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Color posing test!

Now, you too can test out color poses! Instead of typing : to pose, use '' instead. Example: '' sees a ~`r`red~`` panda. For further information on color, see the cheat sheet by typing in 'color'. If anyone would like to make the cheat sheet easier to read and understand, please let me know and we'll work on that together.

Special thanks to Raphael for pre-testing the color posing for me. The code needed to support it is a little more complicated than most realize. Coming soon is the rest of lib-ansi-free emulation, and more colorized commands.

As usual, please let me know if you find any bugs. Sooner or later, color posing will replace normal posing, so it's important to let me know if I messed up somewhere. Thanks.

Editor's note: Some muck clients are able to use these commands and some aren't. You'll have to find a way to set your client to respond to them. Usually it's a setting named, "Use ASCI Codes", or something similar. Once set, you need to enter, "@set me=C" to activate reception of the code by your client. If you're having trouble, ask around. Surely someone uses the same client you do and can help you out.

Power Outage
SpinDizzy server.

There was a power outage Friday morning (06/29/07) at around 11:20am muck time. The battery back-ups managed to hold us up for a while, but unfortunately the power was not restored. The muck server shut down, and was brought back online at about 2:00pm.

It appears that everything is safe, but if you notice any items missing, please notify one of the wizards. Thanks!

Verde Computational begins construction on new research facility
Verde building.

Verde Computational is proud to announce that construction has started on their new computational research facility. The facility is going to be located at N10 E0 and will house a wide variety of powerful systems.

As of Wednesday night construction has begun on the foundations for the two fusion reactors that will provide the facility with power in addition to powering future Verde sites. The facility will feature a main office building in addition to a smaller building used to house the computer equipment.

Those interested in obtaining space in the buildings or on the computers are advised to contact Andros Verde soon as space will run out quickly.

4th Fireworks - moved!
SED Fireworks.

This year, I *DO* plan on running the fireworks as I have in years past, but due to time constraints I wouldn't have the fireworks - and the special surprise - ready in time. That and the idea of SpinDizzy having its own holidays on their own days appeals to me (it also allows more to show up).

So watch the BB and eventlist for a date hopefully soon! If you'd like to submit fireworks, participate in some other way (such as provide a location to view them at), or have any questions, please talk to me. Before making any fireworks, please talk to me first, as there are a few things I want to try this year.

Editor's Note: It is suggested that the troubles at the gumpowder plant as noted in Suri's letter below had no influence in this decision.

Letter from Phoobia
Lemur - (Phoobia?).

Suri's cousin back in Madagascar, Phoobia, send her a letter. Suri shared it with @Action News:

Phoobia Prunkling-Smythe
1313 Avenue of the Fruiteaters
Secret Lemur City

Suri the Lemur
Launch Complex 19
S6 E8

Anti-December 24th, 2007

It's been a fairly good Anti-Decemberish season so far. The Acme Gunpowder Company was having a contest to find a new slogan. I entered it, and won with "Acme: The Gunpowder that Blows Stuff Up!" I got a barrel of Acme gunpowder, a trip to LemurLand, and I was supposed to cut the ribbon to open the new gunpowder store.

I took Stulgy Bob the Lemur along for my travelling companion. His fur has grown back since Christmas, and he no longer smells of peppermint. Even though we took up a collection to rebuild his chimney, I still felt kind of guilty since I was the one who brought the "Reindeer Games" book to the party, and I wanted to make it up to him.

Friday we spent at LemurLand. We both bought the little LemurLand hats with Lemur ears on them, that make you look like a Lemur. They're kind of uncomfortable, since they mash down your real ears, but it's the spirit of the thing.

As usual, the Yodeller and the Cone of Tragedy had the shortest lines. We decided we'd ride the Yodeller first. We rode up the incline, singing the jolly yodelling song and wearing our alpine hats. They've refurbished the giant statue of Bob Barker too, so he waves at you while you're riding. It really is a lot of fun until you topple off the end.

The Cone of Tragedy would be more popular if they fixed it so it would run, I think. Still, the line is always short...

The next day, we were scheduled to cut the ribbon to open the new gunpowder store. Sadly, it was already closed pending repairs. The crater had filled up with water, though, and they'd dumped a big load of sand around one edge to make a beach, so the day wasn't a complete loss.

That night there was a costume contest at the beach. Stulgy Bob decided to masquerade as the Zincen Zoofer. He made a surfboard out of zinc foil, and covered himself with foil too. Then he tried to go surfing on the lake. Sadly, there weren't any waves to surf on, plus he can't balance on the surfboard anyway, so that didn't work too well. It would have helped too if zinc would float instead of sinking. They pulled him out in time, though.

I decided to use my barrel of gunpowder to reenact Davy Crockett's Lemur blowing up the Alamo's powder magazine. I knew this would be a popular act, since it had both fire and an explosion. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the Rescue Squad had propped Stulgy Bob up against the backside of my gunpowder barrel to recover. I couldn't see anything because of the explosion, but the people sitting off to the side who had a good view assure me that he skipped right across the lake like a stone, which is sort of similar to surfing, I guess.

Bob's expected to make a full recovery, plus the masquerade committee decided to award him a prize too because they'd never seen anybody go skipping across a lake like that, so it turned out okay.

Now I'm home again. The hospital says Stulgy Bob should be home again in a few days, so he should be just in time for the Fourth of July party.

Cousin Phoobia

Four-Kolor Kitty: Oh, Say Does That Star-Spangled Banner Yet Wave?
Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).

212.Ten-hut, readers, and welcome to a special Four-Kolor Kitty! As the 4th of July coming up (that's Independence Day in the U.S.A. for our international readers), I thought I would take a look at THE all-american hero. That's right, Captain America himself! I have to warn you, though, this week's column is going to be a little light on the cute quips. You see, I want to give the good Captain special respect in light of current events. Don't worry, we can come back another time and give a chuckle at some to "Winghead"'s (as his friends would call him) lighter moments another time.

In the real world, Captain America was created even before Marvel Comics was known as Marvel Comics. Heck, it was even before Pearl Harbor that a comic book cover showed a red, white, and blue clad figure giving a punch in the jaw.310. There was no mistaking this fellow's intentions, he was ready to fight the good fight for the U.S. of A!

In the comics, Steve Rogers (The captain-to-be) was born to irish immigrants. Tall and scrawny, this Fine Arts student with a aptitude for illustrations, when America called for men to join the Armed Forces, he answered the call. Unfortunately, he was classified 4-F, unfit for duty. Fate leant a hand, though. He then chose to take part in a top secret project called Operation Re-Birth! Now, most people think that all that was done is some super-science, but in more recent tellings of the story, Steve Rogers trained for months beforehand, both physically and mentally.48. He was taught battle-tactics, and as a result, became a great strategist. Then, as the final step, he was given the secret Super Soldier Serum, in tandem with special "Vita-Rays", was given what was called the "perfect human form", though he is actually able to do things even the best trained athlete couldn't do. He was then give his uniform, in the colors of the U.S. flag, and a shield...but not THE shield.

56.Most people know about Captain America's shield. However, he didn't get the shield he is most famous for carrying until later. The first shield he had was more triangular, and made from steel. As nice as it was, it was replaced by an even better one. The famous "discus" shield, made of a one-of-a-kind alloy. Not only is the shield nearly-indestructible, is is perfectly balanced and, in tandem with Cap's own incredible skills, can be thrown as a weapon, bouncing and rebounding off of things to hit any target he chooses. Top that off with the fact that it absorbs kinetic forces, he can take a punch from the Hulk and not be sent flying. Also, he can step out of an airplane and, by standing on top of it, land with no more force than stepping off a curb.

63.He fought the Nazis and the rest of the Axis, including his arch-enemy The Red Skull, all through World War II. Then, in the closing days, while stopping a missile that had been launched at Washington D.C., Captain America fell into the freezing waters of the Arctic. There, he went into suspended animation, thanks to the Super-Soldier Serum, to be thawed out in modern times by the Avengers. Captain America no longer was fighting a war, but he kept battling to keep the United States safe. Fighting against the terrorist groups, super-villains, and the odd alien invasion, when the world needed a true hero, they could count on Captain America. Until recently.

72.As you may have heard, Captain America recently died. He has, actually, been counted as dead before. However, this time is markedly different. You see, this came in the wake of a super-hero "Civil War", where one side was fighting to uphold a new law requiring all "costumed combatants" to register with the government. The other side fought to maintain their secret identities, as they didn't believe the government had the right to ask about their private lives and wouldn't be able to keep such information out of the hands of those who would use it against the heros. While one might have thought the America's super-soldier would follow the orders given, he instead sided against the registration act, as he felt it went against the ideals of the U.S. and violated the civil rights of those who where doing no more than their duty. 82. After several battles, and in the heat of the final conflict, Captain America looked around, and saw innocent lives being hurt by the fighting. He could not let it continue. He took of his mask, and as private citizen Steve Rogers, he surrendered. Then, on his way up the court house steps to his trial, he was shot in cold blood, the first shooter taking advantage of the Captain's nobility by making it appear that he was about to shoot one of the guards escorting him. They knew he would sacrifice himself to save another person.

Will Captain America return? I think it is safe to say he will be back. However, it is interesting to note that the reason Marvel decided this course of action is because they were getting conflicting requests from the readers. Some wanted him to speak out against the actions of the current administration, while others want to see him travel into the middle-east, and be seen aiding in the conflicts there. It could be said what really killed the super-soldier was an nation divided. Perhaps, when once again, America speaks with one voice, or at least acknowledges that an opposing view-point does not make one an enemy, Steve Rogers will appear, and Captain America will once again throw his mighty shield!

That's it for this week's Four-Kolor Kitty. Remember to keep sending in questions and suggestions for future columns, as the mail bag has been a tad empty lately! Until then, see you in the funny pages!

Gilead's Buggy Puns

Q: What do you call a six-legged rabbit with an exoskeleton?
A: A Bugny.

Q: How is Hawaii like a Brooklyn cockroach?
A: Yo, a roach grows from moultin' its exoskeleton. Hawaii grows from molten lava.

Q: Why are some gazelles considered extinct in the wild?
A: There aren't any Mhorr Gazelles in Africa.

Q: What kind of bug is the best speller?
A: A bee, see?

Q: What do you call it when rabbits breed so fast they overflow the whole countryside?
A: A bunami.

Q: How do you stop a rhinoceros beetle from charging?
A: Step on it.

Q: What is the best advice on how to deal with stinging insects?
A: Let them bee.

Q: What do you call the daughters of social burrowing insects?
A: Cosins.

Q: What do you call the leader of a warren of rabbits?
A: The alfalfa male.

Q: What do Middle Eastern bunnies eat?
A: Alfalfalafel.

Q: What chases caterpillars?
A: Dogerpillars.

Q: Where do caterpillars come from?
A: From eggs their moth-er laid.

Q: How do you appease a dragonfly?
A: Sacrifice a damselfly.

Q: What kind of bug is most desired on the 4th of July?
A: A fireworksfly.

Weekly Survey
Ba'ar doing the survey.

Greetings all. Here's your Spindizzy @Action News survey for this week. What's your favorite way of keeping cool on a mega-hot summer day?

  • Argon says, "Turn the AC on."
  • Austin says, "Now, Ba'ar, for a hot mega-hot summer day I'd say the best way to handle it is to schedule a cooling rainstorm that breaks the heat wave."
  • Niran grins a bit and answers,"When I worked for a restaurant.. the best way to keep cool was to go into the walk-in-cooler on your lunch break."
  • Rin snickers some. "I don't do anything different on hot days. I sort of end up staying nice and cool anyway..."
  • Raphael chimes, "Hiding somewhere cold."
  • Pathfinder says, "Drinking cold water and using the AC."
  • WhyteShadow says, "My answer is part AC and part getting too into something to notice the heat."
  • Ceredwyn says, "On a mega-hot summer day I love to go have a swim, and get my fur all wet and cool."
  • Eliahn answers Ba'ar, "Swimming."
  • Ba'ar says, "AC plus lots to drink."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "A cool shower and a hot fudge sundae, Ba'ar."
  • DTF smiles and ponders "Hm.... cold shower, usually.... ice cream if I have some.
  • Andros yips, "I like to curl up in a nice shady spot with a pitcher of lemonade."
  • Borris Gruffs, "By playing Aligator at the local swiming hole."
Doze Garden Cartoon

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

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