Making A Zombie


@create Your-Zombies's-Name (Creates an object called Your-Zombies's-Name.  Put in place of this, whatever name you want your Zombie to have.)
You'll see:  Object Your-Zombies's-Name created with Dbref #12345 (gotta remember this. You need it later)
@desc Your-Zombies's-Name=Your-Zombie's Name description.  (This sets Your-Zombies's-Name's desc. You can also use the list editor to describe it. (editobject Your-Zombie's-Name will open this, it's like editplayer, or editroom.  No need to fool with it unless you want to do  more complex things.  Whatever works best for you.)
@set Your-Zombies's-Name=z (makes it an official Zombie) 
@set Your-Zombies's-Name=x (makes it xForceable) 
@flock Your-Zombies's-Name=me (Sets the ForceLock so only you can use it) 
@action zom=me (You can call the action anything you like. I used zom, because it's a zombie. You can use doggy or kitty or whatever you want.) 
@lock Your-Zombie's Name=me (Tarka swears this works in place of @lock zom=me&!me.  I understood that this action must always fail, but I have no idea why.  If the first doesn't work, try the second and blame Tarka. : - )
@set zom=h (the action must be set h to allow MPI to work)
@succ zom={force:objectdb#,{arg!}} <--  as Tarka suggests, or use  --->  @fail zom={force:object's db#,{&arg}} (This uses the fail section of the action to run the MPI program that sends your commands to the Zombie where object's db# is actually your Zombie's dbref#) 
@lock Your-Zombies's-Name=me (optional - so no one can steal it)

@set Your-Zombies's-Name species:Cat (or whatever)

@set Your-Zombies's-Name sex:Male (or whatever)


Now drop the Zombie. (Drop Your-Zombies's-Name)

You can use your zombie to do most anything a player can do, although a zombie is locked out of the same rooms as it's owner, and can't enter rooms locked against zombies.

in this case, just use 'zom' before posing, speaking, or moving, and it'll do it all.

zom n (makes the zombie go north)

zom :curls up in a ball (simple action)
Your-Zombies's-Name curls up in a ball (what you see if the zombie's in the same room as you)
<Your-Zombies's-Name>Your-Zombies's-Name curls up in a ball (what you see if the zombie's in another room)

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