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@image and Morphs
Lois Lane transformed into a centaur.

Someone asked me if they could change their @image to match different morphs. For those who don't know, it's possible to add a picture of your character by entering @image <obj>=<URL> with your character's name in place of <obj> and the URL where that image is in place of <URL>. For example to set my @image I would enter, @image Argon=http://www.centaursite.com/a&mg.jpg .

You can change other attributes which will follow your morphs or changes in appearance. As explaned by entering, morph #changes...

Added @desc default changeable via props.

Feel, taste, and @image properties are now saved in morphs. If an existing morph(s) does not have these properties set, then the current properties are used when the morph is activated. You will want to re-add each morph with these properties set to take full advantage of this feature. Morphs which do not require the properties should have them set to something like 'You nothing special.' All this applies to scent as well, which was in there before.\

Thanks to Morticon, local wallaby and MPI / MUF wizard for this information.

Verde Computational Announces Completion of Section of Data Network
Verde Computational server.

Verde Computational is proud to announce that it has completed work on a section of its new fiber optic data network on SpinDizzy.

"Things should be ready for customers to begin connecting within the next week and a half", said Andros Verde, the head of the project on SpinDizzy.

Those interested in receiving free access to the network are asked to contact Andros Verde as soon as possible to ensure prompt service.

Argon's ride gets transformed!
Patchy's ice cream truck.

Starting with a conversation about Argon, local centaur's, method of vehicular transportation, he showed the Rose Garden a picture of the van he uses to drive around in.

Than, local lioness cub, disappeared for a moment. Upon her return, she showed Argon a picture of his van with big ice cream stickers decorated across the side, and a large sticker above the windshield that labelled it as the ice cream van of PatchO'Black, local Jellicle cat. Argon was very pleased with Than's work on the picture and how she had changed the looks of his vehicle.

Toons Furr & Fluff park
TF & F Park.

A number of SpinDizzians are veterans of Toons Furr & Fluff muck or TF&F. TF&F was a muck that many of us went to thanks to the devoted efforts of Austin Dern, local coati. Austin took over TF&F which was teetering on the brink of shutting down. Austin did some work in getting the place physically organised so it was more interesting and attractive to new arrivals and worked hard to spread the word about the place and encouraged folks to stop by and visit. With the help of a devoted group of folks TF&F's population increased and soon it was a vibrant "living" place.

The themes and character of SpinDizzy were developed from the same themes and character of TF&F. Many of the ideas that made it successful were brought to SpinDizzy, and the lessons learned from TF&F were used to make SpinDizzy even better.

The drawing included with this article is one I made of The Park on TF&F. Like SpinDizzy, it was a central gathering place with a fountain, benches, and other park like things. In the distance can be seen a city area called "Austin City Limits". This was a play of words on Austin's name and the popular PBS television series.

I was digging through some old files and found this picture. It seemed worthy of sharing with those of us who enjoyed the fun we had on Toons Furr & Fluff.

Gilead's Movie Review
Transformer web site.

Harry P. Otter and the Otter of the Phoenix

A wonderful new installment of the Harry P. Otter movie series came out in theaters this week. As many others have described, it is a more serious and darker movie than the ones that came before. However, it is probably the most significant one to date, as it revealed many important details of the world of Warthog's Academy of Wizardy.

For one thing, the woods around it are crawling...well, actually, galloping, with centaurs. Many in Spindizzy will find this important, including me, though they aren't the cutest centaurs I've ever seen. For another, one major character is revealed to have a Patronus charm who is an otter. I wasn't completely sure in the theater, as it could be wishful thinking, but Wikipedia confirmed it so it must be true!

On the downside, while there are certainly good cats in the world, at least some of the cats in the movie are servants of evil. Patchy may be less than pleased, but what can you do?

Anyway, it is highly recommended by this otter.

Four-Kolor Kitty: And A Side of Fries, Please!
Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).

Order up! It’s another heaping helping of Four-Kolor Kitty! This week will be looking places one can stop by the fill up the tummy and wet one’s whistle. After all, you can’t save the universe on an empty stomach.

There seems to be a mighty big difference between DC comics and Marvel when it comes to brand-name food, drinks, and even restaurants. DC comics have several established brands, where Marvel appears not to have much. Therefore, we will go with the feast before the famine, and stick with some places to go when you are visiting Metropolis or Gotham City.

Big Belly Burger.First, when one wants to grab a bite quickly when fighting to forces of evil, one just need to locate a local Big Belly Burger restaurant. Your basic hamburger franchise, it originally was found in the Superman comics, but has since grown out to be found nearly everywhere. Burger, fries, and shakes, all can be found here! Its slogan is “It’s Belly Belly Good!” and features a mascot that is based on Bob’s Big Boy. However, this one appears to resemble a member of the DC Comic’s staff, though there is some disagreement as to whom. A few feature characters, such as Skyrocket of the Power Company, have worked there. Jimmy Olsen was featured in an ad for the restaurant, as well as figures in his various forms (such a Turtle Boy Jimmy) were toys in their children’s meals.

Taco Whiz.If you are in the mood, however, for something a little south-of-the-boarder, try Taco Whiz! Tacos, nachos, burritos, and enchiladas are served up here; the DC Universe’s version of Taco Bell stands ready to serve up spicy goodness! This particular fast-service restaurant became famous when Wonder Woman herself worked as an employee! The manager was very understanding when it came to giving her time off to save the day, but Diana herself insisted she be allowed to make up the time she missed with no extra pay given. Talk about your team player!

Planet Krypton.Want a nice, sit-down meal? For super-hero ambiance, you can’t beat Planet Krypton! Bankrolled by super-hero Booster Gold, this restaurant based on the real chain Planet Hollywood, features not only memorabilia form your favorite caped crime fighters, but the wait staff dresses up as the heroes as well. The menu items also are themed to the spandex wearing set, with such items as “Wonder-Pancakes” and “Burger of Steel”.

Just want a drink? Then head on over to Warriors, a bar opened by Guy Garner, originally a back-up Green Lantern for Hal Jordan, now a GL in his own right. Warriors.He founded this watering hole during a time when he was not wielding a power-ring and instead had been endowed with the power to adapt his body into a living arsenal. He serves all manners of alcoholic beverages, from beers to cocktails, as well as typical “pub” fare. Superman has been known to visit, insisting on being served milk (which Guy Garner finds amusing to no end, believing Superman can’t hold his liquor.), and Braniac-5 once appeared in the middle of a celebration held there, was handed a mug of beer, then promptly vanished back to the 31st century, were he sampled and quickly spit out the drink. Apparently, Coluians never acquired a taste for the stuff.

And that’s last order for this week’s Four-Kolor Kitty. Remember, folks, we want to use your ideas and questions for our column, but that hasn’t been happening lately. Please, page #mail PatchO’Black with future column ideas. Until then, see you in the funny pages!

Suri's Fun Things to Do!

Make a Time Machine!

You'll need:

  • A large box
  • Zinc foil
  • Electronic stuff, with dials and switches
  • A clock

(My cousin Phoobia is the one who discovered how to do this)

Select a box large enough for you and your time-travelling supplies. Cut a door in one side. Cover it completely, inside and out, with zinc foil. Put your electronics inside the time machine, and connect them to the interior layer of zinc foil. Don't worry too much about wiring diagrams - the design is a robust one, and will work just as well with the electronics in almost any configuration. Connect your clock to the electonics with some wire. Now you have a time machine.

To use it, sit inside and close the door. Now wind the clock, and turn on the electronic stuff. The clock will show your progress into the future. When you've gone far enough, just open the door and exit the Time Machine.

CAUTION: As presently designed, the Phoobia Time Machine can only be used to travel forward in time. Due to this limitation, you should not travel any great distance into the future, since there is currently no way to return. It is hoped that further research will overcome this limitation, as well as enabling the machine to travel faster through time.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.

Greetings all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. If you were given the chance to run your own "furry convention", what unique events would you plan for it?

Editor's note: As editor I've made some changes in this week's survey. As is usual, Ba'ar did a fine job, but some answers needed clarification. - Argon

  • Austin says, "Ba'ar, I would have a race to see who can nique up on the con the fastest."
  • Raphael chimes, "Ah... hmm.. would do an event focusing on magicks and obscure spirituality.."
  • Barbarabelle says, "I'd have an event where I prove beyond all doubt that I'm (cuter) than Vixie."
  • Aleph says, "I would let a bunch of lemurs loose all over the city. That way everyone could just make their own fun. I'd also probably have a few pirates.
  • Ba'ar growls, "I'd have a plush clinic for plushies that need repair."
  • Cora growls, "I'd have a cooking contest."
  • Argon says, "I'd have a 'wash the fanboy' event." (surveyor's note, I was expecting him to say he'd want Idaho Bob to host a centaur SIG.) (Editor's note, Idaho Bob is well known as one of the leaders of centaur interest groups.)
  • PatchO'Black mews, "I would have a Jellicle Ball, Ba'ar!"
  • Carl says, "A con dinner without seafood!"
  • Mavra says, "The fursuiters sauna marathon; See who can last for 26 minutes while fully outfitted in a 100% humidity/120 degrees Farenheit sauna."
Doze Garden Cartoon
The Doze Garden Comic Strip
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