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The Cleaning of the Power Plant.

On Wednesday last, a group of furs gathered together to clean out the new home of Tzolkin, a Mousecat, who has now transmuted into an Art Dragon. Said new home consisted of an old Power Plant, and needed to be cleaned out, and made ready for demolishing.

It turned out that Tzolkin had hired Morticon, former head of the SED, to do the job, but Borris and several others showed up to help anyways. Slug, local Skunk and part time thief, also showed up to help, and Morticon conned Slug into going into the basement of the Power Plant to fetch something toxic. Slug being a smart skunk, ordered a Hazmat suit. When said suit arrived, Slug donned his safety gear and headed into the basement of the Power Plant.

Meanwhile, Borris and Andros began the process of cleaning out junk on the main floor. Borris using his mallet, and Andros using his tech, began to remove things that did not belong. At one time Borris began to throw stuff out the windows, and Chanspot, local fossa, actually caught a thrown tire. The SED Blimp began to carry away the salvage.

Suddenly, Slug, came zooming out of the plant, pushing a small cart with several barrels of green toxic waste, also Slug seemed quite upset at Morticon. Slug was also at this time wearing some kind of harness with a green glowing crystal mounted on the harness. Slug then tipped the cart spilling the toxic waste, causing a lot of confusion and concern. Borris just put on rubber boots and gloves, having dealt with toxic spills before. Slug then began to throw smoke and flash bang grenades. During this ruckus Slug was injured and headed for parts unknown. Meanwhile Tzolkin had words with Morticon, something about a contract and Morticon said the spill wasn’t covered.

Borris meanwhile called Russian Toxic Waste Clean up crew, trained during and after Chernobyl problem, to come in and do the job right. Clean up crew removed soil and toxic waste, also brought in new soil and even finished cleaning the power plant. Taking salvage from plant instead of pay.

Morticon and Portia where not amused by the loss in revenue and left somewhat in a huff. Morticon also was upset when Borris recovered the crystal, put said crystal into a lead lined bag, then gave crystal to Andros to analyze and to see just what Slug was so mad at having on him.

In the end, Russian Clean Up Crew did the job well and good, and power plant is now just a shell, waiting for the day it is demolished and the scrap hauled away so Tzolkin can build his new home.

Jellicle Cat Tests New Treat!

Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat, is known for growing all manner of unique and tasty treats. He is always looking for something new to add to his long list of crops. Recently, he revealed he had crossed an apple tree with cinnamon, resulting in a new kind of apple.

Argon (local centaur), Borris (local polar bear), and Spikey (local pegadonkey) were asked to test these flavorful fruits. All gave their approval. Argon likened it to an apple pie, while Borris suggested that they be used for caramel apples. Spikey commented they seemed to have the right amount of cinnamon.

Patch O'Black will be doing further testing, but it looks like soon a new taste sensation will be sweeping SpinDizzy!

Movie Reviews by Borris

If you're looking for some good movies to go too. Try these, Charlotte’s Web, and Flushed Away.

I grew up on Charlotte’s Web, reading the book and watching the animated movie many times, even to the point where I can remember some of the songs. The new movie does justice to the book and animated movie. Although they do leave some scenes out, they add a few and overall the movie is well done, a good movie to take the family too, or a girlfriend.

Flushed Away, is done by the same crew that did the Wallace and Grommet Movie, unfortunately, Flushed Away is a lot more British then most Americans can understand. However, if you grew up watching Monty Python and or Benny Hill, you will enjoy this movie a great deal. I know I did. I think the only two people in the theatre who laughed out loud several times where my Father and Me. I give Flushed Away 3.5 stars out of five, just because they over did the British jokes. But then again, I enjoyed the movie.

Gilead's Dog-Gone Puns

Q: What famous ancient dog was killed by his own brother?
A: Abeline. (Say it out and think about it. ;-)

Q: What do dogs love to sniff second most (after butts)?
A: Cocainine.

Q: Why do dogs make such cutthroat businessmen?
A: They're always worried about the competition getting a leg up on them.

Q: Why do happy dogs travel well?
A: They're always comfortably packed.

Q: What kind of dog is best to have around the pool?
A: A Terriercloth.

Q: What kind of dog is full of red seeds?
A: A Pomergranitanian.

Q: What do the signs say on dog carnival rides?
A: Keep heads outside cart at all times.

Q: How did dogs of the old west defend themselves from Indian attack?
A: They circled up the waggings.

Q: What's a dog's favorite kind of boat?
A: A barque.

Q: Why did the police dog frisk the sexy female dog?
A: To see if she was packing heat.

Q: What kind of dog dribbles the best?
A: A basket hound.

Q: What do you call a medium-sized dog with big jowls?
A: A so-so Dane.

Weekly Survey


Greetings all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. This one's courtesy of Ray..."What would be a good survey question"?

  • Argon says, "I think a good survey question would be, 'Since Suri calls centaurs horses, what would she call a real horse?"
  • Borris Gruffs, "Are you as Furry, RL, as your character is here.?"
  • Tanuki barks, "What's the strangest thing you've done in the past few months that turned out positive?"
  • Andros says, "Has mucking changed your RL life?"
  • Tzolkin hmms. "If you could have one wish, what would it be?
  • PatchO'Black mews, "If I answer, 'What would be a good survey question?', will the recursion suck us into a parallel universe?"
  • Corra growls, "How do you think that BB_Zuhal and Vixie can settle their cuteness battle once and for all?"
  • Pa'hti says, "Watcha do wiffa drunk otter?"
The Doze Garden

Managers of "all you can eat" resturants would rather see raccoons than centaurs.


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