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Report of dragon attack met with skepticism

A concerned The_Antiraccoon, local human, told those visting the Rose Garden Friday, that they should be worried about the "dragon attack" that occured there the night before. He reported that a dragon had flown down from the sky, let loose a blast of fire and set some of the trees on fire.

No one there seemed to recall this happening due to many of them having been at Ba'ar's "Punslinging" event. As there was no evidence of the "dragon attack", The_'s report seemed questionable. None the less, one witness who was identified as Neowolf, although that has not been confirmed, claimed that he witnessed the attack. He noted that it wasn't as dangerous as The_'s claim.

Convieniently, a flame was spotted in the sky at this time. The_ sounded the alarm as it drew closer. Others noted that it was unusual for a dragon's flame to burn continuously. As it brushed a tree top, it did indeed cause the upper branches to smoulder. It also allowed a closer view of the "dragon" which looked more like an airplane made of duct tape that had been set afire.

Quick work by several folks made short work of the fire, as The_ urged action be taken to stop this threat to SpinDizzy. When asked what action should be taken against a burning duct tape airplane. The_ offered his services as hero to take care of the problem, but after asking for payment in advance, most decided the threat wasn't that great.

The_ also found himself in hot water after proudly telling Argon, local centaur, that it was he who had talked Portia, local red panda, into joining the Society of Evil Doers. Before Argon could "discuss" this issue further, The_ slunk off back towards his home in the swamp.

A later visit by ex SED ninja Number Twenty Five, suggested that The_'s preference to wearing a hood and appearing mostly at night was due to his becoming a vampire. This has not been confirmed, but certainly fits his actions.

Wurragurr turns into a bunny

Wurragurr who used to be a giant kangaroo is now a bunny, thanks to Findra Dolphin the bunny! This happened just a couple weeks ago but Wurragurr is still getting used to it and having fun being now a giant bunny rabbit. He says he's "15 feet tall, last I checked," which is just as tall as he was as a kangaroo, but then "I was even bigger...not taller, but...uhm, wider! A few hundred pounds," which isn't all that lot of weight when you are big as that but still. He thinks it's kind of like losing a dozen pounds when you're normal-sized.

Turning from being a kangaroo to being a bunny isn't a lot of changes he said, "The diet hasn't changed much. But it's very much different not having such a huge tail." He used to keep trying to lean back and rest on his tail and fall over, but he's learned not to do that now! He didn't hurt himself falling over or hurt anybody by falling on them thankfully.

He asked Findra to turn him into a bunny, because "I've been feeling more lapinic lately! And now I look it too!" He thinks the most fun part about being a bunny now is "the twitchy nose and soft fur." I asked if he ever wanted to be a kangaroo again. "I...honestly don't know. I'm rather enjoying being a rabbit a lot! so I'm just fine for now."

He kind of misses the tail he had as a kangaroo, because it was useful and it was fun too. And he says "sometimes I'll wake up wondering why I'm shaped 'all wrong'...but those mornings come less and less." I asked if it helped make it easier that bunnies and kangaroos look so much the same except for the tails and he said, "It's true, they don't look different, but underneath...totally different bones."

He changed from being a red-furred kangaroo to being a white-furred bunny thanks to Findra. "It's just a bit harder to clean. ;)" He doesn't have a pouch as a bunny, but he never had a pouch when he was a kangaroo either.

Findra did all the magic work for turning Wurragurr into a bunny, and it didn't take all that long to go through. He said it was maybe twenty minutes, and it wasn't at all scary. "The best thing was it didn't hurt at all, not even when all the bones were changing. I was amazed by that."

Even though he's so big he could probably dig tunnels a subway could go through he doesn't burrow right now. "Actually, I live in a meadow right now. I haven't gotten the hang of digging burrows yet. They always cave in."

SED Member Recipient of Good Deed

Last week as the usual group of folks enjoyed chatting in the Rose Garden, Morticon, local wallaby and alledged leader of the Society of Evil Doers (SED) arrived. Although usually trying to pull some scam or do something evil, this time he seemed a bit subdued and off handidly mentioned Portia, local red panda and the SED's newest member, had been working in the garden and had, to paraphrase the wallaby, "...just fell asleep and fell over in the dirt while doing something to the plants. I'm sure she's all right."

This caught the attention of Portia's friends who at once asked Morticon for more information. Portia, although having joined the SED, is well known and quite popular with many folks and those in the Rose Garden were quite concerned.

Morticon blew off the concern saying that maybe she was just tired and needed a nap, but those who know Portia and her demure and lady like nature found the idea of her quitting work for a nap, much less taking a nap in the dirt, out of charcter for her, so Morticon was pressed to lead the group to her in SED headquarters.

As expected, Morticon wasn't enthisiastic about taking a nember of publically "anti-SED" SpinDizzians into his lair, but he was told that the group would enter under a white flag of sorts and would promise to do no harm to the SED HQ or it's personel. They just wanted to check on Portia.

Morticon reluctantly agreed and led the group to the infamous SED HD, a place of legend and myth. It turned out this bastion of evil looked more like the corporate ofices of a business that was going out of business. A large room of office cubicles was almost empty except for a few folks surfing the Internet and chatting on the phone. Morticon led the group directly to the indoor garden room which was full of bizzare and exotic plants. The room had many scents, some good, some terrible under a ceiling that was bright due either to being open to the sun or banks of grow lights behind frosted panels.

A quick search soon found the point of the search. Portia was on the floor of the room behind some raised tables full of plants flat on the floor, seemingly passed out. Argon, local centaur kneeled down and inspected her and finding she hadn't harmed herself, picked her up in his arms. Georgia, local dragon suspected that Portia had breathed or been exposed to some plant toxins and using her draconic skills, attempted to remove the toxins from Portia's system. This had some effect as Portia opened her eyes and seemed to recognise Argon. Although somwhat confused she was speaking and seemed to be regaining her senses.

At this point, Morticon told Argon, "I'll leave you with your crush," and hopped off to do something nefarius. Argon, who doesn't have a crush on Portia, led the group back to the red panda's home in the Sand Castle appartments. Argon knew where she lived after going there to pick up the feathers that had been in the Rose Garden a week ago to make mattressed.

As the rescuers settled Portia in her hammock she asked for Con, the wallaby plush she brought home after getting it from Morticon in the Rose Garden. The plush was found, and Portia and Con were tucked into their hammock. Portia drifted off to sleep and the group of her friends left.

Later, both Georgia and Argon stopped by to check on her. The next day many of the rescuers stopped by and found Portia to be much recovered saying that she had a cold and thought the fever had overwhelmed her. Red panda's are very sensitive to heat and with the warm temperatures in the plant room, and a fever she might have fainted from the heat.

As of press time, Portia is recovering well and is expected to be fine soon.

Dolly Is, Has Ball

Dolly, balloon genie, watched with delight this week the gathering and rumbling about of inflated beachballs around the Balloon Fields 'park', where (among other events) beachballs of many sizes gather, roll around, nuzzle, and engage in similar social behaviors. After cheerily hugging them, and longing to be one, Skyler, rabbit, pointed out, "you /are/ your own genie."

But as she didn't transmute herself Skyler speculated to balloon kangaroo Beltrami that "Maybe she can't grant her own wishes"-- leading Dolly to ask, "Would anyone want to make such a wish?"

Beltrami held up a finger...pointed from Dolly, to a beach ball. Then she pointed from the beach ball, back to Dolly, and crossed her arms in an X? Skyler interpreted: "You're worried Dolly won't be able to get back."

Leowulf, wolf-lion, agreed, "It makes sense, she won't be a genii anymore, beach balls can't do magic." It might be the last wish she granted -- unless, "if you made the wish with a 'time to revert' clause, it might work."

Dolly asked, "Couldn't I just be a genie-ball, or something? That might be nice to try. Would it be like being a normal beach ball, though?""

Leowulf said, "The whole problem is 'normal' beach ball isn't usually intelligent, or a genii for that matter. But you're a balloon now already, just changing your shape and color should cover it really." Beltrami suggested it might be wise to leave some reserve of genie powers with her so that if something unforeseen went wrong there'd be a convenient way to turn Dolly back, to which she agreed.

Finally and with a wish ready, Skyler unfastened Dolly's belt. "Beltrami and I wish that Dolly was a beach ball shaped genie, for two weeks. And, that Beltrami gets her outfit." Dolly nodnodded, and bowed. At her gesture, swirls of colored smoke rose up from the ground to wrap around her, as well as around Skyler.

As the smoke cleared Beltrami was revealed to now be dressed in a belly-dancer's style outfit, adjusted to suit her figure. Shiny shoes with pointed toes, voluminous pink harem pants, and a tight- fitting bikini-like top, with a pink vest that wraps around her chest.

Dolly, meanwhile, was revealed to now be a large, vinyl sphere, of typical beachball size and shape. Her body was alternating transparent and colored slices, with the colored slices being pink, tan, and shiny mylar as her pervious body was. Her eyes and mouth are now printed on the inner surface of the tan wedge, blinking as they peer out through the clear section opposite. Her voice echoes inside of the ball when she talks.

The fun quickly picked up for Dolly, who was bumped around by Beltrami into a three-way game of catch with Skyler and Leowulf. After being given a few go-rounds of that Beltrami tried standing and keeping her balance on top of her sister, and while she fell off it did send Dolly tumbling in another direction where she bumped into one of the other beachballs. Soon Dolly was being hit far into the air, an exciting way of moving around that she hadn't had the chance to explore before. For beachballs, that's great fun.

Georgia stops being a centaur

Georgia turned herself last week from a centaur into an alicorn which is a unicorn who has wings. She used to be a dragon long ago but now "Once again, I know the skies." But back when she was a dragon all a long time ago, she had a special job. "I experiment with forgotten arcanics and exotic sciences. One of those experiments went wrong. A small, yet nonetheless tragic miscalution on my part." Argon the centaur said she turned herself into a centaur which was a good thing, but she wasn't trying to turn into a centaur or a Borg no matter what he thinks. "I was expecting to open a portal to my homeworld. It's quite a distance the hard way."

Georgia explained what happened to her now, "Remember those feathers that flooded the garden? Some of those were the key ingredeant to the magics I used to transform." The feathers were there before last week for a couple days. She changed back she said because "I missed the sky, I wanted my flight back. I simply took the path of least resistance to achieve that goal. It was not up to anyone but me." Argon's still kind of sad about not having another centaur there. Georgia made the magic spell herself, and now being an alicorn is as natural for her as being breathing is.

Aushae the dragon explained what Georgia was trying to do with a portal, and asked me "You know how you can have a small ball fit into a slightly larger one, and that into one still a little bigger, and on and on...? Now, if you can think of each ball being a whole universe... worlds and stars and everything... all connected in layers... Georgia wanted to pop into one layer, take a short walk there, and end up someplace on her world, much farther away... it's the best shortcut you can get, if you can do it right... Problem is, I think that it got twisted somewhere, and instead of coming out at her home, it came out here... And when she went through the twist that brought her here, it made her into a Centauress.. So, she is probably closer to her home than she was before, just now she's several layers away... And it's hard to make a walk through more and more ayers... So, she's a bit afraid of how she opens a new shortcut..."

And Georgia said that was mostly right, but "The point is, even if creating a second wormhole was successful, I am no longer wat I was. It's highly likely I would be emediately attacked and slain on Drac'orra." That's where she's from to begin with. "I can certianly recalculate the variables." She tapped her temple. "I wound up part machine."

She has now these computer parts that do some of the thinking she does. "You can't seperate the machine from flesh without leaving me a cripple, or worse. I know, I looked into that. The cybernetics self-adapt." She knows what the computer parts are thinking but it's not like they whisper to her. Aushae said "Think of it, as if you had a little window to look through, and that window had stuff on it written down by the machine parts... she can tell it what she needs, and it gives it back to her, through her seeing."

She knows how to speak computer language, though. "I've hacked SED's network right under their noses several times. Just for amusement, mind. Their databases have little that intrests me."

Just what's going on here?

Bunny jumping.

Here's a question for all you readers. Just what is this bunny doing?

Click on the image for a larger view, and let your imagination run wild!

Send your idea to Argon via Page #mail once connected to SpinDizzy.

Andrew building a spaceship

Andrew the centaur built drydocks so that he can build his own spaceship. That's a special kind of dock where you have air so it's easier to build than building out in space or in the water would be. For his ship he didn't build a Captain's Chair yet because he does't need one to sit down. He's building up he said, a "Long range battle cruiser."

He doesn't have anybody to fight though. "It just happens to be the type that will best fit a 'taur." And he said "Every ship should have a way of defending itself." The drydocks are far away, but he'll be able to get to the ship when it's done being fixed up.

Mr. Andrew says he's about 75 percent done on his spaceship,he still needs to do the bridge that controls everything (it doesn't go from one place to another except with the whole ship) and the shield generators and the weapons systems.

Patch O'Black has a birthday

Patch O'Black, local Jellicle cat, celbrated his birthday on Friday. As is his cutom, Argon, local centaur tossed the jellicle cat into the fountain in the Rose Garden. In spite of most cats' aversion to water, Patch took getting tossed and getting wet with good humor.

Adara. local cat, brought out a large pinata and Argon helped by hanging it from a branch of the Ancient Oak tree, and Adara blindfolded Patch and gave him a plastic baseball bat. Patch took several good swings before connecting with the pinata. When he did, it broke and all sorts of candy fell out. The SpinDizzy crowd eagerly gathered up Patch's prize, and in the process enjoyed all sorts of types and flavors of candy.

Patch seemed to enjoy the party, and everyone was glad to make the cat's birthday a happy one!

Chaos and Confusion Alert!

Please note: This article, along with all articles being written by Amelia Silvergale, are IN CHARACTER. They are being used as part of an ongoing RP. Anyone character included in these articles have given their express permission for these articles to go to print. Please, react as a character, not a player, to these articles, and use them to further your role-playing experiences.

Spindizzy has always valued its most vulnerable citizens. Kits are enjoyed and celebrated for their playful nature and the joy they bring to other residents. Our elderly, while not being many in number, are respected for their wisdom and caring.

Unfortunately, there is a hidden plight for these poor, innocent furs. One of our citizens has openly admitted to causing chaos and confusion among these groups, with disastrous results.

His name: Darius.

In a high secretive interview you will find only at @Action News, Darius has openly admitted his love of chaos and confusion among small kits and the elderly. In fact, according to Darius himself, he has been causing chaos and confusion among these groups for a long time, so long in fact, that "children were fun [to cause chaos and confusion upon], but not a challenge" He continued to say that the same went for the elderly. It is the kits who seem to be the subjects of most of the chaos, since, according to Darius, "Children are the easiest [to cause chaos and confusion upon]".

What is the effect of this chaos and confusion? According to Dr. Richard Ursus, chaos and confusion could cause serious damage to a kit's psyche. "Depending on the severity of the chaos, a kit could experience anything from sullenness and depression to a complete personality change to what is known in the medical field as "Bragnam Mollis", where the brain will actually liquefy and begin to ooze from the victim's ears". After studying first-hand accounts of Darius's actions, Dr. Ursus speculates that any chaos and confusion he caused to a kit had the potential to cause severe reactions, even Bragnam Mollis. To the elderly, Dr. Ursus seemed concerned that any chaos and confusion caused by Darius at their expense could lead to instant and painful death.

"I hope parents of small kits and those who love the elderly will heed this article and keep those groups away from Darius, at all costs," continues Dr. Ursus, "It is so sad when a doctor has to treat a victim of severe chaos and confusion"

Soul_Food For Thought: "A Theory of the Nature of SpinDizzy"

Soul Fox.

I have been on SpinDizzy less than a year, now, but, through my observations, I have drawn some conclusions about the nature, if not the purpose, of our strange and wonderful home.

Being half (in the sense of my masculine progenitor) spirit creature, I enjoy the peculiar perspective which that heritage affords me. I view reality as something less than absolute, a quasi-tangible sum of momentarily resolved possibilities rather than the concrete experience perceived by the five common senses.

Therefore, when I look beyond the "here and now" of our floating space island, what my (admittedly inexperienced) perceptions reveal is a hodgepodge of realities, coalesced with more or less detail and structure, depending upon whose patterns of imagining they are formed.

Pick any environment in which you might find yourself on SpinDizzy, and consider its context. The most concrete basis we have for our world is a plainly artificial construct which travels through space, seemingly scheduled for a periodic return to its point of origin, from which we have recently departed. All of this is clearly established through direct observation.

And yet-

Considering the hypothetical environment which we have just chosen, how does it fit into the context of the reality which we have just defined? Some areas are relatively generic in nature... Desolate wastelands, parks, beaches... Others, however, have a definite context predicated on an extensive history, or even geology or geography, which rationally contradicts their presence on SpinDizzy. There are areas whose very fabric is steeped in antiquity, with ancient mountain ranges, great seas, and even hidden cultures therein whose own mythologies and world views do not reflect the fact that SpinDizzy is not a natural planet. Viewed from some places, the very stars in the sky do not appear the same as they do from others, nor do those astronomical vistas reflect a vessel in motion among those same stars.

How do we reconcile these facts?

This is my theory:

The surface of SpinDizzy, the vessel, is covered with a (rough) pattern of congruent regions, each of which is a dedicated reality generator. There are still wide, untenanted sections of SpinDizzy (recently expanded) where this is quite plain, as the nature of reality is tenuous, the vistas transient and surreal, like "test patterns," cycling through a randomly shifting set of expressions, perhaps to stabilize reality in a low-demand state. When somefur undertakes to consciously enforce their own vision of reality on such a space, it may be observed to change, matching their imaginings to such a degree as they are able to manipulate reality.

Thus, we have a "New York City," and a "Tokyo," but, they are not /the/ cities so named. Nor are they connected in any appreciable way with New York State, or with Honshu Island, Japan, respectively, as most beings understand and conceive them to be. More extremely, we also have portions of the surfaces of Earth's Moon, Mars, and Pluto. Likewise, there are some other areas which bear a geographic or cultural similarity to known places, but which are seemingly unique.

So, depending on the will, whim, and imagination of the enactor, it is possible that any environment which may be conceived, any reality, no matter how vast or limited, may be conjured up on SpinDizzy. As to why this is the case, well, that is a matter for conjecture, and might bear further inquiry of those who seem to have some knowledge of the workings of SpinDizzy. To my understanding, Kern and Ing have described SpinDizzy as a great clockwork mechanism. I indulge in the notion that this is, in fact, a limited metaphor, an explanation supplied in an attempt to relate, to minds inadequately equipped to perceive it, the hidden nature of reality, whether it is unique to SpinDizzy, or a universal law.

What does this all mean? Well, for one thing, it means that, potentially, anyfur possessed of sufficient energy and imagination can manipulate reality on a scale beyond even the astonishing manipulations of self commonplace on SpinDizzy. The theory is the same; it is in its application that the challenge lies. By extension, this also means that there are vaster, more intriguing realms than may be commonly known, already within reach of anyfur who wishes to explore the surface of SpinDizzy.

My uncle, Ray, wrote a poem inspired by the quiet potentials of such places, pieces of SpinDizzy, for example, molded by somefur's imaginings to conjure up some realm or setting, which might go unappreciated by those unaware of its presence:

"Art Appreciation" (07/31/01)

Sprawling emptiness
Vast, vacant vistas
Creation almost for its own, pure sake
Unknown, untraveled, unappreciated
Each empty space a snapshot of an imagined world
An environmental impression
Given life only in those few, fleeting moments in
which consciousness pauses to observe the
insubstantial reality
A life which afterwards fades, save, perhaps, as a
dimly-persistent memory of a fragment of a milieu

Yet- How inherently necessary to a more richly detailed virtual life?
If each space was like the next
A blank canvas stretching on into the void
Upon what stage would we walk?

Whatever value is placed, for whatever reasons, upon this existence, it is enriched by each such space
Conceived, detailed, and connected
The textual pictures which frame our lives

And those few who, for a time, quit the well-traveled places
Who explore beyond the comfortable boundaries
Who brave the lonely places
Or, who earn warm welcome into some private world...

By their explorations they vindicate the labors of those who add to the framework of our reality

It is my hope that this article will assist in resolving some of the many unanswered (and, seemingly, unasked) questions about SpinDizzy, as well as open the eyes of those who have not looked past the Rose Garden, or wandered the wild horizons. Also, it would be nearly as easy to chat idly with friends while on a walking-tour of SpinDizzy (and, I think, more stimulating) as in the Rose Garden, and I hope this inspires adventurous furs to undertake just such excursions.

I welcome comments and alternate points of view.


"The enjoyment of any good thing is only enhanced by sharing it with others."

In Step With: Mavra


This week, we sit down to have a chat with Mavra, local centaur.

Mavra has arrived.

Ba'ar smiles "Welcome Mavra, and thanks for helping me out with the interview."

Mavra raises her eyebrows? "Bedroom?"

Ba'ar nods

Mavra smiles and tips her hat. "Hello, Ba'ar."

Ba'ar giggles "Nothing will be done here. I know you're already taken."

You growl, "Okay let's start. Our readers know about you and some have even met you 'in the pelt' as it were. For one thing, how long have you been here in Spindizzy?"

Mavra says, "I've been here on SD about as long as it's been in existence. I came along with Argon, my husband, when Toons, Fur & Fluff went down and SpinDizzy got started."

Ba'ar nods "So you came here from Toons, Fur and Fluff bit the dust? I see. How did you meet your handsome hubby Argon?"

Mavra says, "That was a bit longer ago, back in 1997 on a centaur-related bulletin board, now being moderated by a centaur by the name of Aatheus. Just around Argon's birthday, too."

You growl, "Did you know him before you transformed?"

Mavra says, "Oh no, I had no idea of his or anybody else's presence for years after I became a centaur."

Mavra says, "I've been one for over half my life now. :-)"

You growl, "I've heard it was a government funded military project that changed you and Argon into centaurs."

Mavra says, "In Argon's case, the evidence points very strongly in that direction. In mine, it's something quite different."

You growl, "What caused the transformation in your case, if I may ask?"

Mavra says, "A bit of an accident, actually, one that was intended to save my life. As a matter of fact, what is seen now is my second transformation."

You growl, "Second transformation? Please elaborate on that if you could."

Mavra says, "My first transformation was what would be considered 'the big one', that being a shift from human to centaur. That was more or less intended. It also had the benefit of regressing my age so that I was younger and give me 'extra life', I'm guessing, to make up for lost time. The second transformation simply aged me back to my 'apparent age' and altered my looks to what you see now."

Ba'ar smiles "Are you sure you've gone through the 'second transformation'? You look rather young to me."

Mavra smiles. "Thank you, and yes, I'm more of my 'proper age' now. Try being a kid again." ;-)

You growl, "This next one may be rather painful so you don't have to answer it if you don't want to. How has your family reacted to your centaur form?"

Mavra sighs. "Mixed to be honest. Most of them see it as 'one of those things', while there are others that have severed all communication with me."

Mavra says, "But those that have cut ties are very much in the minority."

Ba'ar nods "That's good. At least you have a good support network...Now then.."

You growl, "What are the advantages of being a centaur (other than the fact you have Argon as a wonderful hubby?)"

Mavra smiles greatly. "What, there's more?!"

Mavra says, "Gee, having Argon is a blessing in and of itself. Adding to that is just 'icing on the cake'."

Ba'ar giggles "Okay...so you're a lucky lady, I admit. Anything else other than Argon?"

Mavra says, "Ok, to be honest, to me, one of the number-one things that I enjoy best about being a centaur (Argon, as significant as he is aside, sorry Dear) is the size and strength. I know that in many cases and in many species, the female is either smaller and/or weaker. For myself, I can say 'NO!' and mean it, backing it up if I have to."

Ba'ar smiles "I wouldn't get BEHIND YOU to have you DEMONSTRATE this fact either. I'm not THAT stupid."

Mavra says, "That's another thing that is very often overlooked of centaurs."

You growl, "Power?"

Mavra raises a fist. "These things." :-)

Mavra says, "Dangerous at both ends if somebody decides to get nasty."

Ba'ar grins "You are woman.....see you punch and kick."

Mavra taps her head. "And this for thinking things out. We are *not* horses, much to Morti's dismay."

You growl, "Now then..What are the disadvantages of your centaur form?"

Mavra says, "Disadvantages? There are disadvantages?"

Mavra says, "Hehe, ok, seriously. It's simply having regions that are out of easy reach. Like scratching an itch and so forth. Nothing major, just a mild nuisance."

You growl, "I can imagine. I've often thought about the difficulties of you taking care of yourselves (but then again you have Argon to help you out)."

Mavra says, "True, but then I was rather self-sufficient for many years before I even met Argon."

Mavra says, "I've since learned numerous little 'tricks' for making do while other, more recent 'transformees' haven't."

You growl, "Would you change back if you were given the chance? "

Mavra says, "Right now? No, not on your life. I've been like this for more than half my life, why would I want to change it again? I've enough distractions as it is."

Ba'ar nods "Who do you admire the most?"

Mavra says, "My parents. They've been through a lot in their lives in their efforts to raise myself and my siblings, even more since I've changed. I admire their dedication."

Ba'ar nods "How noble. Now then, do you have any plans for the future?"

Mavra says, "Only the same as most individuals; good job/house/et cetera. My only added twist is to eventually move back down to Florida again and be with Argon once more."

You growl, "What secret fact or desire about you would surprise our readers?"

Mavra chuckles. "From Column A, Column B, Column C, Column D...? I've a lot of secrets and desires. Well, here's one, I don't know how many are sufficiently familiar with my education, but in two separate issues of 'Popular Science', I have my graduate student project being displayed there in various stages of development I was making. It's that NASA-sponsered 'CEV' as a replacement for the Space Shuttle."

Ba'ar grins "Brawn and brains. I'm impressed."

Mavra says, "Now if only I got *some credit* for it. Ah well. ;-)"

Mavra says, "Go China! ;-)"

You growl, "One more question Mavra. Do you have any words of wisdom for our readers?"

Mavra says, "Yes, I do, Ba'ar. Everybody should realize that there is *one thing* that is the most important thing in life. What that is exactly varies from individual to individual, it's up to you to figure out what it is and be true to it throughout your life."

Ba'ar smiles "That concludes our interview. Thanks alot Mavra."

Mavra tips her hat. "Thank you for having me over, Ba'ar."

Gilead's Puns to Drive You Buggy

Q: What kind of bug wakes you up at the crack of dawn?
A: A rooster roach

Q: What is the favorite reading material of a praying mantis?
A: The Holy Bugble.

Q: What do you call a bug that never was?
A: A not to bee.

Q: What kind of bug lives on dung, and blows up in crowds?
A: Scarab terrorists.

Q: What is the world's cruelest bug?
A: A tyr ant.

Q: What's the world's oldest bug?
A: An anci ant.

Q: What is the world's biggest bug?
A: An eleph ant.

Q: What is the world's heaviest bug?
A: A sits-around-the-house fly.

Q: What is the world's most loving bug?
A: A dear tick.

Q: What kind of bug is found on the crotch of a well-dressed fire lizard?
A: A dragon fly.

Q: Why should you always be suspicious of a locust?
A: They're just not quite cricket.

Q: What kind of bug spreads disease to beanstalks?
A: A gassy-winged sharpshooter.

Q: What kind of bug will beat the snot out of you?
A: A solipugilist spider.

Q: What kind of bug has huge beautiful wings, but is not what you think?
A: A parkayfly.

Q: What kind of bug wins medals and fame as a larva, but then is never heard from again (unless it releases an adult snuggle film with its convict boyfriend)?
A: An Olympic Figure Cicada.

Q: Why did the sea otter have to go to the vet after his romantic dinner date?
A: He got a bad case of crabs.

Q: What kind of bug supports felines?
A: A cat pillar.

Q: Why did the cat's shampoo not kill a single flea?
A: They already fled.

Q: Why did they successfully get away from the shampoo?
A: They were fleat of foot.

Q: How do bugs prepare for retirement?
A: They put their money into tax-deferred infestments

The "Eventlist" Crystal Ball

Each week @Action News will print the "Eventlist" notices here. This list will be accurate as of press time, but be sure and check it during the week. Activities and events can be proposed, rescheduled or event cancelled for all sorts of reasons. So stay "in the know" by checking Eventlist often.

To get a list with details as shown here, enter eventlist #week #long.

SpinDizzy Event List

The following events are scheduled within the next 7 days:

+Number: 6
+Title: Spindizzy Game Night: Taboo
+From: Mon 09/26/05 07:00 PM +To: Mon 09/26/05 09:00 PM
+Location: French Quarter (N3 E0)
+Age: all
+Event Owner: Adara
+RSVPs (0):

Come join us and play "Taboo"! Basic rules can be found at http://www.boardgames.com/taboo.html , but be sure to arrive on time for this event to hear the special rules and allow us to start on time. Hope to see you there!

+Number: 2
+Title: Fuzzy Yarns Story Circle
+From: Tue 09/27/05 07:00 PM +To: Tue 09/27/05 10:00 PM
+Location: The ruin. one South, one east.
+Age: all
+Event Owner: Tarka
+RSVPs (0):
Come one, Come all! To the grand doomy otter event of the week, the Fuzzy Yarns Story Circle! Thrill to the mangled words of the typodeamon! Be stunned by the Freudian Slip! See the hair pulling writers fall down in fits! Come and see the giant otter try to write without opposible thumbs. The Horror... the horror...

+Number: 4
+Title: Tarka's 7th Year Birthday Party
+From: Thu 09/29/05 07:00 PM +To: Thu 09/29/05 08:00 PM
+Location: Gailc Ruin
+Age: ALL
+Event Owner: Tarka
+RSVPs (0): RSVPing on this event is disabled
Strange as it seems it has been seven long years since I first created a character here on Spindizzy. So, there will be a party and get together on the 29th for the 'birthday'. Should be a good time to hang out and talk about all that has happened.

This week in history

Back issues from a year and more ago. Remember when...?

Newspaper Circulation Report

@Action News, SpinDizzy's weekly paper, apparently has a fairly healthy circulation, so we figured we'd show just how healthy it is.

Each week, as long as there's room. I'll show the 'hit graph' for the @Action News website.

Just as a note, this makes a full year @Action News has been showing our circulation numbers. Yay!

Graphic of @Action News website hits.

Bearing Up

Bearing Up logo.

Welcome to the latest edition of Bearing up, the advice column where Ba'ar (That's me!) has answers to your most challenging questions.

Dear Bearing Up:
As an alligator in Louisiana I've been swimming around New Orleans. My question is, is it all right to eat looters?
- Wally

Dear Wally:
Sure. In doing so, you'll help clean up the place.

Dear Bearing Up:
Should I hire a DJ or a live band for my sweet 16 party?
- Sweet 15

Dear Sweet 15:
Hire a DJ fronting a live band for your Sweet 16 party!

Dear Bearing Up:
Help! A hurricane is coming. What to do?
- Dorthy

Dear Dorthy:
Put some Gorilla Glue on your feet to keep from being blown away!

Dear Bearing Up:
Which is harder to win, Castle Wolfenstein or Doom?
- Argon

Dear Argon:
Neither! Donkey Kong Country!

Dear Bearing Up:
I went to a store and bought a lamp but when I took it home it wouldn't work so I went back to the store but they said it was a warranty issue and I had to send it to the factory so I sent it to the factory and they sent it back to me saying they could find nothing wrong so I asked a lamp expert who said I needed to put a light bulb in it to make it work but I never looked because I thought it should have a bulb in it when I bought it and now I want to sue the store and the company and the factory for shoddy materials and products and get $1,000,000.00 and I just want to know if you think I could win this open and shut case over corporate i shut case over corporate irresponsability that inconvinienced me and anyone else who bought one of these lamps?
- Runon Sentence

Dear Runon Sentence:
Shut up and buy a new bulb for your lamp!

Dear Bearing Up:
Why do the stores have the Christmas stuff up when it's not even Halloween?
- K. Kringle

Dear K. Kringle:
It's a conspiracy to encourage you to spend heavily early on.

Dear Bearing Up:
My local Starbucks' charges $5.00 for my usual java fix. What to do about it?
- S. Eattle

Dear S. Eattle:
Brew your own coffee! It's much cheaper!

Remember possums (to steal a term from Dame Edna ;-D), if you have any questions,please page mail me (Ba'ar) online or send mail to baar.bear@gmail.com. Thanks.

Weekly Survey

Ba'arThis week, Ba'ar is asking, "This week, I'm doing the survey. What is an (IC) guilty pleasure for you?

  • Shadowcatcher says " Guilty Pleasure? I suppose stealing peoples' life forces could count for that."
  • Chalice-Flame says, "That's easy, staying on too long."
  • DTF ponders "Well, a few of those aren't exactly suitable for print for me...." he ponders more. "Sleeping in when snuggled up to someone special.... or my oldest dog Chiquita, whichever happens to be there."
  • Findra hmms. "I think my guilty pleasure is lazing in a hot bath for hours, reading a good book." =:)
  • Randy Panda blushes. "Well, I do sleep with a bedful of plushies."
  • Aleu says "My guilty pleasure would be biting more than once..."
  • Argon pages, "For me it's a nice brushing and back rub from Mavra. It feels really nice but it's a lot of work for her."

The Doze Garden

Local dragon, Georgia, keeps hurricane Rita, away from Houston.

The Doze Garden Comic Strip

Guidelines and Procedures for Submitting Articles

Submitting a story or artwork for @Action News is easy! Just send it to newspaper@spindizzy.org or qmail or page Argon, Carl or SDN about it.
@Action News is published weekly on or after 12:01 AM Eastern Time on Sunday. Most any type of story or article will be accepted. Generally, we'd prefer things that aren't out and out lies or flames about other folks, and have a basis in the reality of SpinDizzy. Things that occur in public areas are fair game. The things reported don't have to have actually happened, (any more than anything that happens here does) but make sure you don't overstep the social boundaries and rules of interaction that we have. These are pretty broad guidelines, but we expect good sense to apply.

Thanks! Argon, Editor @Action News