Morticon's Log of Maxl's 6/22/2K Town Meeting




Ping traces, "Hi, Maxl."

Findra chirrrs softly, "Hello there. =:)"

Maxl hisses, "Hi."

Findra chirrrs softly, "Fancy seeing you here."

Room: Charter Park


!Maxl Male Badger

Austin male Coati

Ping male mouse

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz[2m idle] female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

Findra female bunny

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Findra grins.

Ping nodnods.

Morticon hmms and looks, "dismal turnout"

Maxl hisses, "I was considering letting you fend for yourselfs."

Morticon counts 3 wizzes, and 3 players, including maxl.

Maxl hisses, "Let's wait a bit, Morticon. People are always at least 10 minutes late."

Morticon nods. and notes he is OOC. which means he's a wallaby yes, but more or less his player's personality (otherwise known as Rocko??)

Findra tickles Rocko?

Room: Charter Park


!Maxl Male Badger

Austin[2m idle] male Coati

Ping male mouse

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz[3m idle] female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

Findra female bunny

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Morticon giggles :)

Maxl hisses, "Skyler's not here, either. Yeah, we should wait a while."

Flutterz warbles, "Hello Austin and Maxl."

Maxl hisses, "But to be honest, I was expecting an even lower turnout than what we've got right now."

Morticon cares about this place a lot. so of course he'll do his best to show up to these things

Austin says, "You are up against both 'Law & Order' and, on TCM, 'Modern Times.'"

Ping traces, "Well, Skyler didn't get much sleep last night. He said he might have a hard time making it. Gave me a few things to say for him."

Maxl hisses, "Oh, good."

Morticon goods

Name OnTime Idle Name OnTime Idle Name Ontime Idle

Seth 00:00 16s TugsBear 00:19 2m Tiresta 01:27 7s

Clarisa 00:02 14s Flutterz 00:30 1m Morticon 03:15 0s

Maxl 00:04 5s Roofus_roo 00:45 4s Mouser 03:25 3m

Rhonda 00:07 56s Ping 00:58 11s Natasha 03:58 8m

Findra 00:19 9s Austin 01:21 51s

14 players are connected.

Seth wanders out of the shadows.

Seth has arrived.

Maxl hisses, "I'm quite certian that I can take care of what he wanted to say anyway. Hi, Seth."

Austin says, "Hi, Seth."

Morticon woahs. imagine that... seth :)

Findra chirrrs softly, "Hello Seth. :)"

Ping traces, "Hiya, Seth."

Ping fuzzles Seth!

Roofus_roo wanders out of the shadows.

Roofus_roo has arrived.

Flutterz waves to Seth. =)

Findra chirrrs softly, "Hi Roofus. :)"

Maxl hisses, "Hi, Roofus."

Austin says, "And hello, Roofus_roo."

Room: Charter Park


ROO Roofus_roo male Red Kangaroo

I, Seth Male Human

!Maxl Male Badger

Austin male Coati

Ping male mouse

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

Findra female bunny

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Roofus_roo waves and sits down .

Morticon leans on his tail, and smiles as more trickle in

Flutterz warbles, "Evening Roofus."

Morticon . o O ( I guess people are right when they say furries are famous for not being on time.. :) )

Maxl hisses, "Let's wait until we have a nice, even number of 10 people. Then we're going to start, regardless of exactly who is here."

Seth gahs. Almost completely forgot.

Maxl hisses, "Given the number of people here, Seth, I bet most people *did* forget."

Morticon nods at maxl, "It's your meeting, more or less"

Austin says, "More or less? It's entirely his."

Morticon's been thinking about this since he saw the last post on it...

Seth sorries. He's been rather distracted as of late.

Maxl hisses, "Nobody else had anything to do with it. It's mine, yes."

Clarisa has arrived.

Austin says, "Hi, Clarisa."

Findra hugs Clarisa!

Clarisa waves. "Hello there."

Findra smiles. "Hello there."

You say, "well, yes, but it's open in that others can hopefully have their say. It wouldnt be a meeting with just maxl alone in a room"

Clarisa hugs Findra back and smiles.

You say, "it's not really a lecture I hope. I don't feel like taking notes."

Maxl hisses, "Hi, Clarisa."

Seth waves.

Maxl hisses, "I was planning on having Skyler lecture. But I can do it."

Ping hops up to Seth's shoulder and looks around.

Maxl hisses, "That'll be the first thing we take care of, actually."

Clarisa waves to Seth. :)

Findra shouts "Town meeting is just about to start. Type 'charter' to get there. Everyone is encouraged to attend. =:)" (Wiz-shout)

Ping traces, "To be honest, I'm not interested in a lecture."

Maxl hisses, "It'll be short."

TugsBear wanders out of the shadows.

TugsBear has arrived.

Maxl hisses, "And you people need to hear it."

Morticon hmms. Professor Maxl.

TugsBear hugs Clarisa, Roofus_roo, Seth, Maxl, Austin, Ping, Morticon, Flutterz and Findra!

TugsBear pokes you!

TugsBear heees!

Findra snugs TugsBear!

TugsBear snuggles Findra!

Seth pats Ping, and sits down.

TugsBear grins

Austin says, "And hi, TugsBear."

Maxl shouts "The meeting is starting now. Enter Charter park at your own peril. Those of you present, shut up." (Public-shout)

Argon wanders out of the shadows.

Argon has arrived.

Maxl hisses, "All right. We've got enough people here now."

Room: Charter Park


--+--Argon Male Centaur

OOC TugsBear male Care Bear

Clarisa female Cetan

ROO Roofus_roo[3m idle] male Red Kangaroo

I, Seth Male Human

!Maxl Male Badger

Austin male Coati

Ping male mouse

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

Findra female bunny

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TugsBear goes OOC to be serious for more than 5 seconds :)

TugsBear sits down

Argon listens.

Maxl hisses, "First of all, Skyler thought that I should bring something up. We don't have to cling to Austin like we do, and it's stupid of us to continually do so. Give the poor coati a break."

Maxl hisses, "That's the lecture. As of now, whoever wants to volunteer to speak can."

Morticon wonders if he can try speaking?

Maxl hisses, "Morticon has the floor. Everybody else shut up until he's done."

You say, "ok, I'm going to keep on topic. I'll let you know when I'm done. here goes..."

You say, "first off, this muck has done a lot of good things, at least for me, and I'm sure others can agree it has for them. for one, it's brought me new friends, that I've even met IRL, for two, it's (in one form or another) been here as I realized my 'furryness', and for three, it introduced me more properly to role playing..."

You say, "so, here's what I want out of this muck. it's not much I don't think, and most of the needs are met:"

You say, "1) To be able to meet nice furs/people. This has already been met, and because this is a small muck you can more or less be assured most people won't be too insane :) I've met over 5 people from this muck and have not been disappointed in the least"

Findra whispers, "You mean met RL?" to you.

You say, "2) To have decent conversations in the park. Well, this is debatable, but every so often something interesting comes up. Perhaps you learn something new about a topic or a person you didn't know before."

You page-pose, "Morticon nods" to Findra.

TugsBear has disconnected.

TugsBear has connected.

You say, "3) Heres what I'm working on right now: RP! RP comes in many forms, and in the least in the park I think people should at least act their furry form and perhaps their character personality a little bit. of course, thats all optional, but it would give the feeling of simply being in another world, transforming the text into the images with your imagination >>"

You say, "the other sort of RP I want is true interaction between characters and their forms, using plots (or not). That is what I'm trying to do with the SED, and it gets more successful every day, generally. I'm hoping it can only get better, and with the creation of RP Central (name is mocking a hospital called 'Health Central' an hour from where I live) I hope for general character RPs to increase throughout the muck"

You say, "and thats it. I"m done. next :)"

Maxl hisses, "All right. Questions or comments to Morticon?"

TugsBear puts on his unofficial vote for Morticon button on and grins.

Pidge wanders out of the shadows.

Pidge has arrived.

Pidge says, "boogadeboo!"

Morticon wows. quite a.. inappropiate comment?

Ping has a comment to Morticon.

You say, "yes, ping?"

Morticon looks at the mouse

Findra has one too.

Pidge quirks his head

Maxl hisses, "All right; just be orderly about it, please. Ping first, then Findra."

Pidge says, "did I miss something"

*** @bulletin ***

Maxl is hosting a meeting on June 21 at 7:30 Pacific Time (10:30

Eastern) in Charter Park to bring discussion out of everyone about

what we expect to get out of the Muck and what needs to be changed.

We'd like as many people as possible to participate, but please

read Maxl's post to the board (type '+read') to find out about the

rules of the game.

Again, this is a big deal. If you can't make it because of your

schedule or time zone, remember that we have a board: please post your

thoughts about the muck. We don't want anyone to be left out of the


*** To see this bulletin again, enter @bulletin ***

Ping traces, "I don't think you've said anything particularly disagreeable. At all. In fact, I think the biggest motivation for having this meeting is an event last week, and the shouts of someone who isn't here. I don't see how this is particularly productive, since the individuals most central to the debate over RP aren't even here to hold their position."

Ping traces, "If anything, I'd rather see a non-RP place on the muck for the curmudgeons and have everything else default to RP."

Morticon Blinks. "true. but I was speaking my mind, keeping it to the topic. and I also wanted to mention that SD does have it's good points, like having decent players that connect, something of a community, and friendly wizzes"

Morticon ahhs! "good idea, actually. maybe the park north of the main one?"

Seth has an idea.

Ping traces, "Yes, SD does have it's good points. I'll echo that, too. I like it here, for many of the same reasons you do, Morticon."

Argon kind of likes Ping'a idea, but would the curmudgeons go there?

Ping traces, "The rose garden, of course."

Findra chirrrs softly, "My question actually had a similar slant."

Morticon blinks. hmmm.

Ping's done.

Maxl hisses, "To be honest, I didn't expect Topaz to show up."

Player Name On For Idle Doing...

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Maxl hisses, "Findra, if you still want to say something, go ahead; if not, Seth, your turn."

Findra will go, but it's probably mostly been answered now ...

Findra chirrrs softly, "Some people tend to talk a lot of OOC stuff in the rose garden/park, either because they're asking for advice on something technical, or just wanting to talk about RL stuff. And sometimes that seems to get in the way of RP, or people are put off RLping by that. What do you think would be a good solution to this problem, Morticon?"

Morticon ohs. him in the spotlight. he'll echo ping slightly here...

Findra grins, "You can just say it's already been answered, if you like." ;)

Kipou wanders out of the shadows.

Kipou has arrived.

Ping'd like to answer that, Findra.

Maxl hisses, "Go right ahead, then."

You say, "well, I've heard from someone else (Lamar was it?) that they wanted a OOC RL area as well, but he wanted to make it somewhere separate. however, the park is the central meeting place for everyone. If you make the park OOC and say the park north of it IC, how would everyone get the message, and if they did, would they really care? I'm done."

Pidge gasps as a runaway bus zooms by, and a hooked cane yanks Pidge in!

Pidge has left.

Maxl hisses, "Ping, I guess you have the floor now. Say whatever you'd like."

Ping traces, "I think that fairly often, the people who get asked technical questions get tired of it, and want to go on with RP."

Kipou gets into a cloud car and flies off.

Kipou has left.

Findra has a suggestion herself about that problem.

Seth needs to idle for a few minutes. Excuse him - he's still listening.

Ping traces, "I think it should be up to the person answering the question to decide, but it should be done over pages or whispers, if they go along with it."

Ping traces, "Common sense, to not interrupt an RP in progress."

Ping traces, "Sorry, I've spoken enough. I'm done."

Ping traces, "For now. ;)"

Maxl hisses, "Okay; I do have a comment about RP in progress."

Maxl hisses, "Some people *like* to disrupt it."

Maxl hisses, "That's why we're here."

Maxl hisses, "Anyway. Findra, your suggestion?"

Findra chirrrs softly, "I'd prefer to have the rose garden/park to be back an RP place and an OOC place. ANd have places that are nearby, one specifically for RP, one specifically for OOC."

Findra chirrrs softly, "That's all. =:)"

Maxl hisses, "All right."

Findra likes the mix in the rose garden that way.

Maxl hisses, "Since that seems to be over with, who wants the floor now?"

Clarisa has a question.

Maxl hisses, "Go ahead, Clarisa."


Coldfyre base*height/2 [IC] Otter's Den

Rhonda base*height/2 [IC] TR's home

Tiresta base*height/2 [IC] TR's home

Kipou Care-a-Lot [IC] Care-a-Lot Square

Natasha Care-a-Lot [IC] Care-a-Lot Square

Pidge Care-a-Lot [IC] Care-a-Lot Square

Argon Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Austin Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Clarisa Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Findra Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Flutterz Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Maxl Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Morticon Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Ping Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Roofus_roo Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Seth Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

TugsBear Quodlibet [IC] Charter Park

Willysilver Quodlibet [IC] Willysilver's Den

18 players are connected.

Clarisa says, "Is the problem that people are disrupting RP? Or that people are complaining about RP going on in public spaces? Or both?"

Clarisa says, "Or something else?"

Maxl hisses, "Both."

Maxl hisses, "We have other problems, I think, but we're ignoring them for now. I think this is a bigger one."

Maxl hisses, "Anyway. Who wants the floor now?"

Clarisa nods. "Why do they disrupt and complain about it?"

Maxl hisses, "Ask them. How should I know?"

Ping seconds Clarisa's question.

Room: Charter Park


--+--Argon Male Centaur

OOC TugsBear[9m idle] male Care Bear

Clarisa female Cetan

ROO Roofus_roo[12m idle]male Red Kangaroo

I, Seth[4m idle] Male Human

!Maxl Male Badger

Austin[5m idle] male Coati

Ping male mouse

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz[5m idle] female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

Findra[2m idle] female bunny

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Findra thinks it would be useful to get to the root of it, yes.

Maxl hisses, "I said I don't know. Because they like to? Who knows. Ask Topaz."

Findra chirrrs softly, "Can anyone else make suggestions about why?"

Morticon notes everyone more or less in this room is FOR RP. so, it's a bit hard to get a second side to the story.

Argon says, "Should we be concered about why they are doing it, or the fact that they are?"

Maxl hisses, "I'm not for RP, Morticon."

Clarisa says, "Well, that's a rather important question, I think. If we don't know why they don't like RP, we're not going to be able to solve it."

Austin says, "If I may?"

Maxl hisses, "Austin, go ahead. Everybody else, be quiet."

You page, "oh, then why don't you speak your mind on the topic when austin is done?" to Maxl.

Maxl whispers, "I intend to speak after everybody else who has gone has gone." to you.

Austin says, "Topaz reacted as nastily as he did to Morticon's stunt last week -- the dropping of a gas or liquid or whatever that supposedly neutered everyone -- because he saw it as powergamey and lame. The problem wasn't that it was roleplaying, it was that it was bad roleplaying."

Austin says, "Lame I won't go along with, though I would say the idea wasn't really developed well or presented well. Powergamey, it was."

Austin says, "If you want to encourage roleplay, you can't just take every idea that comes along. You have to hold back for good ideas -- ones that're imaginative, creative, and that arouse people's curiosity when they're not in them."

Austin says, "That last angle, presenting ideas that invite other folks in, is the hardest to do, but it's what you have to, if you want roleplaying to thrive."

Austin says, "That's all I have on this topic."

Maxl hisses, "All right. I'd actually like to comment on that."

Maxl hisses, "Austin has the right idea. It's not that we don't have RP, it's that we seem to have *bad* RP, or incredibly selective RP. Neither are conducive to us all having a good time, for reasons that should be obvious. But this brings up the question about what good RP *is*, and how we can start some of it, sooner or later."

Maxl hisses, "Whether or not the RP is entirely public is something that should be considered too. If people don't know about it, they're not going to get involved."

Maxl hisses, "That's what I have to say."

Willysilver wanders out of the shadows.

Willysilver has arrived.

Willysilver trills, "Hi there!"

Maxl hisses, "Who would like the floor now?"

Willysilver waves and swishes his tail happily.

Willysilver looks at the floor.

Willysilver trills, "sorry."

TugsBear says, "well.. check this set of rules if you haven't already..."

Willysilver shuts up.

Findra chirrrs softly, "Mmm? What's that Tugs?"

Findra puts up her paw.

TugsBear says, "Its a nice set of rules that I have seen.. It would answer a lot of questions already asked."

Austin says, "If I'm not mistaken, it's a matra that brought peace to for several months back in '94."

Natasha wanders out of the shadows.

Natasha has arrived.

Maxl hisses, "All right; we should read that. But Findra has teh floor now, I guess; the rest of us should be quiet."

Findra chirrrs softly, "Well, it's more of another question, than anything else."

Findra chirrrs softly, "We have one point of view that says that increasing the amount of RPing would be beneficial to the muck. Are there other people who would like different things from SpinDizzy?"

Findra's done.

Morticon had mentioned 2 other different thigns he gets from SD

Argon is listening quietly.

Maxl hisses, "I'd like it if we still had that sense of community we used to, but obviously we don't."

Findra nods. "I know, but we seemed to have stuck to the RP aspect so far in the discussion."

Maxl hisses, "As evidenced bhy meeting turnout."

Willysilver hasn't explored much, so really can't say...

Morticon errs, 3 other things. community.

Terry wanders out of the shadows.

Terry has arrived.

Findra wonders if anyone else wants to pipe up about what they want?

Argon raises his hand.

Findra chirrrs softly, "Even if it's to endorse what's been said already."

Flutterz would like to er...pipe up after Argon. =)

Argon says, "Well, I think my post pretty much summed up my feelings..."

Argon says, "I think that the ma..."

Argon says, "Oh, sorry."

Argon waits to be recognised.

Willysilver is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Willysilver has left.

Seth would like to go after Flutterz, then.

Findra prods Maxl gently. She stage whispers, "Hey! Wake up."

Ping pokes Maxl!

Argon says, "He's been having some connection problems."

Flutterz warbles, "You were up earlier Seth, if we ever get started again, please go ahead of me. =)"

Ping traces, "Go ahead, Argon."

Argon says, "Probably just as well we wait till he gets reconnected don't you think?"

Findra chirrrs softly, "Probably moreso that we just get on with it. ;)"

Argon says, "Ok, I think I summed up my feelings in my BB post.."

Argon says, "I think the majority of folks in a room should determine whether it's RP or OCC or a combination of both..."

Argon says, "I think if folks are chatting about whatever..the TV or a movie..."

Argon says, "And something starts...lame or powergamey or otherwise.."

Argon says, "You should try to go along with it..especially if other folks do.."

Argon says, "Yeah, if it's powergamy and lame, you can play off that.."

Maxl has disconnected.

Maxl has connected.

Argon says, "But do it IC...or at least acknowege the ICness of those involved..."

Maxl ahem.

Argon says, "Shall I start over?"

Argon says, "Well, anyway..."

Ping has one quick thing to say.

Argon says, "As I said, if you just want to talk about how lame it is, and make noise about 'not having to get involved'..then you need to just idle out, or go someplace else for a while.."

Argon says, "But, this gets back to Maxl's opening statement..."

Argon says, "About clinging to Austin.."

Ping scratches that. Skip him.

Argon says, "I mention that because my post mentioned trying to make SpinDizzy what Austin wants.."

Argon says, "Now, it's as I stated before, just my opinion.."

Argon says, "But from what I've seen and heard him say..."

Skyler wanders out of the shadows.

Skyler has arrived.

Argon says, "Austin wants SpinDizzy to be a place to have fun with a sense of whimsy..."

Argon says, "I might be wrong..."

Argon says, "But I think that if we're going to come here and enjoy the place and the benifits we get from it at NO COST to us..."

Argon says, "The least we can do is go along with what Austin wants, maybe not as much as he'd like.."

Argon says, "But at least don't go entirely the opposite."

Argon says, "And that's what I have to say."

Skyler says, "Hello. Sorry for being late."

Flutterz waves to Skyler. =)

Argon says, "Well, any comments?"

Maxl has disconnected.

Player Name On For Idle Doing...

15 players are connected. (Max was 26)

TugsBear hmmms

Findra chirrrs softly, "Skyler? You've got a comment?"

TugsBear says, "whimsey stuff sounds good to me :)"

Skyler says, "Well, I realize I came in toward the end of Argon's comments. But I think I saw them on the board earlier this week. (Would that be more or less correct, Argon?)"

Argon says, "That's right Skyler."

Skyler says, "Okay..."

Skyler says, "Austin is not here to be a figurehead for everyone."

Skyler says, "Among other things, he has a graduate thesis to do, intends to have some fun of his own here once in a while, and does have other interests here than simply trying to make everyone else have fun."

Maxl has connected.

Skyler says, "I'll repeat, Maxl. Argon finished his thoughts."

Skyler says, "Austin is not here to be a figurehead for everyone."

Skyler says, "Among other things, he has a graduate thesis to do, intends to have some fun of his own here once in a while, and does have other interests here than simply trying to make everyone else have fun."

Maxl hisses, "I didn't hear anything for about 30 minutes."

Morticon is logging

Maxl hisses, "This is a waste of time for me as long as my ISP isn't coooperating."

Argon says, "After your first diconnect I summed up my thoughts which I had posted on the Board."

Skyler says, "I have a distinct impression that for many people on this muck, the only real 'solution' to the problems of this muck would be Austin connected and providing idle chatter or prodding 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This, in short, is absurd."

Maxl hisses, "Skyler, I already gave a mini-lecture on this."

Skyler says, "Well, this is my take on it, Maxl..."

Skyler says, "People are capable of having fun if Austin isn't here. But by the same token, noone can force anyone to enjoy themselves."

Maxl hisses, "That keeps coming up in every meeting, Skyler. Nobody ever does anyting about it."

Skyler says, "If everyone really does want to sit around idly and occasionally talk about RL happenings and what's on TV, that's their perrogative. There's no way to stop that."

Maxl hisses, "We're all too pathetic and lazy."

Skyler says, "What concerns me is that in this happening, it basically cuts out opportunity for other things."

Skyler says, "Again, if everyone wants to be lazy, that's fine. But that shouldn't stop those that want to play from doing that."

Maxl hisses, "Oh, good; we're still on this topic."

Maxl hisses, "Okay, Skyler, go ahead and finish. I won't interrupt."

Skyler says, "There's something else I want to address here, and maybe it's been mentioned. But..."

Skyler says, "Just because you (meaning anyone) has an idea to 'improve the muck' doesn't by definition mean it's a good idea."

Skyler says, "Frankly, we're so low on ideas that it's hard to be picky."

Skyler says, "This muck (well, at its best), shouldn't be a scrap heap of imagination...leftovers."

Maxl hisses, "Skyler, can I say something about that?"

Skyler says, "Sure."

Argon would like to comment.

Maxl hisses, "This place *is* a bunch of leftovers. We haven't made anything new at all since TF&F, and I think that's damn depressing. We need to forget about that, and start trying to think of *new* things. Most of the inventive people who were there are here too."

Maxl hisses, "It's been a year or two since we lost TF&F. Get over it. Make something new."

Ping coughs.

Seth aHEMs.

TugsBear straightens his tie.

Ping points to Seth.

Maxl hisses, "If anybody would like to show me something new that we've been enjoying and has provided amusement for all, Ping or Seth, you're welcome to do so."

Flutterz sighs.

Ping would like to comment, but Seth hasn't yet.

Maxl hisses, "Anyway. Argon had something to say, and he asked first."

Flutterz warbles, "No, he did not."

Ping coughs. Seth hasn't said anything yet.

Argon says, "What I meant, was not that we should 'worship' Austin, but at least go along with him some times. Not just because of his position here, but because common courtesy calls for it. As far as TF&F, yes it's gone. You're telling folks to get over it, make something new, well, set an example. Do things..."

Flutterz warbles, "Seth is next, please let him speak. I very much want to hear what he has to say."

Argon says, "Whether it;s building something and urging folks to go see it.."

Maxl hisses, "Seth never got to speak?>"

Argon says, "Or making a cool object and action"

Argon says, "I'm sorry"

Maxl hisses, "Argon, shut up now. Seth should get to speak, he's been waiting for almost an hour and a half."

Argon says, ":shuts up."

Seth quietly remarks, "Should've clarified that to start with, Maxl. I've made places that have been used by more than just me, but I can't get the entire MUCK to go there. It's not for lack of trying. I'd be more than happy if people want to build homes there, or RP there, or even just sit on the kopje/fountain/mesa and chat. I don't care. But I've never figured out how to drag people out, even assuming I could."

Ping retracts his need to comment, and seconds Seth's opinion.

Maxl hisses, "Then that's really their problem, isn't it? I haven't noticed you even trying, for that matter."

Findra chirrrs softly, "We do have the msummon command. Maybe people can msummon them rather than going to the park?"

Skyler has a comment if and when there's a chance to do so.

Ping draws a picture, idly.

Seth quietly remarks, "It's been a long time since I made those things, and even when this MUCK wasn't declining or whatever it's doing, nobody used them. I've had the Fountain made park of the day when that was going on, I've urged people to come see whenever something new was added. No response. Would you have me pop on once a day and write on the board, telling peopleK to come see?"

Argon says, "Yes, Seth."

You page-pose, "Morticon used your areas lots for his RPs, and still does at times" to Seth.

Maxl hisses, "Skyler, go right ahead. ANd no, Seth."

Skyler says, "First: no, Seth."

Maxl hisses, "You shouldn't have to prod. Mentioning it now and then might be a good idea."

Maxl hisses, "But not every day. Even if you were being sarcastic."

Argon raises his hand.

Skyler says, "I have noticed a pattern here, in any case. It would be summed up in people not being too interested in looking at new places."

Terry raises her hand.

Skyler says, "The park of the day has helped that a little bit."

Morticon nods at skyler. He makes it a point to wander every now and then. found some wierd stuff :)

Skyler says, "There is also an 'Austin groupie' thing goign on."

Maxl hisses, "Everyone, be quiet. Skyler is talking."

Skyler says, "By this I mean, and I've watched it happen, say there are 10 people connected."

Skyler says, "What I often see is three in the rose garden, two in the park of the day, and then six people in each of their own private rooms."

Skyler says, "If Austin connects, suddenly there are 8 wherever he is."

Findra chuckles.

Flutterz warbles, "magnetic coati."

Skyler says, "It should not take him connecting to /do/ this. If we're a community of people, and not of a single person, things should work a little different than that."

Skyler's finished with that thought.

Morticon thinks. What if austin simply doesn't connect? or connects as someone else? how would that change things if he did that for a few weeks?

Skyler says, "The muck begins to die. This is also documented fact."

Argon raises his hand.

Maxl hisses, "Go ahead, Argon. The rest of you be quiet."

Skyler says, "I personally think it is /very/ unfair to shoulder Austin with this sort of burden. And I'm done."

Maxl ers. "Terry, you go after Argon. Look, I;m having a hard time keeping up with this due to lag."

Argon says, "Ok...folks gather together becuse we have a small population..."

Argon says, "On other mucks 10 people in one room is considered a small group..."

Topaz wanders out of the shadows.

Topaz has arrived.

Argon says, " far as 'exploring'.."

Topaz barks.

Argon says, "If you go visit a place...tell folks about it..."

Argon says, "If you want folks to see a place you've built.."

Argon says, "Have something going on there..."

Maxl hisses, "Argon, please don't speak in fragments. This isn't a comic book."

Argon says, "A Job Fair..or Art Ambush.."

Argon says, "Or free milk and cookies..."

Argon says, "No, but it beat a long lag while I type a paragraph..."

Argon says, "Anyway, to get epople doing stuff you have to give them something to do..."

Maxl hisses, "No. It won;t.,"

Argon says, "Not if you take that attitude, Maxl."

Maxl hisses, "I'm refering to you speaking in fragments. Start talking like the rest of us, or shut up. It's annoying."

Natasha is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Natasha has left.

Maxl hisses, "Now go on."

Argon says, "I strongly feel that if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen."

Pidge wanders out of the shadows.

Pidge has arrived.

Player Name On For Idle Doing...

Maxl 00:24 11s Build me up/tear me down/like a skyscraper

Morticon 04:39 0s Evil Stuff!

20 players are connected. (Max was 26)

Maxl whispers, "Most people don't prefer the fragments. This is what I've heard, and that's what I'm saying." to you.

You page-pose, "Morticon ahhs. ok." to Maxl.

Argon says, "And learn to adapt to the ideas and styles of other folks. Such as my typing in fragments. "

Maxl hisses, "This is utterly pointless. Excuse me; Skyler, you're in charge now."

Maxl is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Maxl has left.

Argon says, "Now, it's oftem said, that "

Argon shrugs.

Morticon smirks

Clarisa blinks.

Player Name On For Idle Doing...

Skyler 00:35 2m37

20 players are connected. (Max was 26)

Findra looks around? Um ... OK.

Ping rolls his eyes.

Argon says, "Well, perhaps the problem has been revealed."

Terry chirps quietly, "We hate each other?"

You say, "not learning to adapt to other styles?"

Ping traces, "Only part of it, Argon."

Clarisa ehs. "Rather a bad sign when the moderator does _that_."

Argon nods.

Pidge says, "what did I miss and to what conclusion"

Skyler says, "Go ahead and continue, Argon."

Terry chirps quietly, "The conclusion is that we all hate Argon, and he's too involved in too many things."


Maxl Quodlibet [IC] The Rose Garden

Morticon blinks? at terry

Argon says, "Really?"

Flutterz warbles, "That is completely untrue!"

Topaz hrfs, "Looks like you guys dont need me to destabilize things for this affair. :>"

Topaz limps out.

Topaz steps into the spindizzy field ... and is thrown into the air!

Topaz is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.

Topaz has left.

Pidge says, "yea, argon just cares it all"

Terry chirps quietly, "Um... no, not really."

Pidge says, "err, it=is"

Terry chirps quietly, "It's pretty creepy that you took it at face value."

Argon says, "Well, I didn't really, but thanks for the reassurance."

Morticon Hmms. argon COULD be the player equivalent of Austin. maybe? sorta?

Argon says, "Anyway..."

Pidge pearches on Argon

Argon says, "The idea of the 'theme' of this place. We often say we don't have a theme, but what does Austin, and the rest of the folks who built and manage this place want of it?"

Argon says, "How do you all see it?"

Austin says, "May I?"

Skyler says, "Please, Austin."

Argon says, "Please."

Terry chirps quietly, "I see them as wanting toony, low camp. Sort of like MST3K."

Austin says, "Everybody take a moment, type 'look' and read the description of this place."

Charter Park(#65RLJ)

Although a generic park for the most part, the charter of

Spindizzy is illustrated here, for all to read.


>From We, the furs of DreamTime to those of Toons Furr & Fluff, Greetings.


We present this beginning to you in the spirit of our mutual endeavour:

The exploration and sharing of creativity and imagination in a world to

which the limitations of our 'Real Lives' are unknown. It is in such

communities as these that together we may find a means of expressing our

hopes, our dreams, and all those beautiful and rich inventions of the

soul too often stifled beneath grim reality. We wish you many happy

years of fantastic stories, improbable inventions, and plain old

silliness. We charge you to take the lessons and joys of this dream

world and with them, make the real world a better place:


A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:

Its loveliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness; but still will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep

Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.


Our love and best wishes to you all.


Obvious Exits:


Contents: Pidge, Skyler, Terry, Argon, TugsBear, Clarisa, Roofus_roo, Seth, Austin, Ping, Flutterz, Findra, Pylon, SIGN: Pet the coati. It needs love., and What's Dreamtime? [Fake]

TugsBear laughs.. I think its perfect the way it is..

Argon nods.

TugsBear says, "If people want change.. start hitting the muf manual and build whatever they want. The possibilities are endless."

Argon says, "May I ask something then?"

Skyler says, "Austin wasn't finished."

Argon stays silen.

Terry chirps quietly, "You sure about that, Skyler? [tilthead]"

Austin says, "What do you get from the description here?"

Terry chirps quietly, "That you want toony campy stuff, like MST3K."

Morticon gets something that goes to the furthest reaches of his imagination. things he can only dream and think about could occur here

Argon says, "May I?"

Skyler says, "When Austin is finished."

Argon waits then.

Austin says, "What I want is for the lot of you to show off the intelligence, imagination and creativity I know you all have, *without* my having to drag it out of you."

Austin says, "I want to actually be able to come here and not be the center of attention."

Austin says, "I want to see you doing something more than just existing. I want to see you taking everything you know and like and creating from that."

Austin says, "And I want to see you learning how to do that better."

Austin says, "I'm done."

Skyler says, "Go ahead, Argon."

Argon says, "Ok..."

Austin says, "Oh, one more thing. If I may."

Skyler says, "Can it be said after Argon?"

Argon says, "No, go ahead Austin"

Austin says, "I want you to at least notice there are four other active wizards on this muck completely unrelated to me, and that there're other people who actually deserve to be civic leaders around here."

Pidge says, "What did I miss"

Maxl wanders out of the shadows.

Maxl has arrived.

Argon says, "I think what the Charter says, and what I've seen indicates I wasn't all that far off. I think the charter is the 'theme' of the muck. It's very open and flexible, for players to have fun and do what they enjoy. But when doing what they enjoy interferes with others doing so, and especially throws it in the face of you, Austin. I think that is far beyond 'giving the other fellow a break."

Pidge says, "aka... Argon"

Roofus_roo is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.

Roofus_roo has left.

Pidge says, "see U l8'r"

Argon says, "Yes, you want to be treated like everyone else...but I think common courtesy means not being a jerk. particulary when you doing to so to someone..anyone any Wiz..who has given so much of themselves to make this place work."

Findra waves to Pidge.

Pidge teleports away.

Pidge has left.

Player Name On For Idle Doing...

22 players are connected. (Max was 26)

Ping has something to say.

Balloonatic wanders out of the shadows.

Balloonatic has arrived.

Argon says, "Go ahead, Ping."

Terry has something to say too. Still.

Maxl hisses, "Look, then Terry should talk."

Ping copy-pastes his buffer to somewhere else. "Go ahead, Terry."

Terry eeps. "Okay. "

Terry chirps quietly, "The original comment was that places and things that you build are all going to be boring."

Terry chirps quietly, "It doesn't matter how well written they were, a book with no story and just good descriptions is really boring."

Terry chirps quietly, "And parties where you just hang around to do stuff are also usually boring."

Balloonatic has left.

Terry chirps quietly, "I think we need to do less construction, or none at all. Construction is inherently OOC. If you want things to happen, you need to stay more IC."

Terry chirps quietly, "And if you don't want to be IC, you don't need to build anything."

TugsBear has disconnected.

Terry chirps quietly, "AND if you want to pull random people into stuff, DO we have an overall theme? Toony camp is my guess at what we have."

Terry chirps quietly, "Powergaming lameness falls into that category. It's what we do here."

Ping would like to answer Terry.

Terry chirps quietly, "As for austin groupieness, I haven't seen it in a while, but I haven't been paying much attention either, so it might still be around. Go ahead."

Terry steps down.

Maxl hisses, "Go ahead, Ping. I have something to say when you're done."

Ping traces, "I think it shouldn't fall entirely on the wizards to promote discussion or RP. It's easy to get frustrated when people don't get involved in even the slightest conversation, and even worse when people are outright rude. To answer Terry's comment about it being boring, I'd like to say that there is one big reason why I'm here instead of somewhere else..."

Ping traces, "And that's why I find the discriptions interesting, the roleplaying fun, and things are NOT boring."

Ping traces, "People who think the very nature of mucking is boring, I want to ask: Why are you here? That's what IRC is for. And whether powergaming is going on or not, outright rudeness is worse."

Terry chirps quietly, "You're misrepresenting me."

Ping traces, "You said anything we build or do is going to be boring."

Ping traces, "Exact quote, "places and things that you build are all going to be boring.""

Terry chirps quietly, "No, I said anything you build is going to be boring by itself, and that things you do just for the sake of doing something are going to be dull."

Terry chirps quietly, "It's all props."

Argon says, "Then use to the props to tell a story, or do something."

Terry chirps quietly, "Right -- spend your energy on something interesting, instead of wasting effort on more useless building."

Maxl hisses, "That's what Terry's trying to say, Argon. Unless we do something with the stuff we have now, it's pointless to make more."

Argon says, "Ok, then do something with it."

Maxl hisses, "When people have, Argon, they're met with indifference or just 'well, that's nice'."

Argon says, "Not always, again, it depends on what you do or build. The quality of the thing and how it's presented."

Terry erfs, and left out something important. Can she add it?

Argon says, "Of course."

Maxl hisses, "Yes, Terry. The rest of you be quiet."

Terry chirps quietly, "Right. [deepbreath] You can't just make an effort and make something happen. It'll suck. You have to actually be excited about it. That's why it doesn't happen often. People try and it dies off because no one really cares. The things that at least some people actually cared about actually went somewhere, like the robot night or whatever. But in particular, Austin, glaring at someone and saying YOU, do something interesting NOW is NEVER going to work."

Maxl hisses, "Thank you, Terry."

Maxl hisses, "That leads perfectly into what I want to say, now. If I can?"

Argon listens.

Maxl hisses, "Our problem is still that nobody cares. This has been the problem for the last two or three meetings we've had. Nothing gets done, nobody goes out and fixes anything. Because they're lazy and don't care. I don't care, myself, but quite honestly I'd be preapared to care, if there was anything to care *about*. We need to find something that intrests most of the community, if not all of it, rather than things that just amuse *us*."

Maxl hisses, "Amuse us as individuals, that is."

Maxl hisses, "That's all I'm going to say about it."

Skyler says, "May I say something?"

Maxl hisses, "Yes, Skyler."

Skyler says, "There /should/ be an atmosphere that allows individuals to do what they find amusing, fun, interesting, or whatever. This is what a community is all about, after all. Different people bringing different takes on things."

Skyler says, "Community efforts like robot day are great things. However..."

Skyler says, "This is really very simply made a lot more conducive to fun."

Skyler says, "Show at least a passing interest in what other people are doing, but be just as prepared to nudge them in new directions."

Skyler says, "I think there's something going on here that goes something like this:"

Skyler says, "Everyone is convinced that their own ideas are boring and not worth bringing up, so everyone has two ideas on the tip of their tongue and instead conversation turns to old 'Happy Days' episodes."

Findra chuckles.

Morticon smirks

Skyler says, "Well, let me finish."

Skyler says, "That's safe. But it isn't imaginative."

Skyler says, "I'm quite sure that with the size of the internet, we can do that forever and ever."

Skyler says, "Really. And maybe it'll even be a 4 out of 10 on peoples' lists. It's somewhere to go to idly chitchat."

Ping has connected.

Ping had to let roommate use phone.

Ping has disconnected.

Morticon raises his hand, for when Skyler is done.

Player Name On For Idle Doing...

Ping 00:00 12s Asking for a cookie, of course.

20 players are connected. (Max was 26)

Skyler says, "What brings things to the next level is taking what you really want to do and doing it. Keeping in mind common courtesy and that other people may like other things."

Skyler says, "Half the fun of a muck can be doing things that yes, maybe other people don't draw their lives' interest from, but lets you play around other people."

Skyler says, "There doesn't have to be unanimous consent on what 'fun' is. But if you're doing what you enjoy and other people are, there can be fun common ground."

Skyler says, "If people remember the odd juxtaposition of Mobius (Sonic) and the Care Bears on TF&F, this gets somewhere into the heart of things."

Skyler says, "Two completely different ideas that get smashed together in odd ways."

Skyler says, "Okay, I'm done for now."

Huh? (For help, try "help" or "globals")

Maxl hisses, "I'd also like to mention that, as I remember it, TF&F was founded on idle chitchat. Although of a very different variety of what we have now, apparently. Your turn, Morticon."

TimesHeart wanders out of the shadows.

TimesHeart has arrived.

You say, "well, I'm not exactly on topic (though I do remember when a wiz and a group of furs went and @rec'ed mobius. now that was fun :) ), but I have to ask. in my players opinion, most of what he's done the past year has just been shot down here as being bad. So I ask, excluding last weeks mishap, has Morticon been doing generally good for the muck, or should he get lost because he is hurting it? (you can answer with a simply help or hurt)"

Ping adds his name to the floor-queue.

Maxl hisses, "Okay, let's have a simple vote on that, before Ping gets the floor."

Maxl hisses, "Who thinks Morticon has been helping the muck?"

Argon says, "He's helped."

Ping traces, "Helped."

Flutterz warbles, "Helped."

Seth quietly remarks, "Helped."

Findra chirrrs softly, "helped."

Terry chirps quietly, "Abstain."

Austin says, "Helping."

Seth will be right back.

Seth has disconnected.

Maxl hisses, "That looks like a majority, anyway. Ping, you've got the floor."

Morticon smiles softly to himself and listens

Ping traces, "I have a quick proposal. I propose we lower the idle-timeout to 10 or 15 minutes."

Terry chirps quietly, "Please don't. There are certain things I've been doing lately that often involve 10-15 minute downtime."

Findra chirrrs softly, "That's not good when people are at work and have to idle, like myself."

Terry chirps quietly, "It'd also be intensely annoying if anyone *was* building."

Argon says, "Yes, with pings and stuff, you can idle for years without timing out."

Ping traces, "I don't know about everybody else, but when I build things, I write out all the @descs first and then do all the things in the muck with everything on-hand."

Ping traces, "I don't see why building should require 15-minutes of idle-time, but Findra has a point."

Morticon thinks it would be a good idea to have maybe 20min? still, something lower then 45

Maxl hisses, "What would a shorter idle timout acomplish?"

Skyler says, "If I may, 45 minutes seems fine to me. This just comes down to people doing things when they have the opportunity, and to be fair, the community in general has been better at that."

Argon nods at Maxl's question.

Maxl hisses, "I think 45 is low, myself."

Ping traces, "Idling, Maxl."

Terry chirps quietly, "Exactly, Ping. I write out whole rooms in notepad and then paste into the MUCK. It can easily take 15 minutes to do a room well."

Skyler says, "By this I mean, not just sitting idle 40 minutes, and typing 'WHO' at that mark."

You page, "oh, BTW, a quick 'help' or 'hurt' would do. what was your vote on my question?" to Maxl.

Maxl hisses, "If you're idling, you're not hurting anything. If you're not helping, that's your problem."

Maxl hisses, "The problem is *not* the timeout. It's that those people aren't interested in what's going on."

Ping traces, "Until people complain about excessive idling, Maxl."

Morticon notes some more advanced clients will auto-ping for you anyway. remember argon's tail swishing? :)

Argon chuckles.

Terry chirps quietly, "People who complain about excessive idling should grow up."

Maxl hisses, "People that complain about idling should be shot."

Terry nods. "And then be shot."

Terry chirps quietly, "Like in 1984."

Maxl hisses, "Lowering the timeout would liklely *hurt* things."

Ping traces, "Great plan. Let's just banish everyone we disagree with. Then the world will be a better place, right?"

Morticon grins

Maxl hisses, "Are you aware of the existance of sarcasm, Ping? Anyway, let's move on."

Skyler says, "Can we just commute the death sentence to 'That doesn't seem to be a good idea to me.'?"

Skyler nods to Maxl.

Argon says, "I agree with Maxl though. Folks who keep getting bumped may quit coming. We have some idlers who will get involved from time to time."

Ping traces, "Sarcasm back, Maxl. I tell you what, I need to go. My roommate's back and we have things to talk about too. Seeya, everyone."

Morticon waves

Ping waves.

Seth has connected.

Ping is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Ping has left.

Argon says, "Laters Ping"

Terry chirps quietly, "That's why we're doomed, by the way. Even the people complaining about intolerance are intolerant about different things. :)"

Maxl hisses, "So. What's next?"

Maxl rock & rolls all night.

TugsBear gets knocked unconcious by a fast moving Broom! OUCH!

TugsBear has left.

Room: Charter Park


OOC TimesHeart Male Tiger (CareBear Cousin)

!Maxl Male Badger

Skyler male 'toon bunny

Terry female mint otter

--+--Argon Male Centaur

Clarisa[20m idle] female Cetan

I, Seth Male Human

Austin male Coati

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz[2m idle] female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

Findra[6m idle] female bunny

---[ Found 11 characters. ( 11 Awake ) ]--------------------------------------

Terry chirps quietly, "Ping hates idling, Maxl hates role playing, austin hates apathy, I hate vague generalities that make me cringe..."

Maxl hisses, "I don't hate roleplaying."

Terry chirps quietly, "And building, and authority, and moderation, and duty, and pressure..."

Terry chirps quietly, "Topaz, then."

Maxl hisses, "inv"

Terry chirps quietly, "It was somebody."

Maxl hisses, "Okay, Topaz, yes."

Maxl hisses, "I'm being told I have to go to bed, anyhway."

Maxl hisses, "I think I will, for once. Have fun fending for yourselves."

Seth quietly remarks, "Good night, Maxl."

Austin says, "See you later, Maxl."

Findra chuckles. "OK. Goodnight Maxl."

Findra chirrrs softly, "Talk to you again soon."

Argon says, "Laters Maxl."

Maxl is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Maxl has left.

Morticon waves

You say, "so, should there be a part II of the meeting? :)"

Skyler says, "Well, it does look to me like perhaps we can wrap this up, unless there are new points to talk about."

Morticon ohs. true :)

Argon says, "Well, it looks as though we have discussed the problems..."

TimesHeart mrowlls, "Interesting..."

Argon says, "Have we determined any solutions?"

Findra chirrrs softly, "Do we need a summary?"

You say, "is there a moral?"

Terry chirps quietly, "The moral of this story is clear for all to see, and clearly all can see... but it isn't clear to me."

Argon says, "It seems we decided to try and be more tolerant, as long as we feel like it, and start being more interesting."

Morticon adds, "...if we feel like it :)"

Skyler says, "I might put it a different way."

TimesHeart mrowlls, "The last time I saw a meeting like this one was about 2 and 1/2 years ago... ;>"

Argon says, "Please."

Skyler says, "Just make the assumption that you can provide an interesting spin on what everyone else is doing or thinking, rather than the opposite."

Morticon . o O ( hence, SpinDizzy? )

Terry chirps quietly, "And make the effort to lie to people that you really don't hate what they're doing so as to encourage everyone to contribute?"

Skyler says, "Constructive criticism, Terry."

Argon nods, "Right Terry, if other people seem to like it too."

Skyler says, "Which is something I believe people don't give enough of here."

Morticon's char has actually learned something from the meeting.

Argon says, "Actually, I have a question that is somewhat off topic."

Argon says, "If I may..."

Argon says, "What ever happened to the 'search for Helpstaff'?"

Skyler says, "I need to sleep, folks."

Argon says, "Ok, Laters Skyler."

Terry chirps quietly, "No one really cared, so it went away? :)"

Flutterz warbles, "G'night Skyler"

Terry wavies to skylerbunny.

Austin says, "See you later, Skyler."

Morticon waves

Argon says, "No one cared, or you didn't?"

Skyler is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Skyler has left.

Room: Charter Park


OOC TimesHeart Male Tiger (CareBear Cousin)

Terry female mint otter

--+--Argon Male Centaur

Clarisa[7m idle] female Cetan

I, Seth[8m idle] Male Human

Austin male Coati

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

Findra[7m idle] female bunny

---[ Found 9 characters. ( 9 Awake ) ]----------------------------------------

Terry's a little otter, sleek and rounded, with short limbs, a thick conical tail, round liquid eyes, teeny little ears, and a blunt, whiskered muzzle. Her fur is a uniform shade of mint green all over her body, and even her eyes and whiskers have a distinct green cast to them, although of course much much darker. Terry isn't wearing any clothing -- it'd look silly on an otter anyway, after all. She is wearing a shiny chrome (water resistant) wristwatch, though. She'd feel naked without it.

She sees you looking at her.

Carrying: Chibi, pokeball 3, laptop, and Terry's Meat Gun

Austin says, "And more or less, yeah; I haven't seen anybody stepping forward to be the sort of community leader I want, so I'm not going to rope anyone into a helpstaff just to pretend we have one."

Terry chirps quietly, "I *know* I didn't, but I sort of assumed it was going on like normal."

Terry chirps quietly, "You said it wasn't, so I was offering a theory."

Argon nods at Austin.

Austin says, "Of course, the entire point of the whole muck is to make sure the burden of 'having fun' is an onerous one; to make sure that everybody is walking around with nervous, fragile smiles pasted over their faces whether or not they enjoy anything."

Morticon chuckles.

Terry chirps quietly, "Did you read the latest 'Gremlin Trouble'. :)"

Morticon smiles, fragily

Austin says, "Never heard of it."

Terry chirps quietly, "By order of the princess regent, all goblins will henceforth be happy and not fight."

Terry chirps quietly, "On pain of immediate death!"

Argon guesses the discussion is over.

Terry chirps quietly, "It's a really good comic... kind of hard to find, though."

Findra thinks she's going to head off herself now as well. Things seem to be coming to an end.

Seth grabs a smiley-face mask and looms at Terry. "Smile! SMILE, damn your mouth! SMIIIIILE!"

Findra chirrrs softly, "Thank you every for your input, too. =:)"

Flutterz warbles, "G'night Findra...dream well."

Terry smirks?

Morticon waves

Seth pats Terry with the mask-onna-stick. "Good otter."

Findra chirrrs softly, "Thanks, Flutterz. :) You too. G'night folks!"

Seth quietly remarks, "'Night, Findra!"

Terry's eyes close and she grins a little more good-naturedly.

Findra is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Findra has left.

Room: Charter Park


OOC TimesHeart[4m idle] Male Tiger (CareBear Cousin)

Terry female mint otter

--+--Argon[2m idle] Male Centaur

Clarisa[3m idle] female Cetan

I, Seth Male Human

Austin male Coati

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

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TimesHeart mrowlls, "If I may say something (which will probably be ignored), but, *sighs*, it seems to me that having a 'helpstaff' is useless if the players aren't to appreciate their efforts in helping the rest of the community here. What say the rest of you?"

Flutterz warbles, "I'd say it was sad, but not useless."

Terry chirps quietly, "I always thought the point of a helpstaff was to answer obscure technical questions in emergencies, not to gather adoration and status for the staffers."

Morticon hmms. interesting point.

You say, "maybe 'helpstaff' should be relabled?"

TimesHeart mrowlls, "TechStaff?"

Terry chirps quietly, "As 'House of Lords''?"

Argon says, "But couldn't be names to the staff, or as a Wiz also be considered an honor, or recognition of a person as a community leader?"

Terry chirps quietly, "And all staffers would have to be addressed as 'Lord Argon'."

Morticon laughs

Terry chirps quietly, "It could, Argon, but so could, say, a Q bit."

Flag set.

Flag reset.

TimesHeart isn't touching that one, but felt the same way a long time ago... Life goes on...

Argon pages, "What's a Q bit?" to you.

You page, "Quell" to Argon.

A wizard set QUELL is effectively a normal player with no wizardly powers.

Programs that test to see if a player is wizard will get a false response

from '"wizard" flag?' when the player is QUELLed. Wiz-bitted programs

will still act wizbitted whether or not the owner is QUELLED.

You say, "so then maybe it should be renamed..."

Argon says, "Well, I think Austin had the right idea in suggesting all players be helpstaff."

Flutterz wants to wish everyone a happy Midsummer, she thinks we could all use one.

Morticon nods, "but not ALL players know the ins and outs of MPI, building, MUFfing, or all the commands there are...

Seth grins, ruffling Flutterz. "Probably do, at that."

Terry chirps quietly, "The problem is that if someone who doesn't know anyone needs to get an answer, they need to know who to bother. Who would mind it least and be most able to help."

Argon says, "No, but those who don't, know somone who does."

Terry chirps quietly, "Not that that's much of a problem here, since we don't get newbies, right?"

TimesHeart knows enough to get by, but probably is best to keep to himself, unless asked

Flutterz giggles at Seth, "We should build a bonfire, they'd come."

Morticon would :)

Argon says, "But that's a good point. Someone who isn't a regular and wants some info might be more comfortable knowing who to ask. "

Seth mms. Bonfires are fun. Especially when you roast marshmallow bunnies and chicks over them until they run and caramelize into bizarre, twisted shapes.

Seth hmms.

You say, "so, then, they should be renamed into 'techstaff'? and then have something like 'community helpers' or something which help with more.. personal and community-related issues? though I guess thats what the wizzes are for... theres enough of them for such a tiny muck :)"

Terry chirps quietly, "I think we should have a hierarchy of lords, barons, dukes, and such."

Morticon nods, sarcastically, "yes. I want my own kingdom :)"

Terry chirps quietly, "Each would have a court wizard to whom they referred all technical questions, while their purpose was to stand around and look dashing."

Flutterz grins, "Very appropriate Seth."

TimesHeart grumbles... "Why not just make the place an OOC chat room enviroment...?"

Terry chirps quietly, "It is that already, and more."

Argon says, "Not entirely..."

Argon says, "Morticon is IC, as is Balloonatic, Dolly and TugsBear//"

Argon says, "Austin and Natasha stay IC..."

Flutterz warbles, "I think that depends on the definition of IC."

Argon says, "We all talk about OOC stuff, but generally refer to RL stuff in some sense as our characters would."

Terry chirps quietly, "Persona play?"

TimesHeart mrowlls, "'Insufferably-Cool'... ;>"

TimesHeart mrowlls, "'Inconsiderately-Clumsy'... ;>"

Terry chirps quietly, "Thank you, mr. IRC. :P"

TimesHeart hehs

Terry takes out a giant balsa-wood mallet, with 'TOLERANCE' engraved on the side in large block letters.

TimesHeart mrowlls, "Except I don't do IRC. It's disgusting and crude."

Tanuki wanders out of the shadows.

Tanuki has arrived.

Huh? (For help, try "help" or "globals")

Could not find the player named digo.

Flutterz grins, "My goodness, this is such a place for generalizations."

Austin says, "Hi, Tanuki."

Flutterz waves to Tanuki.

Argon says, "Hiya Tanuki."

Tanuki returns (temporarily) from double-hard-disk death. I'm still gonna be scarce for a long time though

Austin says, "We'd almost forgotten you were at all; what's been happening?"

Tanuki barks, "Mark threw a keyboard at the server box and I'm still broke, in fact, moreso"

Tanuki barks, "When mark threw the keyboard at the server it crashed both its harddisks. I'm on raw telnet now"

Argon says, "Bad Mark! Did you send him to bed without supper?"

Morticon has a question. "does anyone have an opinion as to why maxl keeps having these meetings, if he doesn't seem to care?

Austin ohs. "That's a lot to have happen."

TimesHeart mrowlls, "You mean Maxl is the one who suggested these meetings? ;>"

Morticon nods

Argon says, "He called this one."

TimesHeart oh boys

Morticon is confused himself. "he keeps saying how he doesnt care, but yet he has these every so often. why??"

Austin says, "You've taken away from this mess that Maxl doesn't care?"

You say, "and then of course, he always says how nothing got done and leaves"

Terry chirps quietly, "He cares, but he doesn't agree with anything that you guys say."

Terry chirps quietly, "He wants to convince you?"

Morticon chuckles

Argon says, "What does he want to convince us of?"

TimesHeart mrowlls, "Maxl did the exact same thing back when he was a Wizard on one of my older (now-defunct) mucks. He was all for a meeting, but would leave if things didn't go as he intended for them to go."

Tanuki shrugs. From what little I've kept track of in recent months I think it's safer to just remember that not everybody can show up every day and make the much utopian and happy.[D[D[D

Terry chirps quietly, "That you're all missing the point."

Morticon ahhs at Timesheart. "of course, this time I feel that at least people may have learned something from this one."

Flutterz warbles, "I'd say he cares a great deal."

Argon says, "What's his point then, Terry?"

You say, "ok, terry. you seem to be all close to maxl. what IS his point"

Terry chirps quietly, "That you're trying too hard?"

Terry chirps quietly, "And the problems are with you and not everyone else?"

You say, "me in particular?"

Argon says, "Or that the problems are with everyone except him?"

TimesHeart doesn't hold muck-meetings anymore... ;>

Terry chirps quietly, "No, not you in particular."

Morticon giggles at Argon

Terry chirps quietly, "Why 'except him'? So that you can not listen?"

Terry chirps quietly, "Claiming hypocrisy is such a cop-out."

Argon says, "Uhm, then wgy does he think the problems are with everyone else?"

Tanuki barks, "I thought the thing about giving up on the newspaper was a bit harsh, but I also thought the newspaper was coming out a bit too often to have any content"

Terry chirps quietly, "No, YOU think the problems are with everyone else."

Argon says, "What is he doing right that we are all doing wrong?"

Morticon notes to tanuki the newspaper DOES have content generally every week, and it can be an amusing read

Terry chirps quietly, "For one thing, he's not turning it into a contest to assign blame?"

Tanuki shrugs. I have no web browser.

Tanuki barks, "I haven't checked my email in almost a month. :/"

You say, "use lynx. it's just as readable"

Argon says, "Well, I'm not either. I asked what he thought the problem is. You said the problem was with 'you'. I took that as us, but do you mean the problem is me. Argon?"

Terry arghs.

Terry chirps quietly, "I'm starting to think it might be. ;)"

Terry chirps quietly, "You're certainly loud enough."

Terry chirps quietly, "Why don't we try argon-free Spindizzy for a couple months and see if things improve?"

Morticon smirks, "and what about a terry and maxl free spindizzy? :)"

Terry chirps quietly, "Bah. Last time I left the place went to hell."

Flutterz warbles, "I'd rather see an attitude free SD for a few months, we might all be joyfully surprised."

Terry chirps quietly, "I came back and half the MUCK had left in a tiff. Some of them STILL aren't speaking."

TimesHeart mrowlls, "Um, when was that?"

Seth buys some 'Deep Annoyance Off', tugs on a gas mask, and liberally sprays the area with it.

Terry chirps quietly, "Around the time half the MUCK left in a tiff. :)"

Morticon hmms. or, just elminate everyone who has a drive to change it. it'll succeed, moderatly.

Terry chirps quietly, "Who here has a drive to change things?"

Argon says, "I do. "

Morticon tries his best

Terry chirps quietly, "People seem to want to *build* things and *organize* things, but that's what we've been trying for years."

Tanuki barks, "What really needs changing?"

Argon says, "And I do things to try and effect it."

Terry chirps quietly, "You're kind of bossy, though, and stubborn."

Morticon grins. "yup, argon is like a horse ;)"

Argon says, "Bossy?"

Argon patpats you!

Terry chirps quietly, "And every time there's an RP, you're the first one to try to kill it by pulling a magic solution out of your butt."

Morticon blinks at terry? argon does that?

Terry chirps quietly, "Or did you stop?"

Terry chirps quietly, "He used to do that. Maybe he got better."

TimesHeart mrowlls, "Argon isn't exactly bossy, but just concerned... Right, Argon?"

Argon says, "Well, yes..I do have a tendency to look for a quick solution."

Morticon laughs. "terry, if you want to comment on current events you need to come on more often"

Terry chirps quietly, "I'm on a lot, but never at the right time of day."

TimesHeart, again, keeps silent

Terry chirps quietly, "And I can tell his personality is the same. :)"

TimesHeart scratches that

Argon says, "But I try to 'be involved' when something happens. I may offer a dopey idea, but at least it's something for others to play off of."

Terry shrugs.

Flutterz warbles, "Ok, now I'm just plain offended."

Argon says, "And, at least I'm doing something to support or encourage what's happening."

Terry chirps quietly, "Um..."

Terry chirps quietly, "Sure."

Flutterz warbles, "Argon please do not justify yourself. There is no need."

Argon shrugs.

Morticon looks at the time. it gets perilously late for us east coasters

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Tanuki 00:23 6m Royce 02:15 19m Flutterz 03:42 36s

Skipai 00:43 25s Terry 02:32 50s Roofus_roo 03:57 47s

Seth 00:49 1m Coldfyre 02:36 1m Austin 04:33 2m

TimesHeart 01:02 31s Argon 03:09 29s Morticon 06:27 0s

Topaz 01:59 11m Clarisa 03:13 37m Natasha 07:10 2m

15 players are connected.

Flutterz smiles sweetly over at Terry, "And you, do you have a clue about polite conversation?"

Morticon grins at flutterz comment to terry

WhoSpecies #far of 'skipai'.


IC Skipai Male Otter


Terry chirps quietly, "Flutters, I started out trying to defend a witch-hunt against someone who wasn't even present. This is *not* polite conversation."

Flutterz warbles, "I quite agree, so lets make it ten times worse. Very beneficial."

Terry chirps quietly, "Hey, at least I'm playing offi t, trying to support and encourage the discussion. How can that be bad?"

Tanuki shrugs. Any actual news?

Seth quietly remarks, "This is discussion?"

Flutterz warbles, "It isn't a discussion it is name calling."

Argon says, "Which brings us back to my question. What is it that Maxl wants?"

Terry chirps quietly, "It's constructive criticism, but no one ever listens."

Argon hides his pitchfork and torch.

Morticon hmms at argon. maybe we should ask maxl tomorrow?

TimesHeart thought it sounded like complaining, and very similiar to last time...

Tanuki barks, "I gotta get going :/"

Seth quietly remarks, "I guess he wants us to care. But I'm not sure what he'd look at and see as caring."

Morticon waves

Argon says, "Laters Tanuki"

Seth quietly remarks, "Good night."

Terry chirps quietly, "He wants people to stop blaming others for being boring and for not being interested in their particular interests? I think that's a paraphrase of one of the things he asked for."

Terry chirps quietly, "Why don't you scroll up and read what he said?"

Tanuki barks, "I think, as usual, the issue is people getting worked up over something that hasn't happened yet... all I can gather as rare as I've been :/"

TimesHeart wasn't here for the whole meeting, but was here for a typical Maxl exit.

Morticon yawns. drat. he wished he lived on the west coast for tonight ;)

Flutterz warbles, "I know you all have had other places to call home, places that have fallen by the roadside and you probably even remember them fondly. _Please_ ask yourselves why they aren't around anymore. "

Argon says, "Morticon is logging."

Terry covers her face. "And now we're back to the name-calling."

Austin says, "Take care, Tanuki."

Austin says, "If I may?"

Tanuki barks, "I didn't see a name called, I just saw a blunt generalization... well, I gotta head out. Try to make sure the place is still up for when I make it back?"

TimesHeart mrowlls, "Excellent idea, Flutterz: Why isn't TFF around anymore?"

Tanuki wavies

Tanuki is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Tanuki has left.

Argon says, "Plese Austin."

You say, "cause a hacker erased that hard drive?"

Morticon oops and listens

Terry chirps quietly, "Most of mine are still around, I just got sick of them. :)"

Flutterz sticks a marshmellow in Terry's mouth, "Sweeten up dearling."

TimesHeart mrowlls, "Besides that."

Flutterz recovers herself and looks over at Austin.

Austin says, "The 'civics' file -- which got, by the way, almost no feedback before I proclaimed it policy -- says that everyone is to 'do what they enjoy, and share what they enjoy with others.' Perhaps it should instead say that everyone is to 'do what they enjoy, and make what they enjoy inviting for others to share'?"

Austin says, "I might not say inviting, but my copy of Roget's is across the room."

Clarisa has disconnected.

Austin says, "That sentiment, anyway."

Terry chirps quietly, "What's the 'civics' file?"

Terry chirps quietly, "Ah. News."

General News



AUP - SpinDizzy's acceptable use policy


civics - Outlines the civic esponsibilities for users and

staff on the muck.



SpinDizzy Acceptable Use Policy



Be a nice guy, give other folks a fair shake, don't be a jerk, realize that a

wizard is never merely *suggesting* that you knock it off.



--The Wiz Staff


All users:


All users of the muck do what they enjoy, and share what they

enjoy with others.




Helpstaff members are regulars who serve the muck community,

encouraging communication and creativity among all participants and

solving technical, social, and conceptual problems. They are developing

as leaders of the community, seeking out people and ideas that make

the place more interesting and rewarding. They also alleviate or

solve interpersonal conflicts.




Wizards are helpstaff members, established leaders of the

community who are granted Wizard status because the community benefits

from their having this level of permission and trust. They demonstrate

extraordinary skill at helping the muck grow and demonstrate a

sustained, continuing interest in doing so. They are also the final

arbiters of interpersonal conflicts.




Austin says, "Type 'news civics'. It's an outline the wizards wrote to figure out what we ideally wanted peoples' relationships and roles on the muck to be."

Argon says, "May I suggest 'do what they enjoy and encourage and allow others to do the same?"

Terry chirps quietly, "May I suggest striking the 'encourage'?"

TimesHeart posts: 1 invite \in-vt\ invited inviting [MF or L; MF inviter, fr. L invitare] (1533) verb transitive 1) a: to offer an incentive or inducement to : entice b: to increase the likelihood of 2) a: to request the presence or participation of b: to request formally c: to urge politely : welcome inviter noun (C) 1996 Zane Publishing, Inc. and Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

Argon says, "Well, I think others should be ecouraged to do what they enjoy."

Terry chirps quietly, "Ah! I thought you meant encourage others to do what YOU enjoy."

Argon says, "If they wish."

Austin says, "The idea I'd had in mind was, you know, sharing. That if one person likes something, somebody else might like it even if the second person wasn't already into it."

Austin says, "That whole, y'know, community idea. That we show other folks what they hadn't thought of but that might still be neat."

Argon says, "Well, that requires folks to be open to new ideas."

Terry chirps quietly, "How about, 'To make what they enjoy inviting to all, and to hit Argon when he gets annoying'. ;)"

Morticon ohhs, and baps argon lightly :)

TimesHeart mrowlls, "I don't think that's very appropriate..."

Argon says, "Well, I wonder if it's only a couple of folks, or a lot more who find me annoying?"

Morticon also takes his wallet, as customary

Terry chirps quietly, "I bet He'd appreciate the mention, though."

Austin says, "I don't want to say 'require folks to be open to new ideas,' since that sort of statement draws protests about how it's a horribly oppressive burden and ends up forcing people to be Care Bears. As though that was worse than death."

Terry chirps quietly, "Actually, that's something that I was contradicted on. SHOULD we tell peopel when we find them annoying?"

Terry chirps quietly, "Skyler said we should, and Flutters said we shouldn't."

Morticon Gasps at Austin, "but that IS worse then death to be a care bear"

Terry chirps quietly, "I'm sort of inclined to agree with the fae, even though it would be a terrible burden on me, personally, and I'd probably just end up hibernating in a corner. :)"

Flutterz warbles, "Skyler said constructive criticism I believe. I'd be happy to tutor you Terry."

Morticon giggles

TimesHeart could just as easily change himself from TimesHeart Tiger, into Chrono-Tiger, Master of all Time and Space. ;>

Terry laughs. "Screaming insults isn't quite what he hand in mind, Flutterz. Maybe I can find someone, though."

Argon says, "Well, let me say that if two people said to me, "Argon, you're terribly annoying', it would have less of an effect that if 10 people did."

Austin shrugs. "I know the one thing that drives me crazy, above all else, is that I can't get honest feedback around here. I can get a lot of comments about how I'm doing something wonderful and clever and useful, but I can't get actual comments that say when something isn't right."

Argon says, "That's because the problem isn't stuff you do, but..folks who.."

Terry chirps quietly, "It's those damn people who don't like our product."

Argon says, "Oh, I can't phrase it without sounding like I'm flaming and I don't want to do that."

Terry chirps quietly, "The traitors."

TimesHeart tried giving comments back when he thought things were awry the first time, and got instant repulsion. He just keeps quiet anymore...

Terry chirps quietly, "If we killed everyone who didn't like what we do, then we'd have 100% participation!"

Austin says, "Well, I'm driven crazy by the way everybody seems to love me, but nobody respects me enough to tell me when I'm wrong."

Austin says, "Maybe that's what we need; better respect for one another."

Argon says, "May I say something about that, Austin?"

Argon says, "In talking to you, you're very don't chit chat a lot..."

Argon says, "You might be with folks other than me..but it's hard for me anyway to engauge you in conversation.."

Morticon nods at argon, agreeing a bit

Argon says, "I know, I'm not all that exciting..but even in a room with chat about cartoons, and models and things.."

Argon says, "But when it comes to 'running the muck''re pretty quiet about it."

Argon says, "Now, if that's your style. it's fine. You get things done..."

Argon says, "But if you want to know what folks think about things, ask them."

Terry chirps quietly, "You're deadly serious all the time and we know you disapprove of everything that's going on or isn't, so it's kind of scary to complain further and make it worse? I mean, I'd expect you to return with some sarcastic comment meaning vaguely, 'I know! Shut up!'. It might be a false perception."

Argon says, "Anyway, that's my suggestion."

TimesHeart mrowlls, "In all due honesty, Austin, I don't love you, but I do like you. There is a difference. But I have always respected you."

Terry ponders singing a riff from 'Jesus Christ, Superstar', but it'd probably be taken correctly, so she'd better not.

Natasha wanders out of the shadows.

Natasha has arrived.

Argon says, "You are pretty quiet you know, Austin. It's sometimes hard to get a feel for your mood."

Natasha pulls out a big fuzzy broom and sweeps the room clean of sleepers.

Clarisa is sent home.

Clarisa has left.

Argon says, "hiya Natasha"

Natasha says, "Hello again everyone."

Flutterz waves to Natasha.

Austin says, "Argon, whenever I have solicited an opinion about anything, I have come up with nothing. So, yeah, I stopped asking."

Morticon hmms

You say, "so you just got discouraged?"

Terry chirps quietly, "How about this, Austin:"

Terry chirps quietly, "'Encourage others to do what they enjoy, even if it sucks'. :)"

Austin says, "I mean, heck, the 'news civics' thing I spent weeks asking for input, and I got nothing. It was even in the newspaper. And what did you say today, Terry? "What's the civics things?""

Terry chirps quietly, "I haven't been very political here for a long time, Austin."

Player Name On For Idle Doing...

Roofus_roo 04:23 3s

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Argon says, "What's politics got to do with it?"

Terry chirps quietly, "'Please comment on news civics' is politics. Or comes off as politics."

Terry chirps quietly, "It would have been filtered out. :/"

Balloonatic wanders out of the shadows.

Balloonatic has arrived.


Argon says, "What do you mean filtered out? Not left on the board?"

Balloonatic yawns, "You guys are stil here?"

Argon waves at Balloonatic.

Terry chirps quietly, "Not read by one who wasn't feeling like dealing with politics."

Terry chirps quietly, "Such as, for example, me."

Austin says, "What, exactly, would have kept it from being filtered out then? What would have made you notice I was trying to write down a rough idea of what kind of place we want to have?"

Terry chirps quietly, "I would have had to have cared about politics?"

Austin says, "I can't babysit every one of you and I've stopped trying. I did everything reasonable to get useful input. At some point, you the people have to show some kind of response, somewhere, to anything."

Balloonatic pantomimes, "so, what have you dudes concluded?"

Argon says, "But Terry, isn't that the kind of apathy that Maxl was concerned about?"

Terry chirps quietly, "Does there have to be a flaw in the presenter or the potential recipient for them not to agree?"

Terry chirps quietly, "Hmm?"

Argon says, "No, but as a member of the community you can at least say something."

Terry chirps quietly, "It's a type of apathy, yes."

Argon says, "I agree, I don't and why, something."

Terry chirps quietly, "Should I be required to say something in response to every idea that people present?"

Balloonatic pantomimes, "?"

Argon says, "Ones as important as that one was, yes."

Terry chirps quietly, "As important as 'news civics'? [snicker]"

Morticon read the civic thing and agreed with it, if that helps. He's sure most people read it, and they prolly didn't have a strong enough opinion to post a comment. either that or they agree.

Terry chirps quietly, "NOTHING is that important unless it's likely to actually be imposing rules that will be enforced."

Austin says, "How would you know if it was?"

Terry chirps quietly, "Well, there'd be some wizards in power who enforced silly rules like that."

Terry chirps quietly, "That might make me take notice."

TimesHeart is currently online.

Adding TimesHeart to your permanent watchfor list.

Terry chirps quietly, "If Scorch was head wiz, then I'd read things like that. The atmosphere of fear would be around."

Terry chirps quietly, "But I sort of trust you. Shouldn't I?"

Argon says, "Would you come back if that atmosphere was prevelant here?"

Flutterz grins.

You say, "so, we should have some sort of Nazi-like muck prison, where everyone lives in fear?"

Argon says, "Well, if it's Terry reading the posts or that, I know which I'd choose."

Natasha says, "Nasenbaer ueber Alles."

Austin says, "I'm glad that you trust that the wizards are going to do the right thing most of the time, but that doesn't mean we're right."

You say, "well, most of the wizzes have been mucking for quite some time, so I myself have some trust in them anyway"

Terry chirps quietly, "I might, Argon, but I still don't think it'd be a good thing."

Austin says, "We need people trying to make the muck their own."

Balloonatic pantomimes, "??? is that a good thing or a bad thing"

Flutterz warbles, "They can't Austin."

Argon says, "We need people getting involved."

Terry chirps quietly, "You can't force people to like things that don't catch their interest."

Terry chirps quietly, "It's a law of nature."

Flutterz warbles, "Or at least I can't. I shouldn't speak for anyone else."

Argon says, "Even just reading and responding to posts?"

Austin says, "Yes, but you can try to make what you're doing more appealing to other folks."

Terry chirps quietly, "I agree with that."

Argon says, "And be more open to what other folks are doing."

Balloonatic is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.

Balloonatic has left.

Terry chirps quietly, "But if it doesn't work, maybe you should ask what went wrong, or try something different, instead of just writing it off as 'everyone sucks, they didn't like my idea'?"

Austin says, "Nifty. So we're all in agreement, but the argument will continue until nothing happens."

Austin says, "I've got to go. See you later, folks."

Morticon waves

Natasha says, "Good night Austin."

Terry chirps quietly, "I can agree with that too. People should be *discouraged* from pissing on other peopels' fun."

Seth quietly remarks, "Good night, Austin."

Terry chirps quietly, "Even if it sucks. :)"

Terry chirps quietly, "Nite."

Austin has disconnected.

Room: Charter Park


Natasha female elastic coati

OOC TimesHeart Male Tiger (CareBear Cousin)

Terry female mint otter

--+--Argon Male Centaur

I, Seth Male Human

Austin[asleep] male Coati

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

---[ Found 8 characters. ( 7 Awake / 1 Asleep ) ]-----------------------------

Flutterz smiles a bit at Terry.

Natasha says, "So, when'll the booklet of the minutes be available?"

Argon says, "And so it goes."

Argon says, "Should we post the log?"

You say, "it will be available when the meeting ends :)"

Flutterz warbles, "Poor Morty, you've had to stay up so late. =/"

Seth quietly remarks, "It does. We'll see if it goes anywhere, I guess. And I'll probably try something soon."

You say, "probably tomorrow. I need to edit out a long /recall I did and other private things"

Natasha says, "I might as well get to bed too. Good night."

Natasha is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Natasha has left.

Flutterz warbles, "If I can help in anyway Seth, please let me know."

Argon says, "Send me a copy Morti, I'll put it on the website"

Morticon nods and will

Room: Charter Park


OOC TimesHeart Male Tiger (CareBear Cousin)

Terry[3m idle] female mint otter

--+--Argon Male Centaur

I, Seth Male Human

Austin[asleep] male Coati

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

OOC Flutterz female Wanna be Dread Pirate, Flower Fae

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Seth quietly remarks, "Sure thing. If you're on tomorrow, I could use a handful of people to bounce stuff off on. I tend to have a lot of ideas, but they can get pretty dumb at times. "

Terry chirps quietly, "I might try something, if I have the time, and other people interested, but neither seems likely."

Argon says, "Well, give it a try."

Flutterz warbles, "I'll be around tomorrow."

Seth quietly remarks, "Cool. I'd talk about it now, but it'll probably be better when I'm not so tired and I can think a little straighter."

Argon says, "Perhaps we all should call it a night."

Seth's brain tends to go off-kilter after ten. Slowly but surely.

Morticon will be around tomorrow too. and would like to hear seth's ideas and hopefully participate in them

Flutterz cackles, "Terry you are an adorable sourpuss.

Argon chuckles.

Terry scowls. "Politics brings out the worst in me."

Terry chirps quietly, "Or so I flatter myself. ;)"

Flutterz scritches the scowling cheekruffs, "Me too, try honey though...tis much better than vinegar."

Morticon won't be getting up till late morning tomorrow it looks %.%

Terry chirps quietly, "But it makes me cringe so much when I can see it happening... you know. When I'm not the target and too flattered to notice. :)"

Seth pats Morticon. Get yourself a quad-shot expresso and you should be right as rain. And clawing your way through the ceiling.

Morticon twitches :)

Flutterz opens her mouth and just as quickly shuts it. Enough said.

Terry snickers.

Morticon okays. looks like it's almost winded down

Flutterz warbles, "Goodnight everyone....Dreaming is required tonight."

Seth grins and vibrates. HeeEEHEeeeheEeeheecaffienecaffienecaffieeeene.

Seth quietly remarks, "Yeah, a while back, I think. Good night, Flutterz. Sleep good."

Flutterz wavies and poofs.

Terry chirps quietly, "Bye bye."

Terry chirps quietly, "Whoever."

Flutterz is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Flutterz has left.

Morticon grins and waves

TimesHeart Player Information


{no entry}

(@imaged objects)






He sees you looking at him.

Standing before you is TimesHeart Tiger, a carebear cousin from the Deserts of Nod, located along the river Slipstream. Being about 6'4" tall and weighing about 185 lbs, he is colored in the common tiger stripes, even on his tail. His hazel eyes sparkle brilliantly as you look upon him. Upon his tummy is the symbol of a Tilted Hourglass resting aside a red heart. He smiles cheerfully to you.

Argon waves too late.

Argon says, "Well, I think I too will head home to bed."

Morticon waves

Argon waves.

Argon says, "Laters!"

Balloonatic wanders out of the shadows.

Balloonatic has arrived.

Morticon thinks he shalll follow

Argon goes home.

Argon has left.

Terry chirps quietly, "I'll sit here until everyone else leaves."

Seth quietly remarks, "Good night, Morticon. I'm going to head to bed myself."

Terry wavies to everyone, then.

Room: Charter Park


Balloonatic Male OrangeBalloon Augustine Clown Lion

OOC TimesHeart Male Tiger (CareBear Cousin)

Terry female mint otter

I, Seth Male Human

Austin[asleep] male Coati

OOC Morticon Male OzBioTech Wallaby Model XG6

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Seth waves.

Seth is glommed down and swept away by a plastic hippopotamus mouth.

Seth has left.

Wurragurr wanders out of the shadows.

Wurragurr has arrived.

Terry eeps!

Terry chirps quietly, "Greetings, whirry-grr."

TimesHeart paw-wavies at the macro-roo!

Morticon points to terry, "sic em, wurra!"

Balloonatic has disconnected.

Morticon giggles

Balloonatic has connected.

>> A hising sound emerges as Balloonatic magicly reinflates. Happy as a clown he beeps in greeting out loud.

Balloonatic is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.

Balloonatic has left.

Wurragurr pounces Terry!

Wurragurr licks Terry!

Wurragurr licks Terry!

Wurragurr licks Terry!

Terry gaks and paws at an evil licking tongue! Getitoff!

Morticon shuts the log off. finally. looks like the meeting is definantly over.