Argon - Editor / Maxl - Associate Editor

Argon (Editorial) SpinDizzy Marks Third Birthday
  SpinDizzy, local muck, celebrated it's third birthday Friday, October 5th.  This date marks the 'official' opening of SpinDizzy to the masses. During it's existence, SpinDizzy has been home to many characters, some who have come and gone and returned.  There are 321 who are currently active and enjoying the muck.  An initial celebratory action has been taken to decorate the Rose Garden to look like Central Park, the main meeting place of the genesis of SpinDizzy, Toons Furs and Fluff. Other celebrations and parties are planned.

As suggested by Austin, many are taking a look around and seeing what, three years ago, were only dreams and ideas now being accepted, enjoyed and regularly taking place. Projects, buildings, improvements and / or changes in ourselves and our relationships with others having succeeded or improved, or somehow become different. It's amazing to look at SpinDizzy now, and compare it to the struggling muck it was three years ago.  True, we're no Furry Muck, with 300 to 500 characters connected at a time.  But the 20 - 30 characters connected at our highest rate of connection, all know one another.  SpinDizzy's residents, as much as we may disagree and argue and fuss and fight about things,  *are*  a community.  We care about each other both on line and in RL.  There aren't many mucks who can say that about their entire populations.

To quote SpinDizzy's founder, and Managing Editor, Austin,  "We've got a special place here, the chance to make ourselves and our friends soar above what we are and explore the limits of what could be; so let's take the time from October 1 to 15 and do that, and maybe come out a little richer than we were before.  Happy birthday, to all."

Although there is always space in which to soar higher, I think we have done much already  towards achieving that goal.  From here onward, we can only imagine, work, and grow to make ourselves, which is what SpinDizzy is,  as wonderful as we know it, and we, can be.

And thank you Findra, and the Wizstaff for allowing all of us to enjoy this work in progress.  You all are owed more thanks than we can give for the work you do which we take for granted.  I think each of us owe a qmail, page, or a public snug to them, for allowing us access to this place where we can be ourselves, or whatever we wish to be.

Happy Birthday SpinDizzy!

Argon Undead Eris Dead Again
  Eris, local Ghost Bat has once again thrown off her mortal coil and returned to her second form, that of a Ghost Bat. After the death of her original body, that of a brown Fruit Bat, she returned as a Ghost Bat.  Then through some messed up experiment by Morticon, she possessed the body of a Fruit Bat, but the experiment by Morticon, as you might expect, failed, and the Fruit Bat body began to decompose.  After some thought, she de-possessed it and returned to her Ghost Bat form.

The body she had possessed was given a proper funeral, attended by Argon, Maxl, Morticon and Eris.  each saying a few words before Eris' body was set afire and cremated in a fitting ceremony. Eris asks that in place of flowers, donations be made to the National Lemur Fund.

Newswire Sources Alicia Named Queen of SpinDizzy

Alicia, local Vulpnine and well known resident of SpinDizzy was named Queen of the muck through a recent set of fortuitous circumstances.  Last Tuesday, when only Alicia, local Vulpnine and Argon, local Centaur were awake, Argon suggested that she act as reigning Monarch of the muck.  Alicia has long claimed that she has absorbed SpinDizzy into part of the Neo Furry Republic.  As she has asked for no official recognition, and has asked for no particular tribute, her 'reign' has gone without much notice.  But, Argon, being the nice guy he is, figured he'd go along and let Alicia weigh her ruling powers.

With Alicia's court set up in the Rose Garden, she called upon Argon to discuss the state of affairs in the Centaur states.  Argon explained that things were fine, and the only concerns his fellow citizens had were a bridge being built on a path near the rift.  It seemed the bridge was structurally unsound to support the weight of Centaurs and other larger residents. Alicia gave Argon authority to see that the construction company, a subsidiary of SED Enterprises make the bridge safe for all residents.  Argon suggested her Highness name another representative for this task, as he had strained relations in earlier dealings with the SED.

At that point, Argon was excused and Eliahn, representing the Vulpnines came forward.  When asked of affairs in his state, Eliahn expressed that his constituents were making plans to take over the muck.  After nearly being exposed to Alicia's Queenly wrath, Argon suggested that the Vulpnine presence on the council might be more powerfully represented by allowing Elihan to head the committee to inspect the pathway being built by the SED.  This seemed a fair decision and Alicia made it so.

Lastly, a local Care-Bear Cousin arrived, but pressing business caused him to be unable to respond to Alicia's call before her.  It was assumed that affairs in his lands were stable and his constituents were satisfied. At this point, other SpinDizzy residents arrived in the Rose Garden.  Alicia then dismissed her court and the usual visit and chit chat began.  

It is to be noted that while Alicia reigned, the muck ran smoothly and there were no major problems.  It can also be said that she made a fine monarch, and her reign of about an hour will be remembered as a success.

Argon Weekly Survey
  Argon asked in this week's survey, "I'm doing a survey to be published in @Action News.  The question is, 'What is your favorite kind of weather?'
Olivia says, "I like sunny and mid 70s, but also like a good thunderstorm."
Suri says, "Sunny, mid 80s to mid 90s. And pants. Everyone should be required to wear pants."
Max says, "When the mercury drops below 30, and the snow is hip-deep to a moose, and the sun hides itself in shame, that's the ideal weather.  No pants allowed, either."
Rown says, "Temps in the 70's, blue skies with a few clouds and a light breeze Argon."
Lamar yaps, "Electrical storms."
Maxl hisses, "Overcast. Preferably cold. Rainy.  Much like MY SOUL."
Flutterz likes rain.
Steve chitterchatters, "I'd say, the warm sunny days in the spring, before things get really sweltering hot and sticky in the summer."
Twohart says, "Hmm...fog. Have you ever played hide and seek in it?"
Ikuri likes warm, rainy days.
910 chirps, "Rains of frogs."
Ping squeaks softly, "Snow."
Guest2 says, "Temperate, cloud-covered days with no rain."
PatchO'Black mews, "Ooo! I like it to be warm and sunny when I want to do something outside, but I also like the occasional rainy day which makes for good staying indoor weather!"
Blaque likes high 70s-low 80s. He's a picky cat:)
AlexRaccoon speaks, "Hale."
Quidnunc sneers, "sheet rain."
Morticon says, "I can function adequately in any type of weather."
Eris says, "Cool, overcast, but not yet raining."
Gina_Doberman says, "My favorite weather is sunny and 80+ degrees!"
Maxl, MAD SKILLZ  AssociateEditor Innocent, Charming Local Badger Slaughterd And Roasted - Not Enjoyed By Any
Late Wednesday evening, innocent local badger Maxl was carelessly poisoned and subsequently roasted after his untimely demise. This resulted from carelessly eating fish that had been left out as a trap for Boki, who Maxl and local mostly-otter Terry were planning on devouring. Unfortunately, the fish was poisoned and Maxl expired. After his death, it was generally agreed upon by local centaur, Argon and Terry to roast the dead badger, since it would be a shame to let a rotting corpse go to waste. Terry preformed inexpert vivisection on the dead critter, washing the garden with innocent blood and all kinds of gooey icky entrails and stuff. Eventually Maxl's corpse was unceremoniously skinned and stuffed onto a spit, marinated, and subsequently not
eaten when everybody realized how vile badger tastes.
Boki Jingle For Gull's Fish
Here's our jingle for gull's fish,
A newspaper song for gull's fish,
Tasty eyes are the best part of
The shiny little gull's fish!
And you should be remembering,
The gull for the fish is Boki!
That's the jingle for gull's fish
Did we mention they are a gull's fish?
Did you know they're very tasty?
It is because they are fishy!
Its just like that! Gull's fish!
Newswire Sources Morticon Pregnant - To Despense More Lemurs
  As some of you may have noticed, over the last several weeks, Morticon has been strangely absent from public places. Conjectures about this have ranged from him being pregnant to him being pregnant - but today, he called a press conference to try and dispel the rumors. Morticon testified that he lacked the necessary biological bits to produce offspring, but fortunately, it was easy to tell he was lying. Morticon went on to further assert that his absence from the garden has been due to some kind of mysterious illness involving his shady past as some kind of experiment or something. Unfortunately, more pressing questions like who the father was and whether or not the new baby will be a dispensed lemur were not answered. Amy made a vague attempt to try and support Morticon's claims, but nobody was interested in hard evidence.

It is still assumed by many that Morticon is pregnant and can dispense lemurs.
TwoHart The Advantages And Pleasures Of lsedit
  It came to attention that plenty of folks didn't know this or that about lsedit, which seems a shame, since it's a nice, useful program.  I hope you all find this useful, 

What is It and How's It Used?
First, know that lsedit is a text editing program.  It's used to create and edit text in lists.  The lists then can be used as descriptions, inserted in pinfo, and other useful things.
Programs that directly use lsedit include the bulletin board (bboard) system and even qmail.  (By directly used, I mean that when you write a message on the bboard, for example, you can go ahead and start using lsedit commands to format your message.  You don't have to create a list first.)
The advantage of lsedit is you can have nice formatting in your pinfo, bboard messages, character descriptions, and go back and change them with a simple command or two instead of typing them in again. 

Making a List
If you want to put a list "on" yourself, type: 
     lsedit me=listname
(Do this if you want to use a list in your description or your pinfo.  You can also put lists on objects or on rooms.  Just change the 'me' to 'objectname' or 'here', for example.)

Moving Around
View a list of commands by typing .h while inside lsedit.  It can seem a little hard to understand, so here are some explanations.
First, know that all commands start with a '.' and every line of text you enter has a number.  So, if you enter a line saying 'hi!' that would be line one.  This is useful, because you can use lsedit to go back and edit or delete specific lines.
Here are Some Commands:
To exit, type:                                   .exit
To abort and not save, type:             .abort
To look at what you've typed, type:    .l
To see the line numbers, type:          .p
To replace a specific line, use:     
     .repl line#=/what you're replacing/the replacement
For example, to replace 'waht' with 'what' on line 1, type: '.repl 1=/waht/what' and every instance of 'waht' will be replaced with 'what'.
You can do this over multiple lines.  For instance, '.repl 2 10=/waht/what' replaces 'waht' with 'what' on line 2, up to and including line 10.  Other commands are similar to this one, so look at '.h'. 
Note: To insert a blank line, type a space and hit return.  lsedit doesn't use empty lines!  That's all, really.

Argon The Doze Garden

@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles
  Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy!  Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org, or qmail or page Argon or Maxl about it.

Most any type of story or article will be excepted.  Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (Any more than anything that happens here does.) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have.  These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.