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SED Goes Into Hibernation

Morticon, leader of the SED, has announced the evil organization will be shut down for an undetermined length of time. Citing the loss of the SED Ninjas after the Taurien Empire invasion attempt, as well as a general lack of resources (mostly personnel), Morticon has decided to disband the group until he can acquire what he needs to continue spreading evil. The SED HQ will be placed into low power mode, as it will be abandoned most of the time.

The SED, first started by Tarka the otter during the TF&F days (sometime before 1998) and taken over by Morticon from Moriarty, has been run sporadically up until the past five years or so, and has since been in continuous operation. The group has committed all manner of evil acts and is infamous all over SpinDizzy.

Serene Captures Antiraccoon

The Mercenary, known here as The Antiraccoon, is in my custody. The vigilantes I hired ambushed him in the Glimmersea and handed him over to me. I will not reveal where I have him in order to confound any attempted rescue. I will, however, give him a chance to receive a visitor before his execution. There will be no trial – this is vigilante justice. Neither myself nor The Mercenary answer to any world's government; SpinDizzy has neither a government nor a police force to intervene anyway.

Caption Contest

Lemur and fennec

This week's picture idea for the caption contest is provided by Roofus_roo. Do you have a good caption? Send your suggestions to Findra via page #mail!

If you'd like to suggest a picture for the caption contest, please page #mail Argon, Findra, Ba'ar, or Skyler, or e-mail newspaper@spindizzy.org.

Compromise Proposed Between Raccoons and Farmers

A conversation in the Rose Garden between Argon, local centaur, Borris, local polar bear, and Royce, Senior raccoon, began when Royce noted that he was hungry. Royce always seems to be hungry and the group in the Rose Garden were happy to feed him.

After being offered a variety of treats including fresh hot McDonald's french fries, a rariety everywhere, the conversation turned to farmers who were upset that raccoons ate their corn. Royce noted that everyone should feed raccoons and Argon said that it was like making an offering to a diety. Borris was not in favor of considering raccoons, or anything else god-like, but explained that the farmers weren't so upset about the loss of the corn, but the fact that the raccoons bent over and tore down the corn stalks to reach the ears of corn.

Argon proposed some ways to solve this dilemma. One was to make the corn stalks shorter. Another was to have the raccoons breed so they became taller, but Royce didn't like that idea because he was already here and he liked corn so future taller raccoons wouldn't help him get to the ears. Finally, Argon thought that the farmers ought to give the raccoons stilts so they could reach the ears of corn without damaging the stalks.

Everyone agreed that this would work, but it was unknown if the raccoons would want to go to the extra effort as they were owed food and shouldn't have to do anythiing to get it. Most raccoons would prefer to just have food brought to them. Still, it would help keep the raccoons from making the farmers upset and shooting them, which all agreed would be a good thing.

Weekly Survey

Ba'ar Here's the Spindizzy @Action News Survey for this week ... What's your (in character) favorite movie?

  • Angel_bear: "My favorite movie is Field of Dreams. I'm fascinated by the possibility of baseball in the afterlife. I have a baseball simulator with quite a few old teams in it."
  • Findra: "I think my favourite movie would have to be Attack of the Lepus, for obvious reasons. =:)"
  • Steve says. "Mine's The Big Lebowski."
  • Borris: "White Fang!"
  • Lupus: Call of the Wild! Or, any movie with wolves in it.
  • Marissa: "Born Free."
  • Ba'ar: Mine is either Brother Bear or The Bear."
  • PatchO'Black: "I quite like Kiki's Delivery Service, as well as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory..."
  • Leowulf: "I'd have to say my favorite movie was Balto, the half wolf finding his place in the world."
  • Mouser: "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, though for reasons you'd probably find hard to comprehend..."
  • Annon: "My favorite video has got to be The Seven Cities of Gold, a bestselling action packed adventure that's fit for the whole family!"
  • Argon: "Tough choice. It was Fantasia for years for obvious reasons, but Narnia is almost better for the same reason. Centaurs, of course!"

As news tends to just happen without any foremention, planning or scheduling, this story happened just before press time for the @Action News last week so it didn't get in, and likely is old news to some of you now. Oh well, that happens. Anyway.... my wife, Nesta, and I, being a well-known couple and SpinDizzy residents, are pleased to announce the addition of yet another to our family, seemingly the largest in our community.

Some may know that my wife Nesta has been pregnant for some time, and today blessed us with the birth of yet another daughter. Our newest bundle of fuzz is half wolf and half lion, and sorry, Morticon, she's a taur! *smiles broadly* Being as this happened quite shortly we've yet to settle on a name, so feel free to pagemail suggestions to Nesta and I. We'll certainly keep you all informed as to whatever name we eventually choose.

The "Eventlist" Crystal Ball

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