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One of Our Centaurs Is Missing

Argon and Mavra in the snow.

It began approximately May 26. A murmur began spreading around amongst us about local centaur Argon. Where is he? I haven't seen him in days. Me neither... Nobody knew. Even his wife, Mavra, had no clue where he was. All reports were normal as of the last time anyone had talked to him, but around the end of May, he simply disappeared. The search was on.

The first report that anything serious was amiss came from local polar bear, Borris. According to Borris, the local weather in the realm Argon goes to live when he isn't at home in Centaur Square was experiencing severe weather and flooding. Honestly not at all surprising for anyone who knows that region, but speculations formed about whether he had been evacuated, or trapped on a roof somewhere, no mean feat for a centaur. However the days passed, the crisis there subsided, and still no sign of the missing equine.

Then, from an unexpected source, news! A fellow by the name of BigEars, from another realm Argon seems to visit on occasion, sent a report that Argon had been seen in some sort of group housing complex, a resort or hotel maybe. All his needs met, being waited on hand and foot, servants at his beck and call at the literal press of a button. This was a relief to some in at least some sense, but there was still no word from him, and no idea where he actually was.

In an even more unusual turn of events, it was revealed that local wallaby Morticon, had the means to travel to this region where Argon supposedly resides when not on Spindizzy, despite that most of us, this author included, doubt that other realm even exists. The purpose was to leave a note at Argon's residence, in the hope that someone in contact with Argon would find the note and contact us. Morticon apparently did so, and found the place dusty and deserted, but the note was left, and we set in to wait again.

Well, it seems that approach paid off. Thank you Morticon. Argon reappeared sometime around the middle of July. almost 2 months after he vanished. He claims to be well, and indeed, seems to be fine since his return. It is this author's understanding that questions regarding his whereabouts during those two months aren't met with much in the way of information, and it's gathered that he wishes to keep it private. Argon has every right to his privacy, and we may never know. We're just happy he's back. WELCOME BACK ARGON!

FUND cheat rediscovered again

Bag of money.Sayhono, blue mongoose, was introduced to the FUND cheat by which select and fortunate people can gain 10,000 shinies in a single blow on May 31st. The discovery began when a discussion of the recent shortage of kitsunes in the population turned to his questioning what he might do with all the tail ribbons (the currency of the day) which he was finding. BunnyHugger mentioned her vast shiny wealth of over 20,000 by then typing FUND and gaining another 10,000, to Chitter's dismay.

Warnings that this would end in disaster were taken in stride by Sayhono who noted that he had no idea what any of this conversation was about. BunnyHugger and Austin then helped the matter by asking what he thought about traffic helicopters, for example, ``traffic copter one reporting heavy traffic'', which brought a pained groan from BunnyHugger. Sayhono had nothing against traffic copters which did not land in his living room, which shows that he never played the original SimCity. BunnyHugger said, "They play a rather annoying role in SimCity. Which is as soon as your city gets big enough to have more than maybe five cars in it, they start telling you constantly that there's heavy traffic."

Sayhono concluded reasonably, "Okay, So the message from FUND is just annoying? And the tail ribbons serve no purpose?" And despite the temptation of the global, which is typically rediscovered every seven months, there was no catastrophe, but a few people did briefly imitate Gummi bear Sunni.

Moments From The Memorial Service

Aushae.These are moments and speeches from the May 30th Day of Remembrance:

Beltrami pats her chest. She spreads her arms and wings out wide, embracing of everything, and closes her hands without closing her wings to her chest. She winds her hand counterclockwise, and points to empty spaces, and then clasps her hands back together and looks down.

Beltrami nods to Skyler, and walks to the marker for Aushae, and hugs it.

Skyler says, "I think...taking a bit of time to take in this place, here, from the people that are no longer here...and that's why we're here now."

Beltrami nods and walks to the plinth to Butterfluff. She sets a clawhand on the Butterfluff plinth, and then walks to the statue for Carri-Vixen. She hugs the Carri-Vixen statue too, and then walks to the stone of tears for Star's_Pyre. Beltrami hugs the stone, finally, and then walks a few paces away to a new empty space.

Beltrami holds up a finger. Beltrami cups her hands together, and kneels down. She sets something on the ground and steps back, as it grows like a plant in extreme rapid motion.

She drops Alfie Memorial: This monument is a set of transparent glass columns, each twisting on its axis, with the axes themselves twisting in and out so the shape is inconstant. Inscribed in the centre is 'To Alfie'.

Beltrami gently hugs the columns of the new monument.

Beltrami walks from there to another bare spot, and kneels down. She sets another small piece on the ground and steps back as it grows.

Beltrami drops Jacob Monument: In memorial to Jacob is a copper bell, dangling about twenty degrees away from level and from a suspended ring itself off level. The bell has no clapper.

Beltrami hugs the silent bell and steps back again.


Cadge-Tuesday flicks his tail somewhat nervously. "We didn't really know any of these people, or if we did it was only in passing. The people we miss aren't gone in the same way... They're people who are gone from this world, or even from any world that we know of. Gone from our world, if not the world. You know?"

Cadge-Tuesday says, "The people who used to play with us in Squirrel City in the long-gone days -- that's who we miss. Chit, and Mina, particularly. The old Mina. We know they're not really gone, but they're not here anymore and we miss them. We suppose, though, that the good thing about it is, with those people, we can always have just a little hope that they might come back to us again someday. And, you know, for all the other people like that who disappear from our lives if not from their own. We remember them. Thanks."


Skyler says, "I know not all of us knew everyone here, but I'm sure everyone here does know a person that was special to them in some way...even if it wasn't here on Spindizzy." "I must just say that I like the idea that for those we knew well, we take a piece of them with us when they go. We learn from them, live with them, and take something with us."

There are a couple here for whom I would like to say I can say that." "And maybe a couple others, like Cadge talked about, who are gone in a different way, but that doesn't mean we think about them less...but for what they brought here."


Findra chirrrs softly, "It's all too easy to take people for granted when they're here, around us every day, a regular sight that brings us a little happiness each day. And we tend to think about them when they've gone, what a loss it is, the time that we'll never get to spend with them again. But I think that it's important to make sure that we don't squander that time. Make the days and the hours count, so that you have happy memories to look back on, not regret that we should have done more when we had the chance."


Austin says, "Thank you. I realize it is horribly hard to think of what to say without growing sad over the missed chances, the things we had hoped to say and never got around to, and the things which developed which we realize too late we cannot share with those we have lost. Some part of us feels the absence, sometimes that of the person we knew who has gone, sometimes that of the person we know others have lost. I don't know a way to avoid entirely that sense, except to shut ourselves off of thoughts about the missing, and that is a most horrible alternative."

"I am grateful that we have this evening, and the day tomorrow, to stop and to feel the absences that dot our personalities, and to remember how it is before those losses and what we had hoped we would have before things changed. Everyone it hurts us to miss, or to see our friends miss, is someone who brought us great joy, and I hope that we are coming to a renewed feeling of that joy.

Skully speaks ineffectively on future evolution of life

Python.The meeting of modern-day python Leamas with distant future fursnake Mouser (``It is a privilege to meet one's own obsolescence'', Leamas said) was looked over skeptically by present-day skeleton Skully.

"Mammals will replace reptiles over my cold, dead body," she said.

Leowulf said, "Um, think about that for a moment, Skully."

Skully said, "..."

Skully then said, "Hush, you."

Beltrami Transforms Skyler Into Strange Monster

Two headed bunny.Mayor Beltrami spent much of May 24th transforming her parent, toon bunny Skyler, into a strange two-headed rabbit-lizard creature for reasons she did not explain. She began by bumping her nose into Skyler's, making a dimple in his nose which grew fast and split, shimmering his head into two. She then rubbed the seam of Skyler's twin heads and pressed, down bifurcating their neck down to Skyler's shoulder.

She then hugged Skyler's new-left head, wiggled her feelers, and with a little blue-fire glow rubbed the left Skyler's head. It changed a little, head-fur growing and eyes changing shape subtly and whiskers growing out long. This has been generally taken to be a slightly more female head of the split Skyler design.

Over the course of the following days Beltrami split Skyler's tail into two and drew it out into a long, lizard or dragon-like shape, and shifted Skyler's body forward so that he-and-she now stand on all fours. This was accompanied by a lizarding of their body overall, although the heads have remained rabbit-based.

Skyler has found the form satisfying and kept it since late May. There has been no particular movement to splitting the two heads into separate beings. Skyler has famously in the past been at least one pair of bunny slippers. The matter of pronouns to use in referring to Skyler is still debated in some quarters, but Skyler has made use of he, she, and they.

Faeroo Tail Theater Presentations

Kangaroo.Faeroo Tail Theater is planning a full series of programmes this theatrical season, beginning the second week of August and continuing until Roofus_roo blushes awkwardly and leaves. On the schedule:

  • Cinderoolla
  • The Brave Little Flyer
  • Little Roo Riding Hood
  • Hansel and Grootel
  • Bunny And The Beast (with Leslie)
  • [ You may want to sit down for this one ] Roomplestilsken
  • Snow Wallaby
  • The Emperor's Roo Clothes
  • Rapouchzel
  • Pouchnocchio
  • Pouch in Boots
  • The Princess And The Marsu-pea-l

[ Zeta and Gilead assisted in the schedule. ]

Designations Designated

Names.Zeta, squirrel, offered her designation in the Rose Garden shortly after her arrival on June 2. She wondered about the social convention that others should offer their designation after she gave hers, and was rewarded with a bundle of names:

Austin said, "I'm Austin Dern, but am most often called the Austin part of that." She noted that "Dern is easier to say than 142125", which Austin noted was 3 times 5 to the third times 379, which was not important.

BunnyHugger introduced herself, and her squirrel, Chitter, which raised the question of to what extent she owned him. She explained Chitter was a free squirrel, and Zeta said, "Free? You got a good deal. A bit old, but surely he was worth something." Gilead (Otter, he explained) offered that Chitter was BunnyHugger's conscience. Chitter's last name, or to be exact his designation from back in the warren, was Squirrel, which Royce Raccoon noted was at least easy to remember.

In discussing whether people should be owned Zeta said that being free "makes fulfilling one's purpose much harder". BunnyHugger offered that "Our purpose is self-determined. Being owned gets in the way of that self-determination", and continued on about rational autonomy and the moral law, until Chitter talked over her, explaining that she had strong opinions about stuff.

Zeta said, "I would have liked to have been 1729."

Zen now alien meteor creature

Zen as an alien(?).Zen Malori Fetcher, mouse, has in recent months taken on a new backstory and character history. He now is an alien which came to this planet in the form of a tar-like substance hidden within a meteor. The substance took on the form of a mouse in order to appear more nearly normal, but an examination of such details as his body fluids would reveal he was not. Zen's siblings have been similarly affected.

He finds that "things have been how they've always been", so the process of adjusting to the new backstory was not difficult. As an alien, however, he now can boast of tentacles, but he does not grow antennas which allow him to turn invisible at will.

Skully announced, "I want to change my background. Should be a superspy."

King of the WHO List

Centaur and mouse.Around the beginning of the last week in July, local centaur Argon, and local feral mouse Zen, were seen to be arguing about who had been awake the longest. Zen pointed to the WHO list, which somehow keeps track of who is awake in Spindizzy, and for how long. He noted that Argon had the longest time, and was therefore the current King, but he was about to go down. Zen challenged Argon to a contest to see who could stay awake the longest, and claimed that he was determined to become King of the WHO List.

This position, otherwise known as the botspot in some realms, has varied popularity, depending on your realm of residence. It's understood that in a place called FurryMuck, it can be quite difficult to attain, but by the same token, really isn't paid too much attention to over there. Here on Spindizzy, being so much smaller, people are much more in flux, and it can be a much more entertaining game to undertake.

In any case, both parted that afternoon, claiming that by the end, THEY would be king. Sadly, that fell apart rather sooner than this author expected. Later that evening, claiming to be tired, Argon said good night to the current gathering, and left for home. At that point, Zen got his wish, becoming the new King of the WHO List. He retained that title until sometime the next day. The contest being over, he was seen to fall asleep after being awake for about 1 day and 12 hours.

Zen got at Argon by the following post in Who Doing (WD):

Name            On Line Idle  November rains are nothing.
Dael               0:04  4m The Darkness comes!
Ari                0:05  3m 
WhyteShadow        0:30 30m 
PatchO'Black       0:44  5m Here, have a marshmellow!
Fluffy             2:11  4m Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
Skully             2:17  1m 
Andreas            3:01 16m 31/08/2009
Leowulf            3:07  7s 
Christie           5:54  4m 
Zen                6:56  6s Hack-sawing at Argon's connection....
Argon              7:26  0s 

Psyra Extraordinaire

Genie's Bottle. "It seems the speed of thought-magic is slower than the speed of Paws' vase, as on the 21st she recieved a "message" from one of her creations that was left on her earth many millions of years ago, while she travelled through space to arrive on Spindizzy about nine months ago.

On Earth, Paws had very few outside friends. Because she wanted to continue to speak with them despite the fact that she couldn't exactly go out in public, she created seven magical little versions of herself that she could communicate through. When she left Earth, these little Paws (she called them 'Pawlets') were sadly forgotten, but as of a few weeks ago, Paws recieved a message from one.... the one remaining one still 'alive'.

It would seem that the Earth that Paws knew is no longer inhabited by any sentient races, and has been deemed a Reserve Planet by various peaceful Galactic Coalitions. The Pawlet in question is owned by the curator of a galactic museum of which Paws has been communicating with. In a few more weeks, Paws will prepare to travel to speak with this curator in person about what Earth used to be like. She is expecting to be gone for a few weeks."

Zen Rambles On

Somone cursing. Xin squeaks, "You see, in order to make a sentance, you must have words. Words are composed of small letters that give the word every quality of it, down to it's size, shape, and sound. Now, when a consonant pairs with a vowl, you get a syllable. When more and more of these syllables, or what would be concidered organs of words, come to gether, you get a word. Now, there are many kinds of words. Subjective words and Action words... The others like Adjective and Adverbs, those find it a bit harder to mate with other words because they always commit adultery. Now here comes the fun part.. When a subject and a verb meet, theys lowly grow fond of eachother and then find out that they fit with each other quite nicely, so they start !%!$%$#@! and 2#%@$#@ with 2@$#%@%@#5 and @#%@#%@#$ so that the sentance @#$#@$#@% and @#$@%@#%@#%@#, and that's how you get a sentance. Think before the next time you open your filthy mouth."

Local Bear Reveals Shocking Secret


Spindizzy's bear community was shocked as one if its own revealed a shocking secret.

I don't like salmon." Ba'ar, local bear, is quoted as saying with a sigh and a shrug. "Never have."

He notes that it began as a cub. "Everyone in my family LOVED salmon and tried to get me to cultivate a taste for it, but I could never quite develop, 'the knack for it', as it were. " he is quoted as saying. "It almost sounds sacreligious for a bear like myself not to like salmon, but that's just how I am."

Despite this, Ba'ar notes that he is still much a bear. 'I still have the usual ursine cravings for honey, back scratches and stuff like that." he confessed. "Just don't have the usual cravings for salmon.

Facility Complete


Verde Imperial wishes to inform the citizens of SpinDizzy that its SpinDizzy facility that has been long under construction will be complete on August 31 2009.

The facility's proposed activities have expanded over the past months to include not only computer research but antimatter refining and engine coil maintenance for faster than light craft.

Tours can be expected partway through September.

Review - Ice Age

Ice Age III.Caught Ice Age 3 today. This time around Syd the sloth hatches some dinosaurs and adopts them as his children. The mother dinosaur comes around and spirits her young (and Syd as well) away. It's up to his friends Diego the tiger and Manny the woolly mammoth to rescue him.

It was a pretty good movie with everyone their old familiar selves. Syd's optimism and irresponsibility are a perfect counterpoint to Manny's gruff yet soft personality and Diego's cynic-with-a-heart-of-gold personality. New to the cast is Buck, a half crazed but very wise weasel who joins Diego and Manny on their quest for their friend.

The movie was very funny, with gags aplenty. The only thing that bothered me is that there were at least three spots where the gags are a WEE bit too spicy for the younger set. An example of this is when Syd tries to 'milk' a bison only to find that 'he was a male'. This was no turn off, however as the movie overall is quite kid friendly.

All in all, a nice way to spent an hour and a half inside on a blazingly hot summer day.

The Mouse Who Ate A Lot Of Cheese

A fat mouse.After scampering about the kitchen and raiding the fridge, Zen scampered back to his mouse hole the best he could manage.

"Oh boy!! Oh boy!!" He snickered to himself, thinking of everything he ate off of that shelf.

"I ate all their pepper jack, Swiss and cheddar! Even canned cheese, making it all the better!"

He snickered and smirked as he neared his house , but soon he found out, he was too big a mouse!

He pushed and strained trying to get in, but the mouse hole was meant for a mouse that was thin!

After getting stuck, not once, but thrice, he soon felt he was the dumbest of all the mice.

Finally, after pushing and giving his all, he pushed himself through the small hole in the wall.

Tired, exhausted, and not feeling so good, the mouse laid down, as surely any would.

Now as he realized he was trapped in his house, he chuckled, knowing he was such a foolish mouse!

Shiny Day Proves to be Uncomfortable

Shiny things.

March 17th's Shiny Day, when Spindizzians everywhere were encouraged to 'brighten things up', was a huge success. However, there were some parties that weren't all that pleased with the festivities.

Ba'ar, local bear, celebrated the day by dying himself with shiny green dye and soon regretted it. "It was easy enough to work into my fur, all right, but that was the the only pleasure I got out of it." he said. "It wasn't much longer after that that the stuff started irritating my pelt and making me itch! Argon gave me some ointment to help out but it didn't stifle everything."

The biggest pain in the tail, according to the local bear, was in removing the green dye. "It took me more than an hour of lathering up and scrubbing myself down to remove everything from my fur." he is quoted as saying. "My pelt'll be sore for DAYS!"

Nonetheless, the local bear found Shiny Day very enjoyable. "It made our bright and shiny city even brighter and that was nice to see." he is quoted as saying. "I'll just have to celebrate it in a different way next time.


Paper.Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper this week!

Special thanks go to:

Leowulf for the report on the missing centaur,
Austin for numerous reports and reporting this week.
Leowulf for the report on the WHO list,
Paws for the report on time travel,
Zen for the funny story on his going off,
Andrew Morris for the story about Verde's finallization of construction,
Ba'ar for the review of Ice Age III,
Zen with the story on the mouse who ate all the cheese,
Ba'ar for the story of his troubles with "shiny day",
Patch O'Black forr the announcement of the Jellicle Ball,
Ba'ar for the weekly survey,
Ba'ar, for the report on Patch O'Black's "Way",
And Argon for the Doze Garden cartoon.

Four-Kolor Kitty: What Not To Wear, Super-Hero Edition

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Hello and welcome back to the Four-Kolor Kitty. I know it has been a while, but we're back, and ready to give another quirky look at super-hero comics. This time, we will be focusing on the fashion sense, or rather the lack of it, of some super-heroes and a few super-villains as well. Beware, you may need to "find your happy place" when you see a few of these.

First up is one B'wana Beast. His main super-power is on the unusual side. He takes two creatures and fuses them into one hybrid that uses the abilities of both the source creatures. He also has the power of mind-control. Now he got these powers from a mystical helmet and a special elixir. Now, since the helmet is part and parcel of Next up is RazorBack. This guy is your basic strong guy, and a trucker to boot. However, if his name wasn't a tip-off, he does seem to have a warped sense of what is impressive and what will make folks snicker. First of all, if you were not aware of it, a razorback is a kind of pig, though a feral kind of swine. Still, if one is looking to get respect from one's opponents, a hog isn't a great way to do it. His choice of outfits doesn't help. Oh, it is alright at the start, with a basic green union suit with yellow boots, gloves, and belt. Then...there is the mask. First, it is HUGE! Next, it is one of the ugliest-looking boar's head, tusks and all. lastly, the snout of the head is right on his fore-head and looks like it blocks part of his vision. That is nether good for fighting villains nor driving a truck!Bwanabeast.Razorback.

It isn't just the male heroes that can show poor judgement in costume choices. Cassie Sandsmark, the second Wonder-Girl, came up with a rather distressing outfit. Perhaps the biking shorts, Wonder-Woman logo t-shirt, and black jacket wouldn't have been too bad. But she then adds a long black wig and oversized goggles to this number! Sure, it might hide her identity, but it also hides any signs of good taste as well.

While perhaps youth can excuse Cassie's fashion mistakes, we can only blame Dazzler's original costume to being due to pressure from the questionable fashion trends at the time. The character was part of a project that started in the mid to late 1970's, and finally released in 1980. The character design was heavily influenced by that great tragedy known as...disco! Her costume reflects this with what is basically a female version of a white leisure suit, complete with huge collar. Mirrored bracelets, a mirrored disco ball on her necklace, and...get this, high-heeled mirrored roller-skates! Add that her mask appears to be blue face-paint, and it is a wonder anyone took her seriously.

Speaking of the 1980's, it was also a time of "grim and gritty", and "more realistic" characters. This in turn meant the comic book companies were turning out gun-totting vigilantes. Somone Wild Dog. Okay, yes, this may be what someone who has to put together a costume themselves may look like. However, he really should have put a little more effort into it.< Everything looks off-the-shelf. A black body-suit, with a pair of camouflage pants, combat boots, a football jersey from a local college (complete with dog logo), ande of these worked out alright (The Punisher). Others...well, just look at a hockey mask. You read that right: A hockey mask! Sure, it covers his face, but it also makes people think that he has watched the Friday the 13th films one too many times...

Wgpic.Lastly, for now, I give you a pair of super-villains: The Clock-King and the Calculator. The original version of The Clock-King had no super-powers, and relied simply on exact timing for pulling of his crimes. He also failed to have any clue on how to dress to intimidate his victims or foes. Just a hunch, but I doubt the clock-face mask with matching pattern on his full-body spandex did anything but cause folks to snicker at him.Clock King.

The Calculator, aside from possibly the world's nerdiest name for a super-villain, was suppose to be a genius. Using said genius, he built a battle suit with computers that would analyze the powers and weaknesses of any hero who battled him, then provide a force-field that would prevent that particular hero from touching him. While a rather nifty plan, having abig keypad on your chest isn't going to make your average crime-fighter respect you....

Well, time to fold up this edition of the Four-Kolor Kitty. Remember, if you have a comic-book question you have hanging in your closet, or a topic you want run through the wringer, just contact me, PatchO'Black. Until next time, see you in the funny pages!


    Wilddog. supercalculator.

Gilead's Green Green Puns of Summer


Q: What kind of melon always has a big church wedding?
A: A can't elope.

Q: What do you call very rare flowers?
A: A few chsia.

Q: What kind of plant gets a feline totally wasted?
A: Catchomp.

Q: How do young flowers learn to pollinate?
A: An older flower tells them about the wind, bats, birds, moths, and/or bees, depending on their species.

Q: Why did the poison ivies get a divorce?
A: They got the seven year itch.

Q: How do rude Australian trees address each other?
A: Hey, eucalyptus!

Q: What do pussy willows eat? A1: Sunlight, carbon dioxide, and soil nitrogen. What? Did you think I was going to say mouse willows? There's no such thing. A2: Though "saucers of milkweed" might be a tempting reply.

Q: Who commits electoral fraud to deny representation to squirrels?

Q: Who would vote against a squirrel, anyway?
A: Nuts.

Q: How do you really hurt a squirrel?
A: Hit him in the nuts.

Q: Why did the monkey lose the election?
A: She went bananas in the final debate.

Q: Who do the paranoid think is out to get them in the desert?
A: Cact"them."

Q: What did Poor Richard collect to freshen his breath?
A: Franklin Mint.

Q: Why did the coconut farmer hire a psychic?
A: He wanted his palms read. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

Jellicle Ball

Patch O'Black.

On August 1st, SpinDizzy will be hosting its first "official" Jellicle Ball. Local Jellicle cat, Patch O'Black, has been preparing an appropriate venue for this event, which will include dancing, feasting, and having folks demonstrating their talents to see how "Jellicle" they are. Please note this is a social event, so do not expect any high adventure or mischief that have sometime occurred at other events. Come and have a Jellicle time!

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey.

Hi all, Ba'ar here with your latest Spindizzy @Action News Survey. What's your idea of a good breakfast?

  • Nigel says, "Given the hours I keep, my usual breakfast is whatever I'm having for lunch. But as far as the IDEA of breakfasts goes, strawberries and yogurt, coffee, and a bagel."
  • Findra chirrrs softly, "A cup of tea and a piece of carrot cake."
  • Jimun hmms, "I rather fond of french toast... nice and hot with lots of syrup. Mmmmm!" ^^
  • Gyre says, "I like cereal! The kind with little marshmallows in it."
  • Borris Hmsssss "12 eggs, scrambled, with a half pound of bacon, two quarts of coffee, black, Garlic Texas Toast, two oranges, and a Pop Tart, strawberry, of course."
  • Dingo yips, "Waffles an' cheesy grits with bacon!"
  • Leowulf says, "Oh, thats easy, 4 egg omelette, stuffed with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and ham, with a huge side order of hash browns."
  • Fuzzy says, "Bacon"
  • Austin says, "I like a couple of bagels with cream cheese, myself, and no particular time that I have to be done with breakfast. I've had that as recently as .. uhm ... "
  • BunnyHugger says, "French toast, though my more typical breakfast, the one I have on a day when I go to my job, is a Caribou Coffee granola bar and a cup of caffeinated hot chocolate."
  • J.P. says, "As for the breakfast poll... I'm not usually much for most breakfast foods; I tend to like having leftovers (which, being in college, doen't work as well as it does at home), or cold pizza. I do appreciate a well-made omelette, though. Pasta is good, too."
  • B.J. says, "Yeah. eggs, english Muffin, and some nice strong tea."
  • Beltrami looks blankly at Ba'ar.
  • PatchO'Black mews, "Ba'ar, a good breakfast would be eggs, usually scrambled with cheese, onions, and bell peppers, hash browns, and bacon, or sausage, or both, with toast on the side."
  • Rhea's usual breakfast is toaster waffles, peanut butter, and black tea, because she keeps forgetting to buy bagels.
  • Ba'ar growls, "For me, you can't do better than the traditional eggs, bacon, toast, juice and coffee."
  • Mischa says, "Helium!"
  • Argon says, "Chicken fried steak, scrambled hash browns, scrambled eggs, a side of link sausages. Times 4 if I'm hungry."
  • Kearn grins, "For me, as a giant snake, a good breakfast would be a whole cow, or pig. Although elk wouldn't be bad.. I'm not picky."
  • Zoie churrs, "Freshly sliced fruits and cheeses with some green tea and honey."
Doze Garden Cartoon

The Doze Garden Cartoon.

Want to contribute to @Action News?

Got something that You'd like to contribute to @Action News, but aren't sure if you should, or how to do it? Here are some basic guidelines.

Contributing a story or artwork for @Action News is easy! Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org!

  • @Action News is published when enough news and articles are gathered, so the date of publication may vary.
  • Most any type of story or article of interest to SpinDizzy's newspaper readers will be accepted. Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy.
  • Things that occur in public areas are fair game.
  • The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (any more than anything that happens here does,) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have.

These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.


Editor - @Action News