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Tzolkin's tail is dragon

Tzolkin, locak mousecat, found himself changing this week. What started out as a small black spot on his paw soon spread into scales. Although his fur remained in enough places to keep his mousecat markings. The scales spead over his form and his body changed into a much more "dragonesque" form. Even his tail thickened and became scaley.

As the changed progressed, Tzolken fouund himself talking (and perhaps even thinking,) in dragonspeak. Not finding the change uncomfortable but wanting an expert opinion, he talked to Aushae, local dragon. Aushae gave him some advice and seemed to put the former mousecat at ease.

Although by presstime it was unknown if Tzolkin's change had finallized, he was obviously thinking in a dragon way. He was making plans. Rather than finding a mountain cave and gathering a collection of treasure, He wanted to collect his valubles in an art museum as his collection of treasure will be art.

Although very much more dragon in appearance, his mousecat features are still evident. One other change than might be apparent at a quick glance, are the more "curvey" aspects of his form. Tzolkin says he is not sure whether he has remained male. Austin, local coati, did note that he was, "...rather cutely androgynous"

Darius taken away

In an effort to rid the Rose Garden of what he seems to believe are "undocumented venders." Darius, local ferret, has been making an effort to clear them out.

Putting himself on this duty, he has been keeping a watchful eye on the folks who sell umbrellas, souvineirs, and other items. Claiming that they are ruining the economy by taking jobs from residents of SpinDizzy, he has been actively impeding their efforts and attepting to arrest them. When asked how he knows they are "undocumented" and why they should be stopped, Darius noted that by taking jobs from SpinDizzians, they were ruining the chances of other folks to have those jobs.

Most observers thought Darius was making a big to-do over nothing, and some even thought he was crazy for concerning himself with them. Apparently the local mental health facility agreed and sent some nice young men in their clean white coats to come and take him away. Although Darius begged for help, most seemed to agree that he needed help and stood aside as the ferret was taken away. It was thought to be for the best.

Darius was soon returned. Very dizzy and somewhat confused, he stumbled around and his memories of what the nice young men in their clean white coats who came to take him away did were foggy at best. There seemed to be some sense that he had been given electro-shock treatments. As his mental facilities cleared in the ensuing days, it was unknown if he had suffered a frontal lobotomy. It is also unknown if he will carry on his self assigned "law enforcent" duties.

Meet Lundy!

Visitors to the Rose Garden may have met Lundy, local collie. As some centaurs go on about how "horse-like" they are, Lundy is proud to state that he is a "good dog!"

Lundy came to SpinDizzy a few years ago. He worked for a farmer and looked after the sheep, keeping them from danger. He did a good job, but one day while tracking a lost sheep, he got lost in the woods and when he came out, found himself on SpinDizzy. Although he seems happy here he still worries about the little lost lamb.

Having found a home on a farm, the collie oftens visits the Rose Garden. His tail wags and he smiles (in that dog way,) as he enjoys patpats and playing with the folks there. He also enjoys playing fetch with a ball or flying disc.

In what to this reporter seems a canine sort of thing, one of Lundy's most prized posessions is a picture of a "horseless carriage". Some dogs chase cars and perhaps it is this instinct that makes Lundy find cars so facinating.

Next time you see a friendly collie, say hi and offer him a scritch or some kibble. There is no doubt that, as he says himself, "Lundy good dog!"

Vixie challeged as "cutest" again

Vixie. Click for larger image.

Readers of this newspaper may have heard of BB_Zuhal, local arctic vixen, who is challenging Vixie, local vixen's, claim as "The cutest".

Reached for comment, Vixie seemed not to be concerned about this. "I'm still cuter," she is quoted as saying, "and always will be the cutest." She also added that she was just as talented as Ms. Zuhal. Ms. Vixie even proved to be not only cute but modest, saying that "Any fox is stiff competiton."

Ms. Zuhal, reached for comment, is quoted as saying "I'd like to take her on, anytime, anywhere. Then we'll see who is REALLY the cutest." More on this as it develops.

News from Duma Mountain, or, Spotty Journalism

Ray - art by Chanspot


Just another progress report on the S.S. Lady Angharad...

The latest addition to the ship is part of the ongoing construction of the Dolphin Deck: "Miss Lily's Quality Gifts and Collectibles." Miss Lily will look forward to visitors in her Gift Shop once the Lady Angharad launches. Please make time to visit her, should you sail with us.

More to come...

Weekly Survey


Here's your Spindizzy @Action News survey for this week. How many other MUCKS are you on beside Spindizzy?

  • Argon says, "I'm only active on one other muck and that's Furry Muck. I used to visit Unbridled Desires, an "Equine based" muck for a while, but if folks weren't idle they were yiffy and I haven't been there in a long time. SpinDizzy is pretty much home for me."
  • Chanspot is on 2. *sheepishlook*
  • Borris Gruffs, "One, Furry Muck"
  • Tanuki barks, "Four, but it wasn't long ago that my answer would've been zero."
  • Vixie notes she's only on one muck at the moment.
  • Slug's had a few misadventures on other mucks.
  • Austin says, "I don't think indecent subjects like that are suitable for newspaper surveys."
  • Roofus_roo is regularly on three other mucks, and occasionally peeks in on a few more, but this is always the one he comes back to.
  • Tzolkin [OOC] I have characters on a bunch of places, but I only connect to three regularly. Here, to my own MUCK, and to one other.

(A footnote. Folks, it isn't easy to come up with ideas for these surveys. If you have any suggestions for a survey-and the loonier the better-please let me know! Thanks)

The Doze Garden

Royce at the All You Can Eat Buffet


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