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Remembering Aushae

Saturday night was a solemn yet joyous occasion as those who knew and loved Aushae, gathered to share memories and stories.

Due to time constraints and other obligations, folks came and went through the evening, but generally there were close to thirty folks in Memorial Plaza (N1 W1) at any time. While some came to hear about someone who they may not have known but had had such a profound effect on SpinDizzy and its residents, others came to share their memories and rememberances of the dragoness.

Austin, Aushae's mate, acted as MC. Different folks told their stories and memories of the dragoness. Many had deep admiration for her, her love of her friends, her family, and her time on SpinDizzy. Although a slight technical glitch caused several folks to disconnect during the memorial, all in all things ran smoothly. It was a wonderful gathering of friends, family and memories of Aushae.

The event was closed by placing Aushae's memorial as part of Memorial Plaza. When looked at you see...

This marker stands three feet tall and is an elaborate cylinder of dark red granite which tapers some toward the top. On the front is a gold plaque with inlaid black letters:

In memory of Aushae
May 30, 2007.
Go you safe,
and be you safe,
and come home safe to us...

Perched on the top, cast in silver, is a figure of Aushae. The dragonness is settled back on her haunches, clawfeet planted on the rounded top, as though ready to LEAP up from it.

Aushae's muzzle slopes gently outwards from her forehead, ending in a graceful sweep of her nostrils. Draconic earfins fan back from Aushae's head. Her muzzle slopes gently outwards from her forehead, ending in a graceful sweep of her nostrils. A long, serpentine neck flows into her chest, and shoulders.

From there, two large dragonwings are folded against her back, with the wingtips extending past her haunches. Her thick forelimbs end in prehensile, three fingered clawhands. The whole of this silvery figure is detailed down to ribbons tied around her tail, giving an illusion of being covered in silvery, saucer-sized scales that break up the light into irridescent rainbows.

From below, bright blue light is cast to shine on the silvery figure in an erratic pattern, causing the figure's scales to shine and twinkle in what you might imagine to be bluefire magic, and what might be that.

Aushae's memorial is a wonderful and fitting memory of her.

A full log of the memorial is available.

Preperation for Idle Contest
A bunch of Moolooites.

Moolooite, local star, was the host and announcer of a practice session for the Second Annual SpinDizzy Idle Contest. This apparently annual event is held either yearly or when a massive idle bomb goes off in the Rose Garden. As the winner is the first to be logged off, the awards ceremony is usually held at a later date.

Moolooite kept an energentic running commentary during the practice session keeping track of the contestants and keeping a close eye on the clock. Although Aleph, local human was keeping pace, Nyni, local fox was the obvious leader.

Nyni used a technique that was new to the competition this year. As she idled, her player also connected as a Guest. This allowed Nyni the fox to idle as Nyni the guest chatted and bounced around foxily during the contest. Whether this will be allowed in the actual contest has not been determined.

With Aleph breaking his idle, Nyni was declared the winner. It was noted that Wizstaff ought not to compete with players, as they don't "idle out" and remain conected no matter how long they remain idle. A seperate contest for Wizards was suggested with the last one to say or do something be the winner. However as a Wizard could idle forever, it was noted that interest in their competition might wane after a few days.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar doing the survey.

Greetings all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. I thought I'd honor Aushae by asking..what's your favorite memory of Aushae?

  • Nyni cutely says, "Well, I didn't know her too well, only was here about two months. But she made me feel loved and like I belonged here."
  • Chanspot couldn't pick a specific one. I'd have t'say, mainly it was good to see the cheerful interaction between her and Austin.
  • Suri zoofs, "I suppose my favourite memory of Aushae was when she wing-splatted me. It's rather an odd choice, but there you go. Austin was getting ready to move back to the States, and he'd just said he didn't want anyone making a fuss, so of course I started running to and fro going "ACK! Austin's moving! ACK! Austin's moving!" until she wing-splatted me to shut me up. So far as I know, that's the only time she ever splatted anyone."
  • Than remembers being so comfy under Auntie Aushae's wings...
  • Nyni cutely says, "I didn't know her too well, but she was always so nice to me"
  • Mouser unfortunately can't honestly think of one. He and Aushae were rarely on at the same time.
  • WhyteShadow decides to answer anyway this time. "Well, I didn't know her for very long, but she always seemed to be able to keep a sense of humor."
  • Jaxen isn't sure what to say.
  • Austin says, "I married her, Ba'ar."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "I was touched by a farewell she once gave me, "Go well, and be well, and return to me well."
  • Ceredwyn says, "In response to the weekly survey. The most fond memory I have of Aushae is the time when she demonstrated the effect of having a balloonized and static Nyni being rubbed over my fur. It was the only time I really had a conversation with her, but I had lots of fun that day."
  • Andros yips, "As the mother of my mate, Wildfirewolf."
  • DTF nods "I guess her interest in obscure concepts and technologies was something that I liked."
  • Argon says, "Hmm, I think just the way she and Austin adopted so many folks and really made them feel loved and part of a family. I also recall the time she changed me into a water dragon after I'd written in the paper, incorrectly, that she was a fire breather. That was a fun little RP."
Make a Zinc Golem!

You'll need:

  • A cousin, preferrably one who's a sound sleeper, and not of a vengeful nature.
  • Lots of zinc foil
  • Glue
  • White tempera paint
  • Paper towels

Wait until your cousin is asleep. Brush her lightly with glue, and then coat her with zinc foil. The foil will get kind of crinkly and won't look smooth, but that's okay. Cover her completely with zinc foil, including the eyes, but being sure to leave her nose uncovered so she can breathe.

Once your cousin's fully covered with foil, dilute some of your white paint with a lot of water. Brush on the paint, and immediately, before it dries, wipe it off again with a paper towel. This will leave some white paint in the crinkles of the foil, so that your golem's surface looks like old, oxidized zinc.

Now awaken your cousin, who, blind and covered with zinc foil, will stumble around crashing into things. Run around waving your arms yelling, "OY VEY! The golem has gone berserk! OY VEY! The golem has gone berserk!" Plenty of excitement for the whole neighborhood!

Doze Garden Cartoon

Aushae watching over us.
The Doze Garden Comic Strip

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