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Telekinetic Mishap at the Rose Garden
Mortion and Chiharu.It all started Sunday night with a Jellicle cat condensed in a sphere.

Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat, found himself in an unusual predicament; he had somehow been condensed into a small sphere and could not remedy himself of the situation. Chiharu, local human and Kunoichi Corporation employee, was called into the Rose Garden to try and use her telekinetic powers. Chiharu, bolstered by the psychic assistance of WhyteShadow, local Andurusian, attempted to free Patchy but they could not. Chiharu was extremely drained by the experience.

It was at this time that Morticon, local wallaby, and Portia, local red panda, arrived looking specifically for a Kunoichi Corporation employee. They wished to provide a "gift" to the Corporation to apologize for earlier conduct. The crowd at the Rose Garden questioned this and the pair feigned being insulted. Chiharu reached out to accept the gift, a hand-woven rug, when the "gift" started moving of it's own accord and entrapped the hapless employee.

Things then got quickly out of control. To sum it up, Chiharu snapped and let loose with uncontrolled psychic fury. The Rose Garden was struck by incredible seismic activity and then the "rug" that was crushing Chiharu started to burst into flames. She stared down Morticon, who crumpled into a whimpering little heap. Portia was poised to attack Chiharu when the rug was reduced to ash. At this point, bystander WhyteShadow then surged at Chiharu. It was impossible to tell which one of them hit first, but Chiharu was knocked into the fountain, apparently sustaining a head injury and ending her psychokinetic rampage. Borris, local bear, did a field dressing on her wounds while the crowd tried to figure what exactly Chiharu did to Morticon. Haruka, another local human and Kunoichi Corporation employee, arrived on the scene to drag Chiharu back to head quarters. As of this article, Haruka has been too shaken up to release a proper press release but it appears she blames herself for leaving Chiharu in such a vulnerable position.

Hikaru and Abbie Synthe.Morticon's condition is currently unknown. His residence was contacted, but Morticon was unavailable for comment. There are rumors that he was put into stasis of some kind.

Hikaru, Chief Medical Office of Kunoichi Corporation, had to call in assistance from SpinDizzy's own Abbie Synthe, local green faerie and nurse, to treat Chiharu. Chiharu had sustained four broken ribs, presumably from being crushed by the rug, a fracture at the base of her skull, and several first and second degree burns.

According to Abbie, "That albino girl was all messed up. We had to keep her heavily sedated until a Medivac vehicle could get her to a facility in Japan. If only we had a hospital, here in SpinDizzy, we could have treated her and Morticon properly."

Meanwhile, Borris managed to return Patchy to his normal Jelliclely self by hitting him like a golf ball with his mallet.

Jumping into skunk's tail goes swimmingly
Toledo the skunk.

This week, Toledo, local skunk found himself minding his own business in the Rose Garden.

Austin, local coati while observing Toledo's fluffy skunk tail, decided it was large and fluffy enough to dive into. Austin did so and found that the skunk's tail was boyant enough to allow him to swim in it.

Moolooite, local puffin, decided that a lifeguard was needed and set up a tall chair. He aquired a whistle and towel and kept a lookout for the safety of the swimmer.

With the presence of a lifegaurd assuring the safetly of the "swimmers", Nova. local Manadragon, jumped in. Nyni, local plushy dragon, while wearing DavDragon, also a plushie dragon, also dived into Toledo's tail.

As the 'swimmers' floated and splashed around they created waves and ripples in Toledo's fur. Toledo didn't mind the aditation of his tail, and in fact kept it still so as not to disturb the "swimmers".

With no chance of drowning, and a lifegaurd on duty, it is expected that skunk tail swimming shall become a popular and enjoyable past time. The only concern is, do we have ehough skunks to support the sport?

Gilead's Joke

Gilead chirps, "In a small town there were five places of worship. A Presbyterian church, a Methodist church, a Baptist church, a Catholic church, and a Jewish synagogue. And one summer, the weather had been such that they were all overrun with squirrels.

One day the Presbyterians held a meeting to decide what to do with the squirrels. After much prayer and thought, they determined the squirrels were predestined to be there, and they just had to accept God's will and live with the squirrels.

The Baptists decided to put a lid on the baptistry and drown the squirrels in it. However, the squirrels all escaped and the following week there were somehow twice as many as there had ever been before.

The Methodists decided they should not harm another of God's creations, and humanely trapped the squirrels, then took them in the church bus and released them miles away. However, within a week, they'd all found their way back."

Gilead chirps The Catholics decided to baptize the squirrels and accept them as members of the congregation. After that they only saw the squirrels on Easter and Christmas.

The Rabbi of the Synagogue did them one better. He caught one squirrel and held a bris. After that, they never saw another squirrel set foot in the Synagogue again."

Circuits coming to town
Circus tent.

Kern, local clockwork Inca tern, arrived in the Rose Garden this week very excited.

Kern flapped its wings and hopped around, "Wonderful and extraordinary news of the most fantastical kind!" Kern then hopped over and landed on top of Natasha, local cartoon coati! "Come one, come two, come eleven! Rejoice! Good news! Hooray for everyone!"

With the group's curiosity raised, Austin, local coati, sat up and watched Kern and asked. "What is?" To which answered, "The circuits is coming to town!" Thrills and excitements! Amazements and rides!"

Argon, local centaur said, "I can feel the electricity in the air." Niran chuckled,"Either that or someone has some static cling to em."

DTF pondered "Well, if you can feel it, the rest of us are safe. You're the tallest object apart from the Oak. Lightning will get you instead of us." Natasha said, "Is it a Continental Circuit?"

Kern pointed its beak at Natasha, "See! The amazing fastastic ringlytailed rampaging creatures! Ride the fastest shinytail in the world! Stop in at the amazing slideshow and see the features!"

Austin said, "I can't wait."

Kern said, "You have to wait silly ringlytail, the circuits isn't in town yet, it's coming! It's coming!"

Austin said, "One if by land, two if by sea?"

Kern said, "Nope nope nope it's coming by HERE!" Kern wing-hugged Natasha on the tail and said, "I can see all the sensible ones of you are senselesly stricken with silence at the circuits!" Kern beak-tapped Natasha, "Then we can count on you for being with the circuits as a feature show!"

Natasha opened an umbrella over Kern. "Right on top? Hey now, I'm no acrobat... uh, I mean, even if I *did* pull off some pretty daring leaps last time Jaxen was chasing after me.

Toledo said, "Isn't the circuits already in that other place. SP-something-R-other?" Kern says, "Nope fluffytail! The circuits is traveling to here from there now! It's going to be the biggest thing since the flood of yarn!"

Austin said, "The flood of yarn?"

Toledo said, "I'm not knit picking, but I do think he's pulling my string." Kern said, "It was terrible, on the older buildings you can still see where the high-sweater mark was!"

Toledo said, "The flood of yarn? Somebody cut loose that big ball they have some where in Minnesota?"

Kern said, "Nope nope nope that we never let out of the flood banks." But now you're being silly it's the circuits coming to town! The Ringlytail Bothers and Burnish & Baling Circuits!"

Kern bows now, "Now if you are all suitable odd we can answer some questions if you have them about the good news! Ing will answer when it gets back from telling the other garden!"

Toledo said, "Will these be open or closed circuits?"

Kern rotated its head to look at Toledo. "Yup yup yup open all day and night except for when it's closed like during the times for re-winding everything!"

Toledo chuckled, "Fair enough I suppose. Open circuits are safer to visit and poke around it, after all.

Kern said, "Yup yup yup you don't want to be attacked by a surprised and vicious pinfeather-eating gabbelon for instance!"

Argon asked, "Will there be capacitor candy?"

Guest2 said, "only the fluxgate flavor."

Kern said, "Oh well brushytail that's going to be extra from the concessible stands and sits."

Toledo said, "Those juiced-up Edison Elephants are no picnic either."

Kern squawked! "Elephants!"

WhyteShadow wants to ride the Tesla-o-Whirl! Toledo says, "No one can resist that ride!"

Argon said, "It's shocking.

Kern agitatedly flapped its wings and then grabbed Natasha's tail and points it around, "Don't be afraid, we have it in wing! It's for the good of the city!"

WhyteShadow said, "Or the Faraday Wheel! ...only problem is, nothing can get in or out of that one."

Pathfinder laughed "Tesla-o-whirl, it just plane SHOCKING.

Kern turned around and pointed Natasha's tail this way and that, "Better believe it! Or else!"

Argon still likes the recursive teacups.

Kern said, "It's a special feature of the circuits!"

Guest2 said, "The merry ground is more my speed."

Toledo said, "Ooh, that's a good one!"

Kern said, "Oh no not nearly yet brushytail, the circuits isn't close to *this* city yet but don't worry we're gonna get news as it gets closer and closer!"

Kern said, "It's not gonna take *us* by surprise *this* time!"

Kern said, "Well you just believe me then ringlytail there's no way the circuits is getting in before everybody who should know does know what they heard about it being here!"

@Action News will provide further information as Kern provides it,

Caption Contest

This week sees the return of the much-missed caption contest! Can you tell what the caption for this picture originally was? Please send your answers to Findra by Friday 10th August, 6pm muck time. This week's picture was pointed out by Roofus Roo. Thanks, Roofus!


SpinDizzy Kitchen
SpinDizzy Kitt... er, Kitchen!

Fine cuisine? Crazy cutlets? Cheesy chopsticks? Everything is found on Spindizzy. SpinDizzy Kitt--er, kitchen! highlights unique recipes from our local denizens with each issue.

Twice-Baked Fajita This is an alteration on the traditional fajita and twice-baked potatoes. They were served, in slightly different fashion, at a rather nice southwestern TexMex restaurant. On eating them, I thought, "I could make those!" ...and so I did. ;) Enjoy, comment, share. The ingredients are inexpensive, involving primarily potatoes and ground beef, making it a great recipe for a tight budget.


  • 6 Large Russet Potatoes
  • 2 Lb. Ground Beef (chicken will also do)
  • Garlic
  • Fajita Spices
  • 1 c. Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Sour Cream
  • Salt and Pepper

Optional Ingredients (Any of the below)

  • Black olives
  • Black beans
  • White button mushrooms (be sure and slice and sauté, if used)
  • Onions (be sure and sauté, if used)
  • Green bell peppers (be sure and sauté, if used)
  • Diced tomatoes

1. Bake the potatoes at 375 for roughly an hour, more or less depending on your oven's quirks and distinctive personality.

2. When the potatoes are halfway done, begin sautéing the ground beef. Sauté in garlic and fajita spices.

3. Remove the potatoes carefully--they're hot!

4. Slice each potato lengthwise in half.

5. Scoop out roughly 2/3rds of the innards, making a boat.

6. Mash the scooped out innards with roughly a half to a full cup of sour cream. Add salt and pepper.

7. Mash in cooked, seasoned ground beef.

8. Scoop mixture back into potatoes--remember, the potatoes are hot, so handle with care!

9. Cover generously with shredded cheese!

If you want any of the optional ingredients, here is a good time to add them. Chopped black olives makes a nice, sophisticated-looking topping. Think of these as fajitas, just in a different form, so add as you would normally sans sauces (such as sour cream, as it's already mixed in).

10. Replace potatoes in oven and bake for 10 or so more minutes.

These are delicious served with refried beans, corn, and most any vegetable you have lying around. Serves 6.

Have a recipe? A review? Please qmail Chanspot or Findra! Anything is fair game...what's on your table? spin_kitchen4.jpg

Four-Kolor Kitty: There is one in every family....
Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).Hidy-ho, readers, time for another trip into the land of tights and masks! This week, we will be looking at a classic theme in not just comics, but in story-telling for years: Having the villian be related to the hero! The bible tells the tale of Cain and Able, and as the saying goes, "If you're going to steal material, steal from the best!"

214I will start with one Malcom Thawne, who as a super-villian was known as Cobalt Blue. He could create a mystical blue flame that would steal his super-hero opponent Barry "The Flash" Allen's superspeed. It was later discovered that (after years of battling) that Malcom was actually Barry's twin brother! The reason Malcom was raised away from Barry was due to an incompetent doctor who accedently causes the child of the Thawne family to be still-born. Rather than face the wrath of the Thawnes, he fools Mrs. Allen, in labor at the same time, into believing that one of her twins is still-born and substitues that child for the dead Thawne baby. The Thawne, who have used the mystical blue flame to run various scams and cons, have no trouble teaching the child their own values or lack there-of. Of course, when he grew up, he managed to learn who is twin brother was, and that he was the Flash. Feeling cheated, he decided to gain revenge on his long-lost brother. In fact, this would cause the Thawne family to attack future generations of the Allen clan.

312Speaking of future generations, another case of extreme sibling rivalry shows up in the Legion of Super-Heros. Teen twin superheros Lightning Lad and Lightning Lass hail from a planet were twin births are the norm. However, their older brother, Mekt, was born a "solo", or single birth. He became rather anti-social, as he was seen as an oddity by his peers. However, he was present at the same event which gave his younger brother and sister their lightning powers, granting him the same electrical abilities. In the classic stories, he dubbed himself "Lighting Lord", and turned to a life of crime. Oddly enough, he may be advesarial toward his super-hero family members, but he can also be protective in a fashion. Just as Lightning Lad and Lass would like him to reform, he had on more than one occasion tried to convince them to join him in creating a criminal empire. In the current version of the Legion stories, he is now the leader of a black-ops style group of super-beings known as The Wanderers. While still not completely a hero, he is not exactly a super-villian ether at this time.

410Meanwhile, over in the Marvel universe, Simon "Wonder Man" Williams has his own brother problems. Eric William is the black sheep of the family. Not quite all his fault, as his mother would tell him he was born bad, while Simon was the good boy. Thanks to Mom William's lack of good parenting, Eric grew up more and more rebelious until Eric decided to join the super-orignized-crime family called the Maggia. When Simon took over the family business, which started to have problems, Eric used his criminal connections to help Simon out, but in return, Simon started embezling money. Eventually, Simon was caught and sent to jail. It was then that the super-villian Baron Zemo took notice of Simon and granted him super-powers so that he could infiltrat the Avengers. However, Simon turned against Baron Zemo and became a true super-hero. However, Baron Zemo appeared to kill Simon for his betrayal. When Eric learned of this, he swore revenge and, through his own criminal connections, had another super-villian called the Tinkerer make up a high-tech scythe that could cut through just about anything. He dubbed himself the Grim Reaper, and went after both Baron Zemo and the Avengers, who he both blamed for his brother's death Later, Simon recovered from his nasty bout of death. Unfortunately, Eric stayed a villian while Simon continued his heroic carrer. As the Grim Reaper, he has since increased his powers to include necromancy as well as various other "dark magic" powers.

Thus we come to the end of another Four-Kolor Kitty. Remember, we want to hear your questions and ideas for future columns! Until next time, see you in the funny pages!

Suri's Fun Things to Do!

Make Giant Bird Eggs!

You'll Need:

  • Zinc foil
  • Eggs
  • Food Colouring
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush

Hard boil some white eggs. When they're done, dye them a pale blue or bluish-green with food colouring, just as though You were making Easter eggs. When the dyed eggs are dry, crinkle up a square of zinc foil, then partially flatten it back out. It should still be fairly wrinkly. Now lightly brush the zinc foil with brown paint, so it strikes just the high points. Be very sparing with Your paint. Wrap the egg loosely in the foil, or roll it on the foil, so that You make little brown spots all over the egg. You might want to add a very few black ones as well. With a little practice, You can easily produce hard boiled eggs that look just like giant Robin's eggs. By varying the base colour and the spots, You can make the eggs of other birds as well.

These are fun for holiday feasts, picnics, etc. They're great to take along in a lunch box, and have people watch You out of the corner of their eye as You eat. They're educational as well, as they give You the chance to point out that the blue of a Robin's egg is caused by a zinc compound.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.

Hi there, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. Are you a fan of the Funday Pawpet Show?

  • Andros yips, "I have yet to watch it, but I'd like to."
  • Suri says, "Not I."
  • Toledo says, "Never seen it."
  • Nimble chitters quietly, "I haven't watched Pawpet in a long time. I used to get too much lag, being on the other side of the planet and all..."
  • Kefan says, "You know, I've heard of it, but I've never actually watched it."
  • Argon says, "I've seen it once or twice but I can't say I found it especially entertaining. It seemed very improvisational with a lot of 'inside jokes' that I wasn't in on. Now if really good puppet actors were featured, like Vixie or Ba'ar, it might attract me. But from what I've seen I can't say I'd make an effort to regularly watch."
  • Austin says, "I am not, Ba'ar, but I am a fan of some of the people who are."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "A fan, though I don't get to watch it often."
  • WhyteShadow hasn't seen it yet. Adds it to list of things to check out.
  • Nyni cutely says, "Never heard of it."
  • Abbie ums "I never heard of it. But now I'll check out the link."
  • DTF ponders "I can't say that I've ever seen it, but I've heard it's fun so I'd certainly support it."
  • Gilead chirps, "I've seen it with Findra a few times."
  • Ba'ar notes that he has a love/hate relationship with the show. He likes tuning in and likes some of what the FPS crew does, but thinks that they often times go too far in their humor.
Doze Garden Cartoon

Why did the chicken cross the road?

The Doze Garden Comic Strip
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