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Roofus Roo trapped in plush pile

Roofus_roo, pink kangaroo, has entered his second week of being trapped in a major collapse of a plush pile in the southwestern regions of Spindizzy. Rescue efforts have been moving slowly since the kangaroo first vanished. Just finding the kangaroo took time, as he was apparently trapped without any sort of communication device, and he apparently gave up trying to call out to the rare passers-by.

With the help of magnetic resonance technologies rescue crews have determined that Roofus_roo is resting on the belly of an eight-foot-tall, aquamarine blue kangaroo, into which belly his tail has fallen. Covering most of his chest is a bright yellow kangaroo. His left arm is pinned under a purple, silk-winged dragon, and his right beneath a four-foot raccoon. His head is tucked under the chin of a giant red fox, and his legs are under a titanic silver-furred cougar stuffed toy, a My Little Mer-Bunny, and a purple skunk. Also collapsed against him are a stuffed deer, a bear, a red panda, a satyr, and a dolphin.

"He's wedged in pretty tight," Findra reported. "Any movement he makes, well, he brushes right up against some other toy." After having been stuck there for so long he seems to have given up on calling for help, but "occasionally he'll make a soft murmuring noise, or sigh, so we know he's still breathing."

Attempts to dig him out have gone slowly. Much of it has been because of the need to dig slowly lest a fresh plush-in trap Roofus_roo still further. Worse, due to the lack of contact with Roofus rescuers have been unable to enlist his help. Two nights ago when a small access tunnel finally reached the stranded kangaroo, he responded by swatting at the empty spot until it, too, caved in. Last night the tunnel was re-established and made larger, but the obviously confused kangaroo kicked at it until it was filled in again. "This morning," Findra reported when another attempt reached him, "he turned bitey."

Attempts to extract Roofus_roo from the plush mountain will resume as soon as the minor scratches have been tended to. After being asked to give a statement to the press, Roofus_roo sighed melodically, rolled his head over, and murmured something about Leslie.

SpinDizzy Thanksgiving

The SpinDizzy community was treated to a wonderful gathering and a great feast this week. Thursday was Thanksgiving in the United States, back where I come from, and the tradition of food and fellowship seems to be almost universal. Folks from different planets, universes, and realities all enjoy food and friends.

The gathering was held in Patch O'Black's Jellicle Fields, in an area called the Thanksgiving Territory. Patch's Jellicle Fields are a large area of places that reflect different holidays, seasons, moods and places for both fun and reflection. Patch is a master of growing things, and he's very handy with a hammer and saw. If you get a chance, take a tour of the Jellicle Fields and admire Patch's work. The Thanksgiving Fields included a large table and a kitchen that had every cooking appliance, serving dishes and a cubbard and refrigerator with every kind of food you could imagine.

Portia, local red panda, cooked the turkey (at least I think she did), along with potatoes, rolls, pies and most anything you can imagine, baked in a large oven. The oven was gas powered and Suri, local lemur, who had been given a gas torch by Borris, volunteered to light the oven. Suri having a torch caused everyone to run for cover and she started up the oven with a loud, "FHOOMB!" Everyone who took cover felt a blast of heat and the scent of scorched lemur fur.

None the worse for it, Suri joined the group helping to prepare the meal asking if anything needed to be torched. Nothing did and soon, Than, local lion cub, had baked sweet potatoes, Argon, local centaur, had set the table, Borris, local polar bear, had prepared cider, and the meal was ready.

As everyone dug into the delicious food, Portia suggested that everyone tell the group what they were thankful for. Around the table folks spoke up saying they were thankful for family, friends, food, good health, and many other things worthy of thanks.

The evening went on and after second, third and in some cases fourth helpings, folks pitched in and cleaned up the kitchen and table. Everyone went home full and happy after enjoying a great evening of wonderful food and the joy of wonderful friends and family that can only be found on SpinDizzy!

SpinDizzy Kitchen!

Kitten! Fine cuisine? Crazy cutlets? Cheesy chopsticks? Everything is found on Spindizzy. SpinDizzy Kitt--er, kitchen! highlights unique recipes from our local denizens with each issue.

Special thanks to Flossi for sharing her recipe with us this week!

Chicken and Biscuits a la Flossi

About the author: Flossi loves to cook because it's a chance to try something new, or learn something you didn't know before. She's known for her chicken dishes, and shared it with me one evening in the Rose Garden.

  1. Start by beating 2 or so eggs with a few drops of chili pepper sauce and some BBQ sauce.
  2. In a separate bowl mix some whole meal flour with a generous amount of spices and herbs you like. (Chanspot suggests: Garlic, onion, pepper, and parsley can work well!)
  3. Dip boneless chicken breasts in the egg mix, then roll and pound in the flour until they're tenderized and coated in a batter.
  4. Fry in a pan of hot oil till cooked all the way through.

Once all the chicken is done, mix the left over flour and egg mix, add some baking powder, and use to make the biscuits. To make the biscuits, fry them in the sparing amount of oil left from frying the chicken. Don't use too much oil, or they come out soggy.

Have a recipe? A review? Please qmail Chanspot or Findra! Anything is fair game. We love it, send it in!

The "Eventlist" Crystal Ball

Each week @Action News will print the "Eventlist" notices here. This list will be accurate as of press time, but be sure and check it during the week. Activities and events can be proposed, rescheduled or event cancelled for all sorts of reasons. So stay "in the know" by checking Eventlist often.

To get a list with details as shown here, enter eventlist #week #long.

SpinDizzy Town Meeting
From: Tue 11/28/06 06:00 PM To: Tue 11/28/06 08:00 PM
Location: Charter Park ('charter')
Event Owner: Findra

We haven't had a SpinDizzy town meeting in quite a long while, and when the wizards were talking the other day it seemed that it was past time that we had one. Now that all the recent festivities and fun have finished, at least for the time being, we would like to hear your input with any ideas you have for where you think we should be going as a community. We want to have a free and open discussion about any topic related to the muck, and in particular, things you think the wizards should know or be doing something about.

One topic that we're keen to hear your thoughts on is what you think needs to happen for the wizards to be more approachable. Are there any criticisms of the wizards, or things you think we should do differently? Are the wizards approachable enough as it is? Is there anything that has put you off talking about something with any wizard? A second topic is suggestions for events that would draw people here to the muck. We've seen a slow decline in connections recently, and we'd like to find things that will reverse that. Thirdly, we know that there are a lot of people who spend some of their time on both SpinDizzy and Second Life. We'd like to hear your thoughts on 'Second Life', whether or not you're on there, and whether we should try to do more in conjunction with the SpinDizzy residents on Second Life.

Please try to bring something you'd like to say along with you, and please do remind anyone who'd like to have an input on SpinDizzy's community and direction to try to make it.

See you there!


Mystery Science Theater 3000
From: Thu 11/30/06 07:00 AM To: Thu 11/30/06 09:00 AM
Location: N10 W5; t
Event Owner: Austin

It's been fun the last couple times; it should be fun again. Come on out to the Mystery Science Theater this Thursday morning and we'll have a fine time watching something awful and responding to it. All are welcome; please come ready and eager to quip your way through, or to appreciate the hard work of writing that other people put into it.

Thanny begins a new business!

Anonymouse here, obscure reporter for SpinDizzy News Channel. Thanny, local lion kitten, was seen today sitting atop Argon's back. She took out a brush from her backpack, and proceeded to brush Argon's coat. As she moved further and further back, she fell off his back, but only to finish up her brushing. When I asked her why the sudden brushing, she told me that she was thinking of opening up a Taur Wash and Brushing service. Her starting price will be ten cents for a wash, and five cents for a brushing, while asking extra for braiding of tails or hair.


Ba'arHey guys, I'm back, tanned, rested and ready for your newest Survey. If there was a Vixiecon featuring our very own uber-diva Vixie, what events would it have?

  • Argon says, "Well, a cute contest would be out of the question of course."
  • Than says, "A event on who cuter than Vixie, an' I'd win!"
  • Lou thinks it would have the cute-a-pult!
  • Logan squeaks, "The worshipping party, of course."
  • Gilead chirps, "Intro to still-life paintings of cute vixens."
  • Roofus_roo says, "I'm guessing a Vixiecon would have a total offering of chocolate from congoers, that had better weigh at least as much as she does, or else. ;)"
  • Leslie pips, "Oh wull I'd like to see all her puppet and marionette friends and see how you get to play with them and where they come from and everything, 'cause wouldn't it be neat to see a puppet of Mr Roofus or Mr Gilead or everybody like that?"


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