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2006 SpinDizzy Christmas Tree wanders off

It's the time of year when the holidays have passed and the decorations are removed. So it was time to retire the SpinDizzy Christmas Tree.

In the past the Christmas trees have been moved to the Christmas Tree Retirement Home in a lot of different ways. Floods, carts, and brute force have been used to remove the tree and have it join the others four squares north of the Rose Garden (N4 E0).

This year's tree seemed to know it was time to go, and without a hand (or paw,) being raised, the tree pulled its roots out of the ground and started walking, sort of like an Ent. Problem was, the tree was going south rather than north. As it moved out of the Rose Garden towards the Sandcastle Apartments, many furs followed it trying to get it turned around and headed in the right direction, but to no avail.

The tree didn't stop at the Sandcastle Apartments. It continued south by Bigears' Star Trek Museum, the Puppet Plaza, through an undeveloped room, and then came to a stop in Dragon Park and began drinking out of the fountain there. Portia was afraid it was going to take root there, but Lou started digging a canal to the north. Andros and Borris helped and soon the tree was being herded to the north.

Passing through Shadowmoon Square, the tree proceeded on to the Shopping Cart Graveyard, the Spindizzy Center of Arts and Science, Neopolis East, Memorial Plaza, Spindizzy Puppet Theatre, and then... "I'm lost," said many furs.

After a lot of pages and msummonings, the group regathered with the 2006 SpinDizzy Christmas Tree at the Christmas Tree Retirement Home. They arrived just in time to see the tree take root amongst its fellows and, unless you had followed it, you'd never be able to tell that it was an "Ent"credible retirement adventure!

Haunted house to be de-ghosted!

The house Portia bought turned out to have an extra feature - a ghost of the previous inhabitant! The ghost, named Amelia Daille, appeared to Pathfinder and Morticon last week. While Morticon is very scared of ghosts and hid behind Pathfinder, the male red panda seemed quite comfortable and spoke readily to the ghost.

Discussions with her revealed that she died desiring a husband - apparently she did not get married before her untimely death. Now, she is still seeking one even in her death! Portia and Morticon both want the ghost gone from the house, and hope the community will come to their assistance in the next few days to aid in this. Watch for the public notice soon!

The "Eventlist" Crystal Ball

Each week @Action News will print the "Eventlist" notices here. This list will be accurate as of press time, but be sure and check it during the week. Activities and events can be proposed, rescheduled or event cancelled for all sorts of reasons. So stay "in the know" by checking Eventlist often.

To get a list with details as shown here, enter eventlist #week #long.

The following events are scheduled within the next 7 days:

+Number: 2
+Title: De-Ghosting a House
+From: Thu 01/11/07 07:00 PM +To: Thu 01/11/07 09:00 PM
+Location: luge S6 E4, KCR, TG, NG, NO
+Age: All
+Event Owner: Portia
+RSVPs (0):

**Help Wanted**

Looking for a few good males to enter and de-ghost new(ish) home. Females are welcome to attend, but will only be able to do outside surveillance due to the temperament of the apparition. Please join us at the west path (luge S6 E4, KCR, TG, NG, NO) at 7pm (server time) January 11th, 2007. Only serious inquiries need apply.

News from Duma Mountain, or, Spotty Journalism

Ray - art by Chanspot

On Sunday, December 31, at 7:00pm SD time, fireworks were displayed over the South Lawn, at Gepard Manor. I decided to announce the fireworks on very short (two hour) notice, "'Cause nofur else was gonna do it!" The response wasn't at all bad; in attendance were Morticon, Shoe, Tzolkin, Aushae, Roofus_roo, Than, Mouser, and Ayame. As the air carried a winter chill, guests enjoyed hot (non-alcoholic) cider and cookies, thoughtfully left by Soul_Fox for the event.

The fireworks were supplied by my favorite pyrotechnician... Mithrandir... whose signature piece was a rather spectacular recreation in magical ASCII pyrotechnics of the ithildin moon-runes on the gates of Moria. At any rate, the audience seemed well-pleased, and, with the SED currently defunct, no ninja-related mishaps were reported.

(Editor's Note: A few images of the fireworks can be seen here)

On another note:

The S.S. Lady Angharad is still under construction, with great care being taken to outfit her with luxurious amenities. The Lobby Plaza on the Dolphin Deck is already furnished, with construction continuing on other features of that deck. Passenger berths will be on the Celestial Deck, above, and outdoors activities and fitness facilities will be on the Bristol Deck, above that. Other decks will be largely crew-access only, and concerned primarily with day to day ship's functions.

More to come!

Happy New Year!

Gilead's Punnipeds

Q: What kind of bread do seals eat?
A: Phocaccia.

Q: Why can pinnipeds dive so deep without getting waterlogged?
A: they are perfectly sealed.

Q: What did the seal cabbie do when someone cut in front of him?
A: Flippered him off.

Q: What is the best gift you can get for somewhale you hate?
A: A white elephant seal.

Q: What eats penguins and falls apart?
A: A leper seal.

Q: What kind of seal is the worst nag?
A: A harpie seal.

Q: What kind of seal climbs trees best?
A: A monkey seal.

Q: What is the most shy seal?
A: The walflowerus.

Q: What is the smelliest pinniped?
A: The effluent seal.

Q: What did the seal sensei say to the students in his dojo?
A: Phocas! Concentrate!

Q: Why did the seals flee their ancestral home?
A: Ethnic flensing.

Weekly Survey


Hi all, Ba'ar here. Here's your first Spindizzy @Action News survey for the year 2007! Look into your crystal balls and please tell me what will be the biggest Spindizzy News story of 2007! Thanks!

  • Casandro says, "Rice bag falls over in the rose-garden. Reasons yet unknown."
  • Argon says, "For the survey: I think it will be the marriage of Morticon and Portia."
  • BB_Zuhal growls, "That's an easy one. It'll be when I defeat Vixie and become the cutest."
  • Shoe barks, "New places."
  • PatchO'Black mews, "The arrival of more Jellicle cats!"
  • Darius says, "Probably some Spindizzy threatening event, like last year."
  • Borris Gruffs, "Borris will finally eat a Furry! Patchy will get mad!"
  • Abbie laughs "Morticon will found The Society Of Good Doers!"
  • Andros says, "The rebuilding of the SED HQ and the subsequent allying of the SED and Tauren Empire."
  • Juxtapose says, "I sense there are ripples throughout pushing for change and change is always a challenge to establishment... I believe if something happens, it'll probably be departure of the tired."
The Doze Garden

Suri's New Years Resolution


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