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Beltrami Inaugarated

Mayor.Beltrami, local balloon dragon and newly elected Mayor of SpinDizzy, was sworn into office this week.

A large gathering of SpinDizzy residents arived at the ceremony which Austin, local elastic-coati-rabbit, placed Beltrami in office saying, "Thank you. Beltrami, do you pledge to do your best to fulfill the duties, obligations, and aspirations of the community as represented by the position of Mayor of Spindizzy?"

Beltrami then grinned very slightly, and nodded, deeply. Austin continured saying, "Then I am proud to devolve upon you the civilian government of the City of Spindizzy. Congradulations, Madam Mayor."

The Mayor was given a rousing cheer and a round of applause.

Austin then said, "We do have for you a token of office. It's not quite a seal of state, as we haven't yet found a suitable volunteer seal, but we do want it to represent the office. So we have for you a mayoral cachet." Beltrami blinks and nods- she touches her chin and turns to Austin. Skyler pulls out a large paper, rolled up, before handing that to Beltrami. Austin says, "Congratulations, Beltrami. I know your mother would have been extremely proud."

Beltrami then gave a speech, in her own way, "saying", Beltrami touches her chin and then waves her hands out to encompass all. "WANT TO OPEN LINKS BETWEEN COMMUNITIES, GROUPS IN CITY HOPING TO BRING BETTER DEVELOPMENT, USE OF SPACES, TIMES. HOPE FOR HELP FROM JAXEN, ELIAHN, PORTIA IN OFFICE- AND ALL WITH CIVIC LOVE"

She then added, "ALSO ASK PORTIA TO BE DEPUTY." Portia smiled and said she would be honored to


Beltrami then "swore in" Portia as Deputy Mayor turning to face Portia, and raising her left arm. She looked to Portia's arm who then raised her arm in response. Beltrami dipped her head...she tilted her head to Austin and rolled her other hand counterclockwise a bunch of timees...she pointed around, spreading her right arm out to encompass the world, and then patted Portia's chest, and nods to her?

Portia grinned and nodded,"Yes. I do."

Portia then waved to the crowd and said,"Thank you all for voting for me and thank you Beltrami for selecting me as Deputy Mayor. I hope to serve you all well and assist in the Mayorial endevours.

Inauguration Airshow

Airshow.Around a dozen people turned up on Thursday morning to see an airshow at SpinDizzy Airport, hosted by Airborn, to celebrate the inauguration of the community's new mayor, Beltrami.

The airshow started with Than taking up her Piper Lion Cub, a high-wing plane, wide a fabric-covered body, and a picture on a lion cub on the tail. After she was safely in the air, Casandro's black Pitts plane followed, a biplane, and finally Airborn's plane took off, which was a beautiful shade of dark green, and also a biplane.

The audience was treated to a spectacular show, with stalls and spins demonstrated by all three pilots and planes, and death-defying low turn outs over the ground. After some impressive synchronised flying, Casandro showed off the rocket boosters attached to his plane, and shot up into the sky as the other two turned outwards to flying in a large circle, before meeting up again. The display finished with Airborn trailing some fuel behind him as he executed a series of loops, before setting it on fire, and Casandro flying right through the middle of them, also trailing a stream of ignited fuel, for a most impressive finale!

Everyone greeted the pilots and planes as they landed with a rousing round of applause, and much cheering! No-one could remember when there'd last been an airshow anywhere on SpinDizzy, but there was general agreement that it shouldn't be the last! Thank you very much to Airborn, Than, and Casandro for a most enjoyable air show, and congratulations to Beltrami on her inauguration.

Santapaws comes to town.

Santapaws.Santapaws, that jolly holiday bear, made his annual trip to Spindizzy to ask the town's cubs and kits what they would like for Christmas.

The jolly bear held court in the Rose Garden and fielded requests large and small, usual and unusual. Mouser, local furpent, requested some slow moving gophers for use as food, while Nyni, local Reindeer, asked about helping out her fellow reindeer in Santa's employ on Christmas eve.

Through it all, Santa gave assurances that he would see what he could do. There was one exception. Morticon, local Jackanapes Wallaby had requested a weapon cache and giant robots for Christmas. Santa, being the wise sort, talked him into requesting a bike for Christmas.

All in all, a good time was had by all and Santa promised he'd be back next year.

Leslie shunned by SantaPaws

Fairy bunny.The sudden and unexpected departure of Santapaws from the Rose Garden on Friday night left Leslie, renowned fairy bunny child, without the chance to say anything to the jolly holiday elf. Santapaws, who was speaking with Speckles and Austin when the child arrived, seemed not to notice the seven-year-old as sie entered and was surrounded by Pauly and Roofus_roo.

After answering Speckles's wishes for Christmas, Santapaws gave the mink a peppermint stick and said, "Well, that's all the time Santapaws has for this year." He vanished almost immediately, Pauly noting, "he didn't even lay a finger aside of his nose!" and taking Leslie by surprise, mid-greeting. "He just left and I dint even get to say hello."

Leslie sniffed at not having the chance to say anything to Santapaws, but has not talked about it directly in public yet. Shortly after the odd snubbing Leslie was attempting to aid Toledo skunk, who had been burned to near a crisp by Borris's sun lamp, and sie explained, "Wull I do want to do good things 'cause that's what you're supposed to do especially if you're a fairy bunny plus it's Christmas and I guess maybe Santa Paws would have waited for me if I did more good things for people instead."

Borris and PatchO'Black were swift to assure the child that a letter written to Santapaws would reach him, with Skyler adding that such letters "have a way of making it where they need to go". Pauly was similarly reassuring, saying, "You don't need to feel so bad! You saw him for a *little* bit, didn'tcha? I'm sure he won't forgetcha." Roofus_roo noted, "I don't see why he'd miss a good bunny like you."

Pathy the Jellicle reindeer

A reindeer cat.Borris clears his throat and begins to sing.

Patchy the Jellicle Reindeer
had a very shiny coat,
and if you ever asked him,
he'd bleat just like a billy goat.
Patchy the Jellicle Reindeer
always liked to dance and sing,
and if you ever asked him,
he'd like you to dance along.

All of the other Reindeer like to dance the night with him.

Then on a stormy Christmas Eve,
Santa came to Patchy and asked him to lead the sleigh.
Patchy with your coat so bright,
won't you lead my sleigh tonight?

Patchy led the sleigh,
his coat brighter then the brightest star,
and all the children cheered him,
cause they could see him near and far!

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Caption Contest

Caption this!With Winter weather affecting most folks on SpinDizzy, I thought this week we ought to think about the warm days of summer.

So what caption do you think would go with this picture? Keep in mind, please, that there are no right or wrong answers. The captions don't have to be serious or funny or... well, they can be anything. Just keep them somewhat Family Friendly please.

So have some fun thinking up a caption, or just send the first thing that comes to mind. Usually I find the first thought usually is the best. Put it in an e-mail and send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org or argon1@mindspring.com or simply page #mail it to me.

Four-Kolor Kitty: A Marvel-ous Christmas!

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).118.Well, as Christmas is knocking at our doors, the ol' Four-Kolor Kitty has picked up a copy of the Marvel Holiday Special. This one-shot comic features three stories, and some holiday features between them. Is it any good? It's a bit hit or miss.

The first story features the two heroes from the cover, Spider-Man and Wolverine. Wolverine is tracking down a missing damaged Sentinel (a giant mutant-hunting robot) in the sewers, mostly as an excuse to get away from the holiday celebration back at the X-Mansion. Unfortunately, a deranged former shopping mall Santa finds it first and decides to use it to get his revenge.

227.Meanwhile, Spider-Man is trying to deliver a cake to his Aunt May's Christmas party on time. Something he has failed to do in the past, mostly due to his having to perform some heroics. This time, he is bound and determined to get it done. He also goes into a whole new line of work, as you can see in this picture:

325.I won't give away what happens in the end, but suffice it to say, Peter Parker finally gets a cake to the party, Wolverine finds some Christmas spirit, and there is an amusing ending to the whole tale.

421.The second story has to do with a group of young formal super-heroes. These folks had to give up their life of crime-fighting and daring-do because of the whole Civil War/ Super-Hero Registration Act thing that Marvel did this year. They gather to exchange gifts. If you are unfamiliar with these characters (which I was), it doesn't have as deep an impact, but it still is a nice little tale. And the last panel/page is great.

The final story has a reporter for the Daily Bugle being told to ether get a spectacular Christmas article or be fired. The reporter asks Reed Richards for help, and Mr. Fantastic sends the reporter through his experimental transporter all over the Marvel Universe. To be honest, I found this the weakest of the stories. It is not just that it is played for laughs (and the jokes aren't that great), the whole story has a rather depressing feel to it. I did like the exchange between a member of the shape-shifting alien race, The Skrulls and the reporter. However, I could have done without this one.516.

And that wraps up both the Marvel Holiday Special and this week's Four-Kolor Kitty. Here is hoping you and yours have the merriest of holidays! Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Purry Catsmas Puns

Q: What is the most romantic cat play ever written?
A: Romeow and Juliet.

Q: What do you call a cat who tells you the check is in the mail?
A: A feliar.

Q: What sort of cat is most likely to say that?
A: One who's lion, obviously.

Q: What do you call a cat who mooches off everyone?
A: A feloader.

Q: What feline warship blew up in Havana Harbor and started the Gatos-Cats War?
A: The Maine Coon. An oldie book never written: "Naked Through the Lion House," by Claude Balsz.

Q: Who brings toys to all the good little polecat kittens on Christmas Eve?
A: Scenta Claus and his Smellves.

Q: What do you get when you cross a large housecat with a big social savanna cat?
A: A Mane Coon Cat.

Q: What does a tomcat call his kittens?
A: The fruit of his fe-loins.

An oldie book never written:
"Naked Through the Lion House," by Claude Balsz.

Meowy Catsmas to Patch O'Black, and everyone else.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.Greetings all, here's your Spindizzy @Action News survey for this week. As you know Portia and Morticon are getting married soon. What would be a great wedding gift for them?
  • Mouser hisses, "A restraining order?"
  • DTF smiles "Divorce for Dummies. That or a Do-it-yourself Husband Removal kit."
  • Argon says, "How about some wallaby - wah wax?"
  • Galanodel chuckles. "His and hers holsters."
  • Borris whispers, "A Bag of Coal"
  • Leowulf says, "His and Hers Pocket Protectors."
  • WhyteShadow says, "A catherdral?"
  • Westly says, "Ba'ar. A gift certificate to...somewhere...fancy..."
  • Mischa says, "Duct tape?"
Doze Garden Cartoon

Most festive holiday tree ever! (From http://naechste.livejournal.com/386259.htm).

The Doze Garden Cartoon.
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