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Centaur Surprised by Horseplay

On a snowy Sunday winter eve a curious spectacle could be found. What seemed to start as a regular day in the Rose Garden led one centaur to questions his horsemanship.

Gilead while relaxing in the Rose Garden offered MsDee some oatmeal cookies. MsDee was grateful for the snack and munched away. Gilead then longed for his old horse, to which MsDee responded by letting the otter brush her. A stray thought flew from Argonís head and than was received by the obviously telepathic otter and mini-Belgian centaur. MsDee merely asked the otter, and the otter agreed with few words. Within a few minutes the otter harnessed up the centaur and begin to gently ride her.

At this display Argon was in shock which he later described as saying it not being wrong but a bridle or a saddle is something you use on a horse. This brought up thoughts of how a centaur is both horse and person, and how he himself considers himself more a man than horse. Since his transformation to centaur, he has never really questioned his attitude. He described both how Andros and also MsDee seem to favor their horse side. Mavra and he lead to their human side and the concept of their equine nature is entirely foreign. Finally he described himself as his thoughts and attitudes rather than the two animals he is comprised of.

I discussed with Gilead later about the experience. He was rather distracted by other thoughts about a recent travel he was about to take. Nonetheless, he felt MsDee was happy at the moment he bridled and rode her round the Rose Garden. He described another creature he had ridden by the name of Chip who was angry and didnít like tack or having a rider. Gilead said though most of the other creatures he tacked and rode were happy to have something fun to do, they never really complained. Additionally most appreciate having someone better up high to warn them of danger.

The otter did not answer if he thought of centaurs being any different than horses. Obviously the otter doesnít quite think the same as Argon, and this is what gives us variety. It seems perhaps though that Argon may just have Chip on his shoulder.

Suri gives Lou the boot.

Lou, local civet, was found in his usual perch in a tree wearing booties on his paws. Argon, local centaur, was curious as to how and why Lou had booties. Although he was able to jump into trees, and onto folks' backs and heads, he didn't seem particularly happy about them.

When asked about the booties, Lou did his best to explain how he got them. Lou doesn't "speak" but vitters and vits, so he gave hints as best he could. He started by pointing out the rings on Royce, local raccoon's, tail. He then jumped up on Argon's back, and then up on the centaur's head, moving in circles a few times, his padded paws pressing on his head.

Argon, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, was confounded by Lou's pantomime. He got the essence of Lou's communication; Tail rings, civet on his head, spinning. He asked Royce, Gilead, local otter, and MsDee, local centaur to help him.

Dee called Lou over and examined the booties but all they said was, "Made in China." Argon continued to ponder Lou's hints. The civet sitting on his head reminded him of...

"Suri?" he asked Lou. Lou vitted positively as he often sits on the lemur's head. Argon supposed that Lou's claws bothered Suri when he climbed on his head and put the booties on Lou's paws to keep from getting scratched. Lou nodded and vittered in agreement.

So that's the story of why Lou was wearing booties. If they had been made of zinc, it would have been obvious from the start who had put them on Lou. As of press time it is unknown if Lou is still wearing them.

Color available

The very basics of color is now available to play with, in descriptions only. To learn more, see my crude documentation by typing 'color'.

Santa Paws says thanks

Greetings Spindizzians, Santa Paws here. I thank you for hosting me in the Rose Garden last week. It was fun meeting all of you and getting to know what each of you wanted for Christmas.

I do wish to remind you to point your browsers to http://www.noradsanta.org on Christmas Eve to track my progress as I deliver gifts throughout the world! See you there!

Google has Wallabys!

Google Christmas WallabysGoogle's masthead features Christmas Wallabies! http://www.google.com. (Or just click on the picture to go to what some claim to be the world's number one search engine. At least at the time of Suri's post, the only one featuring wallabys on its logo.)

News from Duma Mountain, or, Spotty Journalism

Ray - art by Chanspot


Morticon's meeting this past Thursday night finally wrung out of me something I have been contemplating for a long time, now: A proposal for a long-term RP, The Voyages of the SS SD (working title until I come up with a better name for the ship).

I am by no means offering to run this RP; I simply haven't the time. What I will do is to create the environment, and, provide some basic plot ideas. It will be up to whoever decides to use what I offer to make the RP, itself, a reality.

The basic premise is this: A luxury ocean liner voyaging the seas of SD, with a different port of call (selected from those available) each week. Sub-plots, run independently, could take place aboard at all times, and interface with whatever port the ship was in. Larger plot elements could involve the ship, itself, or onshore scenarios.

Possible plot paths:

Initially, launch of the maiden voyage, and a grand party at sea. Some sort of mystery to be solved (murder, theft, whatever), or, even a scavenger hunt to encourage exploration of the ship. Subsequent events would take place aboard ship, with a stop at a port of call weekly or bi-weekly.

Suggested aboard ship activities and plot hooks:

  • Espionage
  • Diplomacy/Negotiations
  • Epidemic
  • Pirate attack
  • Mutiny
  • Hijacking (mebbe by somebody /besides/ the SED?)
  • Shipwreck or Storm at Sea (with castaways left ashore at some deserted island for a while)
  • Banquets and Balls
  • Sporting Tournaments (tennis, golf, skeet, swimming, shuffleboard, etc.)
  • Auctions (who knows where this could go?)
  • Art Shows (a creative outlet for those who like to create on a small scale)
  • Spa and Fitness Activities (if your character needs to get fit or to recuperate with some physical therapy)
  • Bars and Lounges
  • Festivals and Holidays (real or imagined)
  • Music Concerts

Port plots could involve just simple touristy activity, such as exploring a location, trading, espionage (also a shipboard fave), or more involved plots inland.

Ports of call:

  • Casino town (Monte Carlo/Riviera-esque location, to be established?)
  • A tropical Polynesian paradise (Ekena'Iulani Islands in the Mare Medius)
  • A mysterious, horror-shrouded island (Macumba Cay, Mare Medius)
  • A mystical spire rising out of the middle of the sea (Shore of Wonder, Mare Ultimus Hesperus)
  • A quaint, quasi-central-European seaside town (Viz Varos, off the Mare Ultimus Hesperus)
  • A safari in darkest Africa (Duma Mountain, and adjoining African areas)
  • A dusty old village on the fringe of an archeological dig (Ancient Lands)
  • And other destinations which might be uncovered as time goes on.

Others may depend on the landholders whose properties adjoin the Glimmersea and its extensions, and their interest in being visited. Might be time for some furs to dust off their old properties and drum up some visitors with some new polish!

I will create the ship, using Morticon's vehicle design system. I may 'drive' it, myself, to keep the ship on course and on schedule, or, I may allow somefur else to do so. I could see allowing furs to establish long-term residences aboard, especially if they wish to act as standing crew. As I said, however, this is intended as a vehicle (pun intended) for RP, as well as a means by which furs can also explore at least the maritime parts of SD which would otherwise go neglected.

This also brings up the point of character roles: Ship's crew, passengers, stowaways, and any other roles one might imagine. Consistent roles might be desirable, or not, depending on the nature and duration of a given plot. I have always favored episodic plots, with the same characters developing through prior plot events, though, of course, this needn't be the case, and could be curtailed by in-game fatalities.

It will take some time for me to build the ship; meanwhile, interested parties may wish to start planning their itineraries. I invite those with properties along the Glimmersea Main, as well as attached ocean areas, to offer suggestions and input for use of their locations. Watch this column for further information.

Bon Voyage!

-Ray =^[.]^=

"Ciderspot's" Recipes

Apple cider imageFine cuisine? Crazy cutlets? Cheesy chopsticks? Everything is found on Spindizzy. SpinDizzy Kitt--er, kitchen! highlights unique recipes from our local denizens with each issue. Hot Apple Cider

Apple cider's a favorite of the holidays, and no home should be without a cup or three! This is a recipe I collected a while back, and works well for large gatherings. Fun fact: in the US, alcoholic cider is known as "hard cider," and enjoys historic political fameAnother name, probably more international, for cider is Wassail.

To make this recipe, you'll need roughly:

  • 6 cups apple cider
  • 1/4 cup real maple syrup
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 6 whole cloves
  • 6 whole allspice berries
  • 1 orange peel, cut into strips
  • 1 lemon peel, cut into strips

From here, you'll want to:

1. Pour the apple cider and maple syrup into a large stainless steel saucepan.

2. Place the cinnamon sticks, cloves, allspice berries, orange peel and lemon peel in the center of a washed square of cheesecloth; fold up the sides of the cheesecloth to enclose the bundle, then tie it up with a length of kitchen string. Drop the spice bundle into the cider mixture.

3. Place the saucepan over moderate heat for 5 to 10 minutes, or until the cider is very hot but not boiling.

4. Remove the cider from the heat. Discard the spice bundle. Ladle the cider into big cups or mugs, adding a fresh cinnamon stick to each serving if desired.

Have a recipe? A review? Please qmail Chanspot or Findra! Anything is fair game. We love it, send it in!

Gilead's Stockings are Puns by the Chimney with Care

Q: What was Frosty and Crystal's wedding song?
A: "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner.

Q: When Santa says, "Ho Ho Ho!" in the middle of an argument, how does Mrs. Claus respond?
A: "Pimp Pimp Pimp!"

Q: If naughty boys get coal, what do naughty girls get?
A: Coal. That's been compressed and heated by geological processes over millions of years until it turns clear.

Q: Why should you carry an umbrella on Christmas Eve?
A: In case of deer rain.

Q: What did Skippy the Squirrel say to Slappy while watching TV in December?
A: "Nestor's Mom?!? But she's.... WAAAHHHHHH!!! :'("

Q: Why did Chad the Reindeer wind up taking over Rudolph's job leading the sleigh team?
A: Because he had a brown nose.

Q: Why are Santa's nose and cheeks so jolly and red?
A: A bit too much of the Holiday Spirits.

Q: What do Jewish feminists do for the holidays?
A: Light up the Womenorah.

Q: What did Mrs. O'Leary's cow do for Christmas in Chicago?
A: Lit up the Manure-ah.

Q: What's a cat's favorite brand of appliance to receive for a gift?
A: Sunbeam.

Q: Who does Santa have make all the musical gifts each year?
A: The Elves Presley.

Q: What did the dog parents leave on the side of the trunk of the tree for their puppy?
A: A Nintendo Wee.

Q: Why don't dragons celebrate Christmas?
A: They're nervous about anything involving a Sleigh.

Q: What should you never do Christmas morning if you room with Ents?
A: Reach under a tree for a package you're not completely sure is yours.

Mrrry Kissmouse and a Hoppy 'Roo Year!

Greetings all, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. The question this week was, "What treats will you be laying out for Santa come Christmas eve?"
  • Argon says, "Why milk and cookies of course!"
  • Soul_fox says, "I will be leaving citrus-gingerbread cookies and egg nog dusted with nutmeg for Santa Paws, plus some candied chestnuts to take back up to the reindeer waiting on the roof."
  • Portia lilts, "Bamboo shaped sugar cookies and some Green Tea"
  • Tzolkin softly squeaks, "Candy skulls and a bottle of rum."
  • Martin barks, "Three little herring, all in a row on a plate."
  • Ping hmmms. "Chocolate chip cookies, I think."
  • Darius says, "I wont be placing anything out, as no one will be there to eat them."
  • Tanuki barks, "I used to work for Santa, so I don't leave him anything... there's a bit of an understanding there... Um... don't ask..."
  • Andros says, "The traditional cookies and milk."
  • Mavra says, "I will be laying out a warm turkey sandwich, served upon toasted rye with a slice of melted swiss cheese and a light honey-mustard sauce and mayonaise."
  • Mouser says, "I was planning on laying out a mousetrap for Santa...I figure it'd work one way or another..."
Casino Ad
The Doze Garden

Click on the cartoon for a larger, more detailed image. Not everyone is shown here, just those as asked for by my post, or those I could recall. Not everyone is shown accurately either. I'm a poor "illustrator", not an artist. Still, Merry Christmas to you all!



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