Argon - Editor

Rown Prickly Morti   

     At the height of a intellectual conversation in the rose garden dealing with anatomy and the various ways to grill wallaby tail, Morticon, SpinDizzy wallaby and just plain local, entered the garden and altered the conversation by attempting to take Mavra, local centauress and fiancée to Argon, local centaur and SpinDizzy regular (also the editor to this paper) to the glue factory.

     This attempt was accented by his attempt to light certain gaseous emissions from another local centaur and SpinDizzy regular (blush). Of course he was unsuccessful but it did interfere with me lighting the hibachi and he also was very reluctant to  volunteer his tail for the grilling.

     Ping, local mouse and SpinDizzy recipe maker arrived when I was explaining to Morticon that he would be featured in the SpinDizzy culinary hall of fame if he would let me grill his tail. I then explained to Ping that I was using his recipe to grill Morticon’s tail. Morticon decided to take his frustrations out on the mouse yelling “Death to you mousey one!” (and misspelling “mousy”) but Ping was far quicker than Morti and hid in some cactus.

     Morticon chased him in but couldn’t find him so Argon decided to help him out by pointing Morti in the direction of a particularly prickly cactus in the center of the outcropping. Morti couldn’t see Ping very well so he leaned into the outcropping as Ping shook the cactus using a fishing line while he hid behind the fountain.

     Argon, in a rare show of extreme clumsiness, bumped Morticon sending him into the prickly cactus and impaling him on it's sharp spines. Morticon reacted by leaping twenty feet into the air and hoping off yelping to another part of SpinDizzy where it was reported that he was still smarting from the spines while he was trying to remove them.

     Now a new recipe has been added to Pings cook book  “prickly wallaby tails in pineapple sauce.”
Argon State Of Furry
 Ok, so folks were chatting and this is what they had to say:
PatchO'Black mews, "Hi! Where am I?"
Gilead chirps, "In the Evergreen Forest."
Argon says, "Not in Kansas."
Nikon says softly, "Koonsas"
Cye says, "somewhere over the rainbow :)"
Argon tries to think of a state name Centaur could be worked into.
Nikon giggles.
Nikon says softly, "try a city Argon."
Argon says, "Nah, I'm thinking big!"
Argon grins.
Nikon says softly, "Country?"
PatchO'Black mews, "Well, maybe not a state, but there is Centaur America...."
Argon says, "Ah, Centaurado!"
Cye giggles!
Argon says, "And for Argon, Cye, Macrochusetts"
Argon says, "For Ping, Mousouri"
Argon says, "Kitsunetucky?"
Nikon says softly, "Vixgina."
Alicia says, "West Vixen?"
Gilead chirps, "Otterhoma?"
Argon says, "That works.  But..Virgin  ia, and Vixen...I don't know..."
Alicia says, "Catifornia!"
Natasha rubs Gilead's back.  "Otterbein College."
Gilead chirps, "Coaticut?"
Nikon says softly, "Stoat Island?"
Nikon says softly, "What would be a good one for Florida?"
PatchO'Black sings o/~ Oh, says can Argon see, by the dawn's furry light?~o/~
Cye says, "foxida?"
Alicia says, "Aliciatown, Vixgina!"
Gilead chirps, "Washbearington?"
Natasha says, "Oh, that one's unbearable."
Argon says, "I was thin king Alabearma."
PatchO'Black mews, "And, of course, Washbearington, District of Cublumbia...."
Gilead chirps, "otteregon?"
Gilead chirps, "Foxas?"
Nikon says softly, "Lemaranda"
Gilead chirps, "Aardvarkansas?"
Gilead chirps, "Nasuabraska?"
Argon says, "Nasau?  Whats a Nasau?"
Gilead chirps, "Ewetah?"
Natasha says, "It's Latin, basically meaning 'nosy'."
Natasha twitches her nose.  =>-
Boki Gull! Why Boki Should Have The Hat
Boki. local Gull has some comments concerning the cartoon which ran in last week's edition of @Action News ( /doze107.jpg )

There are many reasons why Boki should have the hat!

Boki knows when to go to port and when to go to sea!
Boki knows when to go left and when to go right!  This is directional!
Boki knows the difference between the onion ring and the ring around the moon!
Boki is not pointing fingers when there is a problem!
Boki is expert in piloting centaurs and tables through the fountain!
Boki does the shouting and the captaining at the same time!
Boki is expert at flying and at swimming!  This is a double captain!
Boki knows where the tasty fish are!  This is because they are for Boki!
Boki has not been in a mutiny!  Boki has always flown away!
Gulls have been there first!  Other people with hats have been there second!
If this is not convincing, then Boki should have the hat because Boki already has the hat!  It is just like that!
Newswire Sources Natasha Fixes Rose Garden Fountain

After getting covered with dirt, Skyler, local Rabbit like Bird jumped into the Rose Garden Fountain to wash it off.  Argon, local Centaur mentioned that Skyler might not get as clean as she hoped due to the algae that was building up in the pool of the fountain. Skyler observed that the filter might be more efficient if it were powered by rubber bands instead of springs. Terry, local Robotic Otter noted that Rubber *is* natures spring.  Natasha, local elastic Coati took note of this comment and took a few steps away from Terry.  Terry asked, "What's that? You're offering to help repair the fountain? A new elastic band will increase the water pressure and get rid of the algae?"

Terry seemed to think Natasha's elastic tail might be used to repair the mechanism, and when handed a pair of scissors to acquire the required parts, seemed to be fascinated by the shiny surface of them and the neat 'snip snip' sound they made.  At this point, Natasha looked up at Terry and said,  "Now, granted that I'm would, ahem, allow you to cut me up.  And granted that the scissor blades would be able to cut me when nothing has before.  And granted that you could perform a cut without getting blood, or whatever, all over the place...  Granted all that, do you think it'd even work?" Terry chirped quietly, "Oh! Right. So you think it's a good idea?" Natasha nodded saying, "Exactly.  It's unproven." Terry chirped quietly, "So you're saying you want to go in there with your tail to make any final adjustments?"

Natasha took a deep breath, tied her neckerchief into a blindfold around her eyes, and puffed on a (bubble gum with powdered-sugar 'smoke') cigarette.  "Just get it over with." With that, Terry picked up poor Natasha, ran over to the fountain, with scissors still in hand, and tossed her to Skyler,  who was standing atop the fountain. Terry, scrambled up behind her asking, "So how does this thing open up?"

Using the scissors still hanging from his finger, Terry began looking around, saying, "I think I found something. It's either a door or a decoration of some sort." Natasha peered down at Terry's prying, having forgotten that the kerchief was around her eyes a moment before.  "Oh?" Terry whimpered with frustration,  "It's not working. You do it, Natasha. You're almost a toon, aren't you? So it can't fail." Natasha asked  "What are you trying to do, exactly?" Terry chirped quietly, "Well, the fountain needs some sort of pump, right? And I don't know where it is. So I figured I could, you know, find it here." Natasha nodded, and sniffed at the little door. Skyler said, "I think you're on the right track, but I'd go with that other panel, the one marked 'pump control'. Natasha said, "The one with the padlock on it, you mean?" Terry chirped quietly, "Right, Padlock."  At this point, Terry used his archaic Pokemon inspired special effects to open the padlock.

Terry examined the lock. "I think that should do it." Natasha jiggled the rusty panel and finally got it open.  "So... what are we looking for here, then?"  Terry chirped quietly, "Well, Argon sayss it's not working right, so I figure it's the rubber bands powering it getting all stretched out and useless.  So I was gonna toss you in and see what happened!" Which Terry did! And then shut the door!  From inside, an "Ack  and sounds of scrabbling around inside were heard.  "Hey, wait... ack... I can't work myself free..."  Squeaking-rubber sounds come from the machinery. Terry chirps quietly, "Is it working? Is it working?" And a  moment later, the fountain started spouting away merrily.

Skyler then opened the door and Natasha's nose popped out of the *top* of the fountain.  Then her muzzle.  Then her head.  Then her body.  Then her tail. She had bits of oil on her here and there. Natasha looked herself over to find she'd been pinched in several places, and had gear teeth indentations across her front.  When asked if she was all right, she replied, "I... *think* so."

A bit of trouble was cleared out when Natasha went back in and found a tail ring that had gotten caught in the works.  

Argon Weekly Survey
  Argon asked in this week's survey, "I'm doing a survey to be published in @Action News.  The question is,  'The holidays are here, and Austin is still halfway around the world, want to send him a message?'
Drake says, "Austin - come home soon; we're out of clean socks. :)"
Rown says, "Okay, tell Austin to hurry up and get back soon. The muck needs cleaning. :-p"
Suri says, "No Coati Saturday, No Coati Sunday. You should probably come home soon, so we'll have Coatimundi."
Timesheart mrowlls, "Austin: We're holding down the fort in your absence. Hope your holidays have been good for you. We miss you, and hope you return safely soon."
Morticon says, "Oh! Come back soon, so I can steal your wizbit" to you.
Kendra yips, "Yes! Send him, "Ai No Kitsune." Happy Holi-freaking-days."
PatchO'Black mews, "Yes. I hope he is having a wonderful time, even if it does mean we don't get to see him as much."
Royce churrs, "Oh, um, hope you're having a good time, and look forward to seeing you again when you get back." to you.
Steve chits, "Hang in there, we all love you, stay dedicated to your studies, try not to get caned or anything, remember to keep your BSL (Blood Smarties Level) up."
Lavender writes down, "Tell him we are thinking of him, and hoping things go well for him all the time."  Lavender pulls a fruitcake from her totebag. "Shall we send this to him?"
Mavra smiles. "Ok, I got it. I would like to send Austin a message and the message would be 'Happy Holidays, Austin! Would you like a fruitcake?' " ^_^
Arkitah quips, "Let's see... message... message... How about, 'It's a Wonderful Life, not that I particularly like that movie.'"
Lamar yaps, "Yes, I have a message. 'Where did you leave the remote control for the TV?'"
Gina_Doberman says, "Austin... It's X-mas. Git yer butt back here!"
Flutterz warbles, "S'be hopin' havin' s'DREAD holidaythingies! Yerp!"
Boki squalls, "Remember to eat many tasty fish!" 
Mouser hisses, "You're only as far as the Internet, you know..."
Argon says, "Well, the place hasn't been the same without you, and we're all looking forward to your return.  Although seeing the things you do when most of us aren't here are fun, it's more fun to have you around so we can acknowledge them to you directly.  Hope you're back soon!
Argon The Doze Garden

@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles
  Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy!  Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org, or qmail or page Argon about it.

Most any type of story or article will be excepted.  Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (Any more than anything that happens here does.) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have.  These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.