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Inaugural preparations - message from the Mayor-elect


Recently anounced mayor, Beltrami, is in the middle of the preparations for the inauguration.

It looks like it will include a ball with some kind of entertainment. For this she is still looking for entertainment. Possible elements would be Rin, (local Winter mouse,) singing cover versions of japaneese songs as well as an airshow. If you have any ideas, please contact Beltrami.

(Beltram sent the following letter to @Action News)

I am proud and honored more than I can express at the trust and hope wrapped around me. My hope is all will share my gratitude to Eliahn, Jaxen and Portia for running and Gilead for supervising the election. The community spirit they show is what I hope will solidify and to find new expression.


Morticon Proposes to Portia
Morticon and Portia.

Local Wallaby, Morticon, proposed in the Rose Garden tonight to Portia, local Red Panda. The Rose Garden was completely hushed and in shock. Mostly because it took so long, when it was obvious forever.

Gilead, local Otter, checked his calendar, unable to believe that the date wasn't six months to a year earlier.

Portia accepted the engagment offer, and the lovely couple kissed. Morticon planned for a wedding within the next year, at some indeterminate date. The newly-almost-weds then retired to go plan the event. Morticon promised an otherworldly experience, so if you get an invite, make sure to check your drinks for "additives" before lapping at them.

SpinDizzy suffers zombie invasion - sort of
Zombie lion.

Recently the realm of Spindizzy received a most unusual visitor-a zombie lion named Romero. He was apparently brought back to life by a scientist named Dr Price for use as a servant but was turned away because he proved ineffective. After wandering many miles, Romero came upon Spindizzy and moved right in. He may look rather scary with his gaunt figure and his grayish pelt, but he's really quite friendly. "I not hurt you.." he is quoted as saying. "I just want to be friends."

Romero hasn't done much exploring of our fair Spindizzy but says the Rose Garden's his favorite place to be. Romero says he likes Spindizzy best of all the places he's visited and wants to stay here, saying that "It nice here and furs are friendly."

Pun war

Horse-like but not like a horse pun.

A casual discussion about centaurs escalated into a pun war in the Rose Garden Saturday morning occuring primarily between Kamida, local centaur and Ba'ar, local bear and incurable punster. It got so bad that even Argon, local centaur and no slouch at punning himself threw up his hands in disgust.

Kamida lilts, "There's no taur then cen taur?"
Kamida wonders why its cent aur, not dollar taur... hmmm.
Ba'ar grins at Kamida "I think you've been reading too much Piers Anthony.
Ba'ar grins "When Argon and Mavra enter the Rose Garden, it's like Spindizzy's putting in its two CENT(taur)S."
Argon says, "Well, we try to be worth something."
Kamida lilts, "well, that made scents? "
PatchO'Black mews, "Well, they sometimes are the centaurs of attention."
Ba'ar growls, "Would crossing a skunk and one of Charon's kind be known as a SCENT-taur?"
Kamida lilts, "well, some of us fought for the Romans once, they even archieved the rank of aroman scenturion?"
Kamida lilts, "sorry, bad."
Ba'ar grins at Kamida "They achieved RANK because Romans didn't BATHE very much back then."
Argon says, "Oh man, you guys make worse puns than centaurs."

My pet needs a name.


Airborn, local full-time biplane finally decided to get a pet. As far as he decided it will be a little model car. Here's what he currently came up with:

It's a rather small model monster truck.
The body is shaped like a bright blue pick-up truck with red flames comming from the front.
Below the body a chassis with 4 overgrown tires, each one individually movable with actuated suspension enabling it to jump about its own height by itself.

What is currently missing is a name. Therefore he has set up an election for it. Please use the vote command to vote for a name.

Don't forget to submit articles!

Stop the presses!Looks like my request for help with @Action News really worked. We have a good paper this week with a lot of interesting articles, and I didn't write them all!

So keep it up! Send in articles and observations and little stories about the things going on here. This is the kind of paper I had hoped it would be. Thanks to all who sent in articles and don't forget to send in more to newspaper@spindizzy.org!

Holiday Party

Cora.Happy Holidays dears.

It's been a while since we've had a party here on Spindizzy so let me step up to the plate.

My holiday shindig will be held at my house (T #2086) on Friday December 14th. It'll start at 1800 hours MUCK time and last until 2000 (or until the last partygoer leaves). Come one, come all. There will be food and fun for everyone. See you there!


Verde Computational Releases Construction Progress Report

Verde.This week Verde Computational released a progress report retailing the current status of construction at the new Computational Research Facility. Highlights include the fueling of one power reactor core and the completion of the core fiber optic backbone.

One reactor core has now been completely filled with deuterium and is undergoing startup procedures. The second reactor core is undergoing the final phases of construction and will begin its fueling cycle sometime near the end of the year. The data center building is also in its final phases, with the physical structure in place. Cabling and computing equipment will follow within the next four weeks. The main office building has all floors in place with final partitioning of office space and installation of finishing materials occurring now. We expect that it will be possible to begin moving staff into all facilities by midway through February 2008.

Tours will begin soon. Contact Andros Verde for information.

Caption Contest

Caption image.Awww.... a cute baby giant panda.

Well, not many answers to this week's caption contest, so I'm going to let it run another week. Keep in mind, please, that there are no right or wrong answers. The captions don't have to be serious or funny or... well, they can be anything. Just keep them somewhat family friendly please.

So have some fun thinking up a caption, or just send the first thing that comes to mind. Usually I find the first thought usually is the best. Put it in an e-mail and send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org or to argon1@mindspring.com or simply page #mail it to me.

Four-Kolor Kitty: It's Begining To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Happy Holidays, friends! In keeping with the season, I thought this week we would look at how some of our super-hero friends spend the season. Let's take a look at some of DC Comics big names, and see what they do during the happiest season of all.

117.Superman, as we showed last time, likes to spend time with his friends from the Justice League and with his family. However, a couple of days before Christmas, he visits the main branch of the Metropolis Post Office, where they have a large room where they store all the letters addressed to the Man of Steel over the year that they can't otherwise deliver. I am sure they are first screened for things like glowing green rocks. Superman then goes through them to see if he can help out the folks who could use his help.

226Batman, of course, doesn't like to have things cut into his "being a dark and brooding figure" time. Now, it wasn't always this way, of course. Back in the Golden Age of comics, he would of course spend time with a friend or two for a holiday meal

Back in the Silver Age, even, he was known to stop by a police station once in a while to join in on a few carols. Gothem's criminals would thoughtfully take the night off as well, so he could have a happy holidays. Ether that, or they figured that if they pulled something on Christmas Eve, A Batman would be extra cranky with them.

324Nowadays, the Dark Knight probably has to keep an eye out for the Joker giving out exploding gifts or something. Still, he can keep the Christmas Spirit.

420Now, Wonder Woman is a different matter. Being an amazon, she of course worships the gods of Olympus. However, after she came to "Man's World", she learned of the Season of Peace and Giving from her friend and mentor Julia Kapatelis and her daughter Vanessa. She helped decorate the tree and home, and even went out singing carols. I am sure she raised the spirits of several young men at the homes she sang to! When she is with her amazon sisters, they probably celebrate the Winter Solstice, but I like to think that perhaps they have learned to enjoy a good glass of egg nog as well.

515Now, I'm going to have to go with some personal guesses here about some of the other super-heros, as they haven't had a lot of Christmas adventures. I am sure the classic heros of the Justice Society gather at the old Brownstone headquarters to trim a tree and have a meal prepared by the orignal "Red Tornado", Ma Hunkal. The Flash will be spending Christmas with his wife Linda and his children, Iris and Jai. There are a few Green Lanterns, so going from oldest to newest, Allen Scott has family, so he will spend it with them. Hal Jorden has a brother who has been living in the rebuilt Coast City, so he propably will spend it with his family as well.611 Guy Gardner, the bad boy of the Green Lanterns, will most likely end up doing things to annoy the Guardians of the Galaxy and be put on Santa's Naughty list again. Jon Stewart, I believe, will be visiting his friends in the Justice League. Kyle Rayner, the youngest of the group, I suspect will have a lousy holidays, as he is currently caught up in universe-hopping searching for the Atom. However, he does have former Wonder-Girl Donna Troy along for the trip. They were once an item before she died. Of course, now that she's gotten better, well, perhaps she isn't the only thing that will be coming back from the dead.

And I think we will gift-wrap this edition of the Four-Kolor Kitty. Remember to send those super-hero questions and suggestions for future column topics. Please. The mail bag has been rather thin these days. Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Improved Puns

Q: What has four legs, a shell, and a human torso sticking out the front?
A: A Centaurtoise.

Q: Why are cats so often conformist?
A: If they "Think Outside The Box" too often, they may get sent to the ASPCA.

Q: Who has long ears, comes around for Easter, and likes to play with Senator Craig?
A: Peter Cottage-tail.

Q: Who has long ears, comes around for Easter, and rubs up against you in a crowd?
A: Peter Frottage-Tail.

Q: What hops around and leaves its young in the pouches of other marsupials?
A: A cuckroo.

Q: What gets feathers and guano all over the place, lays eggs, and kills people with a captive-bolt pistol?
A: Anton Chicken.

Q: What scrapes a line across the land as its owner flies along?
A: A draggin' tail.

Q: What should you yell if someone's about to get rammed by a waterfowl?
A: Duck!

Q: What carnivorous Kryptonian reptile is one of Superman's biggest threats?
A: General IZOD-Lacoste.

Q: Who took care of the pool at Superman's father's home?
A: His ne'er-do-well cousin, Tow-El.

Q: Why does Godzilla keep devouring Tokyo?
A: You know how it is with Asia, you eat it and two or three seconds later you're hungry again.

Q: What does a toad do when he's driving along and it gets misty?
A: He turns on his frog lights.

Q: What kind of fish is made of celluloid and ink?
A: A cartuna.

Q: What kind of perissodactyl jungle herbivore always watches its favorite TV shows later?
A: A tapir.

Q: What's spiny and always trying to find something beneath the waves?
A: A sea searchin'.

Q: What would one call Pan from The Golden Compass?
A: A wea-soul.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.Greetings all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News for this week. As you know Beltrami won the election, but who do you think would have made a great mayorial candidate?
  • Shoe barks, "Maybe Argon or maybe Borris. I don't know."
  • Argon says, "I think Suri would make a good Mayor."
  • Kanganstein chuffs, "I do not see the point of having a mayor. Spindizzy seems to do quite well without one."
  • Cora says, "How about Patcho'black? He's a prominent member of the community and a swell host."
  • DTF ponders "I dunno.... dun think we really _need_ a mayor but I'm content with pretty much whomever so long as they don't fark things up too badly."
  • Than ummmms... "Llewellyn of Greater Llewellynlland! He'd be a great zen mayorial candidate!"
  • Ba'ar growls, "I think that Argon would make a great mayor. He does so much for the community and he's very friendly."
  • Carl click-clacks, "Anyone that doesn't eat crab."
  • Andros yips, "Why, myself of course!"
  • Borris Hmssss, "Well, Argon would have."
  • Beltrami writes down 'SIGNED 'MOTHER' ANSWERING BA'AR'
  • B.J. says, "Y'know what, Ba'ar? That makes a lot of sense. I vote Aushae." (note: Aushae is Beltrami's mother)
Doze Garden Cartoon

Suri dreams of setting Argon on fire and jumping him across the Rose Garden like Evil Knievel .

The Doze Garden Cartoon.
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