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Slow News Week

Not too many articles came in this week. @Action News accepts many different kinds of articles, from poetry, to bits of news, to cartoons. If you like reading the newspaper, you can contribute too! Take a look at the bottom of this newspaper issue if you're interested, to find out how!

Travelling Light: Duma Mountain

How to get there: At the present time, the tram is the best way to get to Duma Mountain. From anywhere in SpinDizzy, type 'tram' and then 'a duma' once you're inside. The tram will take you there.

I wasn't exactly expecting being a tourguide to Duma Mountain, the second stop on my Traveling Light tour. But Marissa the athletic clouded leopard wanted to come along.

I took leopard, in her black warm-up suit, down the side of Duma Mountain to the Upper Rainforests on the side of the mountain. Now I don't want to spoil too much of what to find there (after all, I want you to go and see the place for yourself), but the bamboo we found there was huge!! At least twelve inches around!!

I had my _ride/mode: set for fly. I believe in treating people like I want to be treated, and I didn't like having to scramble up on the back of another, possibly smaller, SpinDizzy resident who offered to take me places. Especially when I'm better able than most are of moving about. Marissa liked it.

You remember that scene in Superman where Superman takes Lois Lane flying around Metropolis? Well forget holding Marissa out at arm's length like that. I'd constantly have one of my wings slapping away at her back. Better hold her beneath me.

"This is fun! Usually you get carried.." she enthused.

After a brief flight in the Sky Above Duma Mountain, made at her request, we finally floated down to light upon the mountain's summit. The summit is a volcanic crater, a mile and a half wide. Glaciers to the south side, vents spewing steaming sulfur to the north. The thin air was nearly unbreathable, so I took Marissa back down the face of the mountain to the Alpine Desert.

Duma Mountain is easily one of the most richly described, well constructed places in all of SpinDizzy, and it's owned by a tall cheetah named Ray. He's had quite a lot of experience building and describing places for such MUCKs as SPR. He's been doing it since 1999. He describes himself as a "detail freak, and a perfectionist.

"Sadly, I have no real MUF skills, and rely on editroom and a short list of commands I've picked up."

I find this encouraging. Ray is telling me you don't have to be an MPI programming genius to write down good, immersive worlds for your fellow MUCK players. It only takes a little more grunt work, sitting down with your notebook and mapping things out. But I don't want to waste ink writing what Ray's nephew Soul_Fox has already written.

Says Ray, "Um, check back issues of the newspaper, and you'll see my nephew, Soul_Fox's multi-issue article detailing the entire process of building. ... That would be October 8. 15, 22, and 29 of last year."

The Doze Garden


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