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Increase in Kunoichi Corporation staff leads to mystery

Chiharu.A recent increase in the number of employees at the newly built Kunoichi Corportation campus on SpinDizzy has led to many rumors and debate.

SpinDizzians have seen and met many of the employees of Kunoichi Corp. in the Rose Garden and elsewhere. Most if not all of them are either Japansese or "oriental" humans including it's CEO, Kunoichi.

When asked for a statement for @Action News, Haruka, Press Agent for the Kunoichi Corporation said, “Kunoichi Corporation is working on a rather important project for a confidential client and we cannot disclose any information at this time. All we can say is that this new project will benefit the entire community of SpinDizzy and that more employees from our Yokohama office will be arriving to help get everything ready. One of these specialized employees, Chiharu, has already arrived and all we can say right now is that her talents are integral to the project.“

A somewhat secrative organization, its employees have little if anything to say about the corporation's activies and purpose. In fact, one of the most silent members of the corporation is Chiharu, local human, who, already drawing attention to herself as an albino and seems to have telekinetic / telepathic but is mute. Interestingly, she does communicate in a sense as her communication seems to reveal itself as a voice in your head (or another one of many voices in the heads of those that already hear them). Although she uses both abilities sparingly, her addition to the Kunoichi Corporation's staff, and her mental abilities have led some to wonder why so many humans with skills most humans do not possess, have suddenly arrived here. Although telepathic and telekinetic abilities are not all that unusal here, most humans do not have them. It is unknown if other members of the Kunoichi Corporation share these abilities or have others even more powerful.

Why the Kunoichi Corp would need someone with such talents and what sort of project would require them has been the subject of some discussion. Anything from a new mentally powered transport system (just think it and you're there,) to adjusting the course of SpinDizzy itself have been offered as ideas for their project.

Whatever the project is, sources who have asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of their work with the Kunoichi Corp's and its rumored methods of dealing with those not adhering to its strict rules, have suggested that it will be revealed within the next few weeks.

The Random Hug Parade

Juxtapose, local Red / Black Ratmouse Confusion, and Khalla, local arctic vixen, have started a group calling themselves, The Random Hug Parade.

The purpose of this group is to hug everyone on SpinDizzy. When asked, Juxtapose said, "The Random Hug Parade. I'm the Hug Meister! The members are bound to hug every single person on the MUCK. The more people hugging, the more random it'll seem."

A few folks sounded interested but, Khalla asked Juxtapose, "If you're the Hug Meister, what does that make me?" to which he replied, "Hey, you can be a Hug Meister too. There's no need for leadership in hugging. Actually, I have a promo video I found on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr3x_RRJdd4.

Nyni, local unicorn fae and sometimes centaur, stated she wanted to join. So expect the number of hugs you get to increase as the size of this group does.

Keeping New Years resolutions.
Ba'ar on scale.

Many Spindizzians make New Years' resolutions such as to quit smoking, lose weight and so on. By now most of those resolutions have been broken and forgotten. There is, however, one Spindizzian who made a weight loss resolution at the beginning of the year and has stuck with it faithfully.

"Yep!" Ba'ar, local bear, is quoted as saying. "When the year started I made a vow to stay at a svelte 375 pounds and here it is April with me not weighing an ounce less."

The jovial bruin attributes his success to a steady diet of good old fashioned stick-to your-ribs food (and lots of it) and taking life easy. Jared Fogle, spokesman for the Subway sandwich chain and Kristie Allie, spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig chain of weight loss clinics, were not available for comment.

Gilead's Taxing Pun

Q: Why are New World Badgers so extra grumpy today?
A: Because they have to pay their Taxidea taxes.

Weekly Survey


Hi there folks, Ba'ar here (as usual) with your weekly Spindizzy @Action News Survey. If Argon and Mavra had a colt (kid, cub or whatever), what name would they give him or her?

  • Haruka says, "Argovra?"
  • Andros says, "What about Neon?"
  • Dael votes for Polaris, personally.
  • DTF_Wolf says "if it were a colt, Wulfgram, a filly Neona"
  • Borris Gruffs, "Mav-gon"
  • Ba'ar growls, "Knowing Argon as I do, I'd think that he'd pick a name that would honor his centaur heritage. Suggestions would be Jack or Jackie (after Jack L. Chalker, author of the 'Well of Souls' books), Chiron (after the great centaur teacher in Greek mythology) or perhaps after one of the centaurs in Chronicles of Narnia."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "If it is a boy, they would call him 'son', and if it is a girl, 'daughter'."
  • Ami says, "Argra or Mavon."
  • Eliahn yips, "I don't know what they WOULD name him or her. But they SHOULD name him Zebedee if he's a boy and Hortense if she's a girl."
  • Austin says, "I suppose 'Obie' would be of questionable taste."
  • Argon says, "I'd name it 'Me? I thought *you* were taking measures. Although North Dakota in the year 1822 is an honorable name."
  • Eliahn likes the name Corbin.
  • Than ummmmmms... "If they hadda filly, Epona!"
Doze Garden Cartoon

Only in Morticon's dreams

The Doze Garden Comic Strip
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