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@Action News to cease publication.

As some readers are aware, Argon, local centaur and editor of @Action News, has experienced some employment difficulties in the last few weeks. This has led to legal actions, expenses and time rquirements which are reducing my effectiveness as editor.

Athough temporarily or permanently turning the paper over to others has been suggested, it has been difficult to find someone with the time and ability to encourage submissions who can take this challange on. Findra, local bunny and server Wiz has been most helpful as far as coding the paper, however she too is unable to take over as editor.

Therefore, this will be the last edition of this publication. It has lasted many years and has been a wonderful archive of information about SpinDizzy and it's predecesor, Toons Furr and Fluff. This archive will remain on the server and will be available for research and history.

Thanks to everyone for a great six years of collecting and archiving the events of SpinDizzy. It has been my pleasure to be of service to you all.


Ancient Oak changes with the seasons

The Ancient Oak, a standard fixture in the Rose Garden, has started to offer snacks that reflect the upcoming Easter Sunday.

By entering [snack] one can always get a treat, or something fun from the oak, but for the last week or so it has been offering Easter themed items. Easter eggs, foil wrapped eggs along with other Easter treats and more are all hidden in the branches of the oak.

Although tasty, there is no doubt that the treats brought by the Easter Bunny, assisted by Maxia, Jeffery, Findra, Flossi, Babs, Istanbul, Akeakami, Christie, Tiffa, Foo-Foo, Leslie and Skyler, are far more tasty. Once the SpinDizzy Easter Bunnies have done their jobs, the oak will probably start offering other snacks.

So, if you want to get an early start on your overdose of sugar and chocolate, just get a [snack] from the Ancient Oak.

New Game

Come run away and join the circus in the world of the "Circus of Wonders" e-mail roleplaying game. Come journey back to the 1930s where such shows where in their prime. Where you can play one of the wily and colorful circus folk or if you prefer, play one of the "townies" in search for magic and adventure!

Joining is easy and best of all free! Simply send e-mail to circusofwonders-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and reply to the e-mail you get. For further information, you may visit our website at http://circusofwonders.iwarp.com. See you there!

Borris' tips on polar bear swords

Borris P. Bear here with a insight into buying a sword. As some might know, I have been looking to buy a new combat ready sword, a strange thing for a Polar Bear to buy, but one never knows when a sword will come in handy.

Reason is this; I already have a combat ready axe, dirk and spear, so all I need to complete the outfit is a sword. So, what to look for in a sword? With big paws, one needs a sword with a big grip/handle, this in turn often means buying a two handed great sword, or a hand and a half sword, otherwise called a Bastard sword. The other consideration is from what era and culture to get said sword. In the case of myself, with my Viking/Scottish ancestry (Scotland was under the ice sheet during the ice age after all,) narrows the field considerably.

Of all the swords Borris has looked at, he has found two, a broadsword, known as the Agincourt Sword, used in the battle of Agincourt by the English to make a mess of the French, so this is a plus. The other is a 12th Century Medieval sword with heavy Viking influence. Both swords have a big enough grip and weigh about the same, there is a price difference, but at this time that is not a problem.

When Borris decides, Borris will let friends know which sword he has purchased.

Name the cubs!

lion and tiger cubs.

Names have been suggested for DTF's lion and tigers cubs. They include:

Bill and Ted
Milky and Way
Billie Jean and Michael
PC and Mac
Teddy and Bear
Bush and Cheney
Win and Dow
Homer and Jethro
Homer and Marge
Batman and Robin
A & W

Bart and Lisa
Mr. Burns and Smithers
Spongebob and Gary
Micky and Minnie
Dr. Evil and Mini-me
Holy and Moley
Road Runner and The Coyote
Abbott and Costello
Bacon and Eggs
Abbott and Costello
Adam and Eve

Bert and Ernie
Bread and Butter
Caesar and Cleopatra
Cut and Paste
Beavis and Butthead
Ken and Barbie
Light and Bulb
Luke and Leia
Macaroni and Cheese
Pinky and The Brain
Siegfried and Roy

As of press time, DTF has not decided on names for the cubs, but it has been suggested that none of the names listed here are being considered.

Centaurs admit to being horses

For years, local centaurs on SpinDizzy have worked to convince others that although they are "horse-like" they are not like horses. Many an argument has resulted from their refusal to admit they are horses.

However during the last week, Argon, local centaur, backed up by Andros, Mavra, Kefan and other centaurs, announced to a group in the Rose Garden that centaurs are indeed horses. That they graze and eat grass, like hay and oats, and do indeed poop wherever they please.

It is expected that this admission will increase saddle sales in the area.

Lemur makes millions by helping Nigerian government official

A local lemur who has asked not to be named, has found themselves a millionaire after doing a good deed. After recieving an e-mail from Nigeria asking for assistance in making a monetary transfer after a government coup, the lemur recieved a check for $20 million dollars, tax free.

The lemur, who has asked not to be named due to suddenly finding they have more friends and relatives that reside in this corner of the galaxy than they ever knew of, wasn't suprised at their good fortune. "My friends always said that helping folks, especially from Nigeria, was a good thing to do. It isn't the money that millions of other folks have made helping Nigerians, it's the good feeling you get in your heart helping someone," they said.

The lemur has said they plan to invest their newfound riches in zinc futures and a company new to the lemur called Enron.

Vixie admits to not being cutest

Vixie, local vixen, has long claimed to be "cute". In fact, she has often stated that nothing is cuter than her. In spite of arguments and claims to the contrary, the little fox has steadfastly dug in her heels and refused to even consider that there might be someone or something that is cuter than her.

However, earlier this week, Vixie made a startling prononcement stating that she might not be the cutest fox. This was met with gazes of amazement and slack jaws as no one ever expected to hear her say such a thing.

When asked what it was that was cuter than her, Vixie replied, "Puppies, kittens, cubs, skunks, raccoons, bears, ferrets, plushes, squirrels, ponies, coatis, dragons, centaurs, unicorns, foxes, mice, bunnies, elephants, cows, sheep, aliens, predators, mermaids, robots, super heroes, hobbits, tribbles, pandas, wahs, kangaroos, wallabies, chickens, koalas, lions, tigers, coyotes, jaguars, cheetas, cougars, ocelots, meerkats, monkeys, alligators, turtles, deer, giraffes, hippopotami, zebras, prairie dogs, fruit bats, porcupines, crows, parrots, toucans, ducks, llamas, oxen, turtles, reindeer, beavers, donkies, sea gulls, bobcats, lemurs, owls, butterflies, pelicans, penguins, frogs, flamingos, sea lions, otters, orcas, doves, moose and other foxes."

As amazing as this admission was, members of the other species she named did not argue her admission that they were cuter than her.

Four-Kolor Kitty: Smile, darn ya, smile!
Supercat - Patch O'Black (Art by Chanspot).

Well, in honor of April Fools Day, I offer some of the more mirth-themed comic characters. Hey, they aren't called "comic" books for nothing!...Okay, they can't all be gems. Here we go! (Click on the images for larger versions that you can actually read in most cases.) The Joker.

Any list of humor-styled characters would have to start with Batman's arch-villian, The Joker. Yes, the Clown Prince of Crime himself. His history prior to becoming a criminal has never been reveled, at least not in any definate form. The Joker himself says that if he's going to have a past, he likes it to be mulitple choice. With his various partical joke and playing card gadgets, he cuts a swash of chaos in Gothlem City, and his victims die laughing and with a smile on their face. Definately not to be hired for a birthday party. Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Next, we go to DC's other big name, Superman, and his own trickster from the 5th dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk. Appearing ever 90 days or so, he drives the Man of Steel to distract. His super-science allows him to do just about anything with the apperance of magic. Traditionally, he can only be sent back to the 5th dimension by making him say or write his name backward. The Prankster.

Superman also has a fellow known as the Prankster. This guy used to be the host of a children's program, until he got canceled by a more modern, and more violent, show. He decided that, if they wanted violent, he would give them violent, with his own twist. Using old practical jokes with hazardous additions, such as switching the water in the "bucket of water on the open door" gag with acid, he attempted to regain his fame. Lately, however, he has been arranging distractions for other criminals to pull off crimes. The Creeper.

But the super-villians don't have a lock on funny characters. Take...The Creeper! Most other super-heros would love to have you take The Creeper away. Okay, he is actually an effective super-hero. The problem lies in the fact that, due to the fact that his powers come from an experimental device that rewrote his DNA. Unfortunately, when it did so, it re-wrote it while he was wearing a halloween costume and suffering from the affects of a drug overdose. It save his life, but when he switches into the Creeper, he tends to become..well, a bit loony. The Creeper.

Lastly, I present...the Inferior Five! A parody of super-hero teams, their ranks include;

Merryman: This weakling is the son of two famous (in there country) superhero. He didn't really want to be a super-hero, but they insisted. So, he decided that, if he was going to make a fool of himself, he might as well look the part and dresses in a jester's outfit.

Dumb Bunny: Cute, super-strong, and could be outwitted by a damp sock.

The Blimp: Big, and can fly rrreeeeaaaalllllyyyy sllllloooowwwwww. If he has a tail wind.

Awkward Man: He, too, is really strong. Unfortunately, his father was a sea-based hero and Awkward Man inherited his webbed feet, causing him to be clumsy.

White Feather: Would be a great archer, if everything and everyone didn't make him so frightened.

Yep, probably the least effective super-heros you will meet, yet, with Merryman's help, they some how manage.

Well, that's it for this week! See you all next time!

Gilead's Foolish Puns

Q: What's a chicken's favorite car?
A: A Coop de Ville.

Q: Who's a chicken's favorite Megas XLR character?
A: Coop.

Q: What does a young dog use to go camping?
A: A Pup tent.

Q: What do they hold in obedience schools before the big sport trials?
A: A Pup rally.

Q: What do dogs eat at movies?
A: Pup corn.

Q: Where do Spanish dogs sit in obedience school?
A: In Puppy trays. (If you don't get, it, ask someone who speaks Spanish.)

Q: What was the rooster doing as all the hens waddled by?
A: Chicken them all out.

Q: What's the last thing Kiev wants?
A: Chicken rebels taking hostages.

Q: Why do smart roosters like homely hens?
A: The last thing a fowl wants is to take a real fox to dinner.

Q: How much did the rooster love his hens?
A: A bushel and a peck.

Q: What does the kangaroo navy call their ballistic missile subs?
A: Men.

Q: Why didn't the young cartoon squirrel go into paleontology?
A: "Bambiraptor's mom?...but she's... WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

Q: Who arrests rodents for visiting prostitutes?
A: The mice squad.

Q: What did the rabbit wear when she hurt her knee?
A: A brace for coneys.

Q: How do you get a herd of reindeer drunk?
A: Cari-booze.

Q: What do crested red birds drive?
A: Dinal cars.

Weekly Survey


Greetings all, here's the Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. When you're feeling "the blues", what music snaps you out of it?

  • Ba'ar says (I have my opinions too, you know,) "When I'm feeling blue, I reach for Stabbing Westward, among other things."
  • Pete says, "I'm black and white, I don't have any blue on me."
  • Istanbul churrs, "Rush."
  • Cirro intones, "Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata'. That piece sets my mind to rights everytime. Or most anything by Mozart."
  • Juxtapose says, "Musical Homeopathy! Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue!"
  • Argon says, "How could I have the blues when I have the lovely Mavra at my side?"
  • Tanuki barks, "Music that is Orange."
  • Austin says, "Something plaid."
  • Nyni listens to J-rock and such.
  • Borris Gruffs, "Bagpipes, a song called "The Hellbound Train"!"
  • DTF ponders "Music, usually.... depending on my mood."
  • Tzolkin mews, "Uh.. stuffs like Tool an' Margin of Error an' Marazene."
  • Hotaru says, "When I feel down, I pull out my koto and Eiko-chan pulls out her shamisen and we make our music. Sometimes Haruka-chan sings with us, but she's kinda modest about her musical skills. Either way, cheers us all up at HQ.
The Doze Garden

Ha ha ha! Argon laughs at the April Fools Day jokes in this 4/1/2007 edition of the paper. Can you tell which stories are jokes?

The Doze Garden Comic Strip
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