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SpinDizzy Wizards call "Town Meetings"

As long time residents know, once or twice a year the SpinDizzy community has a meeting to discuss life on SpinDizzy with the Wizstaff. Tuesday of last week, Findra called everyone together to talk about any problems or kudos there might be. Two meetings were held; one in the morning for the "Day Shift", and another in the evening for the rest of the folks.

As this reporter was only able to attend the evening meeting, that is the one this article is about, although from comments, many of the same issues were addressed at both meetings.

Findra started out by noting that this meeting was a discussion. It was an opportunity for residents to talk to the Wizards, and fellow residents about there concerns. It was not to be turned into a rant and rave, and each individual's ideas and problems were to be listened to politely. There was to be no arguing or flaming.

The first issue Findra brought up was the question of the accessability of the Wizards. Generally, the opionion was that most of them are. Although some do not connect very often, or for one reason or another were found to be difficult to approach, in general, it was thought that SpinDizzy has the most accessable administrators of any muck. This opened the discussion to when Wizards were available, and the fact that some seemed to not be fufilling the duties called for by their position. It was noted that Wizards were chosen by their involvement and interest in the community, and what they add to it. It was suggested that at some periods of time there isn't a Wizard on, it might be worth naming new ones. It was also suggested that most problems that arise don't need immeadiate Wizard attention and we have plenty.

The next issue was what could be done to attract more players? Not too many ideas for increasing SpinDizzy's population were offered, other than to retain current players and attract new ones. It was noted that some SpinDizzians, (About half who attended the evening meeting,) play Second Life, and perhaps we could have some events to bridge the gap between SpinDizzy and Second Life. It was also noted that we ought to figure out just what SpinDizzy's strong points are and what keeps current players here. This too led to a number of thoughts.

Also discussed were the interests of those who enjoy Role Play (RP), and those who see SpinDizzy as a "Social Muck", where those folks simply come to visit. This desire for more RP by some and those who find RP not their cup of tea has been discussed at previous meetings and no real solution has been found, as was true at this meeting.

Helpstaff was also brought up. Some folks were unaware SpinDizzy even had a Helpstaff and the need for them was discussed. Not too many newbies who don't know the basics of mucking have logged on of late.

As Findra explained, the meetings weren't held to make policy or changes right away, but were to give folks a chance to discuss issues and give the Wizstaff things to think about. In general it was a polite well thought out meeting and many good ideas and thoughts were brought up. It seemed to have left the Wizards who attended either or both of the meetings, plenty to consider. This reporter left with the feeling that some good ideas were raised, and agreed that the Wizards were to be applauded for all they do free of charge to keep SpinDizzy running.

SpinDizzy Kitchen!

Kitten! Fine cuisine? Crazy cutlets? Cheesy chopsticks? Everything is found on Spindizzy. SpinDizzy Kitt--er, kitchen! highlights unique recipes from our local denizens with each issue.

Red Rice and Sausage

About the author: Chanspot has much too much time on its paws, and hopes for a healthier recipe idea next week! Perhaps you can help? :)

The rice in this recipe isn't quite red, but it ends up close to it. I tend to use a smoked and cured bratwurst for this recipe, but nearly anything should be fine.

Start by drawing two cups of water for the rice. Add a cup of rice and about two tablespoons of beef bullion or beef base. Stir, then partly cover. Let simmer at a medium heat.

While the rice cooks, slice four or so sausages. You'll want to place them in a large sauce pan. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and around four to five cloves of garlic. Cook until the edges of the sausage coins curl in and the meat darkens slightly. By this point you should have a good, heady bit of flavored oil.

Remove the sausages and place in a serving dish, careful to leave the flavored oil behind, as well as well as most of the garlic. By this time the rice should be just about done. When it is, pour the rice into the sauce pan with the remaining oil. Stir in a can of stewed tomatos (don't drain them) and one or two more cloves of garlic, and a small amount of red wine.

Cook at a medium to low heat until most of the liquid is gone. Serve with the sausage.

Red Rice and Sausage

Have a recipe? A review? Please qmail Chanspot or Findra! Anything is fair game. We love it, send it in!

The "Eventlist" Crystal Ball

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RP Meeting!
From: Thu 12/07/06 07:00 PM To: Thu 12/07/06 08:00 PM
Location: RP Central (type 'rpc')
Age: All
Event Owner: Morticon

The first in what will hopefully be a series of meetings, I encourage everyone interested in RP, of all skill levels, to come.

This first meeting is basically introductory. It'll let everyone see who else is interested in RP of all sorts, let us talk together, see what RPs we're interested in, looking for, running or have ran here on SpinDizzy.

There is no particular agenda. Based on how it goes, the second meeting will probably be more structured. Hope to see you there!

Casino Opening!
From: Thu 12/14/06 07:00 PM To: Thu 12/14/06 09:30 PM
Location: luge N2 W2, sw, c
Age: ALL
Event Owner: Chanspot

Spindizzy is blessed with a number of talented folks, and we're celebrating their hard work and yours on the 14th of December. Come by, play a few games, talk with friends, and celebrate the opening of SpinDizzy's first casino! We have the usuals like Boggle, Whomp-A-Rat, Yahtzee, the sophisticated Cribbage, and unusuals like 10,000, as well as a solid RP theme involving the SED and shiny things. There's something for everyone, and after months of secrecy and planning, we'll be swinging the doors wide open. Win prizes, play Yahtzee with friends, or RP with the genie we have in the bathroom. So please, come by and say hello. :) We look forward to seeing you there!


Ba'arHi everyone, Ba'ar here with your Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week. Pick a Spindizzian you know and tell me what gift she or he would definately NOT like to get. (I for example most certianly NOT enjoy getting diet and exercise books-big bear that I am).

  • Argon says, "I'd never give Portia an electric guitar with a 'wah wah' pedal!"
  • PatchO'Black mews, "Borris would NOT want a vegitarian cookbook...."
  • Borris Gruffs, "Well, a meat eater would not like a vegan cook book :)"
  • Andros says, "I don't believe Argon would want a saddle and bit."
  • Leowulf says, "How do you think vixie'd feel about carob chocolate substitute?"
  • Natasha says, "Christmas morning, after the unwrapping carnage has subsided. 'What, don't you appreciate the nice socks I got you?' asks a distraught giver. 'Okay, okay, I *suppose* it's the thought that counts,' replies Mouser."
  • Logan squeaks, "Vixie. She'd not like a second place cute contest award."
  • Tarka says, "Morticon.. wouldn't like to get a summons to court."
Mouser's Off-line at the Moment

Just a note to let the Spindizzy gang know that I'm still around, just unable to access the MUCK at the moment. My computer went belly-up on me over Thanksgiving, and I'm currently "between PCs", having to resort to libraries and Internet cafes. I have a new machine on order from Dell, and should be back in a week or two

Suri Claus Checks Her List


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