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Founder's Day

Charter Park.As the festivities slowly began, Morticon was anxiously working on a LED sign so it would provide FULL COLOR animations instead of the monochrome at Charter Park. It was full and alive with many denizens of Spindizzy anxiously awaiting the start.

Soon, Vice-Mayor Portia took to the stand, welcoming everyone for the Inaugural Founder's Day celebration. She then announced the official holiday calendar that has been approved between herself and Mayor Beltrami to a very excited crowd, whom responded favorably. Those holidays would also be announced over the Spindizzy radio/television waves (OOC-globals) and Founder's Day would be the start of our holiday calendar.

Skyler asked if there would be more announcements latter and she confirmed that more information will be posted within the next few days (which will be posted on the next edition of Spindizzy News).

Portia then invited Austin, one of the founding furs of Spindizzy, to the stage with huge applause. Austin politely thanked everyone in the crowd. He soon gone into a history of the previous worlds of Toons, Furr, and Fluff, how they were destroyed and eventually finding a new world to rebuild and start anew, or even if they should. He, Findra, Skyler and many others worked hard to build a new home. Eventually, more would want to help rebuild, cherishing the memories of each other in each and their old home. Within two weeks, much progress has been done, yet with an acknowledgement that years later, they are still finding those that were still wandering about with may still missing, Eventually, new traditions begin to form in the new land as well as new customs, yet never a true "housewarming" party though that has become moot since with the influx of new blood and ideas, the founders also changed with the fresh ideas and history they bring with them. On this anniversary, he hoped that everyone would think and reminisce of the events and continue to grow through the inspiration of us all.

This was greeted with even louder cheers as Portia shook Austin's hand and retook the stage, thanking him for the moving and informative history he has given. As Ausin rejoined the crowd, they greeted him very warmly with hugs and handshakes, even a kiss.

Vice-Mayor Portia then announced that Morticon, leader of SED and her fiancee) would be up next with his presentation. He hopped up onto the stage. He applauded Austin's wonderful speech, adding that we're all founders in a way, though most of us cannot remember who the original founders are. He soon politely led people to the LED display for the event.

Many were surprised with the brillaint color of the LED display of Founders Day 08, and teh second slide of "Who is watching you?" with a picture of a closed eye or basketball got many to think. The Third being "Are the Founders watching you?, which gone from a closed eye to an open eye, which broke the area into many jokes. The fourth one went evne further out, showing it was actually the fountain, which drew confusion and a few snickers from the crowd.

The next image of was a lightning bolt hitting a computer, reminding us of a server crash, with a comment of "Oh I'm sure it will be alright". As it gave us a reminder of all things can disappear in an instant. As the next slide shows the starting of a rebuilding process,e ven drawing up jokes about age.

As the next slide moves across the LED board, it shown various scenes of the Rose Garden, Neopolis, the Gaelic Ruin as well as a small furson known and acknowledged as Amalfi. Showing the rebuilding process even more. The next slide, shown the difference between the two worlds.. from what was once anarchy was now more of a socialist (with a few snide comments of communist) are as well as some friendly joking. This was needed to bring the group back socially, even to commune with another.

The next slide gave us a firm reminder for us to remember who has here and has left us by means of death or into another dimension. Then after a few moments of silence, the next slide gave us a reminder of us to look forward to the future and what it can bring, as well as those that shall come.

Then the next slide shown pictures of fireworks, which drew otu grins and laughter! Soon, fin appeared on the screen, which drew much applause. Soon, Vice-Mayor Portia took to the stage once again, thanking him as well as the crowd, wishing them all a good night.

Soon, the approximately fifty denziens whom were in attendance slowly shifted off to smaller events for Founders day, leaving many with a great appreciation of the event. Copies of the slides are saved in the Vice-Mayor's and SED office. Color images contributed by Jimun are available in this issue of @Action News.

Charter Park Founders Day event log

Squirrel City gathering

Squirrel City Ruins.As various furs gather at the remains of "Squirrel City", many waited in anticipation to walk though its streets one last time, taking in memories of the old city. Soon as everyone was gathered around, Cadge and Tuesday took turns explaining the history of Squirrel City and some of its denizens.

The city's founders were Chit, Tuesday, Cadge, Cadge and Poise, approximately ten years ago, it was destroyed, yet miraculously, it reappeared on Spindizzy, as a ruined city.

Cadge and Tuesday soon went to explaining the various leaders and statues of the park, with many of the old residents who remembered these people giving small anecdotes of their memories of them, even BunnyHugger, who's race was their enemy at the time, acknowledged their existance and reputation among her race.

They soon began to talk about how the residents of that ruin slowly woken up, with even some of their homes having "shrines" within them from others who believed they were dead.

It was Terry, a resident of Spindizzy, who claimed to have a vision of Chit, who told him where the ruins was and he discovered them. Eventually more residents came to the ruins, as recorded in the Spindizzy newpaper (/newspaper392)

Soon, many whom gathered began to tell stories of the residents they remembered. Many fond memories were spoken of as well. Many memories were spoken of Mina, a small raccoon. Many shared their memories of her as well as some stories that made the artificial park glow with the warmth of nostalgia.

Even Tuesday and Cadge gone on a tirade of their memories, teasing each other about their past relationship and habits during that time, even the fact that one had to drag Cadge out of the furson's hole. Even to the point hinting that at one time Tuesday and should've married, which was given a quick comment by Morticon and an even quicker retort by Portia to get the playful wallaby to be quiet.

Slowly, but surely, as memories are told, time slowly came upon everyone that it was time to start moving away from the old city. As many of its old residents continue to stay in the museum, library and other important landmarks to continue studying its history, most of the city will be shut down so that the remains of those lost can be moved to the proper grounds for their eternal rest.

Morticon announced that part-way through the gathering that much of the history of "Squirrel City" shall be displayed during the Spindizzy "Founders Day Celebration". However, much of the information will stay in the remains of "Squirrel City" as it shall be in the process of renovation and restoration. It was announced that the park, museum and library will be the first areas open, the rest of the city shall be opened up slowly as soon as everything has been recorded and every piece of historical materials is properly taken care of or placed in a respectful area so no one may disturb it ever again.

The Founders Day Celebration starts at 8pm on Sunday, September 28, 2008. Many events shall be held so please look to the read board for further details.

Video of this event was supplied by Jimun and shall be held in the Spindizzy newspaper records for the convenient review and reference by any whom wish to read it.

Patch O'Black cleans up During Founders' Day

Merchant Cat.Local Jellicle cat and merchant, Patch O'Black, made a tidy profit selling souveniers. Said the cat while counting shinies, "I've got SpinDizzy souvenirs, Argon! T-shirts, drinks in souvenir cups, hats, key-chains, balloons, and other such things!"

Also included were plushes of everyone on SpinDizzy. Argon got a Mavra plush and Patch O'Black offered Argon the accessory pack for the plushie!which includes her bridal outfit, an adventure outfit, and several props.

BunnyHugger, local bunny, said, "I already have an Austin plush." Austin, local coati noted the list of SpinDizzy Holidays:

  • Spindizzy's Holiday List
  • Iceberg Day - 2nd Wednesday of January
  • Hugging Day - February 9th
  • Morality Day - 4th Monday of February
  • Shiny Day - March 17th
  • Love Day - April 10th
  • Day of Remembrance - May 30th
  • Festival of Cuteness - 3rd Tuesday of June
  • Expanding Horizons Day - July 14th
  • Jellicle Ball - August 1st
  • Mecha Day - 3rd Sunday in August
  • Founder's Day - September 28th
  • Trip-Out Day - 2nd Monday in October
  • National Horizontal Day - 3rd Thursday of November
  • E-Holiday (Everything Day) - December 8th

Everyone had a great weekend what with the Squirrel City events, and Founders' Day. And lots of folks talked about the upcoming holidays as well

Local Bear Celebrates Talk Like A Pirate Day

Winnie the Pirate.Friday (September 19th) was National Talk Like A Pirate Day and Ba'ar, local bear, went all out, not only talking like a pirate by offering hearty "Ahoy there!" greetings to all around but also dressing in full pirate's regalia complete with striped shirt, breeches, boots and kerchief wrapped around his head.

At first folks were puzzled by this. "Is it talk like a pirate day? I always forget what day that is, but I know it's towards September or October." Jimun, local bat is quoted as saying. The buccaneer bear set the record straight, threatening to make the bat "walk the plank" if he didn't talk like a pirate. The bat's promise to learn how to talk pirate-speak satisfied the bear and all was well again.

The buccaneer proved himself to be a nice pirate, offering not only his good tidings, but also "treasure" in the form of gold wrapped chocoalte dubloons to all who wanted. These were greatfully accepted by the park residents. "I just wanted to show that all not us pirates are in th' business of robbin', pillagin' and stealin'." Ba'ar is quoted as saying. "Givin' out treasure seemed t'be th' best way t'do that, ha-harrrrrr!"

Local Bear Caught Bathing In Fountain

Borris after a bath.Spindizzians everywhere were shocked when Borris, local polar bear, was recently caught bathing in the fountain in the Rose Garden. Reached for comment on this Borris said. "What can I do? I'm a big bear-over 10 feet tall-and can't bathe in your standard issue shower or tub." adding that, "Borris has to keep clean somehow. Dio you know how much of a dirt and flea magnet my fur is?"

The Rose Garden Park ranger has announced that Borris will be allowed to use the fountian as his tub from here on out. "After all it didn't take much for us to see that Borris needed a place to bathe." said the ranger, rubbing the bruise on his forehead where Borris had cuffed him.

Making the paper seem smarter

Albert Einstein.Use of a word that Argon, local centaur was unfamiliar with was followed by a discussion of words and phrases that, quite frankly, were Greek, or Latin to me. The discussion started with Bunnyhugger, local bunny, stating, "BunnyHugger says, "Nothing makes a paper sound quite so smart as throwing in a 'ceteris parabis,' especially if one reads it with a hard C when presenting it out loud." She added, "I'm also pretty fond of 'mutatis mutandis.'"

Nigel, local Spotted Hyena Morph, tossed out "Causa prima." While Dingo, local Dingo, offered, "Ammito."

BunnyHugger noted that, "A forteriori is a good one." Which Gilead, local otter countered with,"Usquequaque tribuo lutrae piscis." The bunny responded saying, "'A priori' and 'a posteriori' being special favorites amongst us." Dingo noted, "Semper ubi sub ubi."

BunnyHugger told a "big words" story, saying, "A professor I had in college once grudgingly admitted that some people used the neologism 'a prioricity' to refer to the state of being a priori. He then said, 'But that's barbaric.' I agreed. Sadly, I went on to find out it's pretty much established as an accepted usage in the rest of the philosophical world. It's Peter and I against the world, I guess."

With that the conversation moved on to the simpler things in life, warm laundry, snuggly plushes, and the pride of being well educated!

Classic Gaming

Atari 2300.Hey all, its the lil gamer coon, Zoie, here to play a bit of a recent classic for you.

As promised, I am doing "Lunar: Silver Star Story: Complete".

The story begins with Alex, Luna and Nall, a trio whom follows Alex on his quest to become the next dragonmaster.


Throughout their travels, they travel to meet Althena's four dragons, whom test his worthiness to become the dragonmaster, Althena's protector.

If any of you do not know, Althena is the goddess of the world known as Lunar, with the "blue star" circling around it.

Now to get back to the story, Alex's wishes to become a dragonmaster like his hero, Dyne, who saved the world with the other four heroes, among them is Ghaleon, premier of Vane and the world's strongest magic user and Dyne's best friend.

Throughout your travels, you meet the narcassistic, yet talented Nash, the sweet and strong spirited Mia, the fiery and wild Kyle and the physically powerful cleric, Jessica

Both Jessica and Mia are decendants of the four heroes, Jessia being the daughter of "Hell" Mel di Alkirk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYTVsoEXzbY&feature=relatedex-pirate and slugger now mayor of Meribia. Mia's mother is Lemina, the head of the Vane Magic Guild.

As you travel through the various trials, you meet many new friends and allies who assist you on your way. Eventually, you have to deal with the "Magic Emperor". >{?This game has plenty of twists and turns, friends who are your enemies and enemies who are truly your friend. It does open up your eyes to many things!

So, I'll call it a night since I am SOOOO like Kyle right now... I've had a little too much of the wine, but the women didn't compain! (falls out)


Paper.Thank you to everyone who contributed to the newspaper this week!

Special thanks go to:

Zoie, for the report on the Founders' Day ceremonies,
Zoie, for the piece on the Squirrle City tour,
Argon, for reporting on how Patch made shinies,
Ba'ar, arg, matey, for the story about bloomin' talk like a pirate day, avast, ye lubbers,
Ba'ar for the report on Borris' bath,
Argon, for writing down how to make the paper smarter,
Zoie, for her article on classic gaming,
Patch O'Black, for telling us about Superheroes' day jobs, Gilead, for his puns, Ba'ar, for the survey,
and, Andreas for the idea and photo for the Doze Garden cartoon.

Four-Kolor Kitty: Well, It Pays The Bills!

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Hello, readers! This time, we will be looking at the day jobs of super-heroes. While some super-heroes are lucky enough to be independently rich, most need some way to pay the rent and keep in spending cash. Just like the rest of us, they need to have a job!

Clark Kent.One good job to have is being a reporter for a newspaper. There, you can get tips as to where crimes and disasters are happening, so you can lend a hand. This, of course, is the occupation of Clark Kent, better known as Superman. To a lesser extent, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) works for the Daily Bugle, though as a freelance photographer. However, more recently, he has worked as a science teacher for a local high school.

Spiderman -  Peter Parker.

The Flash.Even better for knowing where the action is, is to be a police officer. Barry Allen, the Silver Age version of the Flash, was a forensic scientist for the Central City police department. His successor, Wally West, became a mechanic and worked on their cars for a time. J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, was a police detective, and back in the Golden Age, Officer Jim Harper protected the area of Metropolis known as "Suicide Slum" as The Guardian.

However, not all jobs reflect one being a super-hero. The beautiful blonde Black Canary makes a living as a florist, running a shop called "Sherwood Florist", a joke based on the fact she was romantically tied to her now-husband Green Arrow. Green Arrow, though being the owner of a successful business enterprise, has more recently gone into politics and become the mayor of Coast City.

Black Canary.Guy Gardner - Green Lantern.Coast City is also the home of Hal "Green Lantern" Jordan, who has been a test pilot, but has recently gone (or rather, returned to) flying for the U.S. Air Force.

Speaking of the Green Lanterns, his fellow ring-wielders also have interesting day-jobs. His original substitute, Guy Gardner, has run a series of restaurants and bars under the name "Warriors". The second back up, John Stewart, makes his living as an architect and even helped to design the new headquarters for the J.L.A. The latest in the Green Lantern line, Kyle Rayner, is a freelance graphic artist, who has been known to do everything from paintings to business logos to a series of cartoon strips for a monthly magazine.

That is just a quick look at the various jobs the super-heroes can have. There are more, but we will save that for another column. Speaking of which, if you have a suggestion for a column, or a question you would like answered, or even an usual panel of a comic, pass it along to Patch O’Black. Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Un-Bear-Able Puns

Q: Biologists recognize seven kinds of bear: Polar, Brown, Black, Andean, Sloth, Sun, and Panda. How many kinds to mathematicians recognize?
A: Two: Polar bears... and Cartesian bears.

Q: what do you get when you cross-breed a Polar bear with a brown Cartesian bear?
A: A Cylindrical bear. (r, theta, z)

Q: Why are white bears usually found in water?
A: Because they are Polar, they are not repelled by it.

Q: Why did the bears have to tear down their new stadium in the arctic?
A: Almost anywhere you sat, you were sitting behind a Polar. (What, too many Polar jokes?)

Q: What do you get when you put a suit on a brown ursine?
A: A Grizzly Dressed.

Q: Why did the Grizzly teens eat a patch of cannibis at the start of winter?
A: So they could high-bernate.

Q: What kind of bear never eats ants?
A: An Industrious Bear.

Q: What kind of bear has a golden patch on its rump?
A: A Moon Bear.

Q: Why did the elderly Grizzly retire to Argentina as his vision went?
A: He became a spectacled bear, so it was only proper.

Q: Why did they start referring to Spectacled Bears as Andean Bears instead?
A: LASIX got affordable.

Q: Why did the ursine move deeper into the wilderness when a housing development started going up near his den?
A: He couldn't human the noise and commotion.

Q: What should they really have named bamboo-eating bears of Asia?
A: Wokdas.

Q: How do you stop ursines from getting into head-on traffic acccidents?
A: Put up Jersey Bear-iers.

Q: How did Christopher Robin sarcastically say, "yes!"?
A: "Does a bear Pooh in the Hundred Acre Woods?"

Q: What do you call an inflated ursine?
A: A Bearloon.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey.Hi there. Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News survey. What's your LEAST favorite thing to do?

  • GrumpyBear grumbles, "Being lonely."
  • Nigel grins, "Ah, sorry. Too personal for me."
  • Austin says, "Idle-purge people."
  • Natasha says, "Depose a hostile honey badger.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c81bcjyfn6U "
  • PatchO'Black mews, "Get into arguments."
  • Royce churrs, "Work."
  • Zen squeeks, "My least favorite thing to do... hmm... Well... I guess my least favorite thing to do is not doing anything!" n.n"
  • Clarisa says, "Depose a hostile witness."
  • Nyni says, "Homework."
  • Argon says, "I really don't like to think about things I don't like to do."
  • Gilead says, "Dealing with a micromanager. I think that's the worst thing. Much worse than broken glass enemas or being on fire."
  • Ba'ar smiles, "My least favorite thing to do is go on a diet. That's why I'm never on one."
Doze Garden Cartoon

Andros, local fox, politely opens the door for Findra, local bunny who he's invited over for lunch.

The Doze Garden Cartoon.

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