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Argon Halloween Costume Party
  One Tuesday evening most folks were able to make it to the annuall SpinDizzy Halloween Costume Party (TM).  Like last year, the residents of 1313 Mockingbird Lane were the hosts, and had gone to special efforts to make the place even more dark and dusty than usual.  Although my buffer gave out, I can report that everyone who attended had a good time.  Unfortunately, I can't really describe the costumes. None the less, the following evening, which was really October 31st...Halloween, some folks came to The Pumpkin Patch (The Rose Garden) in costume.  PatchO'Black handed out marshmellows as treats.  There was brief discussion of T. P.ing the SED HQ, but nothing came of that.  The Pumpkin Patch was quite nice, and the 'Peanuts' references were not overlooked.  All and all, Halloween was a lot of fun on SpinDizzy, and folks are already discussing the party next year.
Newswire Sourses Causes Of Wallaby Bashing Unknown
  Saturday night in the Rose Garden, the usual amount of opinion expressed concerning Morticon, local Wallaby and alleged leader of the SED, seemed to be more pronounced and vitriolic than usual. After a remark concerning Wallabies' lack of tastes, Rown, local Centaur was heard to say,  "Well, one of these days someone will be lucky enough to get him on the barbie and will be able to tell just how well his tastes are. :-p"  . o O ( Ah! The celebrity roast, this week's celebrity? Morticon! ) Alicia said,  "I'll be roastmaster n.n"
Argon, local Centaur asked,  "So, what's the deal with Morticon, how come everyone seems *especially* mad at him tonight?"  Times thought, . o O ( The God & Devil Show: This week's special guest: Morticon! )
Rown relied, "I'm not mad at him!" Argon asked, "Ok...so why are you mad at the SED?"
Alicia noted, "I'm hiding from him, as Rown continued, "Rown is dipping into the centaur wine again, he ain't mad at no one! Well, except Hercules. :-p

Mouser thinks,  . o O ( Drunk as a... well, drunk as a Centaur, I guess. ) " Rown replied,  "It's only for medicinal purposes Mouser. :-p" Times mrowlls, "So, Rown? You taste like centaur wine? ;> Rown says, "No, Merlot. Rown drinks only the classy stuff. :-)

Rown then folded his legs and laid down and gave Mouser a patpat and gave the Fursnake a Gerbil. Mouser :9

So who knows what was up with Morticon, Rown and the rest (The Professor and Mary Ann were unavailable for comment.  Perhaps Rown can tell us later, after some hot coffee and a cold shower.

Argon 'You've Got Chulo' And Other Chulo References

Ok, so I'm looking at my email and complaining about all the spam, in fact, I thought this one was kind of cool  http://www.spindizzy.org/sdpromo.txt  even if it is spam.  So Royce or Natasha make a reference to 'Chulo' and the following began:

Argon says, "Hot young Chulos waiting for you. Refinance your Chulo. Get your Chulo on the top search engines." Boki squalls, "You should read this to get 50,000 chulos fast!" Dellway chrrphisses, "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LOSE CHULOS NOW!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" Boki squalls, "For 76 cents a day you can save a chulo!" Then,  Boki squalls, "Two chulos enter, one chulo leaves!" Argon says, "Thunderchulo!"  Dellway chrrphisses, "Welcome to Chulodome!"(And finally,) Royce churrs, "You can never have too many of those, y'know." Argon says, "Too many what?"   Royce churrs, "Chulos."  Natasha puts on her Rolodex earrings, fuzzes up her headfur, and noses Boki. "We don't need another chulo. (We need *lots* more chulos.)"  It was all downhill from there.

Newswire Sourses Alicia Vulpnine dissappears! - Huge Gundam Becomes Resident!
During Halloween Alicia Vulpnine seemed to have disappeared from Spindizzy. The reason she disappeared is unknown and it seems that nobody knows why she disappeared. Was she kidnapped? About the same time she disappeared a new resident popped into SD. A large mecha apparently calling itself "Zephyer" has appeared recently in the rose garden. Some were questioned by these events but this monstrous thing has apparently been giving the nickname Alicia. This by pure coincidence.
Argon Weekly Survey
  Argon asked in this week's survey, "I'm doing a survey to be published in @Action News.  The question is,  'Are Weasles bad?"
Rown says, "Only when they are trying to weasel something from you. :-)"
Reiter says, "I'd have to repeat something a wise man once said: "Eagles may fly high, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines.""
Times mrowlls, "Weasels: Yes ; Ferrets: No.
Morticon says, "Weasles are not bad. I've been called one myself."
Olivia says, "I like weasels, I just think they get a bad rap."
Alicia says, "They just seem evil. I know a vampirc one who seems rather shy."
Gilead chirps, "Weasels are the most noble animals on earth: sweet, kind, and loving to their young, and fearless in their defense; brave enough to tackle prey several times their size; strong enough to win when they do it.  Perfected by Nature over 60 million years, they have never had to stray far from the ancestral Myacidae, because they had achieved perfection from the start.  In short, weasels are not bad. :-)"
Royce churrs, "Only if they're not raccoony."
Flutterz thinks weasels are DREAD!
Liska wuffs, "weasles are ok measles are evil"
Dellway chrrphisses, "Ferrets...qoons with anorexia :o)"
Ping squeaks softly, "You could be democratic or utilitarian about it and say that Weasles are bad if most people think they are. But if you want my opinion, I'm more likely to get into a debate over what makes anything good or bad than I am to decide something like that. I'm indecisive, after all, and I stand by my position in being a moral skeptic. ;)"
Argon The Doze Garden

@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles
  Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy!  Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org, or qmail or page Argon or Maxl about it.

Most any type of story or article will be excepted.  Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (Any more than anything that happens here does.) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have.  These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.