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Mavra My Fiancé’, The Plushie

Much to my surprise one evening, I was wakened from my slumber, not from the expected ‘clumpf-clumpf-clumpf-clumpf’ sounds of my fiancé’s hooves, but rather the soft ‘paft-paft’ of... fluffy plushie feet?!?

            “Argon!  What happened to you!?” 

In a display that could only be called ‘disgustingly cute’, Argon squeaked, “Aahh... there was this...”  Argon flapped his plushie-fluffy dragon wings, “Ceralor did it.” 

            “Did what?”

Argon flapped his wings in mild irritation.  “This!  He was turning everyone into plushies!  I got ‘drag-ed’ into it.. heh heh...”

I wasn’t laughing.

          “Mavra, you’re too serious, relax!  I have it on very good word that it’s only temporary.”

            “Ok,” I said, crossing my arms, “what in this context is ‘temporary’?  Years, or even days does not count.”

             “Not even that long,” he squeaked in reply.  “It will only be overnight.”

             I was still dubious but willing to go along... for now.  “Well, ok.”

  Together we snugged in bed, Argon wiggling his cute little plushie eyebrows at me.

             “Ok, why are you looking so smug?” I asked.

             “Well,” he squeaked again, “you can tell folks you’re sleeping with me without them raising eyebrows!” 

            “Oh, get stuffed, Argon.”
SED Press Release Bodhi Dissolved Into Flubber!
  Bodhi, local lemur whose precise origins are unknown, was found dissolved in the park flubber the other day.  Morticon admitted he was conducting experiments involving flubber and lemurs with Bodhi until something went "terribly wrong.  I don't know how he became pure flubber and escaped the lab.  He was never supposed to leave like that.  In fact, he was never supposed to leave ever again", Morticon said coolly.
When Suri, local lemur, witnessed Bodhi's death (reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz) she became drained of her lemur-ness, becoming a Velociraptor as a result.  Suri was unavailable for comment, but can be seen in the park stalking, eating, and growling.
Rown Visit To The Doctor (?)
The Rose garden was the scene of a psychoanalytical nightmare this pas week as Arkikane, homemade radio/phone set out his shingle to practice. Unfortunately there wasn’t anyone to practice on until Rown, local Centaur and SpinDizzy regular (me heh!), decided to play with the radio/phone.

The doctor asked what he wanted to speak about but Rown was too busy trying to find the person in the box to answer. Eventually he dropped a screwdriver down into the swirling mass inside and Doctor Arkikane was forced to reform into Arkitaur, local SpinDizzy regular and some sort of Centaur… I think. :-p

 A duality of minds took place and soon he was changing back and forth from Arkitaur to Arkikane until it reached a point where it needed to psychoanalyze itself. At that point the homemaderadio/phone disappeared and didn’t return. Speculation is that Arkitaur and Arkikane either cancelled each other out or they went golfing. Another theory is that Arkitaur refused to pay his bill and Arkikane, in retaliation, convinced Arkitaur that he didn’t really exist and then looted his belongings. No one is quite sure though.

Argon The Who's Who List
  With so many new folks coming to SpinDizzy, this seems like a good time to remind folks of the Who's Who list on the muck's website.  The site is http://www.spindizzy.org.  By clicking on the Who's Who link, you can see a list of the regulars here. 

If you're a regular, and would like to be added to the list, send a picture of yourself, (your character) and a short blurb to argon@spindizzy.org, with Who's Who in the subject line.  Include a link to your website if you'd like. I'll get you on the page as soon as I can.

Let new folks know who you are, and old players know you're here by putting your info up on the SpinDizzy website!

Argon Weekly Survey
  Argon asked in this week's survey, "I'm doing a survey to be published in @Action News.  The question is, 'How did you get your name?  If you chose it, why did you pick it?  If your parents named you, why did they chose the name you have?'
PatchO'Black mews, "Jellicle names are based on an attribute of the child. In my case, a patch of black fur on my back."
Cye ohs! "umm. we'll I never knew my parents.. :( It was a village thing I saw told. Something to do with scrabble letters..
Tarka thinks... "I was looking around at all the words that meant otter... and I liked Tarka as a first name and Saarmas as a last name... I almost went by other names though. I just didn't. That help Argon?
Jenna's name means Quiet Eyes in the language of her people. "My grandmother named me."
Kilroy squeaks, "I was just looking for something spiffy to name myself, and Kilroy popped into my head."
Ceralor fuzzily squeaks, "I was something else. I decided something, by just saying sounds in my head together"
Gwyn says, "My name is a convoluted version of my player's name."
Mouser hisses, "My player ran a 'name that fursnake' contest when I was on FurToonia, Argon. I didn't get any useful entries, but one of the participants mentioned that I resembled a creature from one of the 'Fahfrd (sp?) and the Grey Mouser' stories, and the name sort of clicked..."
Tefnut mrrs, "My name comes from a nickname I got from my brother. I'm a staffer elsemu*, and we had to chose an Egyptian God/dess name. I thought back to 'Teflon', curtesy of Chris, and then found Tefnut. Badabing. After that, I just couldn't let go. I'm Tefnut."
Flutterz blinks at Argon. "S'Flutterz always be s'Flutterz! Yerp."
Cassie was named after the dog, "And Cassie is NOT short for Casablanca and don't let Twohart tell you otherwise"
Rick says, "Because my Mom like it."
Austin says, "My name is a reference to something."
Cubbi was always called Cubbi :)
Akeakami comments, "Argon, to answer your survey: my true form is a dolphin. Right now, thanks to a certain machine that will remain nameless, I'm a bunny. In either case, my name comes from a RL dolphin used in 20th century interspecies communication experiments. Her name was Akeakamai. I shortened it to Akeakami so it would fit into an 8 character computer login. :)"
Gilead chirps, "I was named by someone else. I don't know why. My human inherited me and kept my name the same."
Kinsor wheezes, "My name is of no consequence, really.. ..merely a mispelling of something else.. ..other than to pronounce it properly is 'sinsor'.."
Steve chits, "Hm. Don't think I can answer that.,  It's top secret. No, *really*."
Ba'ar sits beneath a tree... "Originally I was conceived by my player as a very simple genetic construct...very dense too...Ba'ar being one of the few words I was capable to speaking. It is of course another way of saying 'bear'...which is what I am"
Terra myrrs, "I got my name from the Earth I was born on. My mother gave it to me, she said that I was her world."
Argon (Written by Terry) The Doze Garden 

@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles
  Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy!  Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org, or qmail or page Argon about it.

Most any type of story or article will be accepted.  Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (Any more than anything that happens here does.) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have.  These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.