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Traveling Light

Greetings, fellow travelers, and welcome to the first installment of my first travel column, Traveling Light.

TL is dedicated to reducing waste by encouraging SpinDizzy players to go out and explore the fine world so many other players have crafted for their enjoyment. This week's column features an island paradise not far east of the Rose Garden called Firelizard Island.

Firelizard Island is named for the 2 ft. long Pernese firelizards that live there, smaller versions of the great fire-belching dragons that fight the fall of the deadly Thread in Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern novels.

No map coordinates are given in the title of this island, so the best street luge riders can do is luge to The Ocean (N0 E5) and find Firelizard Island from there (type "fi"). Flyers can find The Ocean by flying east from the Rose Garden two "rooms" and going down to the Saltside Apartments (type "saltside").

One thing I found out early about Firelizard Island is that it did not originally belong to the fair dragonness Aushae. She agreed to take the nearly-scrapped island over from its previous owner who originally agreed to return to the MUCK, but wound up losing interest in SpinDizzy altogether.

I asked Aushae which areas of Firelizard Island she would recommend to visitors.

"I guess that would be hard to choose," she said, "between the Indoor Garden, and the Firelizard Island Park. Both have their charms."

Caption Contest Results

Here are the results of the caption contest from last week!

Fennec and Lemur

Aushae: Austin on Lemur- Day tries to cheer Vixie up, ''Leslie won this time, but you beat Felix. You might win the Cuteness Cup next year.''

Findra: Suri on Talk-Like-A-Chef day explains, 'First you have to 'marinade' your fennec with plenty of brandy, then ... BAM!'

Soul Fox: The unsuspecting fennec dozed on, tragically unaware of the approach of an ill-informed lemur, who was under the mistaken impression that the fennec's ears housed a radar set constructed primarily of fur-covered zinc. What followed wasn't pretty...

Angel Bear: 'Hold still. I just want those Hershey's Kisses you're lying on.'

Mavra: 'Dr. L. Murr, Psychiatrist'

DTF: "One way, or another, I'm gonna getcha-getcha-getcha-getcha...."

Lou: And the mask bandit struck again this time stealing the fennec's back legs.

Jiffy: Yep, I'm pregnant.

Roofus: Suri prepares to "recruit" Raeth for the Fennec Space Program.

Steve: 'Cato Lemur popularized his fledgling massage business by offering free antebrachial aromatherapy to the first one hundred customers.'

Shadowcatcher: "Oh, goody! Perfect opportunity to practice what I learned in Chiropractor's school!"

Westly: Perfect for the kit-napping!

Gilead: "Hmm, no rings but....ohhhhhyeahhhhh.... :-9~~~"

Suri: Skyler's nap was fated to meet a bizarre conclusion ...

And the results from the previous week's caption contest:

kitty and bears

"One of these things is not like the others. Which one of these things just doesn't belong....." by both DTF and Argon

The newest Care Bear Cousin...just wasn't fitting in... by Gilead

From Leowulf - 'What are these 'things' doing in my SPOT!'

Royce's Aluminium Foil Ecstasy

After Royce local raccoon took over controll of the Rose Garden last sunday, ruling it with an iron shiny, he realised it would be to much work and changes his mind. Casandro, however, got an idea. Being relatively curious be got out a roll of aluminium foil of the space beyond his wings and handed it to Royce, who ecstatically showed it to the exited Roofus_roo among others effectively wrapping the red kangaroo in foil. Roofus seemed to mind. Realising that Royce demanded his foil back and the roo helped him in this task.

Later he educated Gilead about the importants of shinery, "All shinies is precious! We must conserver shinery!" Suddenly Roofus chromed Royce and told him to polish himself. The raccoon stared to use the roo's tail for this task. Then Roofus 'beanied' Royce with an aluminium foil beanie. The coon seemed to be mostly concerned about the propeller and it's speed This seemed to calm down the situation.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar Here's the Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week ... what horror movie icon scares you the most?

  • Argon says, "Why, the ice queen who killed the brave centaur, General Oreius in Narnia, of course!"
  • Gilead barks, "Definitely the Blob."
  • Than eeps... "Candyman super scary..."
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