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First Annual Hugging Day a Multiple Success

Bunnyhugger Valentine.

February 9 was the first observance of Hugging Day, one of the new official SpinDizzy holidays established by the Office of the Mayor. Although Hugging Day was celebrated all over SpinDizzy, the focal point for Hugging Day activities was FluffHaven Park.

.Local ringtail B.J. brought out two of his inventions for the occasion, the Quad Multiplexer and the Humanoid Multiplexer, with the idea that extra limbs would allow for a greater variety of hugs. Local Andurusian WhyteShadow tried the Quad Multiplexer and got split into two distinct copies, with a truly awe-inspiring number of total appendages. Local cartoon coati Natasha Nelson ended up with two heads for a while, which she claimed gave her "a splitting headache."

Local devibunny BunnyHugger, against the advice of her squirrel friend Chitter, used the Quad Multiplexer hoping to get extra forelimbs, but instead ended up splitting herself into two separate BunnyHuggers. This upset both of them and caused them to take turns explaining how philosophers discuss personal identity and its paradoxes and puzzles. Local coati Austin Dern responded by using the Quad Multiplexer and becoming dualized, with double the usual limbs, and two heads to match, allowing him to calm the agitated twin BunnyHuggers more easily.

Mayor Beltrami was on hand to bring an official presence to the festivities, and she also made repeated use of the Multiplexer, ending up with various combinations including extra forelegs and extra hind legs. Plenty of hugging went on, of course, among both Multiplexed and standardly-configured participants, leaving little doubt that the new holiday was a success.

Morality Day Celebrated by SpinDizzy Residents

Moral Bunny abd Ethics Boy.

Morality Day is one of the new official holidays established by the Office of the Mayor. It is observed on the fourth Monday of February, which this year was February 23. The holiday is still something of a mystery, as no official description of its intended purpose has been given by the Mayor's Office. Local coati Austin Dern posted a reminder of the date of Morality Day, designating Fluffhaven Park as the main site for Morality Day observations and remarking that local costumed heroes MoralBunny and EthicsBoy were likely to put in an appearance.

For most of the day, Fluffhaven Park was nearly empty, disappointing local plush gryphon Paws and local centaur Argon, who had come out hoping to see some activities for the occasion. However, as the day neared its close, local bunny-hero MoralBunny and local squirrel-hero EthicsBoy arrived at last.

MoralBunny exhorted everyone to be moral, and then seemed at a loss for what to do next. Paws said that her moral behavior mostly takes the form of hugging. MoralBunny said, "I think Morality Day might need some sort of traditional activities established. I wonder what would be good? Hugging is good, but that's already the activity of Hugging Day." Paws suggested telling original stories with morals, and local ringtail B.J. suggested posing interesting moral dilemmas and seeing what people think is the right answer. B.J. added that "Dilemma" would be a good name for a nemesis for MoralBunny. She seemed to be delighted by that idea, and said that she imagined that Dilemma would be "a bull-like nemesis with two immense horns. But his secret weak spot would be between the horns."

More and more residents started to gather in the park, including Mayor Beltrami. She set her operator palette -- a strange device with amazing powers -- on the ground, and it created a light show, projecting different colored spots of light onto the nose of each person present. Then the operator projected a cone of rays of light that spread out toward the horizon and then came together, pointing upward. Local winged squirrel J.P., curious about the light show, flew into the middle of it, and Beltrami caused the operator to bring a spotlight on him. It then created a sort of kaleidoscope of duplicate images of him. Everyone was amazed by the beautiful show. If it was meant to illustrate some aspect of morality, the Mayor did not say, leaving it open to interpretation. MoralBunny later suggested that the different colors of light projected onto each person may have represented the equal intrinsic value that all people have regardless of the differences between them.

Local python Leamas seemed especially intrigued by MoralBunny and EthicsSquirrel. At one point he seemed to be studying the bunny closely, both by sight and smell (which for snakes is done by flicking the tongue in and out). He seemed surprised about something, remarking, "That is odd," but when asked about it, he changed the subject.

Morality Day is still finding its niche as a local holiday, as residents try to get a sense of what it is about and what its unique customs should be. As the years go by it will no doubt become an important annual observance on SpinDizzy.

B.J. different but not monster

B.J. who always used to be a ringtail before got turned into a much bigger kind of ringtail that looks like a monster but isn't really. He's really big and mostly blue all over and then on top of that he's got two whole sets of arms one on top and one below, and then out his back he grows like a kind of a centaur only with a ringtail body not a horse and all four of his feet are ringtail kinds of feet, and plus on top of that on the end he's got two whole tails instead of just one. And his fur is really long and shaggy so he looks even bigger and kind of like a cloud. But he's still the same B.J. who was always around here and his name was Bartholomew.

He got changed through Beltrami who's a magic balloon dragon and the mayor too, because B.J. asked if she could show off how she can change people. Aushae the dragon her mommy could change people too and she liked that. Beltrami didn't turn him into a balloon this time or ever though so he didn't wear off of that, and B.J. says people don't have trouble recognizing him this way because he doesn't look all that different except for being so much bigger and fluffier and blue and four-armed and four-legged and two-tailed and maybe there aren't a lot of ringtails to confuse him with.

It isn't hot but it is cozy he says and it tickled some when all that extra fur grew in all at once. But he likes it and he's not a monster and even if he doesn't know how come Beltrami changed him like this he likes it anyway.

Local Devilbunny Hosts Valentine's Day Party

Bunnyhugger Valentines.

Local devilbunny BunnyHugger held a Valentine's Day Party in Meliora Park, a small park that she designed and built last summer. This was the first formal event held in the park and BunnyHugger had decorated it for the occasion with pink lights and shiny, red foil hearts. The hostess also decorated herself and her squirrel friend Chitter for the party: she wore a tiara of red foil hearts, and she dressed up Chitter with a red velveteen collar studded with rhinestone hearts.

The first guests to arrive were local shapeshifter Jimun, currently in the form of a bat, and his robot Kenko. Other guests started arriving, then BunnyHugger went into her little apartment in the park and brought out local post-human Mischa so he could also join the party. Mischa was currently in the form of a pile of miscellaneous sea glass, some of which BunnyHugger had been keeping on a shelf in her apartment. Local raccoon Royce quickly ate most of the cookies that had been set out for the party. Then Polly, local elastic stoat, arrived, and she and Royce began scuffling over who would get to hold the "shinies," that is, Mischa. Royce "washed" his pieces of Mischa in the punch bowl.

All of the noise and activity caused local koi-goldfish hybrid Tategoi to come over in his floating fishbowl to see what was going on. Tategoi lives in Dragon Park, which is the next grid square over from Meliora Park. BunnyHugger asked Tategoi if he could do some Valentine's Day magic, and he responded by asking her to toss a handful of snow into the air. She did, and as the snow fell, he turned it into a shower of paper confetti hearts that fell over all the guests.

Mayor Beltrami honored the party with a visit, and local Care Bear GrumpyBear brought a beautiful flower arrangement created especially for the occasion. Local coati Austin Dern was a late arriver but made quite an entrance with his fur painted all over with red, pink, and white hearts. Other party-goers included local hyena Nigel, local fox Shoe, local wolf DTF, local "marsh rabbit" Fuzzy, local centaur Argon, local fairy kangaroo Roofus_roo, local winged squirrel J.P., local ferret Darius, local centaur Kefan, local fursnake Mouser, local squirrels Cadge and Tuesday, local plush gryphon Paws, local bear Ba'ar, local okamimimi Westly, and local guest Guest1 (who was in the form of a raven).

Eventually the official end time of the party came and went, and the hostess realized she had never had a dance with Austin. So she and Austin had a final dance to the Kinks' "Waterloo Sunset," and when it ended, Chitter turned off the stereo, signifying the official end of festivities. BunnyHugger proclaimed the party a great success due to the large turnout and the apparent good time had by most of the guests. She hopes to make it an annual event.

Tiger Shows Up With Grenade


Spindizzians visiting the Rose Garden were shocked when Aina, local tiger, showed up carrying a hand grenade! The tigeress confirmed that the grenade was indeed live and that it was "standard SED Soldier issue to have a flash-bang on paw" to "always be prepared for any situation."

Ba'ar, local bear pointed out that this was the Rose Garden and after all "Nothing really happens here"/ Aina didn't answer, either having no rational answer for the bruin or ignoring him completely (Ba'ar isn't sure on this).

Fortunately the resolution was peaceful. Aina took one look at her watch, said "My shift is up", and casually strolled away, leaving Ba'ar bear and the rest of the Spindizzians in the Rose Garden completely mystified (and not a little shocked) at what just happened.

Local Coati becomes Balloonified

Balloon Coati.Natasha, local Coati, had a very (as it were) 'uplifting' experience recently. It seems that she had borrowed a beach ball from Grumpybear, local carebear, but did not want to return it. Grumpybear then retaliated by literally blowing her up, leaving the poor coati not only beachball shaped but unable to move. Fortunately, Ba'ar, local bear, came along and solved things by sticking Natasha a few times with a pin, causing the air to drain out of her (but not before sending her on a bit of a rollercoaster ride through the air as she deflated).

Reached for comment on this, Natasha was quoted as saying "I felt light headed on this" but felt no remorse about it saying she'd do it again. In fact, shortly after Ba'ar deflated her, she marched on over to Grumpybear and stole his beach ball a second time.

Grumpybear was unable to be reached for comment on this.

Portia Travels Home (Manor Help Wanted!)

Portia.Portia Lee-Wallaby, local red panda and deputy mayor, is traveling back to her home world for further magic training by her instructor there, Master Breedlove. Unlike previous visits, she will be gone an extended time, with only short visits home between lessons. Her exact return date is unknown, but could be anywhere from several weeks to months from now.

Without a head of household, various chores and tasks go undone. Therefore, Morticon Lee-Wallaby, local wallaby, would like to hire some temporary help to assist with those items. The help must be self-motivated, trustworthy, discreet, and knowledgeable in running a house. Must like kids. Payment and living arrangements can be discussed during the interview. Talk to Morticon, any Aina', or Mina to arrange for a visit.

Urban Bear

Ba'ar.I am
covered with brown fur.
Cookie shaped ears on top
and a long snout below.
Teeth sharp.
Fluffy (okay fat) form.
With two sets of paws ending in sharp claws.

Yeah, I'm a bear all right

But I'm an urban bear.

Well worn jeans keep me modest.

When hungry, I avoid deer and rabbit.
(I do my "hunting" at the local supermarket).

I also 'do my business' in the bathroom like everyone else.

Pic-a-nic baskets? Who needs to raid 'em?
(When on a picnic, I bring my own!)

Despite all of this, I'm still a bear.

I love to eat (honey yum)
and a good back scratch makes me loopy.

I also like to hibernate
(Getting up at noon on weekends suits me just fine).

I also roar when angry (which isn't often),
as I'm pretty easy going (most of the time anyway).

So yes, I'm a bear,
just a very civilized one.

Classic Gaming

Atari 2300.Hey everyone! This is your lil gamer coon, Zoie Kvtli.

This article will be a little different from the usual. I downloaded the game that I am actually playing onto youtube and shall keep on doing it this way for each of my articles


Yes, the instant classic of all RPGs. The use of the 16 bit orchestra blew many out of their seat as well as their jaws.

The game basically starts out with Cecil, the Dark Knight, coming back to Baron with a crystal he has just taken from the Mysidians. Under guilt, he questions this act to the king. Due to his subordination, he is stripped of his command and sent with a ring to be given to the people of Myst Village. Thus starts his journey.

I shall not ruin many of the meetings and spoilers though you meet a wide variety of people from monks, royal bards, hot white mages that would make BM from 8-Bit Theater talk like a 3 year old, accelearated aging, NINJAS and much more.

There are a wide variety of travel options...

You can go by ground with the yellow chocobo or by air with the black chocobo.


There are even ways to fly even faster using the airships.

There are also many moments that will shock you and even some that will bring you to tears



This game has kickass bosses, darker motives, blossoming love, dedication and friendship, jealousy... let alone NINJAS (EGFH - If those who don't know what those initials are.. just ask me when ya see me next).

The only spoiler I shall give as a closing regarding this game,"To the MOON, Alice!"

Zoie Kvtli
Haseo fanatic


Paper.Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper this week!

Special thanks go to:

Bunnyhugger, for her report on Hugging Day,
MoralBunny, for the report on Morality Day,
Leslie, for the report on B. J.s change,
Bunnyhugger, for the report on the Valentine's Day Party,
Ba'ar, for the report on Aina' and the hand grenade,
Ba'ar for the report on the balloon coati,
Morticon, for the ad asking for help at the manor,
Ba'ar, for his poem,
Zoie, for her report on classic gaming,
Patch O'Black. for his bizzare comics report,part II,
Gilead, for his puns, Ba'ar, for the survey,
and, Kinsor, for the Doze Garden cartoon.

Four-Kolor Kitty: It's a Bizarro World! Part II

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Bizarro Perry White.Goodbye! Last time, we looked at the early adventures of Superman's imperfect copy known as Bizarro. This time, we are going to skip past a few adventures to introduce you to some unique members of the Bizarro community, including the Bizarro Justice League!

When we last left Bizarro World, it was populated by imperfect copies of Superman and Lois Lane. However, in August of 1961, the Bizarro newspaper, The Daily Htrae, needed a new editor. So, Bizarro #1 flew down to Earth and, using the same imperfect Duplicator Ray that created him, zapped Perry White. Thus, Bizarro-Perry White was created. Jimmy Olsen, who had been yelled at earlier by the original Perry White for not getting spectacular stories, sees the duplicate and decides to tag along to Bizarro World. Bizarro-Perry White decides to hire the cub reporter, but Jimmy Olsen only accepts after Bizarro #1 threatens to throw him into space if he doesn't. Once there, Jimmy finds he has the opposite problem that he had on Earth: He gets spectacular stories, but the Bizarro-s prefer stories that are ordinary and dull. When a Bizarro-Lois proposes marriage to Jimmy, he finds himself being ordered to go through with the wedding. Fortunately for Mr. Olsen, he manages to get to the Duplicator ray and make a Bizarro-Jimmy Olsen, which takes his place. As an interesting side-note, Bizarro #1 decides that if there is a Bizarro staff for the the newspaper, he would take on the identity of Bizarro-Clark Kent. Unfortunately, he forgot to remove the medallion giving his identity of Bizarro #1, thus everyone figured out who he really was. This, of course, made sense on Bizarro world, that he would have a non-secret identity.

Later, Bizarro noticed that Superman often partnered with Batman. Thus, the Duplicator Ray came out again, and Bizarro-Batman was born. Armed with his "useless belt" and dull Bizarro mind, he and Bizarro #1 formed the World's Worst team. In their first adventure, the real Joker convinced the odd duo that he, too, was a Bizarro as he had white skin too. Fortunately, the real Batman and Superman quickly put an end to this.Bizarro Batman.

Enjoying have a team-mate, he decides to create more Bizarro versions of super-heros, and makes the Bizarro Justice League. This included the afore-mentioned Bizarro-Batman, Bizarro-Aquaman (who couldn't swim), Bizarro Flash (who was the fastest, rather than slowest, Bizarro alive), Bizarro Yellow Lantern.Bizarro Wonder Woman, Bizarro Hawkman, and lastly, Bizarro Yellow-Lantern. The last one is the most unique among the heroes. You see, first, since the Green Lantern is a man without fear, his imperfect duplicate is scared of almost everything. Also, when Bizarro #1 created him, it gave the Bizarro Yellow-Lantern a yellow power ring, but not a way to charge it. When it ran out 24 hours later, they went to Earth to see if he could recharge it from Green Lantern's battery. This didn't work, but when Bizarro offers to use the Duplicator ray to make a yellow version of the battery, Yellow-Lantern stops him. You see, he doesn't want to have powers, as he is too scared to be a hero. Of course, by being a powerless coward, it makes him Bizarro World's greatest hero!

Of course, what is a super-hero team without villains? He creates a Bizarro-Lex Luthor, who uses his imperfect genius to try and "help" the population of Bizarro World. Next, a true Bizarro-Joker, who has flesh-toned skin and is sad. This is because, while the original is insane, Bizarro-Joker is the only "sane" person on an insane world.bizarro Joker.

Bizarro Amzao.The best of the bunch, however, is the Bizarro version of Amazo, the evil android who can steal the powers of the Justice League for himself. The warped version also tries to be a hero, and as he has the ability to give folks the powers of the Bizarro Justice League, he disturbs the unpowered Bizarros. When he realizes what he was actually created for, he has his power source removed. This makes him... you guessed it... Bizarro World's greatest villain. He not only doesn't he take any "criminal" actions, he doesn't even think!

And that will wrap it up for this twisted little trip! Remember, we are always looking for suggestions for new columns, so send them to PatchO'Black! Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Little Pun Shop of Horrors

Q: Where does an otter go to trade seafood for cash?
A: To the prawn shop.

Q: Where does a rabbit go to trade his feet for cash?
A: To the paw shop.

Q: Where does a 1337 hacker go to trade his victim's pride for cash?
A: To the PWN shop.

Q: Where does one go to trade one's flightless seabirds for cash?
A: To the penguin shop.

Q: What do you call a flightless seabird that isn't wearing a tuxedo, or really anything at all?
A: A Pornguin

Q: What do you call a flightless seabird who beats up people for money?
A: A Pengoon.

Q: What do you call a flightless seabird who writes award-winning science fiction?
A: Ursula K. LePenguin.

Q: How are dogs' sneakers made?
A: Puppy labor in third world pant shops.

Q: What do you call a romantic comedy about a wealthy alcoholic playdog who falls in love with a poor female dog?
A: Arf-er.

Q: How do you keep a kitten from wetting the bed?
A: Put on a dia-purr.

Q: Who arrests undersea prostitutes and drug dealers?
A: The vice squid.

Q: Who pinches a larva's cheeks at a hive reunion?
A: His ant.

Q: What do you call a nasty rooster?
A: A Selfsucker.

Q: What do you call a camel with a human torso on its neck?
A: A Sandtaur.

Q: What do you call a stiff-bodied fish with a human torso on its neck?
A: A Seataurse.

Q: What do you call an arachnid with a human torso on its carapace?
A: A Taurantula.

Q: What do you call a musical burrowing mustelid?
A: A bardger.

Q: What is the most labor-intenisve food for a raccoon to eat?
A: Cajun dirty rice.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey.

Hello all, Ba'ar here with the latest Spindizzy @Action News survey (suggested by Argon). Do you leave your computer on all the time or turn if off when you aren't using it?

Ba'ar growls, "My computer is off when it's not in use."

PatchO'Black mews, "I turn mine off."

BunnyHugger says, "I leave mine on all the time, Ba'ar. Except every now and then when I think that it maybe needs a restart just for general hygiene."

Borris Gruffs, "I set my computer to Hibernate, if I'm not in front of it, and reboot it once every few days."

Mischa says, "I turn mine off."

Andreas yips, " 21:24:48 up 21 days, 0 min, 1 user, load average: 0.19, 0.05, 0.01"

GrumpyBear grumbles, "I leave them on."

Kamida lilts "Well, I usually turn my computer off and the modem and router too, only problem is I use an other computer as gateway so when I use the computer in the bedroom it usually means I use twice the amount of power I should use. I should set it up differently, but I'm afraid I might lose my internet connection."

Terra just turns hers off if she's going to be gone for more than an hour.

Kit_Skyfire turns his off when its not in use, then flicks off the power button on the surge strip, gotta stop the phantom power at all costs, it does save you money.

Niran chuckles gently as he says,"I leave mine at home on."

Argon says, "I turn mine off. Saves power."

J.P. says, "Basically leave it on, but I usually leave it sleeping if I'm not using it."

Gilead chirps, "Mine hibernates when I'm not using it."

Paws turns it off.

DTF smiles "The main one is on most of the time because it's serving some function most of the time, the secondary is on when I'm up and about."

Doze Garden Cartoon

Are you a cartoonist? Are you funny? Call now, operators are standing by!

The Doze Garden Cartoon.

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