Rown  Rose Garden Marks Punctuation

 Who is the mysterious "." that visited the rose garden Saturday evening? Several Spindizzy regulars tried to find out but to no avail. Their efforts were punctuated by misleading statements and evasions by the mysterious "."

While toying with it I had accidentally swatted it and for a short time "." looked like "_". I tried inflating it only to get this result "@". It then stated that it could also be used as a paperclip if needed. Of course it regained its composure (and shape) afterwards.

Local Raccoon and Spindizzy regular AlexRaccoon questioned it to find out what it was but was held off by a nonstop barrage of agreement from the ".". The little thing was everything it was asked, according to it. It was asked it's name, of course its reply was simply ".". Asked of we could call it "Dot" it replied "No".I had speculated that it could be a tennis ball but when used for such a purpose it whimpered.

At one point Local Centauress and Spindizzy regular The lovely and gracious Mavra tried to get it to !, but Argon, local Centaur and Spindizzy regular as well as Mavra's FiancÚ voiced his displeasure and intentions should anyone there get an ! around Mavra. Of course we all did our best to keep our composure. We all sat down.

Unfortunately "." shed very little light on it's origin and, although emphasis was placed upon questions of where it came from it wouldn't answer. Actually it really didn't do anything but finish our sentences for us. It had no interest in questions and didn't get excited.

Are there more like "." around Spindizzy? My guess is yes. In fact they are all over Spindizzy spying on us. We were lucky to catch this one in the act. They are everywhere following every sentence we speak. Carefully watching us and taking notes for some unknown leader out there, gathering information on Spindizzy residents.

So keep your eyes open for more ".'s". Be careful what you say around them. Their leader is watching you through them. @j@                        

Newswire Sources All Quiet on the Borders (For now)

The 'Sheens', a group of robot like creatures who's total numbers and sweep of influence remain unknown, were seen in the northern reaches of SpinDizzy early last week.  Vassily, local Sloth along with Argon, local Centaur discovered a 'Walker' model doing reconnaissance in a wooded area.  The robot seemed to pay little attention to the carbon based observers as Vassily described to Argon his plan to capture or disable it.  Argon suggested just leaving it alone, as it didn't seem to be causing any harm.  At that point, it destroyed a couple of trees.  Vassily wanted to prevent it from taking information back to the 'mound', or HQ of the Sheens. Argon and Vassily discussed following it, Argon suggested a Sloth and Centaur being no match for a hive of Robots, and Vassily urging that knowing the location their HQ being valuable information.  Argon, pacifist that he is, finally acquiesced and agreed to follow the 'Walker'.

Argon, still skeptical that any action was required, watched Vassily use a pair of tree trimmers to remove the metal probe protruding from the Sheen's top.  Both Vassily and Argon started as the Sheen emitted a loud electronic signal of sorts, and began moving at top speed north.  Argon and Vassily started to follow, Argon having to gallop to keep up with the machine.  Surprisingly, Vassily kept up at not so Sloth like speeds.  The chase continued until four 'flyer' sheens were seen approaching.  

At this point, Vassily agreed with Argon that chasing the Sheen might not be the best plan, and they retreated out of sight of the Sheens.  As of this date, no further sightings of these devices have been reported.  It is advised that all citizens keep their eyes open, and be cautious when one is sighted.

Argon Evolutionary Coincidence, Or What?
   Everyone knows how much Raccoons enjoy their 'shinies', and everyone knows that Dragons usually have a hoard of shiny gold, jewels, and other shiny valuables upon which they sleep.  Is this simply a twist of fate, or perhaps an indication of a joining of the evolutionary branches of these species?

Although Dragons and Raccoon seem quite different, they, just like Monkeys and Humans, or Dinosaurs and Birds, could share roots in prehistory.  These share some attributes even though they now have marked differences.

 A conversation in the Rose Garden concerning this resulted in no clear consensus, however the observation of the number of 'shiny' gold chains worn by 15 minute of famer, Mr. T, brought to mind the theory that he too might share this branch of the tree of evolution.  

So, way back in time, as a glob of slime crawled up the shore from the Jurassic sea, it's possible that it split into three parts which became Raccoons, Dragons, and Humans.  Hey, it might have happened!

Argon Undead Ghost Girl Returns to SpinDizzy
  Eris, local undead ghost Bat, returned to SpinDizzy after an absence of several weeks.  Her sparkling personality and lively sense of fun (well, as lively as a dead person's could be) was missed by many.

No details were offered by Eris as to the cause of her absence.  Several unsubstantiated rumors had circulated, including some sort of secret project for 'The Government', Occasional communications with Vice President Dick Cheny, and part time work with The Psychic Friends Network.  Other's suggested she was doing special effects for the Scooby Do movie, but it seemed her lack of experience at being dead would require scarier effects using CGI.  In spite of the cause of her absence, she was greeted with happily by her friends at SpinDizzy!

As of Saturday, she hasn't been back on.  Hopefully, she'll return this weekend.

Newswire Sources SED Membership On The Rise
  It was announced today, that Mouser, local Fursnake and founding member of the SED, has returned to SpinDizzy.  The normal amount of fear and quaking at the awesome power and influence of the SED, increased markedly at the release of this information.  This has resulted in comments ranging from, "What's the SED?"  to, "Oh, glad to hear Mouser is coming back, there are too many Mice in my house and I need them 'taken care of".

Under suspicious circumstances, the picture below shows Mouser upon his return greeting Argon, local Centaur.  It is not known what the rest of the conversation consisted of.  Argon refused to comment.

Mouser The Doze Garden

Argon seems surprised at the powerful influence Mouser's visit to Ancient Araby has had on his ability to recruit additional SED Henchmen.

@Action News Info Guidelines and Procedure for Submitting Articles
  Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy!  Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org, or qmail or page Argon about it.

Most any type of story or article will be excepted.  Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy.  The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (Any more than anything that happens here does.) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have.  These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.