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SpinDizzy Celebrates Ten Years!

SpinDizzy logo.Ten years of SpinDizzy was celebrated Halloween weekend. A party was held at the picnic grounds where folks gathered and shared memories and stories of the decade of SpinDizzy's existance.

Ten years ago, SpinDizzy's predecesor, Toons Fur and Fluff faded away and the rebuilding effort by Austin, Skyler, Findra and others, laid the foundation for where we live today. Based on an easy to navigate, easily expandable grid system, SpinDizzy has grown and developed in ways never imagined.

SpinDizzy's residents have grown and changed and includes creatures seen nowhere else. Events ranging from Story Circles to Elections to MiSTings to welcoming new residents happen quite often. More than just a place to live, SpinDizzy has evolved into a real community.

Some of us are "old timers" who have been here since SpinDizzy began, to newer folks who are still learning to find their ways around. But all are friendly and willing to help and contribute to making SpinDizzy what it is. Although SpinDizzy is a place, what makes it special is the folks who inhabit it. Each one has offered something that makes SpinDizzy what it is.

Back in 1998, when SpinDizzy first was founded, we were travelling here through 166 Mhz computers with 6 gig hard drives and "lightning fast" 56.6 modems. Many of us use broadband now, but the magic of SpinDizzy is that its format allows even those of us with dial-up can have the same great fun.

Who knows what SpinDizzy will be like in 2018? Hopefully the same foundations of fun and common courtesy and fantasy and whimsy will remain the guiding factors in the fun the future "us" will have on SpinDizzy!

Quick thinking saves pool toy

Dragon pool toy.Mischa, local dragon pool toy, was visiting in the Rose Garden when it found itself with a slow leak!

The attracted the attention of other folks as pool toys, like the local balloon community, depend on internal air under pressure to maintain their shapes. A leak, large or small, is a matter of some concern to these folks.

AS air escapef from Mischa's form, ways of patching the pool toy were hurridly discussed. Mischa carried no patch kit, as it had no pockets, but Dellway, local, exclamation mark (no, really, that's what it says,) was reported to have a zepplin repair kit and it was decided to use that.

As Mischa was nearly deflated by this time, Austin, local coati, asked for a volunteer to blow some air into Mischa so it could be put in the fountain and the leak located by telltale bubbles when put underwater. As no one seemed eager to help, Argon, local centaur noted that with two sets of lungs, he's be happy to assist. The centaur was a bit hesitant as blowing up a balloon, or sentient pool toy, is a somewhat intimate action but the centaur noted it was an emergency and compared it to giving CPR to someone who had drowned.

Argon partially filled Mischa with air and closed it's valve. He handed the pool toy back to Austin who put it back in the water and turned it over and overlooking for air bubbles. Once he found the leak he pinched it shut and the patch was put into place.

Austin handed Mischa back to Argon who filled the pool toy completely and who had made a full recovery. Luckily by the efforts of a number of folks, Mischa was back to being full of air and ready to float and help swimmers have fun in the water!

Cora's Pre-Halloween Bash

Cora.Spindizzians everywhere gathered at the house of Cora, local bear and social diva for a Pre-Halloween party on Saturday Night. sTrue to the spirit of the season, many party goers dressed up. Patcho'black, local cat, for example, went as a Ghostbuster (of course, this being Spindizzy there were not ghosts to bust but Patchy was happy to show off his equipment anyway). Others were even more creative in their costuming. Bunnyhugger, local devil bunny, dressed as Austin Dern, local Coati while Austin himself dressed up as a 'devil bunny' and tried to act as "Bunnyhugger-ish' as possible. Cora, for her part, hosted the part dressed as a centauress.

The costumes weren't the only thing showing the Halloween spirit, as Cora had prepared such festive holiday delicacies as 'blood' (cherry) punch, caramel apples and ghost and bat shaped cookies. In addition, there was a barrel suitable suitable for anyone who wanted to bob for apples. The treats were very tasty and appreciated by all the party goers.

This being Halloween, a little mischief was to be expected. At one point of the party, Zen, local mouse, hid in a punch cup and was soon 'drank' by Reaper, local mouse. However all was well when Reaper decided to let Zen go instead of swallowing him.

All in all, it was a great party and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Cora, for her part, is already planning her holiday party. "Just see what I come up with!" she teased.

Gilead's Misfortune Cookies for Halloween

Fortune cookie.Here lies Jerry Natter. Fell in while mixing the cookie batter. Bon apetit.

Now is not the time to make sure your will is up to date. That time was yesterday.

May you live in interesting times.

Don't eat this cookie. I spat on it.

Has anyone seen my cat? Ah, there she is in your tummy. Daddy's coming, Fluffy!

Don't bother with the doggie bag unless Fido is into canibalism.

The bluebird of happiness is smiling upon you from on high. He's waiting for you look up with your mouth open.

Gilfucius say: It is wise man who learn from the misfortune of others. It is wiseass who cause the misfortune of others.

Free Mumia Abu Jamal! with the purchase of any other convicted copkiller of equal or greater value. Your choice regular or extra-crispy.

Free Tibet! with the purchase of People's Republic of China.

The best things in life often require a leap of faith. Unfortunately, so does going splat on the pavement.

The gods of fortune smile upon you today. Unfortunately, they are smiling from schadenfreude.

I see great things in your future. Great failure, great weight upon your shoulders, great objects falling on you from an upper-story window...

I am locked in this fortune cookie factory. Please send fish.

Ten years, through the eyes of the newspaper

Archives.Hello everyone:

Although I haven't been around Spindizzy for a year yet, I realize that soon it will be a decade since Spindizzy came into existance.

Throughout the time, there has been various times a newspaper has run for the citizens of Spindizzy and I just wanted to give a few highlights.

*sings in a very high pitch* "In the year 2000, in the year 2000"

In June, Marva and Argon tied the knot and became man and wife. Despite many rumors of possible children's names, none so far have been produced by the centaur pair. Funny enough, it was nearly 4 years before anyone realized they were "hitched"

*in the year 2000, in the year 2000*

Morticon inherited the mantle of leadership of the SED from Moriarty, which was followed by seven years of bad jokes and a year of organization by soon to be fiancee' "Portia". It comes to show a woman's touch is always needed to make an awful group into an evil one.

*in the year 2000, in the year 2000*

In December, Mozdoc, the alicentaur with a ballistic missle was sent into another dimension for taking over Argon's body. This was promptly followed by Marva shaving Argon completely and scrubbing every last ounce of Mozdoc out of his body.

In the year 2000, in the year 2000*

It was here that Skyler, Natasha and Morticon first announced their candidacy for Mayor of Spindizzy... however, it took nearly eight years for this process to be completed! Let alone it was Portia, Morticon's current fiancee who got more votes than he did with 8 years of campaigning! It comes to show, its not the amount you speak, but what you bring to the table!

*in the year 2000, in the year 2000*

Hehehe, okay, to get a bit more serious,

There were various articles that ran through the paper and I would like to share some of them with you:

Ask Auntie Findra. Many furries asked her questions with the return of wisdom.

Ask Boki: Pretty much the same format but it involved fish.

Bearing up: This came back to the original format of Ask Auntie Findra, but from a male ursine point of view.

New Arrivals: This let many of the people know whom were new so they could be helped into the fold!

Weekley Survey: Started in 2002, despite it changing hands a few times, this has become a regular staple in every paper since.

Doze Garden: Started early in the paper, it has been a welcome sign of art and creativity of what's going on in Spindizzy at that time

Classic Gaming: A relatively new article that brings back memories of cubs playing many of the older systems.

Throughout the history of the paper, one thing has been constant, the SED has always been there to make an article!

Despite the SED rivalry with Rown, Argon and other centaurs, attempts at takeovers and kidnappings, raising the dead, the takeover of Shimamora Corp's ninjas, the firing of the ninjas seven years later, and even opening the now closed Morticon University, interest has always been kept high through their antics. Despite that, they have also provided Spindizzy with many great Fireworks shows and other displays.

Throughout the time of Spindizzy, there has been many events that can be marked as memorable: Argon and Marva's Marriage in 2000
The major explosion in RP Central and Alicia Vulpnine's death in 2001
The Who's Who list of Spindizzy in 2002
Morticon's first bath in 2002
Morticon becoming a Wizard in 2003 (due to the bath by some)
SED going public in 2003
Austin stepping down as the Head Wizard in 2004 (An April Fools' gag)
SED 500's first running in 2004
SED 500's first centaur racer in 2005
Idle contests beginning in 2006
Aushae's passing in 2007
Morticon's and Portia's Engagement in 2007
Spindizzy's first Lunar Eclipse in 2008
SED 500's first centaur victor in 2008

There were MANY events that can be added to this that would bring back the entire paper in one shot! However, the one thing that after eight years of trying, Spindizzy finally chose a mayor. On December 2, 2007, Beltrami was voted as Mayor of Spindizzy with Portia, the runner-up, becoming Vice-Mayor. Rumors state that Morticon was happy that Portia did so well, being his significant other at the time, however he was very unhappy that after eight years of campaigning, he did not receive a single vote!

There has been much history through the paper and we are PROUD to have been part of recording Spindizzy's history these past ten years.

Thank you for your time and patronage. Without you, we would not be here and there would be no Spindizzy history or Spindizzy.



Over the Hedge © Roby James.Okay boys and girls:

It's that time again in the human world that part of it is getting ready for an election. In one corner you have the elephants with the shiny tusks and in the other corner you got the asses with the shiny hooves. They both are not fit to be in the White House nor in a larger room of Congress. In spite of this "reality", they send in their representatives....

The first is Barack Obama. The son of an American mother and Kenyan Father. He has the gift of oratory and because of his youth, he connects very easily with the 45 and younger crowd very easily. Though he may have a touch of "socialism" (Sorry, Borris) in his ideas, hangs around with former (and current) trouble makers and grins like a little kiddy at the adults table, his fresh ideas may be what is needed. His vice-presidental choice is Joe Biden, a battle tested Catholic from Delaware that is the current 6th longest running senator in Congress. He served in the Foreign Relations committee to help balance out wisdom with the young energy of Barack. Though he is known for being long winded, he is known as a strong debater.

His opponent is the desert dwelling John McCain, a veteran of the Viet Nam War and former Prisoner of War. He connects with many in the military for his service, many others in his generation as well as "bible belters". For many years, he was known as a maverick among his party (though roped snuggly in line for this election) by voting for what he believed in despite his party saying otherwise. Despite his "shoot from the hip" manner of speaking as well as his "hot desert" temprament, his knowledge and experience cannot be denied. His choice is nearly his polar opposite, from the frozen north, the Alaskan Governor , Sarah Palin. Once known for being Miss Congeneality (2nd place title for Miss Alaska), she is a young first time governor and known "hockey mom". She, like the Illinois native, is young and has different ideas that definately goes against their running partner's moves and helps balance the pair. Though despite the "little girl" mindset and a definate IRA gun freak (though even I admit, even though she's hyoomun) she looked sexy as hell in that bikini and high powered rifle ^.^), she works for her beliefs despite others telling her to stay home and raise the kids.

Many, despite the good and bad points, call this election the "Battle of the Lesser of Two Evils". All that I can recommend for anyone to do is to study up on each candidate on your own, study what they have done (or not done), listen to as many DIFFERENT opinions as possible (despite there being a SLANT in many media sources instead of an unbiased opinion, hence my earlier statment), measure each against your own beliefs and ideals and choose without hesistation, reservation or regret.

I am proud that so many were present for each debate (Presidential and Vice-Presidential) and shared your ideas, quips and jokes. Just remember, once the jokes are over, once the fiery arrows have been shot, it comes down to you, a curtain and a machine to take your vote. Choose well and choose wisely, for those "hyoomuns" living in the middle of the North American Continent and many across the globe will feel the impact of that vote.

Choose well, Choose Wisely and, of course, CHOOSE! If you don't, then someone else's choice will impact you. So don't let them do it and show impact yourself! You have no excuse especially when you have to live with it for four years (because everything is global)!

Zoie, of the Native Raccoon Party

Sorry, the website for the "Native Raccoon Party" was hacked and removed due to an overzealous member of the "Coons for Shinieys Party"

Homes Available

Treecondo.Treecondo, the work of Bug Dlestra, new Spindizzy resident, provides a radical new living option (now in development): one of 30 polymer bubbles attached to the side of a humongous bio-luminescent tree.

Each pod offers 200 square feet of floorspace and symbioelectric lighting and heating, eliminating utilities.

Bug claims the eclectic installation was originally meant for itself, but it has decided to rent out additional pod-rooms to the public. It says about its new home, "I don't mind having a room to myself, but...the way I built it, there's 30 buttons on the lift, and only one of them lights up so far...just seems a bit weird, ya know?"

When questioned on concerns about building resources, it replied, "It's fine, really! If anyone wants a room, they'll have to ask me and tell me all about themselves [before a new room is added]."

Treecondo is located at S2 W4, just east of Spindizzy Airport. The owner says it welcomes questions personally and is often seen in busy areas, including the Rose Garden, but can also be reaced for more information through quick-mail.


Paper.Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper this week!

Special thanks go to:

Argon, for the report on "SpinDizzy's 10th birthday,
Argon again, for the story about saving the pool toy,
Cora, for thre report on her "pre-Halloween bash",
Gilead, for his mis-fortune cookies.
Zoie, for the report on SpinDizzy's history in @Action News,
Zoie, for the editorial on the importance of voting,
Bug, for his offer of housing,
Patch O'Black, for telling us about how one thing frightens both crows and Batman,
Gilead, for his Halloween puns.
Ba'ar, for the survey,
and, Gilead for creepy cartoon.

Four-Kolor Kitty: Nothing To Fear But....

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Scarecrow01.Welcome, mortals, to a Halloween edition of the Four-Kolor Kitty. This time, we will be looking at an oft-overlooked enemy of Batman. He is the master of fear, the lord of terror, the sultan of scares. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...The Scarecrow!

In all of his incarnations, he was originally known simply as Dr. Jonathan Crane, a professor of psychology who specialized in phobias and fears. However, he was a bit too obsessed with fear. He actually delighted in scaring people, and when he fired a gun in a classroom full of students to illustrate a point, he was quickly fired and shunned by his peers. It is at this point he decides to turn to crime, to both gain wealth and power for himself and to get his revenge on those who scorned him.

Scarecrow02.Given his long, lanky appearance (which is a nod to Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow) and his desire to terrorize his victims, he dubbed himself "The Scarecrow". While originally his outfit was a ragged hat, mask, and trench coat. Later, he made his costume more elaborate. He also armed himself with a special "fear toxin," which he could use as a gas, a liquid, or even a powder. It causes the victim to hallucinate about their deepest fear. This would work out well, if he wasn't plying his criminal trade in Gotham City. This means he has to deal time and time again with the Batman. As you might expect, forcing the Dark Knight to give into fear tends to just make him mad, and an upset Batman isn't good for one's health.Scarecrow03.

In more recent times, he was temporarily given the ability to transform into something called the Scarebeast. With enhanced strength, claws, and the ability to release an even more powerful version of his fear gas, he was able to stand up to super-powered opponents. However, with the combined efforts of Superman and Batman, he was transformed back to his normal human form.

Scarecrow04.He was nearly inducted into the Sinestro Corps, the evil opposite of the Green Lanterns, due to his ability to cause great fear in others. Fortunately, two of Earth's Green Lanterns intercepted the yellow power ring before he got it. Currently, it appears he is part of the latest version of the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

So, dear souls, we will close this edition of the Four-Kolor Kitty. If there is a comic book question you wish us to scare up an answer to, or have a frighteningly good idea for a topic, just get in touch with me, PatchO'Black. Until next time, have a Happy Halloween, and see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Halloween Puns

Q: Why did the vampire smoke?
A: So he could take his coughin' with him everywhere.

Q: Why did the post office start hiring zombies?
A: The were so naturally at home in the dead letter office.

Q: How can you tell if your undead are overeating?
A: If they feel like they weigh a skele-ton when you pick them up.

Q: How can you tell when your evil spirits aren't eating enough?
A: They seem a little too will o' the whispy when you pick them up..

Q: What did the mad wise men bring Jesus to celebrate His rebirth seven months late?
A: Ghouls, Frankensteins, and Morlocks.

Q: What do you call the pitcher, basemen, and shortstop of a demonic baseball franchise?
A: The Impfield.

Q: Where do you get rancid honey?
A: From zom-bees.

Q: What is the craziest bug?
A: A kookroach.

Q: What kind of bug lays the most eggs?
A: A henroach.

Q: What kind of bug never stays in the same hill long?
A: A migr ant.

Q: What sits on the floor of an arachnid saloon and is full of tobacco-stained silk?
A: A spintoon.

Q: What did the genius lab spider and his insane lab spider pal do every night?
A: Same thing they do every night, Pinky. Try to take over the world wide web!

Q: Where does a well-behaved haunt go to relieve itself?
A1: To the Little Boo's Room.
A2: To the Little Ghoul's Room.
A3: To the rest-in-peace room.

Q: What kind of person makes evil golems?
A: A mud scientist.

Q: What makes an adorable little big-eyed, big-eared cousin of the raccoon haunt you forever after it dies?
A: If it is a wronged 'tail.


Q: What does an adorable little big-eyed, big-eared cousin of the raccoon become if it dies in Madagascar?
A: A ringtail lemur.

Q: What is invisible, but you feel it rubbing against your leg at the stroke of midnight?
A: Rover the little bit too friendly dog ghost.

Q: Why are there no ghosts in Harlem?
A: Would you go to Harlem if you were made of a pointy-headed white bedsheet with eyeholes?

Q: What size does a ghost shop for when going to visit the world of the living?
A: A medium.

Q: What lives in the Land of Oz and is sometimes good and longitudinally aligned, and sometimes evil and latitudinally aligned?
A: A switch.

Q: Why did the vampire file a sexual harassment suit against the mummy?
A: She kept trying to pat him on his bat.

Q: Why was the hearing-impaired mummy so conceited to the other evil undead?
A: He heard that mummy was the root of all evil.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey.Hi all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News survey. what's the scariest Halloween costume you can name?

  • Reaper said the Cheeze Reaper.
  • Borris Gruffs, "Ah, a Hunter!"
  • Bug peeps, "Anything Aunel would wear..."
  • Zoie hmmms a bit,"Barney the purple dinosaur!
  • Xiaoming says, "Morticon."
  • Andreas grins, "A group of children."
  • Patashu rumbles, "Maybe a zombie barney the dinosaur."
  • Zen squeeks, "That one mouse that peers at me when ever I look in a mirror.... He always tries to steel my cookies!!!"
  • Rhea resists the temptation to make political commentary.
  • PatchO'Black mews, "An IRS Agent?"
  • Bunnyhugger says, "I think Ayn Rand would be the scariest Halloween costume."
  • Agyre says, "If I dressed up as 4Chan, you would be forced to claw your own eyes outin horror."
  • Borris Gruffs, "A Spider Zombie Barney!"
  • Dingo says, "Bob Barker!"
  • Niran hmmms,"a priest."
  • Reaper squeeks, "The Cheezy Reaper!!!"
Sarah Palin mask.Natasha says, "This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Hj7HNOBUuA " (Sarah Palin Halloween Mask)
Doze Garden Cartoon

The Doze Garden Cartoon.

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