears his throat and sheepishly looks away. :-p
Ray gets a glass of punch for the toast.
Leslie pips, "Uhhuh?"
Relish says, "Salut!"
Ray purrs, "Cheers!"
PatchO'Black joins the toast, then gets a knife for the cutting of the cake...
Ba'ar gets a glass of punch for the toast
Chanspot raises a glass.
Bigears raises a glass of lemonade. "To Argon and Mavra!"
Darius gets a large glass, fills it with whatever looks good, and comes back for the toast. "Cheers."
Mavra ohs! and gets a couple of glasses and hands one to Argon!
Argon pours Mavra a glass of champagne and has a glass of non alcoholic champagne for himself.
Rown pours himself a glass of punch.
Beltrami takes a glass...she watches it.
Ba'ar "To Argon and Mavra! To Long Health and Life!"
Royce holds up a glass too. "Churr!"
Terra toasts! "To the new family!"
Ronnie gets his glass and raises it.
Ray purrs, "Cheers!"
[Winter Wonderland] ShadowWalker has arrived.
Guest2 wonders if the cake is sugarcube or carrot.
Mavra grins.
Rown Hear Hear!
Relish gets some punch as well, alternating between punch, champagne and beer.
ShadowWalker has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] ShadowWalker enters the Snack Shack
ShadowWalker Q, "Ahh, I missed you all."
Mavra drinks! Mmm... thirsty was she!
Drake is hoping carrot cake, Blackbirdie. :)
Mavra hugs Lamar!
ShadowWalker Q, "Ok folks: The wedding log is at:"
Ronnie downs his drink.
Ping lifts a glass. "Cheese! I mean, Cheers!"
Relish says, "Oooh, my shpeesh is slurred!"
Lamar falls asleep still holding the glass above his head, and topples head first into the punchbowl.
Drake gets some punch for himself and his birdie, too, so they can toast and/or get tipsy. :)
Mavra says, "Cheese!"
Rown chuckles. My wine is already at work. :-)
Bigears tips Drake over.
Drake can't fall over, Bigears, Neowolf is too far away. :)
Guest2 woohoos..;)
Relish says, "There's sha rabbit in the punsh!"
Ping squeaks, "Cheese? Where?"
Darius pulls Lamar out of the punchbowl and refills his glass.
Lamar has disconnected.
Mavra says, "Oh! Let's toss things, Argon!"
Ray purrs, "At some juncture, I would like to offer a poem or two tothe new couple, in honor of their nuptials."
Argon says, "Thank you, everyone. As I said, it's a great feeling to know we have so many friends who care enough for us to be up so late (or early). I hope I can provide Mavra with at least a portion of the love and happiness she has given me. I have often claimed to be a very lucky man. I'm sure you can all see why."
Argon kisses Mavra!
Bigears hides! Do not toss the fennec. It is NOT a sport!
Darius wiont stay too much longer. he needs sleep.
Mavra kisses Argon! Argon get kissed by his fiance, he snugs her and returns her kiss!
Ray purrchuckles warmly.
Relish says, "In Urugauy is is!"
Ba'ar spinz bigears
Rown Hear Hear!
Beltrami nods?
ShadowWalker puts a wing over the little fennic, and chuckles
Austin has teleported in.
Austin has arrived.
Aushae has arrived.
Loqu has arrived.
Garrison has arrived.
Phoex has arrived.
Austin is carried in by Aushae(#10766PBJX), Loqu(#2342PB), Garrison(#15085PBJ), and Phoex(#12569PBCJ).
Bigears pirouettes around the happy ciouple!
Ronnie hugs the newlyweds "congrats to the both of you, I hope that you happiness continues forever :)"
Logreth tailsnugs Argon!
Austin says, "Hi, very many people."
Beltrami smiles and waves!
Drake hands Blackbird her drink and toasts the happy couple, and then toasts his beautiful birdie. :)
Leslie pips, "Hi!"
Argon says, "Thanks, Ronnie."
Loqu smiles, packing Austin's Uncle Scrooge comics carefully away.
Guest2 smooches her horsie. :)
Terra needs to go as well...but she was so incredibly glad to be here tonight!
Bigears toasts BB too!
Bigears hugs Terra!
Relish says, "You know, Bigears, you would look just smashing with an earring!"
Terra hugs Bigears!
Ping squeaks, "Hiya, Austin."
Royce snugs Argon! Argon gets snugged by Royce and then gently snugs Him back!
Royce snugs Mavra!
Garrison toasts a BAGEL
Argon says, "Thanks, Terra, I'm glad you could be here."
Bigears yrfs, "Seeya, Terra."
Ba'ar hugs Mavra!
Austin says, "Hi, all."
Beltrami hugs Aushae!
Mavra says, "Thank you, Terra."
Ba'ar hugs Argon! Argon returns the hug with a smile!
Bigears scritches Austin! Well, he might have said it!
Loqu places Austin down.
Mavra hugs Austin! Actually, I've been up all night drinking root beer!
Ping squeezes Terra!
Phoex places Austin down.
Drake smooches his birdie. MMmmmm, birdiefeathers. :)
Garrison hugs Mavra!
Ronnie chuckles at Marva "talk about a sugar rush :)"
[Winter Wonderland] Borris has arrived.
Terra deftly braids a blue feather into the tails of the newlyweds, for good luck. :) "I'm glad to have been witness! After all these years, at long last, but not finally!"
Darius purrs and then smiles. "So, Argon, when is the bachelor party? Or did I miss that?"
Mavra smiles and nods to Ronnie. "Quite!"
PatchO'Black stands off to the side.
Terra hugs Ping!
Beltrami nods to Ronnie?
Mavra hugs Garrison!
Ronnie smiles at Mavra.
Bigears hugs Ping!
Borris has arrived.
[Winter Wonderland] Borris enters the Snack Shack
Argon says, "Well, I'm not a bachelor any more."
Borris says, "Hello all"
Argon grins.
Bigears hugs Borris!
Austin says, "He's got to work on his master's."
Borris says, "Was good wedding, Very Russian like."
Royce churrs, "Anyway, Argon, Mavra, congratulations to you two.. I have no idea how long I've known you, but however long it has been, I think I've been waiting for this day the whole time."
Terra discreetly slips out. Goodnight!
Leslie giggles!
Drake darns, he missed the bachelor party. :)
Loqu moves to the side to let the small creatures party without fear for their lives.
Darius murrs.
Terra is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Terra has left.
Guest2 hmphs at Drake.
Bigears tickles Leslie!
Drake nuzzles G2/Blackbird in apology. :)
Relish takes the hors de'voure tray from a very peeved hostess who had assumed he was going to take ONE and not the whole tray. "Thankoo!"
Argon says, "Thanks, Royce. I'm glad you could be here."
Leslie laughs and feeler-glows and hugs Bigears!
Aushae nibbles a bit on Loqu... then nibbles a bit on Austin... who needs the buffet...? ;}
Royce churrs, "I couldn't miss it."
Borris adjusts his hat
Mavra says, "So for now, I'm the Mistress, having the highest degree in the family. :-)"
Bigears yrfs, "Horse devours?"
Borris almost forgot
Mavra snugs Loqu!
Loqu likes 'Margaritaville,' though.
Argon says, "So is Ray here?"
Guest2 nuzzles Drake.
Austin heheees.
Ray purrs, "I am, Argon."
Relish nods to Bigears.
Darius says, "I hate to do this Argon,. Mavra, but I need to go to sleep. ui thank you both for the honor of letting me attend your wedding, and hope that both of you have a delightful, and long last marraige."
Relish says, "I am Batman!"
Mavra hugs Darius!
Argon says, "Ray told me he wrote a poem or two for the wedding."
Mavra says, "Thank you, Darius!"
Darius hugs Mavra!
Darius says, "You are most welcome."
Loqu bows to Mavra and smiles.
Argon says, "You ready to give it a go?"
Mavra says, "Oh! Poem!"
Relish hugs mavra. "Congrats!"
Ray nods. "That I do, if I can interrupt the proceedings."
Mavra snugs Relish!
Mavra listens?
Argon says, "Glad you could be here, Darius."
~flink idles for Ray's peom
ShadowWalker smiles and nuzzles Argon, and Mavra, "I too must be going as well. It's very late here. I wish you all the happyness two can take. Take care, and hope the next stage, is foals :)
Leslie takes off a couple rose petals and folds them into Bigears's head-fur!
Darius smiles. "Argon is a nice guy. Take care of him. And Argon, the same goes for you, for Mavra. I dont know much about You Mavra, but you must eb somethign extra special to Argon, if he chose you as his bride."
Drake pats ShadowWalker goodnight on his way out. :)
Ray purrs, "Two sonnets... The first is titled, 'Love...' reasonably enough..."
Charner looks up, and grins, waiting for Ray's piece. :)
Bigears looks up at the rose petals.
( - )
Borris says, "Or did Mavra choose :)"
Leslie giggles.
Ray purrs, "At farthest reach of what Man may define"
ShadowWalker nickers and nuzzles Drake as he walks out. "Adieu friend centaur!
Ray purrs, "Sublimest goal of all who live and feel"
Argon says, "Shh."
Ray purrs, "Heart's crudest ore to purest form refined"
ShadowWalker nuzzles 'ears too, "Take care m'friend!
ShadowWalker goes home.
ShadowWalker has left.
Ray purrs, "One hopes what in this search one finds is real"
( - )
Ray purrs, "A universal thirst within the soul"
Ray purrs, "A parching wind across a fevered brow"
Ray purrs, "A seeking for that spark to make us whole"
Ray purrs, "A wishing for a 'then' to be 'right now'"
( - )
Ray purrs, "To seek and find, then, surely it must be"
Darius hugs Argon! Argon returns the hug with a smile!
Ray purrs, "Eden, at last, within this life regained"
Darius hugs Mavra!
Ray purrs, "From solitude's harsh shackling set free"
Ray purrs, "In two hearts finding haven from all pain"
( - )
Darius is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Darius has left.
Ray purrs, "Sure as the rising of the morning sun"
Phoex has disconnected.
Ray purrs, "Love is what binds two sep'rate hearts as one"
( - )
Ray purrs, "The second is titled, 'Epithalamion.' You can look that up in any good dictinary..."
( - )
Ray purrs, "Within ourselves alone each of us live"
Ray purrs, "From birth we we see the world as souls apar"
Borris says, "Love, is best and worst thing to happen."
Ray purrs, "Sharing affection such as we may give"
Ray purrs, "To those who draw the closest to our heart"
( - )
Ray purrs, "One day we learn what we have never been"
Ray purrs, "A Truth reflected in another soul"
Ray purrs, "Awareness of what Love may truly mean"
Ray purrs, "That which within us makes of two a whole"
( - )
Ray purrs, "Two spirits joining, blended without seams"
Ray purrs, "Thus come to share as one all that we are"
Ray purrs, "Our tragedies and triumphs, hopes and dreams"
Ray purrs, "Two mingled lights become a new-lit star"
( - )
Ray purrs, "And so anew we start again in life"
Alicia bows. "Sorry but I have to run. I have a mission that I want to start in a few hours and it's a real importnat one."
Ray purrs, "Upon that path we walk as Man and Wife"
( - )
Ray bows.
Loqu applauds politely
Argon applauds.
Ray purrs, "Congratulations, Mavra and Argon."
Mavra smiles and sniffles, wiping her eyes.
Relish says, "Burma Shave."
Mavra applauds!
Rown claps
~flink claps
Mavra hugs Ray!
The time is 23:22:16 Pacific. It is 09/25/04.
Argon says, "Thanks, Ray. Nicely done."
Alicia says, "Argon, Marva. I congratulate the both of you and I'll give you my present later on."
Ronnie applauds
Drake applauds!
Chanspot grins, and bows, "Thank you, Ray. :)!"
Alicia is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.
Alicia has left.
Borris says, "Ah, some one is knowing Burma Shave! :)"
Argon says, "Ray wrote those."
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "The beared lady..."
Argon says, "Thanks, ALicia."
PatchO'Black mews, "Excuse me, but anyone mind if I give my gifts to the couple?"
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "Tried a jar..."
Argon says, "Ah... well."
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "And now she's..."
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "A famous..."
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "Movie Star..."
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "Burma Shave... ;}"
~flink says, "Well I guess Ray won't be needing Hallmark. ;)"
Drake nuzzles Blackbird and says "Next you'll ask me what the deal is with the Burma Shave bits. ;)"
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "Nope... no one knows what Burma Shave is... ;}"
PatchO'Black waits.
Ping squeaks, "Go ahead, Patchy."
Beltrami grins.
Borris says, "Borris knows Burma Shave!"
Austin says, "Well, I do."
Royce knows what it is. 
Mavra drinks some more punch and listens to Patchy?
Relish says, "I do."
Drake does, Aushae. :)
Argon says, "Please, Patch, go ahead."
Ba'ar growls, "Burma Shave was a shaving cream....advertised in little quatrains they used to put in signs on the side of the road.]"
Austin says, "But I also listened to 'The Great Guildersleeve' as recently asyesterday."
Kinsor has a bottle of Shinola on his shelf.
Ba'ar growls, "I didn't know you were an OTR Buff Austin"
Relish says, "My daid listened to that. And Fibber McGee and Molly!"
PatchO'Black takes out three boxes, "These are the traditional wedding gifts for Jellicle cats...."
Argon says, "And, Kinsor, can you tell it from..."
Argon says, "Er, never mind."
Drake pokes Argon's flank! "None of THAT. :)"
Charner hunkers down, and listens to Patch, letting his heads rest across his paws.
PatchO'Black hands the first box to Argon....
Austin says, "Oh, yes, Ba'ar. It's my main audio entertainment at work."
Mavra looks at Patchy's boxes?
The time is: 11:25pm
You have 3 mail messages waiting. Use 'page #mail' to read.
Relish says, "And the Shadow. God, he had a creepy voice. Scared me as a kid to listen."
Argon opens the box?
Kinsor also has Prince Albert's can, but it was opened years ago.
( Better let 'em out! )
Argon says, "Uh oh, power is flickering."
Relish says, "We have such sights to show you!"
Rown congratulates Argon and Mavra again. "I gotta go. Been doing much overtime this week and I'm wiped.
Mavra hugs Rown! Rown Hugs you back.
Austin says, "I figured he'd use the 'power flickering' line an hour ago."
Rown hugs Mavra!
Leslie pips, "Why Mr Austin?"
Argon says, "Thanks for coming, Rown. You did a fine job."
Mavra says, "Ack! Hush, Austin!"
Drake says, "Sleep well, Rown. :)"
Royce hee hee.
Rown hipbumps Argon!
Ray's lights are fklickering, as he is near unconscious. "Be well, all *hugs*."
Relish says, "A world of... Black miracles... Oh, its not THAT box."
Royce churrs, "Hey, did we have cake yet?"
PatchO'Black mews, "The first is a book, in which you can record your memories of the past..."
Mavra says, "Take care, Rown."
Chanspot says, "G'eve, Ray."
Bigears thought Argon got ate by the hurricane during the service.
Mavra hipbumps Rown!
Rown says, "Thanks! "
Rown hipbumps Mavra!
PatchO'Black hands the second box to Mavra...
Ray purrs, "Take care!"
Ray takes to his footpaws, sprinting off for home in a cloud of dust!
Ray has left.
Rown waves.
Beltrami nods?
Argon says, "Oh, thanks, Patch."
Rown says, "Night everyone!"
Royce snugs Rown!
~flink hands Argon an UPS as a gift. :)
Rown goes home.
Rown has left.
Aushae had a shotgun on Argon, just in case... ;}
Argon says, "Laters, Rown."
Ping gets a refill on the sparkling cider.
Mavra hmms and looks at the box?
Ba'ar refills his glass and sips it
PatchO'Black mews, "This is a silver bell, to ring in the good times of the present..."
Mavra smiles and rings the bell. Now is good.
Ronnie smiles.
Argon smiles.
PatchO'Black hands the third package to both of the couple.
Borris takes out his Big Flask of extra Vintage Vodka, and drinks to New Couple!
Argon says, "You open it, Mavra."
Mavra ooos at the box! "Are you sure?"
Argon nodnods.
Mavra opens the box..
Guest2 hugs Bigears!
Relish says, "Mmm, Borris love vodka!"
Ronnie purr-growls, "this should be interesting."
Bigears hugs Guest2!
PatchO'Black mews, "And a candle, to light your way to the future!"
Borris says, "Is extra special double brewed Vodka, that Borris let age all of three weeks."
( A centaur foal car seat? )
Mavra says, "Yay! Fire!"
Argon says, "Ah, how nice, Patch. Thank you."
Argon snugs PatchO'Black!
Mavra smiles and keeps the candle away from Borris' breath.
Bigears snugs PatchO'Black!
Mavra hugs PatchO'Black!
Bigears yrfs, "Very nice, Patchy. :)"
Ronnie purr-growls, "good idea, Mavra :)"
Royce sets up a big camera on a tripod.
Borris says, "Every one with glass, is to be rasing in Toast "Here is to Couple, may there Happily Ever After, last Forever!"
Drake hands a box to Mavra as well. "Um, I don't know where this came from... but it has you and Argon's names on it, so must be for you. ;)"
Aushae sultrily sibilates, "Three weeks is aging...?"
Ping tips a glass to Patchy.
Mavra raises her glass! "Cheers!"
Argon drinks to Borris' toast.
Beltrami raises her glass and watches everyone else.
Loqu notes, "Slainte."
Borris says, "For Vodka, three weeks is long time."
Argon says, "Well, open Drake's present, Mavra."
PatchO'Black mews, "Well, folks, I'll be seeing you later. Night."
Borris takes long drink from flask......
Mavra nods and looks at the box and opens it..
Bigears pops out of the box and NOSE SMOOCHS Mavra and pumps Argon's hand. "It's very late for fennecs; so I will say God Bless. I am very happy for you. I shall see you both later."
Ronnie purr-growls, "take care Patchy"
Bigears hugs PatchO'Black!
Borris pats Patchy onna his back "Sleep well Neko Friend"
Mavra acks!
Mavra grins.
Drake shoulda seen THAT coming. :)
Ronnie laughs!
Ping raises her glass again to Argon and Mavra.
Leslie hugs Bigears!
Argon says, "Thanks for being here, Bigears."
Bigears hugs Leslie!
Leslie pips, "Bye!"
Bigears hugs Argon! Argon returns the hug with a smile!
Mavra snugs Bigears!
Bigears hugs Mavra!
Ronnie hugs Bigears!
Bigears hugs Drake!
Bigears hugs Ronnie!
Beltrami nods- she pets Bigears and smiles.
Drake scritches Bigears.... "Sleep well, BE. And clear ether, L3. :)"
Royce snugs Bigears!
Bigears hugs Guest2!
Drake hugs Bigears!
Relish says, "Jokey smurf. He always hid smoke bombs in gift boxes. Gotta love a psychotic smurf into federal crimes."
Guest2 hugs Bigears!
Borris says, "Wow, was busy night."
Bigears yrfs, "Hot Jets, L3 Drake! Goodnight, friends.!"
Ping finally gets a chance to raise her glass for the purpose of drinking from it.
Mavra says, "Shall we cut the cake?"

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