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Argon Maxl Loses Hand Without Playing Cards
  In a conversation concerning the lead story for this issue of @Action News, Maxl, local Badger, Associate Editor of this publication, and recipient of a hand stabbing from Terry suggested,  "I suppose you could write more about my horrible disfigurement. I mean, really, that's what's happened in the last week here." Argon, local Centaur replied,  "Nah, I can't not make it funny, Maxl." He replied, "What's wrong with it being funny?" So...

Maxl, in spite of his injuries is doing quite well, as Guest1, local Guest commented, "I've got to 'hand' it to him, he's taking the disfigurement well."  In reply, it was noted by someone,  "I think the Guest has put his finger on the problem."  Eris, local Ghost Bat observed, "Or at least took a stab in the dark." The Guest replied that, "I'm getting a good grip on things.  Then again, maybe I'm just grasping at straws." Argon replied,  "Nah, you just have a cutting wit."

Guest1 chuckled, and looked around, "Just remember people, don't try to give 'em a high five..."

Eris, for some reason,  flicked ethereal blood at Argon. Argon ducked, and that pretty well wrapped up that discussion. My thanks to 'cut and paste' which, in writing this story was very handy.

Argon Off-Hand Comment Leads to Argonisationing Exibition
  You've all heard of The Eye of Argon and how it's the worst Sci Fi fantasy story ever written.  If you haven't read it, http://www.centaursite.com/eyeofargon.htm .  Anyway, I made a loud sound, and Dolly made an observation about said sound, and well, here's what happened:

Dolly says, "it's the Eye of Argon!"
Argon says, "Nah, it would have been a lot more than one word if it was the Eye of Argon."
Dolly says, "It must be the hero of the Eye of Argon sequel: Gringr vs. Daiogtr!"
Argon says, "Daiogtr strode with long powerful steps over the slippery, dangerous, near fatal sloped path over the Mountain that no one has ever crossed. His mental paths never crossing the question of who built the path if the Mountain has never been crossed."
Argon says, "He unsheathed his glinting metal blade of death to those who face it naked."
( Face the sword naked or are naked when they face the sword? )
Dolly says, ""The guard clad in sweat-soaked leather armor faced him calmly. "I shall tear your heart out to feed to my valiant steed, foul barbarian!" he whispered calmly."
Gilead chirps, "If you face the sword naked, you don't have to worry about wearing clean underwear."
Argon says, "Daiogtr laughed loudly, "Your steed? You speak of feeding the mighty Daiogtr to that nag of a mount you call a Horse, You would die as I fed that Horse's heart to you, if I would not sully the spirit of a swayback gelding as that poor brute."
Argon says, "...er..or something like that."
Dolly says, "From the guard's throat tore a snarling, uncontrolled roar of rage and anger, and he drew the gleaming brilliant blade of steel from his scabbard. "You will die for your foul words, barbarian!"
Argon says, "Daiogtr released his blade, standing at a balanced stance, balancing his stance as he held his released blade and shifted his balance as his released blade sliced through the air towards it's center of balance; the Guard's throat, "Speak not to me of foul words, the foul words flowed from your throat first, and so shall your foul blood!""
Dolly says, "The guard let loose with another inarticulate cry of unrestrained anger, and leapt off of his mighty steed, swinging the glittering swath of steel at Daiogtr in an arc of impending dread!"
Argon says, "Daiogtr's swing of his swinging blade swung through the air, glancing a mighty glistening shining swinging glance off the rocky face of the wall of the path. Sparks flew as he turned to balance his blade in opposition of his swarthy foe."
Dolly says, "The guard's long steel blade flashed as he waved it in Daiogtr's direction. "You are all show and of no substance, barbarian! I will teach you a lesson in swordsmanship, with two feet of steel ending in your gullet!""
Terry chirps quietly, "The guard laughed with a hearty snickering chuckle of a guffaw, and spun in place as his glittering arc whirled through the air, sending impudent tendrils of gas to ruffle Diaogtr's cloth. Then with a sudden clang, and a scream of triumph, his rapier struck true, leaving a white chalklike scratch in the rock face bisecting Diaogtr's wild swing's line in two!"
Maxl hisses, "Diaogtr was most perplexed by this strange incident of this man who was possibly a guard, but might not be a guard, for he was wearing the cloths and synthetic materials made through recombining carbon elements that belonged to the fine protectors of the world. The giant red sky orb radiated radiance that was beyond the spectrum of sight, nay, even beyond the color that is a combination of bluish hues and reddish hues onto the two as Diaogtr considered for a moment the path - but not the path that resided in the plane of the physical world, for it was in the world of his mind - that he would be locomoting his body along, in the realm of his mind."
Argon says, "Daiogtr considered, the path...the path..was it illusion, the work of an evil magic user? Was this false guard really a Wizard, a user of magic who was evil? Was the path actually an illusion of this evil magic using guard? Daiogtr swung his mighty glistening shining swinging sword towards him, missing due to an evil magic curse, his mighty glistening shining swinging sword glancing another scratch on the wall."
Dolly says, "The guard stepped back, a sinister laugh erupting from somewhere deep within him. "So, barbarian! Your mighty words and boastful spirit are for naught, are they? It is so unfortunate that you must die now, having been so enlightened!""
Dolly says, "After spitting those vile words at the noble barbarian, the guardsmen leapt towards him, his long shining sword reaching out to steal Daigotr's life!"
Terry chirps quietly, "Daigotr's glistening skin welcomed the blade, and red liquid oozed from the slit as the cold steel plunged into his ridged tissue with a squelch, neatly dividing his pumping muscle from his heaving cluster of alveoli. The barbarian's own shaft clattered noiselessly to the ground as the rushing roar of silence overtook his fading ears."
Argon says, "Daigotr's mighty glistening shining swinging sword clattered to the ground as the guard laughed, "Heathen fool, you are more showest than goest." The guard turned to mount his horse. Suddenly, Daigotr sprung from the ground and jumped mightily, mightily grabbing the guard's throat and squeezing mightily, "Some mighty fighter you are not to recognize the pouch of blood under the tunic trick!"
Argon says, "Daigotr continued to mightily squeeze the guard's throat in a mighty manner."
Dolly says, "The guard gasped as he observed Daigot'rs mighty hands crushing the life from his body. "So, barbarian...you managed to outwit me. I will soon pass from this mortal plane...but others will come! They will avenge me! "
Dolly says, "Just you wait barbarian! You will suffer the wrath of...The EYE OF XENON!""
Argon says, "The end?"

Argon Maxl's Column Not Available
  Maxl, local Badger and Associate editor of @Action News, was involved in a slight accident earlier and will not be able to provide us a sample of his unusual look at the world and how he sees things due to being stabbed repeatedly in his hand during the aforementioned accident by Terry with whom he had some sort of love hate relationship that isn't the strangest thing anyone has seen here but as yet doesn't involve embarrassing Mavs and shouts of a crowd suggesting they rent a room but has only manifested itself as Terry wanting to kill Maxl as an act of love and perhaps drink his blood which culminated in said stabbing of Maxl's hand meaning he can't type a story this week so we'll have to wait until next week for a Maxl article if he stops bleeding in time to get a story into the paper next week,
Announcement Wedding Announcement

   Nikon and PatchO'Black do hereby invite all good beings of SpinDizzy to attend their wedding. It will be Monday, Oct. 22 at 8:00 pm Pacific time and will be held in Patchy's Mellow Marsh. (Enter Park)  They are also inviting furs to decorate, cater, and design the wedding outfits. RSVPs appreciated, but not required.

Personal Ads:  Kitsune to find mate
One "19" year old 9-tailed kitsune looking to settle down with someone special. Must be intelligent, have an open mind, and willing to help her with her medical and scientific studies. Must also have ability to care for current heirs and have love for kids. Contact Alicia if interested.
-Alicia S.A. Vulpnine-Foxx
Another Ad Origami
Argon Weekly Survey
  Argon asked in this week's survey, "I'm doing a survey to be published in @Action News.  The question is,  'Who, other than yourself would make a good Wiz, and why?" In light of a few complaints of 'not wanting to show favoritism', and such, I've left the replies anonymous. 
Suri (1)
Flutterz (1)
Austin (Well, D'uh!) (1)
Well, since no one else wanted to answer I tried something else: "Which peanut butter is better, smooth or crunchy?"
Suri says, "The best peanut butter is the peanut butter you feed to dogs, and then they lick their chops all afternoon because it's stuck in their mouth..."
Blaque says, "Chunky. I like those lil' peanuts myself:)"
Cye says, "smooth!"
Nikon says softly, "crunchy."
Maxl hisses, "Crunchy, of course. The heretics who believe in the power of smooth peanut butter MUST DIE.""
Gilead chirps, "Smooth. Smooth is always better. Makes for less hydrodynamic resistance."
Eris says, "I like smooth peanut butter."
Dellway chrrphisses, "Neither...I hate either :oP"
Guest1 hehs, "Warm... if gorey, reception... hello.... and obviously smooth is better
Argon The Doze Garden

@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles
  Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy!  Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org, or qmail or page Argon or Maxl about it.

Most any type of story or article will be excepted.  Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (Any more than anything that happens here does.) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have.  These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.