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My Little Ponies are everywhere it seems.

Generic My Little Pony.In the last week, at least three SpinDizzians, and perhaps more have been turned into My Little Ponies. My Little Ponies, a series of plastic "toy" ponies with comb-able manes and tails. Like the G. I. Joe and Transformer toys mentioned in last week's @Action News, these toys too are made by Hasbro.

Of course the My Little Ponies, or MLP's showing up on SpinDizzy aren't plastic toys, but are sentient mobile creatures. They're closer to the MLP's in the Cartoon show. Their front hooves are "hands" of a sort and some of them even have wings. Nyni, local unicorn, is at this time a MLP unicorn, although she has been a regular unicorn, a unicorn centaur, an anthro unicorn, and who knows what else?

As of press time, Nyni has made MLP's out of Patch O'Black, usually a Jellicle Cat, and Sunni, usually a gummi bear. So SpinDizzy has at least three My Little Ponies who can enjoy Pony land, as described in the next article.


A small unicorn My Little Pony recently moved into the neighborhood. Her name was Nyni. And while she enjoyed being here, she was disappointed to find that there was no area for little ponies like her. But she had an idea. There should be a town where ponies of all ages could live, work, play, and enjoy together.

And so, construction has begun on Pony Land. A worker pony by the name of Handy, emblazoned with the icon of a hammer, was able to give a few words on this project. “Pony Land is going to be a place where ponies of all ages can enjoy their lives. And soon, even visitors will get to be ponies, as we are working on a project to allow them to become ponies while here.”

And so the project has begun. A proposed image of how it will look shows the place to be an adorable little town, suitable for My Little Ponies like Nyni. Talking with her revealed a party planned upon completion, to which everybody is invited to come and be a pony for a day. A completion date has yet to be released, but several ponies have stated that its, “An event to look forward too.”

Is Royce still hungry?

Royce, senior SpinDizzy Raccoon, had the concern of Argon, local centaur, directed towards him. Argon hadn't seen Royce in what seemed quite a while and thought that perhaps the raccoon hadn't been around because he was no longer hungry.

This apprehension was answered Friday when Royce stepped into the Rose Garden while the centaur was there. Argon was most happy to see the friendly Procyonidaenoid and inquired as to his dietary situation. Royce, in his usual style answered, "Royce hungry!" Which satisfied the centaur that all was well with his raccoon friend.

So the question is answered; Yes, Royce is still hungry. So if you happen to see the raccoon, be sure and offer to feed him. Royce is not particular as to what is being served as he enjoys most any sort of foods.

Verde Drive Systems Announces Plans for Computing Research Facility

Verde Drive Systems (VDS) announced today that it intends to construct a facility for research into the area of high performance computing. The facility will be located on SpinDizzy. VDS has also expressed interest in receiving suggestions as to where on SpinDizzy this facility should be constructed. As a site has yet to be chosen for the project the exact specifications of this facility are not yet available. Further news on this exciting research venture will be released in the coming weeks. Residents who wish to provide input on a location for the project may speak to Andros Verde in person, page, or via page #mail.

About Verde Drive Systems: Formerly known as Verde-Centaur Drive, Verde Drive Systems is a chief provider of high tech equipment, starships, military equipment, etc to many groups in the galaxy. Started as the shipyard division of the Tauran Imperial Forces, VDS is now a public company traded on the Tauran Stock Exchange. It employs many beings, in many systems throughout the galaxy.

For further information please contact Andros Verde

Regarding Aina' and the Pixie Stick Incident: Another View from a Concerned Citizen

The following was sent anonymously to the @Action News offices. This is another report concerning Ania' and the "Diabetic" candy. As it was recieved in a plain envelope slipped under the door of the @Action News office, its authenticity and accuracy cannot be assured.

Prior to Aina's ingestion of the sugar candy, Kunoichi Corporation employee Hotaru deliberately teased the tiger, knowing of Morticon's rule regarding her diet and the soldier's weakness for sweet foods. Hotaru appeared to take great pleasure from this action. Even after being asked to stop this behaviour by an observer in the Garden, Hotaru continued to bait Aina'. Eventually, Hotaru dropped the unfinished candy and ignored it when the tiger had picked it up.

This was no accident. It was clearly an attempt firstly to aggravate Aina' and secondly to cause problems for her and her employer. This can do little but reflect badly on the Kunoichi Corporation. -

Four-Kolor Kitty: Whatta Pal! Part 1: Spare changes!
Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).

Greeting folks! This week, we will be looking at one James Bartholomew Olsen, better known as Jimmy Olsen, photographer, later reporter, and best known as "Superman's Pal!"Jimmy Olsen. Now, one would think having the Man of Steel as a buddy would be all songs and roses, but there are some downsides. Of course, the most obvious is that, since ol' Kal-El is darn difficult to hurt, let alone kill, occasionally some genius criminal decides to do the old "get revenge by hurting those he cares about" schtick. However, I won't be looking at that danger. I'm taking about how one become a magnet for weirdness.

You see, ever since Big Blue came into young Jimmy's life, he has had to put up with one bizarre change after another. Let's start with a classic: The old "mind-swap", in this case with a gorilla! Of course, what would any of us do if we switched minds with an ape? Why, we would buy large sized versions of our favorite outfit and go back to work! Never mind, you know, checking into a hospital and getting the scientist who invented the mind-swap ray to undo the damage.

Jimmy Olsen.Jimmy Olsen. Another notable change was when the redheaded scamp drank a special serum and gain the ability to stretch his body to fantastic length. Thus began the on-again, off-again super-hero career of...Elastic-Lad! In his time as a second-rate Plastic Man, he did his best but...well, let's face it, if you are going to be seen next to Superman, you better be darn good at the rubber-band thing. He did, however, manage to become a reserve member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, which is pretty darn good.

There were a series of monstrous changes for Jimmy as well. A wolf-man, an alien, a radioactive man, even a human porcupine. But the most famous of all of these was...."Giant Turtle Boy Jimmy Olsen"! Oh, how this one has continued to haunt the character, much to the amusement of longtime followers of his misadventure...

I mean, can you just see the meeting were they came up with this one. The DC bullpen, sitting around, thinking about what the next story for Jimmy Olsen could be. Aiding Superman by following up on a lead he can't? Perhaps he takes some pictures that contains an important clue to solving a crime he didn't realize he had captured? No! What we need is....A GIANT TURTLE MAN! And they got paid for this kind of thinking, folks.... Jimmy Olsen.Jimmy Olsen.

Jimmy Olsen has gone on to several more changes over the years. So many, in fact, that they actually released a collection of said comics, The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen. The cover art shows a good assortment of Jimmy's various changes.

Of course, Jimmy's greatest transformation occurred, not because of weird science or magic totem, but at the hands of modern writers. He has gone from that background comic relief to a well-rounded, helpful, and pretty darn competent member of the Daily Planet staff. Sure, occasionally he still finds himself sprouting a tail or something, but hey, that's the price you pay, when you are Superman's Pal!

Well, that wraps up another column. Remember, send in your suggestions and questions for future stories! Until then, see you in the funny papers!

Weekly Survey


Hi everyone, here's your Spindizzy @Action news survey for this week. If you were to create a holiday, what would it be called and what would be done to celebrate the holiday?

  • Argon says, "Why centaur Day of course, when everyone would offer testament to the honorability of centaurs."
  • Findra says, "There should be a Speak Like A Civet day. Of course, this day would also involve additional rations of caffeine."
  • Borris Gruffs, "All Day Buffet Day!"
  • Divina honestly has no idea for a holiday.
  • Xiaoming ponders "How about Ink Day? I can celebrate it by offering free tattoos." She grins cheesily.
  • Jaxen says foxily, "Hmm... Hug-day. Go out and hug anyone you see."
  • Aushae sultrily sibilates, "One we all really need...Look Forward Day...Where we recognize what has been done before, and consider what we leave from our time, for the future..."
  • Nikon says softly, "Create a holiday? But Every day is Happy Raccoon Day...."
  • Kirin says, "Red panda day?"
  • Qitthiryuu purrss, "Silly walk day, where you spend the day switching from one silly walk to another."
Doze Garden Cartoon

"I'm telling you, Mouser, we'll make millions!"

The Doze Garden Comic Strip
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