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Casino opening a big success
First, a big thanks to everyone who came by, especially Ray, Natasha, PatchO'Black, Gilead, Jaxen, Tzolkin, Hell, Tanuki, Andros, Diam04, Ping, Portia, Morticon, Speckles, Ping, Darius, Royce, and Lou. A big thanks to our organizers and programmers, who've been working behind the scenes for over three months to get the Casino in full swing. Tanuki, for helping drive the concept and implement many of the games, Morticon, for program support, Portia, for cohosting and general sanity, Annon, for contributing games and flavor, Leowulf for lending last-minute, much needed assistance to get everything running, and Spaceroo and Findra for games!

The concept for Cash Creek started over three months ago when a number of Spindizzy residents got together and decided to make a place for games. Spindizzy is blessed with bright, creative folks, but sadly due to things getting mooshed around, or just time's crazy roundabout, the creations they make would get lost. It's not that no one wants to play them--that's why they were made!--it's just that time tends to scatter! This too often led to the scenario where someone who wanted to play say, Scrabble, couldn't, because the game would be lost.

That was the premise for the Casino, and it's grown since then to a family-friendly place with 6 active games and at least two more on the way. There are secret tunnels, as well as a fortune-telling rat genie with an 8 ball turban and a copy of Cribbage. It's a setting for friends, light hearted social gatherings, or for roleplay amid the neon.

The Casino's opening evening began with an introduction and welcome, and then guests made their way to play Boggle, a friendly, wordsearch game. Ray suggested making the board larger for more folks, and if the game is popular, we may just add a few more Boggle rooms! Remember, if you like a game, please let us know, and we'll expand it!

Hell contributed ideas about games, and a few others chimed in. The Casino may be seeing new arrivals in the next few months, so please keep your eyes open! Every game is there just for you to play, and their creators to celebrate their work. We don't want their hard work and effort going unseen, so every room is marked with the name of its creator. :)

Guests tested the 'cwho', or Casino Who command, mingled with friends, and offered suggestions and ideas. Then there was also a debate over dictionaries, and Ray won the day by scoring points on Boggle, with others putting up a valiant struggle.

At this point, I had to head out, but I'm told it went well, and look forward to seeing each and every one of you at a game or two. The Casino exists for fun and your playing pleasure, just a light hop off from the Rose Garden. luge N2 W2, sw.

Drop on by in an afternoon and play with us, won't you? If you've ideas, we'd love to hear them too. Or, if you know of an orphaned game, or just one you'd like to share...we have a home!

Snow in the Rose Garden

Winter is here as can be seen by the fluffy flakes and drifts of snow that occaisionally appear in the Rose Garden. With SpinDizzy's atmosphere a closed system, you may be wondering why snow is falling. Although it's pretty to look at its a problem to drive in and some of the tropical residents find the lower temperature uncomfortable.

The answer is that even folks from warmer climes sometimes enjoy playing in the snow. Folks who live in colder places, like Borris the polar bear enjoy having weather than reminds him of home and of course, it's fun to build a snowman (or snowfur) or have a snowball fight.

Thanks to the advanced technology of SpinDizzy, the snow can come and go at will. When in the Rose Garden, just LOOK SNOW and you'll see the machine that creates the winter weather and associated fun. You'll also see how to operate it and even ways to have a friendly snowball fight! The snowball fights can get a bit spammy though, so most folks toss a few snowballs until they get a hit on their opponent and then have a cup of hot chocolate while listening the chit chat others have going on.

Still, next time you're in the Rose Garden, LOOK SNOW and enjoy a bit of holiday fun!

2006 SpinDizzy Christmas Tree

As has become a tradition, the 2006 version of the SpinDizzy Christmas Tree has been set up in the Rose Garden. You'd think by this time SpinDizzy would be prosperous enough to have a big tree like in Rockefeller PLaza but again the tree was sagging even before it was trimmed. It is not the most beautiful or lush tree, but it holds its ornaments very well and with pride.

Along with a somewhat sad looking tree, the tradition of SpinDizzy residents trimming the tree with handmade ornaments and other objects continues. A wide variety of tastes, cultures, abilities, and imaginations are exibited by the ornaments sagging down the branches of the tree.

If you would like to add to the glitter and fun of the season, just take a look at the tree and follow the directions. They're pretty easy, for instance if you wanted to place a blue deer on the tree, you'd just enter; TRIM Blue deer . That's all there is to it. But you have to LOOK 2006 SpinDizzy Christmas Tree to see all the things other folks have decorated it with.

So get into the holiday spirit and help trim the tree!

Mouser lost in Holiday rush
Mouser, has been in search of a new computer. Even though he has no hands, he does use one. Don't ask how he works the mouse. He decided that he might get a good deal on one by going to one of the "Black Friday" sales and standing... er, slithering in line from early in the morning to be one of the first in when the store opened so he could get a good buy.

As opening time rolled around, Mouser eased forward with the rest of the anxious customers and when the doors opened, he moved forward. The rest of the crowd did too and it was all Mouser could do to keep from being trampled. He curved and dodged rushing feet and paws and headed toward the computer section of the store.

Finding he had less of a chance of some clumsy foot stepping on him if he slid against the edge, he found himself against a bin full of boas, those fluffy garland things that some ladies wear. A very large woman saw Mouser and exclaimed, "Oh, here's just what I want!"

She bent over and picked up the fursnake who was as suprised to be picked up as the large customer was when he nipped her! She quickly dropped him and he made his way to the computer section. Of course by the time Mouser got there, they had sold out of the model he had waited in line all night and almost been squished to get. Mouser rolled his eyes and went home and called Dell and asked them to ship him what he wanted. So he expects to be returning to SpinDizzy as soon as Santa delivers his new computer. Whether he will do all the rest of his holiday shopping on line is unknown.

Visit from Santa Paws

Santa Paws, magical holiday bear, made his annual trip to Spindizzy on Friday night, holding court in the Rose Garden and seeing what all the good little cubs and kits wanted for Christmas.

The requests were wide and varied. Abbie, local faerie, for example, merely wanted a purse to carry around her supplies, while Gilead, local otter bombarded the jolly holiday elf with such outrageous requests as "wanting to stop running through his life like a man late for an appointment, afraid to to look back, or to look forward" and " Wanting us to be what we used to BE!"

Santa graciously fielded each request, promising each that he would see what he would do. After giving each cub or kit a candy cane, Santa left, promising that he would return next year!

The "Eventlist" Crystal Ball

Each week @Action News will print the "Eventlist" notices here. This list will be accurate as of press time, but be sure and check it during the week. Activities and events can be proposed, rescheduled or event cancelled for all sorts of reasons. So stay "in the know" by checking Eventlist often.

To get a list with details as shown here, enter eventlist #week #long.

The following events are scheduled within the next 7 days:

Number: 1
Title: Holiday Wallaby
From: Sun 12/17/06 07:00 PM +To: Sun 12/17/06 07:30 PM
Location: Rose Garden
Age: All
Event Owner: Morticon
RSVPs (0): RSVPing on this event is disabled

Join us for the traditional holiday classic! Decorating wallabies like a Christmas tree has been a SpinDizzy tradition for years, and this year is no exception. Bring your decorations!

Number: 4
Title: RP Meeting Part II
From: Thu 12/21/06 07:00 PM +To: Thu 12/21/06 08:15 PM
Location: Role Play Central (type 'rpc')
Age: All
Event Owner: Morticon
RSVPs (0):

Description: For this meeting, we'll concentrate on RP ideas for plots and such. Bring your ideas, or be prepared to listen and discuss what's presented. We'll concentrate on constructive comments, please! :) Additionally, if you're presenting a plot idea to find participants, you're more than welcome to bring it up here.

Half-baked ideas are also welcome, as well as concepts. Should be interesting to see what's brought up. Hope to see you there!


Greetings folks, here's YOUR Spindizzy @Action News survey for this week. If a friend of yours came to Spindizzy for a visit, what local places would you like him or her to visit? Please get your answers to me by this Friday. Thanks.

  • Argon says, "Oh, Centaur Square of course, Squirrel City, the Jellicle Fields, the ruins of the SED HQ, Charter Park, the Memorial Park, the New Casino, and the Rose Garden to meet all my good friends!"
  • Borris Gruffs, "Thats easy, "Jellicle Fields"
  • Chanspot says, "Depends what they're interested in."
  • Tzolkin softly squeaks, "Hmm.. Anyplace they found interesting, I'd say. Lotsa great places to visit here, if one were to actually look."
The Doze Garden


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