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Fox Day!
Foxes enjoying Fox Day.

Last week, Argon, local centaur, entered the Rose Garden to find everyone else there was a fox or at least part fox.

In an off hand comment, the centaur asked, "What is this, Fox Day?" Everyone seemed to agree that it ought to be. And so the day was unofficially named "Fox Day". As folks came to the Rose Garden, Jaxen, local fox, handed out hororary fox ears, for the non-foxy folks. These clipped on like those pretend reindeer antlers folks wear at Christmas time. The fit very well, and even folks with ears on top of their heads found the honorary fox ears slid right over their own very comfortably.

It was a lot of fun yipping and chatting about all the great and wonderful things about foxes. It was also notable that most everyone went along with enjoying the holiday and had fun, except for a couple of grinches, none of whom were foxes of course.

During the day and evening, in addition out handing out honorary fox ears, Jaxen asked folks for their opinions about Fox Day. These questions and answers follow:

For 'Fox Day', Argon suggested that I interview some the local populous. After borrowing a pad and pencil from Ginger (Thank you by the way, Ginger.), I collected several brief interviews...

Jaxen hmms.. He looks around as he randomly selects an interviewee.
Jaxen noses Elissa, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Elissa likes it.
Elissa thinks every day should be Fox Day. Wait, it is, for her.
Jaxen giggles and nods

Ginger writes down, "It is for me as well."
Jaxen hmms.. He noses Ginger, "What do you like about Fox Day?"
Ginger writes down, "I just like the idea of honoring foxes."
Jaxen says, "Oh? Why?"
Ginger writes down, "because I'm a fox."

Jaxen noses WhyteShadow, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
WhyteShadow says, "I like Fox Day because it's a chance to act a little silly, and for once everyone else is in on it, too."
WhyteShadow says, "Plus, fox ears."
Elissa grins.
Elissa yaps, "Can't beat fox ears, even with a stick!"
WhyteShadow tries!
Jaxen smiles. He writes that down too.
Elissa eep!
Jaxen giggles.
Elissa covers her ears. Mostly because, head is attached also.

Jaxen nudges Ba'ar. "What are your thoughts on Fox Day?"
Ba'ar growls, "I don't care really. I'm a bear and that's what I'm going to stay."
Jaxen nods.
Jaxen says foxily, "You don't like foxes?"
Ba'ar growls, "I like them just fine *blows Ginger a smooch* but I don't really care all that much for themed days."
Jaxen ohs, and nods.

Jaxen noses Fermata and readies his interview pad, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Fermata says to Jaxen, "It's a wonderful idea for a holiday."
Jaxen ohs.. "Why do you like it?"
Fermata says to Jaxen, "'Cause foxes are awesome."

Jaxen interviews Aleph, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Aleph says, "It's uhh... it's about foxes."

Vixie says, "Every day is fox day."
Jaxen ohs.. He writes that down, "Argon asked me to interview, so what do you think of Fox Day, Vixie?"
Vixie says, "Second best day there could be."
Jaxen head-tilts, "Why second best?"
Vixie says, "The best day would be Vixie Day."
Jaxen giggles, "Oh."

Jaxen noses Andros, "What do you think about Fox Day?"
Andros yips, "It's a cool idea."
Andros yips, "I mean, we already have raccoon day. So why not fox day?"

Jaxen noses Alicia, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Alicia says, "No opinion one way or the other. It's just another day for me."
Jaxen nods.

Toledo says, "Hey, I'm all for it. I got a day two days ago, so why not?"
Jaxen nods..(Side note: Toledo is a skunk.)

Jaxen noses Nyni, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Nyni cutely giggles, "Dunno?"
Jaxen smiles at Nyni, "Well, do you like it?"
Nyni cutely giggles, "Didn't know it *was* fox day"
Jaxen giggles, "No-one did. It was just declared today."

Jaxen interviews Morticon too, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Morticon says, "I want a wallaby day."
Jaxen giggles, "Oh? What about wallaby day?"
Morticon says, "When is it?"
Jaxen hmms.. "I don't know... Maybe we could have Wallaby day next week?"
Morticon says, "Maybe."
Jaxen smiles, "But what do you think of Fox Day, though?"
Morticon says, "Umm, well, I like wallaby day better!"
Jaxen giggles, nods and fuzzles. "Okay."

Jaxen asks Pathfinder, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Pathfinder grins "Seeing that one of my species names is Firefox I think it great."
Jaxen says to Pathfinder, "Oh? It is? Why do you think it's great?"
Pathfinder says, "Because if I want to be evil about it I can horn in on some of the fun. You gave me some fox ears."

Jaxen gets out his interview pad. "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Portia says, "I don't really know. What makes Fox Day important?"
Jaxen says, "Umm.. I'm told it's a celebration of foxes."
Portia says, "I see. Okay. I don't know many foxes, to be honest."
Jaxen says, "Oh? You don't? Hmm.. Well you know me, right?" He smiles and hugs.
Portia says, "Yes yes I do"

Jaxen asks, Austin, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Austin says, "I figure it's a fine way to satisfy the needs for foxdom, Jaxen."
Jaxen ohs and nods. He writes that down for Argon.
Jaxen says, "How do you think it satisfies foxdom, Austin?"
Austin says, "What, it should satisfy mousedom instead, Jaxen?"
Jaxen giggles.. "I don't know.."

Jaxen noses Roofus Roo, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Roofus_roo shrugs. "S' okay, I guess?
Jaxen nods and writes that down, "Thank you."

Jaxen noses Eliahn! "How about you? What do you think of Fox Day?"
Eliahn smiles, "I don't know what Fox Day is.'
Jaxen smiles back, "It's a day to celebrate foxes."

Jaxen noses Raphael, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Raphael mewps? [He has] become slightly foxy. "Is okay, I guess.

Jaxen says, "What do you think of Fox Day?"
Dingo says, "I don't know, I didn't get to experience very much of it."

Jaxen hmms.. He taps his interviewing pad, then looks at Argon.
Argon puts on his honorary fox ears for Fox Day!
Jaxen says to Argon, "Well, I haven't gotten to you yet.. What do you think of Fox Day?"
Argon says, "I think it's great."
Argon points to the honorary fox ears he's wearing for Fox Day!
Jaxen scribbles that down and nods, "Why is it great?"
Argon says, "Because it's a day to celebrate foxes!"

That wraps up my coverage of Fox Day. I would like to thank everyone who responded, and I hoped you enjoyed the day.

Discoveries on the Internet

In considering furthering my education by obtaining a degree in underwater basket weaving, I came across a site called, The Mouse Hole.

Because my search for schools offering underwater basket weaving degrees included how "centaur friendly" their facilities were, Google somehow decided this page was relevent.

Although having nothing to do with underwater basket weaving, college, or centaur friendly facilities, the idea of a plush teddy bear centaur reminded me of the time Ba'ar, local centaur became a beartaur (Third article down,) as a result of the TAURS, or Temporary Appendage Uplift Reiteration Syndrome. So it seemed worthy of sharing.

Although the TAURS virus (?) seems to have remained in remission since 2003, and there have been no reported outbreaks of numerous individuals becoming plush, much less a combination of the two, if it happened, the above image is probably what local bears would end up looking like.

For Curiosity’s Sake…

(Editor's note: Anjil is a local centaur herself.)

This week I sat down with the recently changed WhyteShadow, local Andurusia... usually. During this past week, Mr. Shadow changed from his normal form to a Centaurish version of his former self.

Incredibly curious about this change of self, I invited Mr. Shadow over for a chat:

Anjil, "Alrighty. Now...how long ago did you become a centaur?"
WhyteShadow thinks. "About...three days, I think."
Anjil, "Do you remember what was going on when the change happened?"
WhyteShadow says, "Yes. I was just sitting in the garden, up too late as usual. Kefan was being a couch, so I sat down on him, and then I sort of let my mind drift...and then suddenly my body changed."
Anjil, "Now that's interesting...were you drifting to equine related subjects?"
WhyteShadow says, "Only in my mind, if I remember right."
WhyteShadow says, "Although we had talked about centaur couches before that point." Anjil, "Has this sort of thing happened before?"
WhyteShadow says, "I've never been a centaur before, but yeah. I've turned into a red panda morph, become fox-like, and once just my coloration changed so it looked like a Cetan's."
Anjil, "Wow."
Anjil, "What does it feel like? Is it sudden or gradual, does it hurt?"
WhyteShadow says, "It's always been sudden, but you could see it happen if you were looking at me while I was changing. And no, it doesn't hurt. It's sort of tingly, like static or your leg waking back up, and a little disorienting."
Anjil, "How do you like being a centaur?"
WhyteShadow hmms... "It's definitely interesting and not bad at all. I can carry things on my back and stretch out to sit while my upper body stays upright, so I can do stuff. Having a whole extra part to my body is interesting, too. Kinda miss my toes, though."
Anjil, "Awe, poor toes! How long will it last do you think?"
WhyteShadow says, "Usually it lasts between three or four days and a week, but the longest change I've ever had is two weeks, so I've probably got at least another day or two like this unless something makes me change again. I'll probably turn into a centaur again every once in a while, though."
Anjil, "Why do you think that?"
WhyteShadow says, "It always seems a lot easier to turn into something again after the first time."
Anjil ahs, "I can understand that."
Anjil, "Are there any thoughts you'd want to share about your current form?"
WhyteShadow says, "Umm...having a perpendicular body is kinda weird? Let's see, at first I was a little self-conscious about it, but now I've learned to just relax and enjoy it. It's pretty curious having a lower body that's a completely different species. And having four legs isn't as hard as it looks!"
Anjil laughs, "That's true, I have a harder time with two legs."
WhyteShadow laughs as well.
WhyteShadow says, "I probably will too after this."

Mr. Shadow celebrated his birthday the day after this interview, Happy Birthady, Whyte!

Explosions without lemur oversight.

Someone mentioned this web site about getting rid of bees.

Apparently, being students, and at the home of someone else, rather than using a can of Raid and having patience, they decided to act like they were lemurs and use fire and explosions to rid themselves of the bothersome bees.

As things were being exploded, and no lemur oversight is mentioned or seen in the photographs, it seemed only proper to report this obvious infraction to the Secret Lemur Society. But it's hard to report things to the Secret Lemur Society because it's secret.

This report will find its way to Suri, local lemur, and member of the Secret Lemur Society. After going, "Oooo...!" at the pictures, she is sure to report this obvious contempt for lemur oversight which will surely be dealt with.

A further violation seems to have taken place in this documented event as no mention or phtographic evidence of zinc is evident.

You have $**** bonuses seven minutes of footage with HAL and George Plimpton.
Second City Television logo.

On Monday, August 24, 2007, you may have noticed the currency of the day being, "

You have $**** bonuses seven minutes of footage with HAL and George Plimpton." (Editor's note: SpinDizzy's currency changes every day or so and is usually related to what seems some obscure reference but make perfect sense once you know what it is. You can see what the currency is by entering SC .)

Curious about that listing, I asked Austin, local coati about it.

Austin says, "Argon, You never did get the rest of the explanation about the currency."

Argon says, "Oh, please fill me in, if you will."

Austin says, "Well, now, you know Merv Griffin, right?"

Argon says, "Yes, Jeapordy, Wheel of Fortune, he was a singer at one time."

Austin says, "And a talk show host, which is the important thing."

Argon says, "Ok, yes, I did hear that."

Austin says, "Now, do you remember when 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' came out, and more, came out in a special extended edition with even more footage?"

Argon says, "Yes. The scenes of the guy going inside the alien ship were added."

Austin says, "And how around that time, making-of-movies specials became all the rage?"

Argon says, "Ok, yes."

Austin says, "And the final element: do you remember SCTV, the sketch-comedy show presenting the lineup of the fictional SCTV network?"

Argon says, "Only generally. I never saw the show."

Austin says, "Well, you've missed an outstandingly excellent show, then." But here's the point. In -- I think -- the third season of their 90-minute shows, they had 'The Merv GriffithShow: The Special Edition', which was ... this is going to sound complicated ... " It was set up as a promo for the coming 'Merv Griffith Show: The Special Edition', in which Merv's special guests are Steven Spielberg ... and the show ha a special extra seven minutes of footage ... Speilberg's also directing the Making Of The Merv Griffith Show: The Special Edition ... " Austin says, "And during the show they take off from their Burbank studios on a voyage to Jupier with other special guest the HAL 9000 computer and Orson Welles ... "

Austin says, "But, well, HAL has his little personality disorder and well, bad things happen with Steven Spielberg, and this leads them before the judgement of the nigh-almighty being George Lucas, who plans to destroy them all ... "

Austin says, "So, they call in the only person who can save them, George Plympton with the new Intellivision game system, who can choose a game to contest Lucas with and have some hope for survival ... or transcendance ... "

Austin says, "It is a bizarre moment in sketch comedy, a piece so elaborate and nerdly and involved, not to mention involving so much science fiction mashed together, that it seems like it should collapse under its own weight, and yet, it's handled *just* right."

Toledo says, "Like, I dunno, X bonus minutes (not seven!) of footage, etc. etc."

Austin says, "No, Toledo, because it's important to Lucas that the show was supposed to have only seven bonus minutes of footage, and what with the trip to Jupiter they run a little long."

So that's the story of "You have $**** bonuses seven minutes of footage with HAL and George Plimpton." It was a tribute to Merv Giffin after he passed away this week. See? Makes perfect sense now, doesn't it?

Joke fest
Henny Youngman.Several folks told groan inducing jokes in the Rose Garden one evening this week. Deciding there was no reason only those in the Rose Garden should suffer, they're repeated here:

Gilead chirps, "A couple of strings walk into a bar. The bartender says "You two beat it. We don't serve strings here."" Moolooite puts on a set of fox ears and becomes Star Fox. Do a barrel roll!

Gilead chirps, "The strings walk out the door, but one of them decides he's gonna get a drink there just to spite the bartender. So he goes to get a pair of Groucho glasses, and goes back in. The bartender says, "Hey, don't think that fools me, string. I know who you are, and I told you to scram. We don't serve strings here."

Gilead chirps, "The strings leave again, but the one string is even more outraged and determined. His parther tries to talk him out of it, but he insists he's gonna get served there. He gets a dress and a wig, and goes back into the bar. The bartender says, "What's your problem, string. Get out! We don't serve strings here!"

Gilead chirps, "The strings again leave the bar, but the one string is more determined than ever, and he gets an idea. He goes and gets a comb, and brushes himself into a wild mess, then puts a loop in his middle and sticks his head through, then goes back into the bar."

Gilead chirps, "The bartender says, "Say, you're that same string again, aren't you?"

Gilead chirps, "The string replies, "No, I'm a frayed knot."" You yip, "Ack!"

DTF smiles, "What's the difference between an ostrich and a pair of politicians?"

DTF smiles, "The ostrich buries its head in the sand.... the politicians are apparently far better at contortions."

Than grins as she looks to Unka Gilead, "A guy walks into a bar, asks for a drink... The bartender gives him the drink, and say it's three dollars... He drinks the drink down, takes out some dollar coins, flicks one across the bar to the far left end of the bar, flicks another to the far right end of the bar, and sets one down right in the center, and leaves.

Than says, "Next day, the same guy walks in, orders a drink... The bartender gives him the drink, and he drinks it down. Takes out 3 more dollar coins, flicks one across the bar to the far left, flicks one across the bar to the far right, and then places the third down in the center, and leaves again."

Than says, "Third day, same guy walks in... Orders a drink... Drinks it all down, and gives the bartender a five-dollar bill... The bartender knows he has this guy with his change, takes out two dollar-coins, walks off to the far left end of the bar, places down one coin. Walks off to the far right end of the bar, places down another coin. Walks back to the center of the guy, and grins... The guy pulls out a dollar coin from his pocket, places it down in the center of the bar, and asks for a second drink."

Gilead chirps, "A teacher is teaching about syllables, and she asks her class to use a one syllable word. Little Jane raises her hand, is called on, and says, "Cat. The cat sat in my lap."

Gilead chirps, "She says, "Very good, Jane. Now, who can use a two syllable word?" Little Billy raises his hand and is called on. "Secret. I can keep a secret."

Gilead chirps, "She says, "That's excellent, Billy. Now, who can use a three syllable word?" The only hand that goes up then is Dirty Johnny, the crudest kid in the class, who she doesn't want to call on, because he always says something inappropriate."

Gilead chirps, "She asks again, "Now, class, we've covered syllables. Can anyone think of a three syllable word? You've done so well on the one and two syllable words." But again, the only hand she sees is Dirty Johnny's, bouncing up and down."

Gilead chirps, "Against her better judgement, she sighs and says, "OK, it looks like Johnny is the only one in the class who thinks he knows how to use a three syllable word. Let's see if he's right. Johnny?"

Gilead chirps, "Johnny stands up and clears his throat. He begins, "Urinate!"

Gilead chirps, "The teacher gasps and says, "Johnny! No..." but it's too late, as he continues, "Urinate, but if you had a better figure, you'd be a ten."

Caption Contest

Bunny.After a little bit of a delay, here are the entries for this week's caption contest. Thanks to Roofus for finding the picture!

  • Argon: 'My HMO sure keeps a short leash on my health care'
  • Elissa: "I'm a hot, cross bunny?"
  • Roofus: Poke the Bunny II: the bunny pokes back!
  • Findra: FEMA releases their new solution for rescuing people buried in avalanches of carrots.
  • Dael: 'Emergency Snuggle Bunny'
  • Shoe: "I'm not a dog!"
  • Raphael: Seeing eye bunny.
  • Nyni: "First aid guide bunny, coming to the rescue!"
  • Larana: "Just why did I sign up to this escorting thing anyway?"
  • Gilead: The silent jeers from Gallaudet University meant nothing to her...if the blind could have seeing eye dogs, she damn well sure was going to have a
  • hearing ear bunny.

And this week's winner:

Austin: 'Although the bunny was willing to give it a try he had *no* idea how the world's smallest helicopter pad was supposed to help.'

Four-Kolor Kitty: When Worlds Collide Pt.1: A Tale of Two (or more) Worlds.
Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).

Hang on tight, folks! This time, we are looking at the various Earths in the DC Multiverse. We are going to be doing some world-hopping, so keep that passport handy.

216.Now, some of you might be wondering, "What the heck is a multiverse"? Well, the term comes from the idea that, in addition to our universe, there are a bunch of other universes coexisting with our own. Called "alternate time-lines" or "parallel dimensions", it boils down to a bunch of other big empty spaces filled with planets and stars and stuff. Seen classic Star Trek? Remember that one where Kirk and the landing party end up on an evil Enterprise? That's sort of the idea here.

Now, DC Comic's Multiverse came about in an interesting way. To understand it, a quick history of super-hero comics! First, we had the Golden Age of Super-Heroes, when Superman first appeared, and pretty much defined much of what would make a super-hero character. They also introduced Batman, the Flash, Green Lantern, and others. However, the Golden Age versions of these characters were quite different from the ones most folks would recognize today. This is because of the way the Golden Age ended. You see, while in the 1930's and 1940's, folks wanted bigger than life heroes, to fight the bad guys of the WW II era. However, when the war ended, folks were looking forward to a little peace and quiet. Super-hero comics went into decline in the late 1940's.

314.Then, in the late 1950's, super-heroes started to become popular again. DC, seeing a Silver Age forming, decided to reintroduce some of their characters, but updated to the "modern" reader. The Green Lantern, for example, originally had a magical green lantern that he made his ring from and charged it with the mystical flame from that lantern. The new Green Lantern was part of an interplanetary police force, with the ring and lantern-shaped battery comic from aliens. The Flash, which originally was a gentleman named Jay Garrik who breathed in some "heavy water vapors", became police scientist Barry Allen whose chemicals splashed over him after they were hit by lighting. These new versions are the ones that most folks on the street recognize. Well, maybe not Green Lantern, but he hasn't had a movie or television series yet...

412.Now, one day, the team doing the Flash comic had a great idea. They would have the Silver Age Flash meet the Golden Age Flash! So, in the story, as Barry Allen performs tricks at a charity event, he vibrates his molecules to appear invisible. However, he manages to tune into the "vibrational frequency" of another universe and finds himself on another Earth. Of course, on this Earth is the original version of the Flash. The two of them join forces to beat a team of three of Jay's enemies, then Barry returns to his own Earth.

59.This lead to the idea that, well, if the Golden Age version of the Flash lived there, why not the other original versions? Thus, later, the Justice League of America meet the Justice Society of America! The Justice League named their world "Earth-1" and the Golden Age version "Earth-2". Apparently, their older counterparts humored the youngster. Soon, other Earths appeared. There was Earth-3, home of evil versions of the heroes, banding together as the Crime Syndicate of America, later spelled "Amerika". When DC bought the rights to Fawcett Publication's characters, such as Captain Marvel, thus was born Earth-S (for Shazam, of course). Soon, other Earths joined, and the Multiverse was born! However, this brought some problems...

65.You see, it became difficult for comic book readers to keep up with what stories were on which Earth. Was that the Earth-1 Superman, or the Earth-2 version? This, plus the fact that they had almost 50 years of continuity, filled with some, well, funky history, DC decided it was time to simplify things. Thus, they had a huge mini-series called the Crisis on Infinite Earths. The idea was that universe after universe was being destroyed. In order to save what was left, the remaining universes were collapsed into a single one. The continuity was rebooted, with writers free to do some revisions on characters to clear out some of the cheesier parts of their histories. For example, Superman became the sole survivor of Krypton, and no longer had he been Superboy when he was younger. While some didn't like such wide-sweeping changes, it was generally considered a very successful move, making DC comics a breath of fresh air, and easier for new readers to pick up and start reading.

74.83.For 20 years, this continued, until recently, when DC decided they wanted to shake things up again, and created "Infinite Crisis". This series returned the Multiverse, with 52 Earths. While a bold move, no doubt, this reversal, well...if I might be allowed a personal opinion, it is moving in the wrong direction, heading back toward the Silver Age, instead of forward to new frontiers. For example, in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, one of the major events was the death of Barry Allen. Barry Allen has remained dead, with only occasional visits from a "past" version, to this day. However, rumors currently say that DC plans to bring him back. What has been held up as an example of commitment to making Barry's death mean something and not just be another "hero dies, then comes back" story, would be erased, along with some of the respect longtime readers would have for the company.

However, discussing the merits of these Crisis...Crisi? Crisises? Anyway, we can talk in more detail about these another time. Join us in a week or so for another Four-Kolor Kitty! Remember, if you want to suggest a topic or have a comic book question, page #mail PatchO'Black and you could see it in print! Until then, see you in the funny pages!

Suri's Fun Things to Do!

Make Diamonds!

You'll Need:

  • Zinc Foil
  • Charcoal

Save up all Your used zinc foil. Ask Your friends and relations to help - You'll need a lot of it. Pile the zinc foil on top of Your charcoal. Eventually, if you collect enough zinc foil, the pressure will turn the charcoal into diamonds!

Try introducing tiny amounts of boron into the charcoal to get blue diamonds!

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.

Hi all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News survey for this week. Spindizzy was down last week because of an outage. What do you think Findra had to do to bring our world back up?

  • Raphael answers the survey. "SInk the Titanic
  • Cirro intones, "She tapped her heels together three times and said, "There's no place like SpinDizzy..."
  • Chanspot isn't sure! I think Findra simply wriggled her nose!
  • Diam04 says, "Work with eletronics."
  • Andros yips, "Jump on a bicycle powered generator and pump those bunny legs."
  • Austin says, "Well, Ba'ar, I think Findra just had to check that the server rebooted itself, and then that the automated script that restarts the muck if it's down was running correctly. Then there was a spot of checking that the SSL port was functioning right."
  • Toledo says, "He sent everyone back in time to a point where the MUCK was fairly stable. But it's going to catch up with him when we suddenly have another Y2K fiasco."
  • Argon says, "She had Egyptions drag huge stone block up an earthen ramp to build a massive pyramid and attract lightning to power the server like Dr. Frankenstein.
  • "
  • Tanuki barks, "Findra used duct tape. It solves everything."
  • Ceredwyn says, "I think Findra put the server on an I.V. Given her nursing background."
  • Pathfinder chuckles "Clap her hands and think happy thoughts."
  • Fermata says to Ba'ar, "Something involving computers and voodoo."
  • Ba'ar says, "Findra had to wake up the hamsters running the wheel."
Doze Garden Cartoon
Argon gives a try at drawing Kit Skyfire. Not a funny subject but my art is laughable! The Doze Garden Comic Strip
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