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SpinDizzy Halloween Party Lots of Fun

Again this year, Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat, hosted the community's Holloween party. A section of Patch's Jellicle fields was decorated with spooky decorations and a host of Patch's special plants that matched the occaision. Patch was dressed up as the world champion of Duel Monsters, Pat-Chi-Oh!, and really looked the part.

Other guests showed up in costume. Ba'ar, local bear, too chose a pirate outfit and was quite the swashbuckling denizon of the seas. Gilead, local otter, came dressed in classical Middle Eastern attire from the age of Aladdin claiming to be from the "Otterman" empire. Leowulf, local wolf-lion, came as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz, and Argon, celebrating Borris Vallejo's permission to post his work on his web site came pretty much undressed as a Vallejo Centaur.

Lot of fun was had as everyone acted like the characters they were costumed as, and even hd a laugh as Morticon, local Wallaby, showed up as a female wallaby.

The party started Sunday night, but will run through Halloween on Monday. The party is easy to reach by just entering Party from any place on SpinDizzy. So get out a costume and come on over. It'll be rememembered as a great event if it weren't for those meddling kids!

Dolly Deflated

Dolly, local balloon genie, met trouble this week in the Rose Garden. Showing up in her vollyballoon form, she was having fun being bounced and tossed around by the folks in the park. However Argon, local centaur, who was trying to write down a web site URL for Andrew, another local centaur, carelessly pointed his pen point side up as he put it and is hand to the side of his head to jog his memory. Not paying attention, the pen met Dolly as she bounced his way causing a puncture!

Air escaping from the puncture had the effect you might expect and Dolly flew around the Rose Garden . Leowulf, local lion-wolf, acted quickly and found a vollyball net. Tossing one pole to Argon, the stretched the netting out in Dolly's path ending her random flight. Although punctured and losing preassure, Dolly seemed to have enjoyed flying around the park but was calm as Argon and Leowulf laid her out on one of the benches. By this time, Dolly was in her genie form and Argon was able to find a patch kit in one of her pockets. Leowulf had his paw over the puncture to keep Dolly from deflating further, and working quickly and in sync, the centaur and lion-wolf were able to seal it.

Dolly still seemed to be in good spirits, and apparently felt that Argon and Leowulf could take care of the problem. She even jokes about feeling like a "Whoopie Cushion". Once the patch was set, it came time to reinflate Dolly. Argon asked Leo if he would do the honors as inflating a balloon person was, to him, somewhat intimate. He said in an emergency he would of course do so to save a balloon, but being married and with other folks available, he thought someone else should do it.

Leo found Dolly's nozzle where a human would have a belly button, and being a non smoker and healthy, got Dolly back up to proper PSI in just a few minutes. Soon Dolly was back to normal, and everyone was relieved.

Argon mentioned this event to the morning group the next day, and poor Beltrami, local balloon 'roo, almost turned green at the thought of a puncture! This was understandable, but the sentaur reminded the balloon 'roo that it just went to show that folks knew what to do in that sort of emergency. It was then suggested that just as humans have CPR classes, SpinDizzy ought to have balloon repair classes so that everyone will know what to do in case of an accident.

Morticon doesn't have a clue

Confirming what many have claimed for years, Morticon, local wallaby and alledged leader of the Society of Evil Doers, actually admitted to being clueless.

While preparing for the community Halloween party, Vassily, local two toed sloth, was getting input on his costume. Standing nearly 30 feet tall, he did indead "loom" over the Rose Garden. This caused Morticon to offer the sloth some thread (for his loom, get it?).

With this, DTF, local wolf asked Morticon, "How goes the plotting?" This caused Morticon to respond, "Plot? What plot?" and to look around suspiciously as though some secret had gotten out. Vassily then asked, "You haven't got a plot?" To which Morticon, responded, "Nor a clue."

So we now have proof that Morticon, self proclaimed evil genius, doesn't have a clue.

Dangerous Red Panda Suspected

Reports have been received that there could be a raging red panda on the loose. There has been several sightings of a dangerous red panda including one reported biting. The alleged victim's injuries were taken care of promptly with no known side affects.

Please be on the look out for any strange occurrences in relation to this case. Be extra careful at night, for that is when most of the sightings have occured. Report any new sightings to the nearest SED member.

Thank you,
Portia Lee.

Guest gets dental work

A guest to SpinDizzy found the hard way that some centaurs prefer good manners.

Andrew, local centaur, reported that the guest had stopped by earlier. It had made a very poor impression on him by jumping on his equine back and kicking its heels into Andrew's flanks! Shocked by such rudeness, the centaur reared up plunking the guest flat on its grass! As the guest got to its feet, it made a comment that shall not be repeated here, and Andrew used his hind legs to give the guest a reason to visit the dentist.

Although Andrew is more "Horse-like" and his actions based on instinct than some of the other centaurs, any centaur could do the same thing. It is always best to ask before jumping on a centaur's back. And it is certainly the more polite and thoughtful thing to do. At first glance, you don't know what a centaur might do if you just jump on them. Would you do the same to a ballon you just met, or a fursnake?

Red Panda Population Growing

In the past few weeks the number of red pandas populating SpinDizzy has exploded. Portia and Wind Dancer have been joined by new residents, Darius (IC not the ferret Darius but red panda Darius,) and Amodeo.

It was noted that if the red panda population continues to grow, Morticon could begin to fear them as much as he fears the local centaur community. If the red pandas and the centaurs were to join forces, the SED and Morticon could possibly be put out of business. Argon, local centaur, noted that what Morticon seems to fear about the centaurs is their close knit freindship and comradery and the fact that they will protect their friends, centaur or not. Argon was heard to say, "Heck, if Morti were a little nicer, we might even protect him."

As of press time, Morticon has not been any nicer to the centaurs.

Cute Furnace Repair

Andrew, local centaur who at times makes his home in Canada, was complaining about the cold weather he was already experiencing up there. He noted that he wasn't looking forward to it, as his central electric heater wasn't working. It kept flipping the breakers.

Vixie, local self proclaimed "cute" fox, told Andrew she was an expert at heater repair. Andrew told her to have at it, so she did.

After taking a lot of parts out of the heater, she crawled in and got started. With a lot of cartoon sound effects, nuts, bolts, pipes, sockets, washers, a washing machine, a bathtub, a sewing machine and a cow, were tossed out of the heater as Vixie began work.

Asking Andrew to hand her tools and other equipment, there was the sound of a drill, a jack hammer, an old timey car horn, a horse whinny,a phone ringing, and three calling birds. At this point, she asked Andrew to turn off the electricity to the heater so she could begin the hard work.

More strange noises were heard inside the heater and then Vixie asked Andrew to start it up again. There was a loud pop, then a poof of air and a big cloud of smoke coming out of the heater followed quickly by cute Vixie who had a burning whisker!

Quickly putting the whisker out, Vixie began rebuilding the heater. As she finished, she told Andrew that the large pile of parts were just "...extras they put in to charge you more," and told him to hire a truck to carry them away.

As of press time, Andrew is looking for a wood stove to heat his home.

Pickle Attack Month drawing to a close

With sales of earmuffs reaching record limits, local merchants are bemoaning the close of Pickle Attack Month.

Suri, local lemur, educated the SpinDizzy community of this obscure celebration several years ago by sticking a very large, juicy dill into the ear of Argon, local centaur. Although he has given Suri lifetime centaurback privilages, he prefers not to have pickles stuck in his ear. Tarka, local otter has been refused centaurback privileges due to a tendency to leak while on the centaur's back.

As Pickle Attack Month came upon us this year, Argon was put on a set of earmuffs when Suri leaped upon his back. Suri calls these earmuffs pickle filters and is not happy to see them used. Thwarted in her observance of the date, she then lept to the back of Mavra, local centaur and Argon's lovely wife. Argon was sure Suri was going to stick a pickle in Mavra's ear, so he handed his wife a pair of earmuffs. Suri grimbled at this and made her way to Andrew, another local centaur and leapt on his back.

Argon told Andrew that Suri was a polite and thoughtful guest on his back and assured Andrew that she would cause no harm while on his. Argon didn't mention what month it was or why he and Mavra were wearing earmuffs. He and Mavra decided to play a joke on "the new guy", and not tell him what Suri was up to.

Within moments, Suri's quest was fufilled as she stuffed the pickle into Andrew's ear shouting, "Pickle Attack!" Andrew was a bit startled, but took the gag well. As the paper goes to press, only one more day is left in Pickle Attack Month. Thankfully!

DOOM Movie Minus One Otter!

Spindizzy residents going to the local cineplex to see the DOOM movie over the weekend were in for a rude shock...Tarka, local DOOM otter, wasn't in it! Reached for comment, Tarka was quoted as saying "It is truly an abysmal world when the movie of 'DOOM' does not have the most powerful entity for DOOM in it. Sad...and I am so going to doom them."

Neither ID Software, maker of the DOOM game nor Universal Studios, the movie studio responsible for the movie, could be reached for comment.

Soul_Food For Thought: Basic Construction Part 5

Editor's note: This is the last of this series so is a little longer than most articles in @Action News. As it is interesting, and I know of several folks who have been enjoying it, I decided not to seperate it into sections. - Argon

Soul_Food For Thought: Basic Construction Part 5
Once you have brought together all the elements you conceive for your new pocket reality, you will have made a lasting contribution to the fabric of SpinDizzy. Again, I turn  you over to Narrator, which will review the complete process.


Now, you will see the entire process of creating a relatively detailed environment, from start to finish. This is taken directly from a previously prepared work file, as recommended in the first installment of this series. Everything is as it would be, ready to be cut and pasted, except for editorial commentary, which will appear in (parentheses).

It took a little over an hour of copying and pasting, including perfectionistic MPI room descing, line-by-line, to construct and detail eight rooms, including all look-traps and exits. Remember, this was from a pre-fab work file, and was also the work of an experienced , confident builder. Still, it is an indication of what pre-planning can accomplish.

Just a couple of additional steps. It is useful to create a parent room (which can later be changed with 9. on the editroom menu), in order to have a place to root any special properties which you will want all your rooms to have. Do not forget to record its dbref and the like in your work file. So, for the following example, you might wish first to type:

@dig Macumba Cay Parent Room
(Which results in: Macumba Cay Parent Room created with room number 12345)
(Then type)
@tel #12345=#63
(This puts your Parent Room into a SD Parent Room of its own, with useful basic characteristics which all your own rooms, including your Parent, will "inherit." One especially useful property to set in your Parent Room is your "area." When you type fa, and see \int{f(x) dx} listed, it is because that room has not been assigned to an area. To do so for your Parent Room, and all its children, type @set here=/_area:(Area Name). Remember you are limited to about 15 visible characters in the fa listing for area.
If you have already built your rooms, you can simply go to each one and type
@tel here=(#dbref of parent room)
(Now, to begin building in earnest, in your Parent Room, you would type)@dig Macumba Cay
(results in: Macumba Cay created with room number 12346. Remember to record this in your work-file!)
tel #12346
(Which teleports you to the new room)
@tel here=#12345
(Which puts this new room, and any others you @xdig from it, into your Parent Room, but does not directly connect them, which would be unnecessary)
(And desc room in MPI)
NUMBER   : 12346 1. NAME  : 'Macumba Cay' 2. MPI DESC: A small, isolated island in the broad expanse of the sea, Macumba Cay is, perhaps, three miles (4.8 km) long, from the hilly cliffs at its North end to the lowland at its South, and, perhaps, half that in width from East to West. Low, tropical scrub appears to cover much of the island, though, even from a distance, it seems stunted and drab. 

Upon approach to the island, the wind bears a subtle, yet distinctive, unwholesome tang; the air, itself, carries a palpable chill which belies this tropical latitude. A disturbing quiet hangs over this place like a pall... Where on another such island, the sounds of the wind and waves might be calming, here, in the absence of any other natural sounds, they echo hollowly beneath the sky. 3. Room is NOT dark. 4. Throwing is allowed. 5. Linking is NOT allowed. 6. Pets are allowed. 8. Room can NOT change ownership. 9. Room's parent room is Macumba Cay Environment Room(#12345). 10. This room is NOT publically sweepable. 11. Others can NOT set this room as their homes. 12. Edit this room's exits. 13. Create a new room. 14. Teleport to edit one of your other rooms.    Enter '1' through '14', or 'Q' to QUIT.
@xdig Macumba Cay: Docks=[Do]cks <l do>;docks;do=[O]ut to [S]ea <l os>;out to sea;os;sea;exit;leave;out;o
l #edit
Fake Object Editor v1.4 -- by Jaffa Tamarin   Editing fake objects on Macumba Cay(#12346RJ)   Existing look-traps (_details) :    1.  Make new or edit existing look-trap.  2.  Delete existing look-trap.   Existing fake objects :    *none*    3.  Make new or edit existing fake object.  4.  Delete a fake object.   Enter '1' through '4' or 'Q' to QUIT.
1   Enter name of look-trap. Note: look-trap names can have aliases separated by ';'. To select an existing look-trap it is only necessary to enter one alias. docks;do Description: Across the reef-strewn waters lie the Docks at the South end of the island.
Enter '1' through '4' or 'Q' to QUIT.
(where you will enter the messages seen by those using and observing use of the exit, items 6, 7, and 10)
12. Edit this room's exits.
1.  54321  [Do]cks <l do>;docks;do   2. Create a new action.   Enter option number to modify, or 'Q' to QUIT. 1 NUMBER   : 54321 1. NAMES : [Do]cks <l do>;docks;do 2. PROP DESC: '' 3. Action is NOT invisible. 4. Broadcasting is NOT enabled. 5. Exit is NOT locked. 6. When used, user sees 'You make your way across the reef-strewn waters to the Docks at the South end   of the island.'. 7. When used, others see '<name> makes their way across the reef-strewn waters to the Docks at the South end of the island.'. 8. When locked, user sees nothing. 9. When locked, others see nothing. 10. When done, others see '<name> comes across the reef-strewn waters from the open sea to join you at the Docks.'. 11. Action is linked to room 'Macumba Cay: Docks(#12347RJ)'   12. Delete this action. 13. Return to list of actions.   Enter '1' through '13', or 'Q' to QUIT.
(Useful notes: As different furs use many different forms of locomotion, try not to use messages like "You walk/swim/tread up the stairs, through the water, etc." It is more generic, if a tad blander, to us things like "You make your way/proceed/travel, etc."
Likewise, in a world where gender can be male, female, both, neither, or, just possibly, some creative alternative not listed, it is better, if not grammatically correct, to use "makes /their/ way..." rather than a gender-specific pronoun, or, such compromises as "hir" or "shi." While perfectly acceptable for specific fursons of alternative gender, for purpose of common usage, it can be awkward and vexing to pass through a doorway and have it announced that "Narrator makes hir way into the room," when it should be readily apparent that Narrator is genderless.
You would then use the previously-composed commands (as follow) in editroom and l #edit to complete the series of rooms, as follows. You would have to return several times to Inland Path and Macumba Cay to @xdig connected rooms, or to detail exits connected by @backlink:)
xxxxx Macumba Cay: Docks
(Another useful habit is to name each room in a specific environment by the environment's name, first, as follows; this differentiates your living room/bedroom/docks from, for example, Morticon's, or Austin's.)
All weathered planks and piles, the Dock slowly decays beneath the tropical elements. No vessels are moored here, though the outlines of a few, small, sunken boats are visible in the shallows. Over the dock stands a weathered sign, its bright colors faded to near-illegibility: Welcome to Macumba Cay.
out to sea;os;sea;exit;leave;out;o Beyond the reef-strewn waters surrounding Macumba Cay lies the open sea.
You leave the Docks at the South end of the island, making your way across the reef-strewn waters to the open sea.
leave the Docks, making their way across the reef-strewn waters to the open sea.
leaves the Docks at the South end of the island, and makes their way across the reef-strewn waters surrounding Macumba Cay to the open sea.
@xdig Macumba Cay: Shanty Town=[S]hanty [T]own <l st>;Shanty Town;Shanty;Town;st=[Do]cks <l do>;docks;do;exit;leave;out;o
Shanty Town;Shanty;Town;st Just inland from the Docks lie the dilapidated buildings of a Shanty Town.
Leaving the Docks, you pass along still, dusty streets into a Shanty Town.
leaves the Docks, passing along still, dusty streets into a Shanty Town.
comes up the still, dusty streets from the Docks at the South end of town
xxxxx Macumba Cay: Shanty Town
Like the Dock at its South end, this small cluster of ramshackle buildings slowly falls before the twin forces of the elements and neglect. Though not yet reclaimed by what passes, here, for nature, untended, the few houses, stores, and public buildings were never constructed of sturdy materials, nor particularly well. Now, doors and windows gape open, like the shadowy hollows in a pile of skulls, and the only sound is the lonely soughing of the wind.
docks;do;exit;leave;out;o At the South end of town lie the Docks, gateway to the open sea.
You leave the still, dusty streets of town, heading for the Docks at its South end.
leaves the still, dusty streets of town, heading for the Docks at its South end.
comes South from Town, joining you at the Docks.

@xdig Macumba Cay: Inland Path=[I]nland [P]ath <l ip>;Inland Path;inland;path;ip=[S]hanty [T]own <l st>;Shanty Town;Shanty;Town;st;exit;leave;out;o
Inland Path;inland;path;ip A rutted, muddy Path heading upland, into the island's interior.
You make your way into the brush along the muddy Path.
makes their way into the brush along the muddy Path.
comes up out of the brush from the South, joining you on the muddy Path.
xxxxx Macumba Cay: Inland Path
Winding along the island's slightly elevated central spine, the Inland Path runs North to South from the highest point in the hills to the lowlands. Crossing it at about midpoint are paths to the East and West shores, as well.
Shanty Town;Shanty;Town;st;exit;leave;out;o At the low, South end of the island may be espied the dilapidated buildings of a Shanty Town.
You make your way South, toward Town.
makes their way South, toward Town.
comes out of the brush, from further Inland.

@xdig Macumba Cay: West Shore=[W]est [P]ath <l wp>;West Path;west;wp=[I]nland [P]ath <l ip>;Inland Path;inland;path;ip
West Path;west;wp A sandy path winds downward among seaside dunes.
You make your way West, toward the sounds of the surf.
makes their way West, toward the sounds of the surf.
appears from among the dunes on the Inland Path.
xxxxx Macumba Cay: West Shore
The prettiest place, perhaps, on Macumba Cay, this stretch of sand is a sickly, pale grey, rather than the brilliant white one might expect. Breakers wash a malodorous, scummy foam ashore, making this beach a parody of paradise.
Sickly sea-grass grows thinly upon mounded dunes, like remnants of hair upon half-buried skulls. Among them, a Path wends its way inland.
Inland Path;inland;path;ip A sandy path winds upward, among the dunes.
You make your way Inland, along the sandy Path.
makes their way way Inland, along the sandy Path.
appears, joining you from along the sandy Western Path.

@backlink [O]ut to [S]ea <l os>;out to sea;os;sea;exit;leave;out;o=#12346,[We]st [S]hore <l wes>;West Shore;west;shore;wes
(Macumba Cay did not have a dbref when I started, of course, so, I created the string with a space for it, and simply added it to my work-file after creating that room. As noted below, the backlink means you would have to go to the linked room to complete the exits.)
out to sea;os;sea;exit;leave;out;o Beyond the reef-strewn waters surrounding Macumba Cay lies the open sea.
You leave the West Shore behind you, making your way across the reef-strewn waters to the open sea.
leaves the West Shore behind them, making their way across the reef-strewn waters to the open sea.
leaves the West Shore behind them, and makes their way across the reef-strewn waters surrounding Macumba Cay to the open sea.
(From Macumba Cay)
West Shore;west;shore;wes A stretch of pale sand beach graces the West Shore of the island.
You make your way across the reef-strewn waters to the West Shore of the island.
makes their way across the reef-strewn waters to the West Shore of the island.
comes across the reef-strewn waters from the open sea to join you on the West Shore of the island.
xxxxx (From Inland Path)
@xdig Macumba Cay: Plantation Fields=[P]lantation [F]ields <l pf>;Plantation Fields;plantation;fields;pf=[I]nland [P]ath <l ip>;Inland Path;inland;path;ip;exit;leave;out;o
Plantation Fields;plantation;fields;pf All across the mid-range of the island grow ordered rows of plants.
Stepping off to one side of the Path or the other, you find yourself among some sort of Plantation.
steps off the Path and among the rows of some sort of Plantation.
steps off the Path, and into the Plantation Fields.
xxxxx Macumba Cay: Plantation Fields
The middle ranges of Macumba Cay's hills are covered in a low, tough <plant>, clearly cultivated, which might, at first glance, seem to be of little save ornamental value. Growing to about 4 feet (1.2 m) tall, 1-2 feet (.3-.6 m) wide, with leaves of dark green with pale yellow-green mottling and veins, they bear unimpressive, whitish-green flowers. Still, great effort was clearly put into covering over half the island with fields upon fields of the plants.
plant http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/interiorscape/plants/dieffenbachiahilo2.jpg
(Another use of look-traps is to direct lookers to images online)

Inland Path;inland;path;ip;exit;leave;out;o A rutted, muddy Path heading upland, into the island's interior.
You make your way into the brush along the muddy Path.
makes their way into the brush along the muddy Path.
comes up out of the brush from the Plantation Fields, joining you on the muddy Path.
xxxxx (From Inland Path)
@xdig Macumba Cay: Cemetery Swamp=[E]ast [P]ath <l ep>;East Path;east;ep=[I]nland [P]ath <l ip>;Inland Path;inland;path;ip
East Path;east;ep A muddy path winds downward among hills and cliffs.
You make your way East, toward the sounds of the sea.
makes their way East, toward the sounds of the sea.
appears along the hills and cliffs on the Inland Path.

xxxxx Macumba Cay: Cemetery Swamp
The East side of Macumba Cay is bounded largely by low, scrubby cliffs overlooking the sea. Here, at its mid-point, however, the cliffs give way to the rolling hills of the inland, which form a basin, of sorts. Lining the basin are hundreds of grave-markers, most of them simple planks of wood weathered beyond legibility. Some few are of stone; however, most of these older, sturdier monuments stand half-submerged in the stinking salt-fen which fills the bottom of the hollow.
Inland Path;inland;path;ip A rutted, muddy Path heading upland, into the island's interior.
You make your way into the brushy hills along the muddy Path.
makes their way into the brushy hills along the muddy Path.
comes up out of the brush from the East side of the island, joining you on the muddy Path.
East Shore;East;Shore;es A rutted, muddy Path which follows a filthy trickle of a stream out to Shore.
You make your way along the stream to the mud-flats at the Shore.
makes their way along the stream to the mud-flats at the Shore.
comes down along the stream from the Swamp, joining you at the Shore.
@xdig Macumba Cay: East Shore=[E]ast [S]hore <l es>;East Shore;East;Shore;es=[C]emetery [S]wamp <l cs>;Cemetery Swamp;Cemetery;Swamp;cs
xxxxx Macumba Cay: East Shore
Muddy salt-flats emerge from the confluence of the tides and the land-water draining from further up the island. A sluggish stream trickles out of a hollow formed by the cliffs, where many dark <shapes> stand, like an army of silent watchers, over the Shore.
shapes Careful observation reveals low, oblong protrusions from the soil of the hillside hollow: Grave-markers.
Cemetery Swamp;Cemetery;Swamp;cs The muddy path inland parallels the stream, leading into what appears to be an old, swampy graveyard.
You make your way along the stream to its source... The Cemetery.
makes their way along the stream to its source... The Cemetery.
comes up along the stream from the Shore, joining you in the Cemetery.

@backlink [O]ut to [S]ea <l os>;out to sea;os;sea;exit;leave;out;o=#12346,[E]ast [S]hore <l es>;East Shore;East;Shore;es
out to sea;os;sea;exit;leave;out;o Beyond the reef-strewn waters surrounding Macumba Cay lies the open sea.
You leave the East Shore behind you, making your way across the reef-strewn waters to the open sea.
leaves the East Shore behind them, making their way across the reef-strewn waters to the open sea.
leaves the East Shore behind them, and makes their way across the reef-strewn waters surrounding Macumba Cay to the open sea.
(From Macumba Cay)
East Shore;East;Shore;es Ugly mud-flats are the only Shore on the East side of the island.
You make your way across the reef-strewn waters to the East Shore of the        island.
makes their way across the reef-strewn waters to the East Shore of the island.
comes across the reef-strewn waters from the open sea to join you on the East Shore of the island.
xxxxx (From Inland Path)
@xdig Macumba Cay: North Hill=[N]orth [H]ill <l nh>;North Hill;North;Hill;nh=[I]nland [P]ath <l ip>;Inland Path;inland;path;ip;exit;leave;out;o
North Hill;North;Hill;nh The muddy path broadens into a rough and rutted road as it bears upward from the Plantation Fields toward the tall hill at the North end of Macumba Cay.
You make your way up the muddy Path to the Hill at the North end of the island.
makes their way up the muddy Path to the Hill at the North end of the island.
comes up the muddy Path from the south.
xxxxx Macumba Cay: North Hill
At the high, North end of Macumba Cay stands a weathered, concrete block building, with a single metal door and barred windows. To one side of the structure stands a machine of some sort, with large, rusty metal bins, conveyor belts leading to some sort of grinding mechanism, and pipes which lead to a set of three white-painted metal <tanks>.
Behind the building is a sheer drop  over 150 feet (45 m) off the cliffs to the surf-pounded rocks below.
tanks Great, squat cylinders with rust-streaked white paint stenciled in black: "Dieffenbachia Diabolicus." They leak visibly, a pale, milky fluid soaking the ground and trickling downhill into the brush.
Inland Path;inland;path;ip;exit;leave;out;o The muddy Inland Path disappears south into the brushy hills.
You make your way Inland down the muddy Path.
makes their way Inland down the muddy Path.
comes down the muddy Path from the North.
(This might have been more or less detailed, but will provide a good setting for certain flavors of RP. If anyfur would like to see the finished product, luge S6 E5, [O]ut to [S]ea, [E]astern [W]aters, [M]acumba [C]ay.)
Finally, if you decide to approach a Wizard for a Square of your own on SD, remember that, if granted, you must NEVER @rec (recycle) that square! The consequences are unspoken but implicitly dire. If you should impress a Wiz with your vision and creative talent, you might find yourself with a place on the map. You might then turn it into a meta-environment, a "front door," of sorts, to which to @backlink one (or more) of your existing rooms.
One last thing (this can be found in the Tool Kit, if you made one): To set your room on wa, type "swa (descriptive text)" to set your room on the wa. "swa (nothing)" removes it. "swad (directions)" sets the directions to your room on wa. You have a fair amount of space, but check wa once set to make sure it all fit.
It is to be hoped than somefurs have benefited from this series. It is easier to work from examples than disparate instructions. However, this has by no means been a complete tutorial; when in doubt, ask a Wiz. Good building!

In Step With: The Antiracoon


This week, we chat with The_antiraccoon, local vampire

The_Antiraccoon has arrived.

Ba'ar growls, "Hello Anti...and thanks for helping me out with the interview."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "No problem."

Ba'ar growls, "Okay let's start. Our readers know about you and some have even met you 'in the pelt' as it were. For one thing, how long have you been here in Spindizzy?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "A bit more than a year, I think I've lost track." You growl, "What brought you to Spindizzy?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "I tried out a few mucks. I did not have much fun on Furry Muck, did not really fit in on any MUD. And Furcadia, they just plain creeped me out. :)"

Ba'ar nods, "I see...so...What's with the unusual name? Why do you call yourself the_antiraccoon?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "I have had to change my name quite a few times during my career."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Especially considering I spent part of it suffering from amnesia."

You growl, "Amnesia?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "It was caused by my greatest enemy, Alicia. I think that I might have deserved it, but when dealing with the kitsune you can never tell. Who knows what she did to my mind?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "She turned me into a beastman, she made me part raccoon somehow. We later fought at some kind of a stadium, and it was there that she took away my memories too."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "I remember her taunting me somehow, but not exactly what she said."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Not even now, now that I have my memories back."

Ba'ar nods, "I see. I understand you're a vampire. Were you born one?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "No, I got infected during one of my many adventures."

Ba'ar growls, "How hard has it been to adjust to being a vampire?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "I have never adjusted, and I continue to look for a cure."

You growl, "How have your friends and family reacted to your being a vampire?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Er... I sort of haven't got any. I made up with my apprentice, though."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "... who, apparently... is the son of Alicia...."

Ba'ar nods, "How do you deal with your unique 'nutritional requirements' without becoming a burden on SD?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "I am a burden, but not on most of the locals. Patch grows a... patch of bloodroots. These roots actually contain blood."

Ba'ar nods, "I see...so..Who do you admire the most?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Nobody comes to mind. Perhaps if I looked up to somebody, I would not have ended up like... this."

Ba'ar nods, "What is it about Spindizzy would you change if you could?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "More excitement, more rampaging dragons and secret ruins! More monsters! My adventuring career was cut short because I simply could not find any work anymore."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "There's a lesson in that. You'd be surprised how quick you can spend your share of a dragon's hoard."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Save your gold, kids."

Ba'ar nods, "Other than finding a cure for your vampirism, what other plans do you have for the future?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Er... I never thought about that."

Ba'ar growls, "How about finding someone special and settling down? Have any thoughts of that?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "It's possible, but unlikely. Contrary to popular belief, we heroes are not always that great with the ladies."

Ba'ar growls, "Too much wanderlust?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Usually. But I'm just shy. :)"

Ba'ar nods, "So do you have a secret fact or desire that would surprise our readers?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Let's see..."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "I already mentioned it a couple nights ago, even. Now that I am no longer in the hero business, I do not have to worry about public opinion. It's great! Anyway, it's that I am different in private than I act in public."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "When you are a hero, there is a certain image you need to present to potential clients. I was used to presenting it 24/7."

Ba'ar growls, "How so?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "You know... courageous, larger-than-live, a wit as sharp as his blade... that sort of dull stuff."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "If your name does not get out there, you won't get hired."

Ba'ar nods.

Ba'ar growls, "In closing, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?"

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "Try to be a complete person, I guess. I spent all my life only focusing on one thing. Catching an escaped animal, getting strong enough to battle Alicia... and losing. But since I was so narrow-minded, I'm now obsolete. I make pocket change working for SED."

The_Antiraccoon shrugs.

Ba'ar growls, "That concludes our interview. Again, thanks for helping me out with it."

The_Antiraccoon gruffs, "No problem. So long."

The_Antiraccoon waves.

The_Antiraccoon is carried away when a runaway sputnik rams into him.

The_Antiraccoon has left.

o/~ Gilead does the Mash. He does the Punster Mash! o/~

Q: What's a witch's best subject in elementary school?
A: Spelling.

Q: Where do you keep lycanthropes?
A: In the werehouse.

Q: What's grosser than gross?
A: The Blob with a cold.

Q: Why was the vampire locked up?
A: He had bats in his belfry.

Q: Why was the Southern Kalifornian mad scientist so eager to finish his monster?
A: He heard there here was a body building competition that weekend at Muscle Beach.

Q: Why did the hardware store owner tearfully bury some of his stock?
A: An axe murderer had been through the store.

Q: How did the Aussie musician die in a George A. Romero film?
A: He was travelling in a fried-out combie, on a hippie trail, eaten by zombies.

Q: Why couldn't the mad scientist manage to make his monster work?
A: He just didn't have the brains.

Q: What do you call a Revolutionary War centaur hit by a cannonball in NY?
A: The headless horse-man.

Q: How do teenangels spend the night before Halloween?
A: Sneaking around the neighborhood, making egged devils.

Q: How did the vampire feel when confronted with a religious symbol?
A: He was very cross.

Q: Why did The Dread Vampirate Roberts keel over?
A: He was only *mostly* undead.

Q: What do you call a pumpkin that kills prostitutes?
A: A Jack O'Ripper.

Q: What hops and eats brains?
A: Zomabies.

Q: What do unkempt spiders make?
A: Slobwebs.

Q: How do you know dead Egyptians can keep a secret?
A: Mummy is the word.

Q: What did the dead Egyptian's Ka do when a bigger Ka beat it up?
A: Ran home crying to its mummy.

Q: What do you call a straw dummy on the make for some hot, feathered lovin'?
A: A Scorecrow.

Q: What do you call a pumpkin with a bad attitude?
A: A Jerk O'Lantern.

Q: What do nerds do on Halloween?
A: They. Go. Out. Trek. Or. Treating.

Q: What did the naughty chickens do the night before Halloween?
A: They housed a bunch of neighborhood eggs.

Q: What do two devils do when they love each other?
A: They get nightmaried.

Q: What's more unlucky than a black cat crossing your path?
A: A black hole's event horizon crossing your location.

Q: Why did the waifish female zombie get lots of dates?
A: Because of her ghoulish good looks.

Q: What chases procyonid tush all over Middle Earth?
A: Tailringwraiths.

Q: What did the spirits do when a ghost suddenly turned up alive?
A: They called for a police inspectre.

Q: Where should you bury the not-quite-dead?
A: In a semi-tary.

Q: Why did the witch doctor bring a cleric when he was trying to make his fugu-poisoned victims into zombies?
A: He'd heard that when trying to raise vegetables, you should turn them periodically to ensure even growth.

Q: What ensues when a bloodsucker steps out in the sunlight?
A: Vampyrotechnics.

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What do you think about FOX HUNTING?
- H. Unter

Dear H. Unter:
I think it's fine to GO AFTER PRETTY LADIES!

Dear Bearing Up:
Are bears Catholic?
- M. Ixedup

Dear M. ixedup:
No we're atheistic.

Dear Bearing Up:
Does the Pope relieve himself in the woods?
- O. House

Dear O. House
How can he? He doesn't go camping!

Dear Bearing Up:
I went to see Doom the movie and it was nothing like the game. They changed it all around to make it a total suck. Why can't they make good movies of games?
- Gay Mer

Dear Gay Mer
Because the game companies want you to PLAY their games not SEE THEM AS MOVIES!

Dear Bearing Up:
What's up with this? When Katrina hit Louisiana, which has a Democratic govenor, gas prices went through the roof. When Wilma came through Florida, which has a Republican governor, gas prices dropped 10 cents a gallon. Is it possible politics have something to do with gas prices
- Argon

Dear Argon
Sure. That's because Florida was able to make extra GAS from their politicians' HOT AIR!

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What should I dress up like for Halloween?
- F. Kruger

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Go as yourself. You're scary-looking enough

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  • The_Antiraccoon squeaks, "A bat in a hat."
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